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Friday, 11 May 2007
George's 5th Strand, Day Number 11
Now Playing: Sad Stuff
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

How does Wun Small Bunny type dis?

I dunno, but heer goes.

Beebe-Bunny has gone to find his CloverBun atta Rainbow Bridge. He is leebin' at five o'clock dis evening, and Maman and Dadda are going along with Dr. Sharin to tell him dat we love him, and dat he is allus a part ob Our Warren, and dat it's hokay if he hasta go, dat dey unnerstan.

But I don't.

Not rilly.

And I dunno whut else to say.

---------------By George

Posted by Our Warren at 4:36 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 1 May 2007
George's 5th Strand; Day Number 1
Now Playing: Messed Up!
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Dis will be a quick entry, just to let you know I am alive. *little white bunny sigh*

Fings heer are Rilly Messed Up!

I don't unnerstand most ob Whut's Going On, 'cept dat Maman is Berry Upset, and Sistah Beffy and Annastasia are heer.Well, Annastasia has been heer since da middul ob Saddurday nite whin Maman and Dadda suddinly bringed her to Our Warren. Dey wint to bed, denna tellyphone ringed, and Maman grabbed her chaplains fings and she and Dadda headed out Innu da Nite, lebbin Da Dawg "On Guard".

Afta awhile, they came back wif Annastasia wrapped in blankets and Maman all Upset.

So Dadda slept wearing his clothes and Maman put Annastasia inna Bedroom, anna Dawg went out inna Back Gardin On Patrol. He came back in and sed datta Ducks who were dere were asleep and dere was Nuffin Goin' On.

So Alla Us Togedder went Back To Sleep.

Den early inna morning da Telyphone ringed and Dadda went off again and bringed back Sistah Beffy, who was all berry tired, so Maman put her to sleep onna settee inna Sitting Room.

And Annastasia has come in wif Maman to feed us carrots. Maman called Mr Mouse a "piggie" onna'count obba Fakt dat he grabbed a carrot out ob Anna's hand and runned off wiffit. Dis is because Mr Mouse issa member ob Little Ashy's "Runs Wif Loot" Club for Bunnies! 

Our Friend and Cousin, Little Ashy Tyler, Dandelion King ob Callyfornia, issa Pressydeint ob LOTS ob Bunny Clubs onna PetBunny e-List. Dere are over 100 clubs in all, and each wun ob Alla Us Togedder issa Member ob at least wunna Ashy's Clubs. Da most important obba Clubs (I feel) issa "7-Up Club" for bunnies who are ober seven years old. Ebbery Sernior Bun on PetBunny issa member ob dis Club, so Beebe-Bunny, who is Ten Years-old issa member!

But back to Whut's Going On at Our Warren...

We bunnies don't rilly know. Da Dawg, who is our Reg'lar Source ob Informashun doesn't know, either, hext'cept dat he is werried about Who Shuld Be Guarded and Who Shuld Be Herded. It is part ob his Job assa Border Collie to know, and he is Unshure.

Did I menshun dat Phil has been heer alot, too? He has and he and Maman hab had sum long Talks. Beebe says it is strange to bemember dat Phil wassa Lad bifore, and now da same as Maman and Dadda.

MissyBun said dat mebbe Tomorrow we shuld sing Da Bum Song to welcome Spring to Our Warren. It has been preddy warm forda Past Fedw Days. Mebbe we shuld teach Da Bim Song to Anna.

I will habba fink aboud alla dis. Dere issa whole wot for for Wun Small White Bunny to fink aboud, lemme tell you!

------------------------------- By George

Posted by Our Warren at 11:02 AM EDT
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Sunday, 15 April 2007
George's 4th Strand (2007); Day Number 15
Now Playing: Da Catastrophe Curve
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Oh dear! Fings hab gotten entirely outta paw around heer at Our Warren!


For starters, BOF Maman and Our Dadda are sik.


And dat's why we're heer operating just onna bare fringes atta thin edge obba Catastrophe Curve.

Which issa very skerry place to be if you don't know whut you're doing. But Fankfully, Alla Us Togedder are preddy used to da Catastrophe Curve and know how to ride wun, but it's NO place for ammytures, lemme tell you!

Hab you ebber herd obba Catastrophe Curve? It's a phenomenon in Physicks where alla ellymints for disaster builds up, inna huge wave-like curve; where alla possybul fings dat could go wrong all begin to add up innu dis huge, heaving wave - just like a wave onna ocean -  and just out aheadd ob dat wave, where ebberyfing dat could possibly go wrong, sumhow, just doesn't. And dat, right dere just ahead ob dat wave, dat's where Our Warren operates - just ahead ob where da Catastrophe Curve crashes out onna graph.

It's wike dis:

Maman gets sik. She's gotta bad fever, and her head is all goofed up, and she is busy staggaring back and forf frumma Sitting Room toda Bafroom toda Bedroom. Anna Dawg is busy herding Concerned Catz away frum her. So she sorta finds herself inna Bafroom, head down ober da toilet fing, wif da Dawg on one side ob her saying,

"You got Catz nextest to you!"

And onna udderside, she hassa Concerned Cat-face staring at her saying,

"Why are you frowing alla dat stuff downna toilet?"

And ebberywhere she goes, dere issa parade of furry four-foots travelling in her wake - da Catz being converned dat dey will miss sumfing anna Dawg doing his best to herd dem sumwheres, anywheres onna'count obba Fakt it's his Job.

So Maman comes out innu da BunRoom and axts us,

"Whut are You Buggers wookin' at?"

And we're wike, "Since you're by da Frigerator, we'll hab a widdle sumfing. Fanks."

And because she is sik, and not "firing on all eight sillenders" (as she says), she gibs us all carrots, which is preddy good.

So den, she stumbles out innu da Kitchen and says, "Dadda is sik."

And we're like, "Uh oh." 

And Cokie-da-Fat-Cat wooks around and says, "I will go and sit wif him."

And heer is where da Catastrophe Curve begins to come innu play.

Cokie-da-Fat-Cat goes off towards da Bedroom, and right away, Beep-da-Udder-Cat is wike,

"Oh no you don't! If ennybun is gonna sit wif Dadda onna bed, it is going to be Me!"

Anna Dawg is wike, "Hey! No Catz inna Bedroom!"

And Cokie is wike, "So who made up 'dat' Rool, Dawg?"

Anna Dawg is wike, "Maman and Dadda BOF sed, 'No Catz onna bed.' Which is why you guys hab to sleep Uppystairs inna 'Partmint at nite and not down heer wif da Bunnies and me."

And Cokie sorta flipped his tail atta Dawg and kept on shambling downna Hallway and turned innu da Bedroom.

Well, da Dawg didn't like being flipped off byda Cat, so he jumped ober da Cat inna doorway, and cut him off just as Cokie was about to jump up onna bed where Dadda was sleeping. Sort ob. 

Because Dadda was awake enough to wook down atta Dawg and Cokie, and Beep-da-Udder-Cat (who had managed to ged innu da doorway) and say, "The lot of you can piss off."

And frumma Kitchen where she was trying hard to concentrate (onna'count obba Fakt dat her brain wasn't werking right because she was still sik) on making Dadda a cup ob tea, Maman calls innu Dadda,

"Is sumfing wrong, dear?"

And Dadda calls back, "Dere is nuffing wrong, sweedhart. Just the Catz anna Dawg."

So Maman, finking she wuld be helpful, calls da Dawg.

Soda Dawg doesn't know whut to do. He's busy doing Wun Job, which is herding Cats Outta da Bedroom, where dey Might be Planning to Ged Onna Bed - and now Maman is calling him, which is anudder ob his Jobs - answering her.

So he comes zooming out innu da Kitchen to see whut's up wif her.

And, ob course, as soon assa Dawg is outta da Bedroom, in go da Catz.

Anna Dawg hears dem, so he makes a flying dash to get outta da Kitchen, but he's right by Maman, who doesn't see him, and they sort ob collide atta rubbish bin.

And Alla Is Togedder are looking in frumma BunRoom, and so we're watching as Maman anna Dawg go staggering around da Kitchin, wiffa Dawg's toenails wooking for purchase onna linnollyum, and Maman wooking for balance onna'count obba Fakt dat she doesn't hab enny ob her own.

So Maman yells, "Darn Dawg!"

And Dadda sort ob wakes up and calls out, "Whuttsamatta, sweedhart?"

Which is when he notices dat he hassa Cat on his hed.

And Cokie-da-Fat-Cat is purring, "I'm sitting wif you because you are sik." 

And Dadda yells, "Dere's a Cat on me!"

And Cokie is sorta wike wrapped around Dadda's hed wif his claws not hextactly out, but sort of gently grasping, wike his claws *could* come out and rilly hang on tight, if he wanted them to. And he's purring like a motorboat, telling Dadda how lucky he is, because Cokie *could* be lying ennywheres onna whole bed, but he has chosen to lie on Dadda's pillow, as close to Dadda assa loving cat can get. 

And alla sudden, Maman anna Dawg get untangled inna Kitchen, anna Dawg is pounding fru da Dining Room onna way towards da Bedroom, ears flapping, worried Collie-face on, growling, "I'm coming to save you, Dadda!"

And at That Moment, we hear Dadda yell, "Gerroffa me before I make you into two tennis rackets and a pair of furry slippers!"

And dere issa sound ob 40 pounds ob Screaming Airborne Cat.

And as Cokie hits da floor, da Dawg is dere is to meet him.

So Beep-da-Udder-Cat shoots outta Bedroom and makes a hard right-hand turn innu da Sitting Room. Cokie shoots outta da Bedroom and makes a hard left, heading for da Dining Room. Da Dawg comes flying out last, hesitates inna doorway onna'count obba Fakt he has to make decision about which direction to head, and dat's where Dadda runs innu his furry back-side.

And Dadda yells, "One way or da udder! Darned Dawg!"

And Maman is coming downna Hallway wif wunna does big cups of tea for Dadda, and she's watching da tea she's carrying, and NOT watching where she is going.

So just-in-time, Dadda grabs da cuppa tea, da Dawg zooms past Maman, scrabbles onnna Dining Room rug to make the hard left-hand turn innu da Living Room and you can hear him and Cokie-da-Fat-Cat thundering their way Uppystairs.

And then there is silence.

And Maman comes back innu da Kitchin wif Dadda following her and she's kinda unsteady wif her walking, and holding on to fings wike tables anna walls and stuff. And she and Dadda come out innu BunRoom and they sort ob pause and wook at Alla Us Togedder.

And Dadda says, "Whut are You Buggers looking at?"

And we're wike, "Well, since you axted, a carrot wouldn't go amiss..."

And dat's da Catastrophe Curve. And we're still just out heer ahead obbit.

------------------------------------- By George  .

Posted by Our Warren at 6:43 PM EDT
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Monday, 2 April 2007
George's 4th Strand (2007); Day Number 2
Now Playing: So Ennyways...
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

So heer I was, messing around in Maman's Study inna Evening (which I don't normally do, but, well, since Spring is late, there's not a Whole Lot Else going on), but...


And I hadda wook atta Natshunal Wedder Service wif Maman, onna'count obba Fakt dat Tidday turned out to be a Preddy Nice Day afta getting off to a Typical Noo Joisey start - cold, foggy, and kinda stinky onna'count obba Fakt there are guys outside putting down Noo Road. And, ob course, wif there being Strange Guys Outside, Da Dawg was Preddy Upset, whut wif them being right nextest to his property and all, and him habbin to tell Lily and Penny nestest-door (who are Young Dawgs and might not know Alla'bout Stranger-Dangers!) just how to go aboud makin' alla'pro'priate noises - and stuff.

Ennyways, it's been a Preddy Full Day.

And while Maman and I were habbin' a look atta Nashunal Wedder Service pages, Maman pointed to sumplace and sed, "Oh look, George! Dat's where Auntie Laura Hardy libs! Wif Boomer and Cricket! And Ms. Buns and Freckles and they were all friends ob Belinda Bunny's!"

So I hadda wook, and I'm wike, "Cool!"

And Maman says to me, "Auntie Laura hassa Blog, too."

And I'm wike, "So udder hoomins blog? Dis is encouraging."

And mainly, I mean dat, onna'count obba Fakt dat I fink blogging shuld be opin to ebberbunny, wike most Fings. I mean, although most obba Blogs dat I know are typed mostly by HouzRabbits, hoomin-typed blogs are good, too - 'speshully if the hoomins are also HouzBunny People.

So heer is where you can go to find Auntie Laura's Blog, called "Somewhere In NJ" which you shuld read.

Auntie Laura writes about her life in NJ, and about her bunnies, which is the main reason dat Alla Us Togedder fink dat Ebberybunny shuld read it.


And also dis evening Phil-da-Lad came ober wif sum Berry Sad Noos. It is sad onna'count obba Fakt dat Our Littest Friend, Furby-da-Hamster has left forda Rainbow Bridge.

So Phil brought her heer, to Our Warren, in her blankie, inna widdle box and he digged a place for her in Hunny's Our Warren Memorial Gardin, so dat she will not ebber be OnAlone ebber again. Not ebben hammies shuld ebber hab to be OnAlone, and Phil made shure dat once he rescued Furby, she was nebber again OnAlone. He kept his promise.

Heer issa Story Ob Furby-da-Hamster: Phil found Furby in Maryland whin she was being mistreated by sum Bad Kids. He stopped da kids frum hurting her, and went to dere Mawmies and Daddies and sed to dem,

"Your kids is pokin' an' hurtin' dis hamster. Dis is not right."

Anna Mawmies and Daddies sed to Phil, "You care so f-ing much aboudda hamster, den you take care obbit!"

And Phil sed, "Suits me."

And he taked Furby home wif him inside ob his pocket.

So he boughted Furby a habitrail and alla hamster-stuff, and taked her toda V-E-T, and got her all kinds ob hammy-stuff to eat and play wif and made tubes and nest-boxes wif habitrail stuff alla'round his apartmint.

And Furby-da-Hammy wassa Berry Happy Hamster.

And den Fruby moved frum Maryland to Noo Joisey wif Phil, anna Catz - Queen KayCee and Toby, and Munchkin. (I shuld point out dat KayCee owns Phil and has owned him since bifore he wint innu da Navy. She is about 10 years old anna Very Serious Kitty!)

So ennyways...

Sumwheres along da line (cos I just found out abouddit!) Phil rescued two Starving Liddle Kittens, Ozzie and Lilly.

And Furby was still going Strong, ebben though she was at least THREE YEARS OLD! And Phil has no idea how old she was bifore he taked her away frum Bad Children, 'cept that she was alreddy (da V-E-T sed) anna'dult

So she hadda Berry Happy Hammy-Life onna'count obba Fakt dat she was rescued!

So she went toda Rainbow Bridge very peacefully, alla'suddin, on her own terms, and met Belinda and Hunny and alla'udder bunnies and critters there Who Have Gone On Bifore, a Very Senior Hamster.

So tonight, we're lighting Our Candle for Furby. We will miss her, but we are happy for her, that she was Rescued, and that she hadda Happy Ending to a Gen'rally Happy Life wif Phil-da-Lad.

So, ennyways...

It hasn't been a Bad Day Heer at Our Warren. It started off grey and soggy, but then it grew bright and warm! And it was Calm and Peaceable, and Maman anna Dawg went fora Liddle Walk Togedder to see if they could find Spring. They didn't find it, but they found that there issa Promise Ob Spring ebberywheres (I just wanted to add dis in for my Cuzzin Ashy who alreddy has menny,menny dandelions and delicious herbs in his Wunnerful Gardin!). 

So this is good, too.

And while we'll miss Furby, we're glad that she's going to be Forever Hokay, and that she's gone on to the Real Forever Home in God's Great Warren (for we are Anglican bunnies). And we're happy for menny gifts Tiday - for finding Auntie Laura's Blog and being able to put it heer in "The Hay Diaries" - and for habbin' so menny friends ebberywheres!

Oh, and Wun More Fing! We want to wish a most blessed Passover to our Cuzzins Sheeba, Bailey and Janey, and to alla Our Friends and Relayshuns who are celebrating it beginning sundown tonight.

And Please, EbberyBunny, Bemember dat Easter Is No Fun For A Real Bun! "Make Mine Chocolate!".

So ennyways...

Dat's Preddy Much Dat. I'm gonna go see aboud Habbin' Sum Hay. If you want, we allus hab Sum To Share heer at Our Warren...

--------------------------- By George!

Posted by Our Warren at 8:33 PM EDT
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Friday, 30 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 30
Now Playing: Once Again, George Reads the Morning Papers...
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Hokay. I hab just aboud haddit.

I mean, I'm a gen'rally Patient HouzRabbit. Ennybunny who reads dis "The Hay Diaries" bog wif ebben passing attention knows dat Alla Us Togedder in Our Warren live inna MultiSpecies Warren, but dis is (as Dadda says) Gettin' Beyond a Joke!

So tidday, I'm sitting here, reading da Noo Yawk Times Noospaper Online as I do ebbery morning wif Maman.

Now, I read it onna'count obba Fakt dat MissyBun, my Big, Beautiful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rus Pro'porshuns, happins to come frum Noo Yawk and hassa Whole Wotta Noo Yawk Bunna'Tude.


And Maman reads it onna'count obba Fakt dat she usta werk dere.

Just so we're clear.

Ennyways, so here we are, reading da Noo Yawk Times Noospaper Online Uppystairs in Maman's Study, and Maman (who has control obba clicky-fing) clicks on a story called "No Pet Left Behind".

And I'm finking, "Oh good! A Pet-centrist Noos item. Ob *course* it will menshun BunnyRabbits."

So I'm reading, and it starts off preddy good - about Pets Who Travel

And I'm finking, "Dis is cool. Our Friend and Relayshun, Sheeba, travels and lets Unkul Peter come along to carry her Furrari for her onna hareplanes."

So I'm reading on - and so far, it's alla'bout Dawgs Who Travel.

And I'm finking, "Yeah, well, so dawgs happin to be da Most Pop'lar Pet. So Whut? We habba Dawg heer in Our Warren, and Our Dawg only goes preddy much two places: da V-E-Ts anna Spa, and mebbe to Rosedale Park or Around da Block, towing Maman onna leash (well, hokay, so I'm hextaggeratin' a widdle and he doesn't *tow* ennywun, but you know whut I mean!)..."

Ennyways, let's read aboudda bunnies!

And I'm finking dat mebbe dis Noos Item will menshun Our Friend, Ms Rudy Esquhare, who has passed her Salad Bar in Noo Yawk and who just got back frum visiting wif Our Cuzzins, Bailey and Janey, who hab Unkul Michael libbin' wif dem, while her Mawmie, Auntie Michelle hadda be Away On BayKayShun (see RIFRAF News onna sidebar).

Yeah, anna artykul is still going on aboudda dawgs and then it menshuns Catz.

And I'm wike, "Hokay, we're geddin' dere."

Onna'count obba Fakt dat Catz are da Sekond Most Pop'lar Pet ("Goodness' knows why!" Sed Missy.).

Now, dere are Two Catz in Our Warren: Cokie-da-Fat-Maine-Coon-Cat and Beep-da-Udder-Cat.

As Auntie Grace has pointed out, bof catz are solar-powered (they hab to lie onna footon, soaking up sun before they can manage enuf ennergy to do ennyfing). And as wiffa Dawg, they preddy much don't Travel Ennywhere 'Cept toda V-E-Ts or toda Spa, and Beep-da-Udder-Cat doesn't ebben hab to go toda Spa!

So I keep on reading. And I'm finking,

"All righty. Dis writer has menshuned Dawgs, and now Catz. Surely dis writer is now gonna menshun BunnyRabbits, (onna'count obba Fakt dat I hab gotten toda Pawt where she is tawkin' aboudda'commydayshuns for Pet Hotels)."

And I'm finking, "Hokay! I know Alla'bout dis subjeckt, onna'count obba Fakt dat Our Cuzzins frum Callyfornia, Beezer and his Bunwife, Sundae, (they lib wif Auntie Judith) allus stays atta lovely liddle place called 'BunnyLuv'. They ebben shared their Wedding 'Nanner there!"

Well, do you fink I saw One Werd Aboudda HouzRabbits in dis artykul inna "Travel" Sekshun obba Noo Yawk Times Noospaper Online?


"No Pet Left Behind", my Small NZ white tail! You Left Us Bunnies Behind!

HouseRabbits are the THIRD Most Popular Pet inna'Merica, and there is not ONE WERD devoted to OUR Travelling, to OUR Comfort, to OUR Accomplishments, to OUR Unutterable Cuteness!


Where are the plates of Fresh-cut Veggies being placed out to welcome US? Which Airline is gonna offer Free In-Cabin Fly-Wif-Your-Hoomin? Which Hotel-chain is gonna realise dat WE are NOT "livestock"?

Hokay, so Maman and Dadda hire Pet-Sitters for Alla Us Togedder if they happin to ebben Fink ob Going On BayKayShun.

But lemme tell you, Da Dawg comes wif ONE page ob Instructions. Da Solar-Powered Catz come wif TWO pages ob Instructions (mostly hextplaining Why Cokie Horks).

But da HouzRabbits come wif FOUR Pages ob Single-Spaced Instructions, Inklooding:

  • How to make Salads
  • When to Feed Treats
  • Who is Entitled to What
  • Who gets What, First
  • Whut to do IF.... (and dere's this whole, big, long list)

And that's IN ADDITION to "Emergency Evacuation Plans" just-in-case. (As Maman points out, "Saving the animals will be central to saving you.").

So, um, Wookit, Noo Yawk Times Noospaper Online, dere are more to "pets" then just "dawgs" and "cats", hokay?.

And just so you won't fink dat I'm complaining wiffout trying to help (wike so menny bloggers), I'm finkin' obba artykul idea For You. How aboudda Small artykul aboudda Make Mine Chocolate?

Dat wuld be a Troo "PetS" (please note da plural!) dat EbberyBunny would want to read!

-----------------------------------By George



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Thursday, 22 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 22
Now Playing: Whut Amazes George
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Afta habbin seen Baby Annastasia, I hab notised dat we - bunny, kitty; dawg or hoomin - all start out da same: For a given *length of a piece of string* we all come innu dis werld da same way - nekkid, helpless and blind wif our eyes sealed firmly shut.

And den, inna given period ob *da length obba piece ob string* da eyes opin, dere is fur ob varying amounts and we start to lern.

And Whut We Lern is Whut We Hear frumma Elders.

I hab seen dis wif Baby Annastasia.

Maman sits wif her inna Living Room where Alla Us Togedder are not s'sposed to go onna'count obba Fakt dat it is full ob Anty-Ques dat are part ob Maman's Lore. So Maman sits inna Rocking Chair dat is part ob Maman's Lore and rocks Baby Annastasia back and forf. Anna Rocking Chair creaks, and dat creaking sound is also part ob Maman's Lore that she is passing on to Baby Annastasia, just like she passed it on to Sistah Beffy and Phil-the-Lad.

And I, who lerned Da Lore as it was told to me by me,Hunny (Senior Bun) can Respekt dat. When you are blind, nekkid and helpless, it is knowing Da Lore that helps you to keep on Growing 'Tellygint, which is Whut Bunnies Do

So Maman sits wif Baby Annastasia anna Rocking Chair inna Living Room creaks and teaches Baby Annastasia Maman's Lore.

You can see dat I hab dis Fing down, now. I unnerstand aboudda "baby" being Annastasia. MissyBun, Mr Mouse, Beebe-Bunny!! and I hab gotten to smell her and she hassa smell all her own, anna Dawg anna Cokie-Cat anna Beep-da-Udder-Cat all Rekognize her assa Member ob Our Warren, too. So we know Who She Is.

Whut She Does took a widdle more werk to figger out. Whut She Does, though, is whut All Widdle Fings do, which is to Lern Dere Lore.

Which is where dis Rocking Chair inna Living Room comes in.

Da Lore is lerned frumm Ground Up.

Maman was sitting inna Rocking Chair wif Annastasia, anna Rocking Chair was creaking and Baby Annastasia was watching alla Rainbows coming in inna morning. Because Rainbows are part obba Living Room, too, onna'count ob alla sunbeams coming fru alla Sperkling Glass dat is also part ob Maman's Lore.

And just as Baby Annastasia's widdle round hed was falling down asleep, suddinly da tall Standing Clock that ticks away Minutes and chimes alla parts obba Hours wound itself up and began to Chime!


And Baby Annastasia's hed came up and her Bloo Eyes wandered around and den fixed onna tall Standing Clock.

Anna Standing Clock chimed. And then went back to ticking away Minutes and Hours.

But it seemed wike a wonder onna'count obba Fakt dat Baby Annastasia is Noo Inna Werld and had nebber been so close to da Standing Clock bifore!

But da Standing Clock is also part ob Maman's Lore, just wike da Rocking Chair anna Sperkling Glass inna Windows anna Crystal Cabinet dat We are Not Allowed to touch. As me,Hunny told to me, Maman's Lore does not Touch Da Lore, so there is no need for Alla Us Togedder to Touch Maman's Lore. Whut is inna Living Room has no bearing on Da Lore at all, but we can look at it, without having to touch it or smell it (it is a widdle dusty, afta all!) or put our chins all ober it.

And dat is Hokay.

Maman will teach Baby Annastasia Maman's Lore as me,Hunny told me alla Da Lore - so we can go frum being nekkid, blind and helpless to being 'Tellygint. I'm still werking onnit, but I'm further along than Baby Annastasia who is Very Noo.

Da point is dat she will hab Maman's Lore and I hab Da Lore as it was told to me by me,Hunny. But our two aims remain da same: to Grow 'Tellygint.

And Maman will teach her aboudda HouzRabbits anna Lore, just wike me,Hunny teached Alla Us Togedder to Stay Outta da Living Room and Maman's Lore.

And parts obba Lore and Maman's Lore meet, you know. 'Specially inna Kitchen where there are Treats.


Wike where the Raisins are kept inna Cupboard and Where There Is Salad inna 'Frigerator. And aboud Whut Belinda Sed: "Da Bunny Is Allus Right", and stuff wike dat.

Dere are Sum Fings where Maman's Lore and Da Lore meet, and where they are stuck Togedder, and where Fings Are Not Changed:

  • Da Bunny Is Allus Right
  • Free Access to Hay, Pellets, and Clean Wadder.
  • Safe Indoor Housing and Reg'lar Playtimes (wif TeeVee)
  • Treats, Treats and More Treats
  • Stay Outta Da Living Room (Hokay, we can do dat.)

Sum Fings Just ARE. And You don't Mess Wif Dem!


Anglican bunnies follow da media via to Canterbury inna Company ob Saint Francis.

So ennyways...

Baby Annastasia is Lerning Maman's Lore frum Maman inna Living Room, sitting inna Rocking Chair in frunt obba Standing Clock and hearing da Rocking Chair creak anna Standing Clock tick Minutes and Chime Hours. And dis is part obba Way dat Baby Annastasia Grows 'Tellygint.

But we ALL start out da same


And so dis is Whut Amazes me:

  • How we start da same - blind, nekkid and helpless.
  • How we Lern Our Lore da same - frumma Senior Elder (wike me,Hunny or Maman)
  • How we habba same Goal In Mind - Growin' Tellygint
  • We all habba Lore dat is 'Portant to Each ob Us Togedder - Bunny, Kitty, Dawg and Hoomin!
  • And how Alla Lore touches, but nebber Oberruns Anudder Wun.

So we are, Alla Us Togedder, Members obba Same Warren, just dif'frunt.

But atta Same Time, Alla Us Togedder can't ignore Maman's Lore. Alla Us Togedder wouldn't go and smash Maman's Lore inna Living Room, or mess up her Rocking Chair or da Standing Clock that Ticks da Minutes and Chimes da Hours! Dat wuld take away part ob Da Lore as it was told to me by me,Hunny.

And Maman wuld nebber, ebber hurt Alla Us Togedder by throwin' us Out Innu Da Cold, or Fortygetting To Feed us.

Where Da Lore touches Maman's Lore, we are stuck Alla Us Togedder to make Our Warren.

Mebbe we wanna go innu da Living Room summa da times, but you know, we hab grown 'Tellygint enough to come innu Maman's Lore and to hab Maman in Da Lore. We ebben Share sum Lore, wike Da Lore Obba Rainbow Bridge. And we believe dat sum Day, we will grow ebben More 'Tellygint, and Da Lore and Maman's Lore will beda Same Lore!


But dat is not Now. For Now we are, wike Baby Annastasia, startin' Out da Same and Alla Us Togedder, Growin' Tellygint!

----------------------------- By George.

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Thursday, 15 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 15
Now Playing: Smells, Stinks anna Ride-Inna-Car...
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Well, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat is unnerneaf obba footon in Maman's Study and he won't come out.

I told him, "Wookit, Cat. Dis is No Big Deal"

And he sed, "I hab suffered an Indiggity,"

And I'm wike, "So far as I know, Cat, you hab just bin toda Spa. So whut?"

And Cokie is wike, "I hab bin Humillyated."

And I'm wike, "Wookit, Dadda put you inna carrier yestidday morning...and you wint fora Ride Inna Car. So did Da Dawg. So whut? "

Anna Cokie-Cat poked his hed up and sed, "You don't unnerstand, George BunnyRabbit! You are a BunnyRabbit! Stuff wike dis doesn't happin to You!"

And I'm wike, "You are Rite: BunnyRabbits nebber hab to go toda Spa onna'count obba Fakt dat we do not get to smell wike Old Privy Carpets, as Maman says. She says dat if you did not smell wike an Old Privy carpet (whutebber *dat* is!) den you wuld not hab to go toda Spa. You only hab to go onna'count obba Fakt dat you smell."

Anna Cokie-Cat glared at me and sed, "So whutta'boudda'Dawg? Huh? Why does da Dawg hab to go wif me?"

And I sed, "Well, you herd Maman: Da Dawg has Mucky Paws. If he didn't hab Mucky Paws and hab them all ober her clean floor inna Kitchen, he wuldn't hab to go toda Spa, eidder. So dere you are. Plus, da Dawg was smellin', too. Dadda sed. Mucky Paws and Smellin'."

Anna Cat sed frum unnerneaf obba footon, "Wookit BunnyRabbit, I lib to smell. And now I hab bin Humillyated. I don't smell rite. I gots Spa Smell."

And I sed, "No. You stink. You stink wike Spa. Wike artyfishul flowers and perfoom and stuff, but you def'nitly don't smell - you Stink."

"I am s'sposed to Stink - wike Cat." Sed Cokie, in offended terms. "Dat's my Job!"

And just den, in comes Beep-da-Udder-Cat, hotly pursuded byda Dawg. He finks he's doing his Job ob Herding Catz, only Beep just finks he's being his ushual Pain Inna Butt. It's a Communykayshuns Problem they habbin't werked out for a coupla years.

And Beep jumps up on toda footon and she's wike, "I smell wike Cat and I don't hab to go toda Spa."

Anna Dawg is wike, "I went toda Spa and got Collie-Slick!" and starts waggin' his tail back and forf.

Anna Cokie-Cat sticks outta paw and takes a swipe atta Dawg-tail and says, "Goody fur you." and pulls back his claws.

And I'm wike, "Whuttsamatta? Whutdaheck is 'collie-slick'?"

Anna Dawg says, "I dunno. Maman says dat it goes on show collies to make dere fur shiney and slippery, so I guess it issa good fing. But it doesn't 'Half Pong' Dadda sed, so I guess dat's good, too, onna'count obba Fakt dat no udder Dawgs smell wike Me! And I bin All Ober da Back Gardin, spreading My Noo Smell ob Me!"

Anna Cokie-Cat grumbles again, "Well, goody fur you."

And Beep says, "I don't hab to go toda Spa, and I still smell wike Me."

So I'm wike, "Why don't you hab to go?"

And Beep is wike, "Onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman says I grow extry 'Arms' and 'Wegs' whin I am dere, which ends up costing her and Dadda more munny. So I don't go."

"Ebben though you stink?" I axt.

And Beep sed, "Yup. But I don't stink; I only smell ob Cat. You see, rite now Cokie stinks. Ob Spa, mostly. I smell, but dif'frunt."

"And you don't ged Mucky Paws?" I axt.

And Beep sed, "Dat's only for Dawgs.I mainly just smell."

And Cokie, still unnerneaf obba footon yeowls, "It's not fair! I hab suffered an Indiggity! I Stink ob Spa!!"

Anna Dawg, still watching Beep, who was sitting onna footon, says, "Just do whut I do - spread your stink around."

And Cokie wailed, "But it's not My Stink! It's Spa Stink!"

Anna Dawg is wike, "Wookit, Cat, it's da Stink Dat You Hab."

And I'm wike, "I'm a BunnyRabbit, and I keep my stink safe in my litter pan and chin it heer on alla stuff I can reach heer inna Study."

Anna Cat is wike, "But you don't unnerstand, they have gone and Taked Away My Stink!"

And I'm wike, "So whut are you gonna do aboud'dit?"

And Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says, "I'm gonna stay unnerneaf obba footon until My Stink comes back."

Anna Dawg hassa wook unnerneaf obba footon and he says, "Dat culd take awhile."

And Beep says, "And I will keep walkin' around, onna'count obba Fakt dat I still gots My Smell."

Anna Dawg says, "Well, I'm gonna just spread My Collie-Slick Spa Stink all ober my Gardin."

And I'm wike, "Waidaminit, Maman is onna tellyphone again. She's talkin' aboudda 'Catz' anna 'Dawg' and you are 'goin' sumwhere again."

And Cokie wooks up. "We alreddy bin."

And I'm turning my ears, and I'm wike, "Does 'Saturday' sound familiar?"

Anna Dawg is wike, "No."

And den Maman comes innu da Study frum Dadda's office and she wooks atta Dawg and she says, all bright-wike, "You're going to see Doctor PeterBatts, Marc. Do you want to habba Ride Inna Car?"

Anna Cat yells, "No! We allreddy BIN on ONE Ride Inna Car and dat went toda SPA! Dat car only goes to WUN UDDER place and I'm not goin' dere!"

And right away da Dawg starts to wag his tail and bounce up-and-down and starts his singin' - "Ride Inna Car! Ride Inna Car! I'm gonna go fora Ride Inna Car!"

And Cokie pulls himself furder in unnerneaf obba footon and tucks his paws up unnerneaf ob himself and tries to ged small, and if you listen really close you kin hear him purrin' nervously, "Oooooooh nooooooo! Noooooo Ride-Inna-Car! Not for dis kitty-cat! I'm not goin' for ENNY more Rides Inna Car!"

And then Maman piks me up and wooks at me nose-to-nose and says, "And Doctor Sharin wants to see you, too, little mister! How about a Ride Inna Car for you and Missy?"

And I'm wike, "Waidaminit. Hold on!" And my ears go up straight. And I call down to MissyBun who is browsing amongst da Buks in Dadda's office "Are you lebbin' enny stink?"

And Missy is wike, "No more den usual."

And I'm wike, "Well, cut it out! And ged in sumplace small! Maman wants us to go fora Ride Inna Car!"

And Missy is wike, "Ride Inna Car? You gottabekiddin me!"

So we're worried heer. Dere is entirely too much ob dis 'Ride Inna Car' fing going around...

-----------------By George.


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Monday, 12 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 12
Now Playing: A Box of Coloured Chalks
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

So heer I am on dis berry mild Spring morning, doing whut I allus do, which is grooming MissyBun onna'count obba Fakt dat she is my Beautiful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rus P'porshuns.

And Maman sorta staggers innu da Bun Room looking for her high-powered migraine meddysin inna refriggyator, onna'count obba Fakt dat she has woken up wiffa Rilly Bad Migrain for No Reason inna Werld, and Dadda is wif her onna'count obba Fakt dat she Mite Tumble Ober, cos she issn't walking too well becos her Hed hurts.

And Maman turns around frumma 'frigerator and she is wike, "Oh , how cute! George found the chalk mark!"

And Dadda says, "Yes, you know sumday we will hab to buy him a Box ob Coloured Chalks."

And they giggled. They allus say this onna'count obba Fakt dat MissyBun issa Beautiful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rus P'porshuns and her back is mostly all-white so they fink I'm gonna loose my way while I am grooming her.

Which is preddy stoopit frum my point ob view onna'count obba Fakt dat I lub my Bunwife, and whin you lub sumbun you are keeping your eyes mostly on dem and not on you. Which is how you know you lub dem: look at where you're lookin' most obba time - You shuld be wooking at dem and dey are wookin' back at you!

Ob course dere are Times whin I wish Missy wasn't wookin' at me so close. Most ob these times involve Salad. Like whin Maman or Dadda puts da Salad innu our habbytats and da Salads are too close togedder and Missy wooks up frum eating alla her Parsley while I mite still hab sum Parlsey and she says,

"Whut'chu got?"

And I'm wike, habbin' to grab dat last sprig ob Parlsey inna-hurry before she reaches ober to grab it, or I hab to sit on dat last Baby Organic Carrot so she doesn't see dat I hab wun while I'm mugging for a pet.

Missy is not above sneaking dat wast Baby Organic Carrot out frum unnerneaf my butt if she has alreddy eaten alla hers. Dat bunnygurl lubs her Baby Organic Carrots, lemme tell you!

But dat is also part ob lub: Knowing when you hab to sit on sumfing onna'count obba Udder Wun.

Maman was just beminding Phil-da-Lad ob whin he was small and Sistah Beffy was small and Maman usta hab to put dere names on boxes ob Cereal so each wun had wun and nobun got more cereal den ennybunny else.

Maman sed dat prevented Fings Frum Happinen, wike sumbun pouring outta bowl ob RaisinBran dat was all Bran and No Raisins, or pouring out a bowl ob Lucky Charms wif Marshmallows dat was all Lucky Charms and No Marshmallows.


So I gotta be on my toes whin Salad arrives.

It's not so bad for Mr Mouse or for Beebe, who lib in dere own habbytats... although Beebe says he hasta keep on his toes around Stuffie, but being a Small Bunny it's sumtimes almost Impossible for him to ged alla dat Salad down at One Time, even though he's eating as fast as he can.

Luckily, Stuffie doesn't seem to eat much, or steal Baby Organic Carrots out frum unnerneaf ob him - which is kinda bedder den whin he was libbin' wif Ms Clover, who usta just flip him innu da air and snatch da Baby Orgainc Carrot if she hadda mind to, onna'count obba Fakt dat she was anudder Big Beautiful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rus P'porshuns.

But onna'udder-side obba coin, Clover usta also be dere da sekond Beebe sneezed or ennyfing and allus kept her eyes mainly on Beebe and not on herself - which is how she would see he had enny Baby Organic Carrots, ennyways. Dis was onna'count obba Fakt dat she lubbed him so much dat she was allus watchin' ober him so dat he stayed Perfektly Groomed, which Stuffie doesn't seem to do onna'count obba Fakt dat she issa Stuffie and not da same assa bunny although she wooks wike wun.

Beebe has tried peeing on her (descreetly) so dat she smells right, just wike da rest ob Our Warren (even da Dawg), but she still is not acting hextactly right - although she still preddy much stands ober Salad which makes Beebe hab to eat as much assa Small BunnyRabbit can hold at Wun Sitting

Which is why he was yellin' at Maman last nite, "YO! Gedouttaheer so I can eat, will ya?"

And dat is while Maman was standing there saying to Daddy, "Oh look at Beebe! Isn't he adorable? Maman's poor widdle sweetie..."

And Beebe's wike, "YO! Wady! GeddaheckOUT!"

And Maman's still hanging around, talkin' to Dadda and sayiing how "cute" we are... which *shuld* hab translated innu a coupla more Baby Organic Carrots for each bunny, but sumfing got lost in translation and it didn't.

In Fakt, da only fing New dat happined Yestidday was dat Mouse gotta new Cardboard fing to beat up on.

Yeah! And Guess Whut else?

You know Auntie Irene who comes in heer and talks to Mouse? Da friend ob Maman's who hassa Cat and who also feeds Catz she doesn't ebben know? And she issa 'fraid obba bunnies onna'count obba Fakt she finks we are "dellycat" (whutebber *dat* means!).

And she says Mr Mouse is her favourite onna'count obba Fakt dat he glares at her and grunts and honks at her. Dis is beacuse she has nebber seed a Vocal Rabbit, and Mr Mouse issa berry Vocal Houz Rabbit.

Well, she comed in heer innu da Bun Room a coupla days ago and waved sum scraps ob paper in frunt ob Mouse and sed, "Are you feeling lucky, Mr Mouse?"

And Mouse was wike, "I'm feeling wike you're invading my property. Ged out." and got all resentful onna'count obba Fakt dat she didn't bring him a raisin or carrot or ennyfing. And she smelled wike Catz!

But ennyways...

Auntie Irene went on, waving da scraps ob paper and axting Mouse if he felt lucky.

So Mouse is dere wike, "Lookit, wady..." and honked, just to show her dat he didn't feel like being bothered just then if she didn't hab ennyfing she wanted to gib him.

And Auntie Irene is going, "Pick a ticket, Mouse. Come on, are you going to pick a lucky ticket for me?"

And finally, Mouse is wike, "Yeah, I'll 'pick' a ticket for you.. TAKE THAT!"

And he lunged at her and took a nice chunk outta one obba scraps ob paper.

And den she wike, giggled at him, and she goes, "Are you shure? Issat da wun you want?"

And Mouse is wike, "I'm shure I want you outta my face wif dose tickets!" and he honked again.

So, finally, Auntie Irene taked da hint and went off wiffa scraps ob paper she called "tickets".

Well, yestidday, she calls up Maman and tells her, "Guess whut?"

And Maman is wike, "Whut?"

And Auntie Irene says, "Your rabbit won da Pick Three."

And Maman is wike, "Whutdaheck issat?"

And Auntie Irene goes, "Mouse's number came out. He's a lucky bunny. He won the Daily Number. He's knee-deep in carrots."

And Maman is wike, "Dat's not deep - he's a short rabbit."

And Auntie Irene is wike, "Then he's butt-deep in carrots."

And Maman says, "Dat's still not berry deep. He's a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit."

And Auntie Irene says, "I don't gibba hoot Whut Kind Ob Bunny he is! He's a Lucky Rabbit! Serriusly, he won the Pick Three. He rilly did. I'll be over later and we'll see how lucky he rilly is - I'm gonna play anudder game and let him pick anudder number."

And Maman sed, "Just bemember, Mouse issa Anglican Bunny. I don't think and I don't fink he's s'sposed to be playing da lottery."

And Auntie Irene sed, "Dat's hokay. Jeremiah Winslow, my cat, issa Catholic cat so he's at least hexpected to play Bingo. So we'll let Mouse mention the number and then Jeremiah can buy the ticket and they can split the proceeds..."

And Maman finks fora minute and den she says, "But only if they both put 10% of their winnings innu da Alms basin."

And dat was hokay wif Auntie Irene.

So dat was preddy much dat...

And Maman sed it's dat you end up keeping your eyes on whut you lub, even if it's only inna gently funny way, dat where you look is Important

She sed to us, "Modeste Mussorgsky who wrote beautiful musiks allus sed, 'Tell me whom you lub and I'll tell you who you are.' and dat we allus look most oftin atta fing or person we lub most. 

And if we are wooking at ourselves alla time, den we don't hab time to wook at anudderbunny...

And den I guess we would need those boxes ob coloured chalks to figger out where we left off grooming and where to begin nextest...

-------------------------- By George. .

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Saturday, 3 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 3
Now Playing: Hoomins Shuldn't Do Dis Stuff
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Da trubble heer issat most hoomins don't know Our Maman, anna wuns dat do know her, most ob dem don't know her as ennyfing 'cept Dadda's bondmate and Our Maman. Only a few udder hoomins axtchually know her and da few who do, shuld know bedda, but dey don't - which ends up messing us up - which issa main Trubble heer, you know?

In Fakt, oncest upon a time, upon hearing Maman talking berry serriusly  aboudda Buk she was reading onna "Impact ob Epidemic Disease on His'try", wun persun turned to Dadda and sed, "Whut does she care aboud Dat Junk for?"

Which made Maman mad onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman has spent a whole'lotta her life in "skool" learning da difference b'tween "Real His'try" (which takes werk) and "Junk His'try" (which "ebberywun knows") onna'count obba Fakt dat she finds "Real His'try" a whole lot more innerestin' than trying out new brands ob laundry detergent or reading inna cheep (cos you use'em to line da bottom ob birdies' aviaries wiff'em) noospapers aboudda Desparate Houzvibes running wild through da Neighbourhood.

So whin a few ob Maman's friends called her up to 'Lert her to sumfing dey thought wuld send her "Climbin' Uppy Walls" again, they were Right!

Which issa main Trubble dat we are habbin'.

Wun fing Maman hates is whut is called "Junk His'try" which is simmylar to "Junk Science" but not as pop'lar. Junk His'try is ushually found onna TeeVee, and in Buks written by sum guy named Dan Brown and in Moobies made by sum guy named Michael Moore who only lets himself talk.

I don't go to moobies, so I dunno, and I don't bodder aboud pollyticks if I can help it.

I do digest buks, but Maman threw dat Brown guy's buk inna recycle bin bifore I got to it. She sed, "Dust to dust." whin she did it, and then came by Our Habbytats and sed datta pooties were bedda forda roses than a ton ob dat (and nice, 'tellygint bunnies don't use da werd dat follows nextest!).

So, ennyways, Our Friend, Auntie Irene called up and sed to Maman, "Hold on to your knickers."

And Sheeba's Fader, who is Our Unkul Peter called up and sed, "Whutcha'fink?"

And dat preddy much did it.

Maman went and wooked inna Noo Yawk Times Noospaper wif me and we found a hedline dat sed, "“The Lost Tomb of Jesus” on the Discovery Channel tomorrow."

And whut dis was aboud is 'sposedly sum holes inna ground inna far-away place where there are bones, and sum guy who has filmed a sunk ship is saying dat he has discubbered God Downna Hole. And he has DNA and ebberyfing to Proob it!

And Maman was wike, "He's recovered 2,000 year-old DNA that he can compare to whut? With 100% accuracy? One hundred per-cent of what?"

And I sed, "I dunno. But he's a'hunnert p'cent shure he's gonna be on teevee."

And Maman sed, "He's 100% of an idiot. I hate Junk His'try! He's got sum boxes ob bones frumma Furst Century dat were dug up and discussed twenty years ago. And he calls dis 'New'?"

And Auntie Irene sed, "I fink it's funny."

And Maman sed, "Dere is nuffin' funny aboud hoomins spreadin' lies udder hoomins mite beleeb."

And Auntie Irene sed dat was sumBun else's karmas.

And Maman sed it didn't madder onna'count obba Fakt datta Emperor still had no clothes on and sumBun hadda point dat out

Well, so Maman readed more obba story fing to me and den she started grabbin Buks off her shelves heer inna Study. And preddy soon, she had Two Quotes anna coupla biblee-O-graphies wike dis:

>>>"Simcha has no credibility whatsoever. He's pimping off the Bible... He got this guy, Cameron, who made 'Titanic' or something like that—what does this guy know about archeology? I am an archaeologist, but if I were to write a book about brain surgery, you would say, 'Who is this guy?' People want signs and wonders. Projects like these make a mockery of the archaeological profession."<<< -  Joe E. Zias, archeologist,  Smithsonian Institution, advanced training for the study of Paleopathology; Hadassah (Israel) Medical School, post-MA studies in the field of physical anthropology;  Master of Arts degree in Anthropology, Wayne State University, Michigan; Bachelor of Arts degree, Wayne State University, Michigan. 


>>> "I've known about these ossuaries for many years and so have many other archaeologists, and none of us thought it was much of a story, because these are rather common Jewish names from that period. It's a publicity stunt, and it will make these guys very rich, and it will upset millions of innocent people because they don't know enough to separate fact from fiction." <<< - William G. Dever, American archaeologist specialising in the history of Israel and the Near East in Biblical times;  Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, 1975 to 2002; Director of the Harvard Semitic Museum-Hebrew Union College Excavations at Gezer from 1966-71, 1984 and 1990; Director of the dig at Khirbet el-Kôm and Jebel Qacaqir (West Bank) from 1967-71; Principal Investigator at Tell el-Hayyat excavations (Jordan) 1981-85, and Assistant Director, University of Arizona Expedition to Idalion, Cyprus, 1991, among other excavations; 1955 graduate of Milligan College; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1966.

And she gots buks from dis Dever guy: Echoes of Many Texts: Reflections on Jewish and Christian Texts. Essays in Honor of Lou H. Silberman (co-editor, with J.E. Wright). Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1997.
For Those Who Sleep in the Dust: Archaeology and the Real World of Ancient Israel. American Schools of Oriental Research, 1997 

So Maman says to me, "Wookit, George BunnyRabbit, dis is whut I read, hokay?"

And I'm wike, "Uh huh. Yout got enny ob dose Baby Organic Carrots? I notised dere were none inna salads last nite."

And Maman wooked at me fora minit and she's wike, "Huh?"

And I'm wike, "Lookit, dere were no Baby Organic Carrots last nite. Are you runnin' out or sumfing?"

And I waved my ears around onna'count obba Fakt dat she finks dat is "Cute".

It issa Prooben Fakt dat you ged more treats when you are "Cute". 

And Maman sed, "You know, George, I fink you shuld habba bite ob cookie."

And I'm finking, "Well, dat's hokay, too."

So we wint Downnastairs anna tellyphone rang and it was Auntie Irene again, and she was reading Maman sumfing she found inna cheep noospaper aboudda Lost Tomb and more Junk His'try. And Maman readed her whut she had found frum those two perfessers and Maman and Auntie Irene hadda'nudder Long Talk - AGAIN!

With me anna rest ob Alla Us Togedder waiting there for dat bite ob cookie.

So Maman hangs uppa tellyphone and wooks at me, and I wave my ears inna Hopeful Wike Manner, trying once more wiffa "Cute" fing.

And Maman goes toda 'Frigerator and takes outta bag, pulls offa clip, pours sumfing out innu her hand and shubs it unner'neaf ob my nose.

And she says, "Would George wike sum Raw Organic Unsalted Sunflower Kernals?"

And I'm wookin' at dees fings in her hand wike, "Whutdaheck? I thought you sed dere was gonna be cookies!"

But apparently, there wassn't onna'count obba Fakt dat Junk His'try had driven enny thoughts ob cookies or Baby Organic Carrots rite outta her hed!

So heer we are, stuck wif Raw Organic Unsalted Sunflower Kernals.

Dere shuld be sum kinda law against dis stuff, lemme tell you!

------------------------------ By George

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Friday, 2 March 2007
George's Third Strand (2007); Day Number 2
Now Playing: So You Fink You're Smarter Than A Bunny?
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises


Hokay, dat was Beebe-Bunny!!

Maman just came around, gibbin' out Cheerios to us onna'count obba Fakt dat we are Cute.

We get a'lotta stuff onna'count obba Fakt dat we are Cute - Baby Organic Carrots, sprigs ob Parsley, bites ob doughbut, Cheerios, Raw Organic Sunflower Nuts, da stray almond heer and dere - Yeah! Being "Cute" hassa'lotta'vantages.

Although not so much lately.

Which issa whole Point ob Dis Entry. 

Howebber, being cute is 'Portant.

Assa Dawg told Da Fat-Cat assa Dawg was eating sum Cheerios dat Maman had dropped onna floor, "Too bad you aren't."

And Cokie wooked at him fora minit and sed, "Yes, I am. I'm not da wun who hasta snuffle up dropped cereal onna floor by axydent. I got kibble put in my bowl uppystairs."

And he piked uppa strand ob Hay frum unnerneaf ob Mr Mouse's habbytat, anna Dawg "Woofed" in his face

And habbin' wifstood dat hurrican ob Dawg-breath, da Fat-Cat shambled outta da Bun Room and back on fru da Kitchin on his way toda Sitting Room which is where he goes inna aftanoons now. He says dere issa Sunbeam dat comes inna winder dere for him to sit in, but we, Alla Us Togedder, know datta Aftanoon Sunbeams all come innu da Bun Room fru da Memorial Winder and light up alla Suncatchers dere to bemind us ob alla Our Warren who hab gone on toda Rainbow Bridge bifore us.

So ennyways, Maman was just in heer, handing out Cheerios onna'count obba Fakt dat we're Cute. She says da Oats are good for Beebe-Bunny to gain sum weight, howebber, dey ar not-so-god for Missy who is Alreaddy a Beautiful Bunny Gurl ob Gen'rus P'porshuns and doesn't need to ged enny more gen'rus. Which is why Beebe doesn't fink he got enuf Cheerios. He nebber does. Nor does Mr Mouse.

Maman says it is inneresting dat da two smallest bunnies nebber fink dey hab enuf ob ennyfing, while I, George, shub her hand away afta I've had aboud four Cheerios.

Whut she doesn't realise is dat while I wike treats, I don't need to be hammered ober da hed wif dem. Four is nice, but whut else you got? I know dere are udder fings in dat 'Frigerator and I wuld like to try dem also.

I mean, GEEZ!

Hoomins ged stuck in such a rut!

  • Romaine
  • Parsley
  • Carrots

Whutebber happined to Dill? Where issa udder stuff dat usta appear in our Salads? Where are da Grape Tomatoes? Where are alla varigated lettuces? So Spinach is offa menu - does dat mean dat nobunny is growin' ennyfing else eidder? And how aboud Froot? We habbin't seen enny udder Froot besides Raisins in Forebber!

Hokay, da Cheerios was nice - four days ago! Whut's this wif dem showing up ebbery, single, sollytary day now? Issat all dat's inna cabinet?

It's wike Maman finks we don't communykate wiffa udder critters around heer.

I know, for hextample, datta Fat-Cat hadda bite ob doughnut da udder day. He came down heer bragging abouddit. Besides, wif dees ears, doesn't ennybunny fink I can hear Maman onna'phone wif Dadda?

"Are you going past da petrol station atta top obba road, dear?"

Only we can smell dat it isn't a petrol station. Dat's a doughnut station if ebber dere was one!

So we know dere are doughnuts onna'count obba Fakt dat Dadda smells ob doughnuts when he comes past to put on his "kettle" and make "tee".

Unless da Car, which stinks ob petrol when it takes us toda v-e-ts, has suddinly taken to runnin' on doughnuts....

Whut we don't know is why dere aren't enny doughnuts coming innu da Bun Room.

Why just raisins for treats?

And speaking ob treats...

Dere is also an Appul inna'Frigerator. So howcome dat issn't making it's way out heer, divided up innu four sekshuns wiffa core taken out, innu da Bun Room? I happin to know dat three ob dose Appuls went home wif Sistah Beffy and three more went home wif Phil-anna'Lanna. So whut's dat udder wun doing, just staying dere inna'Frigerator?

And I hab notised dat dere are cookies inna cupboard. Dey are also not coming out innu da Bun Room.

I herd Dadda da udder nite, though, callin innu Maman inna Sitting Room, "Did you fortyged you hab cookies out heer, Sweethard?"

And I'm wike, "So you fink you're smarter than a bunny? Try axtin' me dat questshun!"

Yeah. Well, I habbin't fortygot aboudd'em, lemme tell you!

Da fing is, wif alla dat stuff around heer howcome Maman keeps offering me da same four Cheerios?

It makes you wonder.

--------------------- By George

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Wednesday, 14 February 2007
George's Second Strand (2007); Day Number 14
Now Playing: Hoppy Valentine's Day Sno!
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises


Well, we gots SNO!

And ice, and sum rain dat freezed, so all-in-all, it is preddy slippery out dere.

So Maman, onna'count ob she issa Wedder Weenie, knew dis Storm was coming. So by last Saturday, she had gone toda Market, buyed us Greens, and bought Milk and Bread and Stuff to make Veggytubble Soop and was all reddy for dis Storm to blow in.

Den Sistah Beffy came ober on Monday and Maman made shure dat she wint shoppin' for herself and Adam and Anastasia Elizabeth (whom we habbin't ebben seed yet!) so dat they had alla stuff dey needed whin da Storm arrived at dere houz, which is just ober a liddle ways frum Our Warren.

And Maman sed to Sistah Beffy, "Wookit. Frum now on, you will allus be reddy for Sno Storms. So whin you hear wun is coming, you go out toda store and you buy Bread, Milk, Stuff to make Veggytubble Soop and Greens forda Bunnies. Dis is becos you are now a Mawmie and dis is Whut We Do." 

And Sistah Beffy sed, "I don't hab Bunnies."

And Maman sed, "Den you buy Greens ennyways and bring them to me for Our Warren."

And Sistah Beffy got to take home some boxes. One wassa BIG box frumma Lewis Warren!

And Sistah Beffy opined uppa Box and inside was a lotta fings all wrapped up in widdle soft blankies. And I was wookin' at wunna da blankies and I sed to Missy,

"I wike these. You can rilly scratch dem up inna nice, soft pile."

And Missy sort ob pulled at wun wif her teefies while I was wookin' at sum ribbon, and sum how or anudder,  Dadda came along and scooped us up, and we managed to land right back inna Bun Room.

But bifore dat happined, we noticed dat dere wassa soft Teddy Bear right dere inna box, and sum more blankies, and sum ribbons, and stuff.

All for Anastasia Elizabeth whom we hab nebber seed! So Whut's Up Wif Dat?  How does Anastasia Elizabeth get alla dis stuff whin nobun has rilly ebber ebben seen her?


Inside obba Box dere wassa Buk for Pikchurs for Maman wrapped inna Bunny Baby Blankie. I guess dis is so she can take pikchurs ob Alla Us Togedder to show ebberybunny she knows! Now dat is preddy cool! 'Cept dere wassa werd "BABY" onna frunt ob dis Buk. Well, I usta be Babby George, so mebbe alla pikchurs innit will be only ob me. But ennyfing to spread da werd aboud how GREAT it is to lib wif HouseRabbits!

So ennyways, Maman sed to Dadda last nite, "Well, da Storm is starting and Phil-da-Lad hasn't called yet. Do you fink he's got Bread, Milk anna Stuff to make Veggytubble Soop, or would he anna'Lanna be planning to come out to come here in this?."

And dey watched sum car go sliding sideways downna street onna ice.

And Dadda sed to Maman, "He can't be dat stoopit."

And just den, the tellyphone rang.

And Dadda sed, "You hadda say sumfing, didn't you?"

So Phil anna'Lanna came on ober inna car and Maman gabe dem Stuff to make Veggytubble Soop, and Kitty food, and dey stayed to hab dinner ob Bangers and Mash.

And dey watched da cars slidin' downna street.

And prob'ly Payton, who issa Basset Hound atta Lewis Warren and knows Phil onna'count obba Fakt dat Phil grew up wif Our Warren's Ancient Dawg who was also a Basset Hound, had putta widdle package inside obba box for Sistah Beffy dat sed "Uncle Phil" onnit.

So Phil unwrapped it, and it wassa Bunny-spinner Toy!

Well, Phil got all hextcited and couldn't wait to get it unwrapped and make it start spinning. And he's sitting there atta dinner-table, eating his Bangers and Mash and playing wif dis Bunny-Spinner toy. Wike he's eight yers old. 'Cept dat he issn't. He's twenty-three yeers old and Maman started telling him dat he Bedda Act His Age.

Anna'Lanna sed to him, "Wookit, it has widdle bunny-shaped candies inna handle! May I hab wun?"

And Phil says, "No. I'm playing wiffit. Who cares aboud candies? I had wunna dees whin I was widdle and I LUBBED IT! How did Auntie Michelle know I needed anudder wun? Dis is so cool!"

And Missy sed, "Well if it's bunny-shaped and got bunny-shaped candies inside, you just know dat sum Basset Hound didn't fink obbit. Dat's a Bunny-Idea. It was all Toodles' anna Lewis Buns' idea!" 

Anna Dawg wandered out innu da Bun Room frumma Dining Room and he sed, "Dere's no chance ob us geddin enny candies. He won't put it down long enuf for me to gedda look attit!"

And Mouse is wike, "Ebben though Maman told him not to play wif stuff atta table?"

Anna Dawg shrugged. "He isn't ebben listening. Cos he's gotta toy. You know, alla "toys" in dis houz usually belong to me, and I keep dem in my Baskit, but I can't ebben get a look-in at dis wun cos he won't let go obbit."

And Missy sed, "Doesn't take much to 'muse dat boy." 

And out inna Dining Room Phil anna'Lanna were getting on dere coats, hats and Lagomorphin Enterprises gloves to go home. 

And it took Phil ten minuts to clean alla ice offa his Lancer Car.

Anna Dawg got bored standin' atta Frunt Door watchin' him, so he wandered out innu da Bun Room and sed,

"Dere issa whole lotta cold air comin' in frum dat Frunt Door!"

And Beebe is wike, "Cold air! Close da door, Stoopit!"

Anna Dawg sed, "Maman sed we can't onna'count obba Fakt dat it would be impolite. We hab to wave 'Good-Bye'. But I'm telling you, it's gonna be a short Patrol t'nite!"

So now it's tidday, which is Valentine's Day and it is sno'ing on top obba ice, which Maman sed, will make driving and walking a Preddy Inneresting Hextperience. And she sed datta schools are all closed, so alla Mawmies had bedda hab stuff to 'muse da kidlets.

And Missy sed, "Well, we know we dat Dat Wun Cubbered, fanks to Toodles anna Lewis-Buns, and Payton-Basset-Hound." 

And downnastairs inna Kitchin, dere is Veggytubble Soop onna stove.

So it's a Reg'lar Sno Storm, wif ice, and Bread and Milk and greens, and Veggytubble Soop. Which is how it's s'sposed to be. 

Oh and dat's beminded me! Lilly da Basset Hound and her friend Penny lib nextest door to us. You want sum Veggytubble Soop? You can hab your Mawmie MaryBef email Our Warren a and MissyBun sed she will letta Dawg know so he can tell Maman!

------------------ By George 

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Monday, 12 February 2007
George's Second Strand (2007); Day Number 12
Now Playing: Fittin' Innu
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Well, I changed the Calendar Fingy ober dere onna left-hand side obba Blog, becos although the Index Fingy might hab been more useful for lookin' for Previous Entries obba Blog (since it goes alla way back to Belinda's Blog in 2004!),  but dis Calendar Fingy looks Bedda. Da Index Fing just looks messy. To me, ennyways.

And I'm messing around wiffa way da Fonts werk, too. I kinda thought yestiddays looked too BIG, so tidday I went wif dis "10pt" wun. You gedda'nuff "Opshuns" going and you can RILLY screw fings up! I just wish I culd put inna pikchurs! But dat feetchur still won't werk for me! ("Tripod Guys are you heering me?!")

So, ennyways...

Yestidday sumwun sed sumfing aboudda bunnies "fittin' innu da family".

Anna Dawg came by and sed sumfing wike we hab to fit innu da "Pack". Den Cokie-da-Fat-Cat arrived saying we was part ob his "Chowder" and MissyBun (who was sittin' inna Noo Pootypan) sed dey were part ob Alla Us Togedder part of Our Warren where we preddy much make up our own mind aboud Who We Are and Whut We Do

It is wike dis:

I hab rilly big ears. If I hear sumfing at Nite, and it sounds like it might be Ob Concern, whut issa Logical Fing for a Bunny to do?

'Lert da Warren.

So how do I, George BunnyRabbit, go aboutta job of 'Lerting da Warren to a P'tenshul Threat?

Well, I am One Small New Zealand Rabbit out heer inna Bun Room, in my habbytat wiffa rest obba bunnies, but we can't do much, you know? So I *THUMP* - which in Lagomorphin (which is Our Language) means Hey-Lookit-I-Heer-Sumfing-Dangerous-Ebberybunny-Wook-Out!

And heer comes Da Dawg to see Whut Is Going On.

Now Seeing Whut Is Going On issa Dawg's Job, and becos dis Dawg issa Border Collie, he LOVES jobs, and dis is wun ob his. So he doesn't ebben hab to unnerstand Lagomorphin; he heers da *THUMP* and has to come see Whut Is Going On. Becos he issa Dawg and dis is his Job where he fits innu da Warren.

So great. He hassa job to do, which is to axt me "Whutssamatta, George BunnyRabbit?"

So I tell him, "Lookit, I herd sumfing." And he snuffles around for a minit and den goes, "Hokay, lemme gedda hoomin." and goes off to wake up Dadda.

Now, you see, heer is where dere isssa P'tenshul for Problems, onna'count obba Fakt dat hoomins who do not unnerstand Dawg will not unnerstand datta Dawg is just Doing His Job, which is Whut He Does, whinna Dawg wakes uppa hoomin up afta I *THUMP*.

Stoopit hoomins, who can only Fink in hoomin-terms, tend to fink datta Dawg is just being 'Noying whin he wakes dem up onna'count obba Fakt datta bunnyrabbit has *THUMPED*. Our Dadda, howebber, unnerstans Dawg, and knows dat Waking Up Dadda, who issa Alpha Dawg issa Propa Response fora Puzzled Beta Dawg.

And Marc-da-Border-Collie puzzles preddy easy, lemme tell you!

So Our Dadda puts on his Bafrobe and comes out innu da Bun Room to see Whutsamatta Wiffa Dawg, which brings him nextest to me, George BunnyRabbit, who wass wun who *THUMPED* inna Furst Place.

So as Dadda is opinin da Back Door to let outta Dawg to go on Patrol inna Back Gardin onna'count obba Fakt da Dawg has waked him up, Dadda axts me, "Whut's up wif You Buggers?"

And so I ged to tell him Whut I Herd, which is Whut I Do in Our Warren, which is, namely, to 'Lert Da Warren whin I hear sumfing dat I fink might be a Threat.

And Dadda, who issa Alpha  Dawg anna Hoomin Who Makes Sure Alla Us Togedder Are Safe, says to me, "Ebberyfing is hokay, George. Go on back to sleep."

And gibs me a treat or a pet or sumfing.

Den he lets inna Dawg and we all preddy much seddle down and I go back Onna'Lert until I hear sumfing else.

And dat's How It Werks.

Hoomins hab to lern to see Fings frumma'nudder Point ob View. It's not wike Da Dawg is doing ennyfing dat is Not Dawg-like. He is doing a fine job ob being a Dawg. In Fakt, I would say dat he is Preddy Darn Good at Being a Dawg! For a Dawg. Just wike I amma Preddy Good BunnyRabbit.

We are all just Doing Whut We Do, Alla Us Togedder, heer at Our Warren.

I will gib you a'nudder hext'ample.

Do you bemember whin Sheeba came heer to visit us (and brought Unkul Peter wif her), and Sheeba hadda BunPen Uppastairs while Alla Us Togedder were heer Downnastairs inna Bun Room


Well, Da Dawg came frum Uppystairs and sed to Alla Us Togedder, "Hey! Dere issa'nudder bunnyrabbit up dere dat I don't know! So I snuffled her and she sed, 'Hey! You! I'm Sheeba, and Whodaheck are you?' so Whut do I do?"

So I was wike, "Axt her if she wants sum hay."

Soda Dawg went back Uppystairs and den he comed back and told us dat Sheeba alreddy had sum hay and was habbin' a nap and dat ebbryfing was fine. And we were wike, "Hokay, so wike, we don't need to *THUMP* ober dis, she issa'nudder bunnyrabbit and she is Hokay."

And so Sheeba told Da Dawg whut was going on wif her Uppystairs and Da Dawg came down and told us Whut Sheeba Sed. And dat was "D-Mail" and it werked. Dere were no *THUMPS* ob Werry, cos we didn't hab to be Werried. We were communykating wif each udder by way obba Dawg doing his Job

And sum Hoomins don't see dat kinda Fing going on, ebben in dere own homes!

Dey don't unnderstan dat Alla Us Togedder are Wun Big Warren, wif each bunny innit just Doing Whut Dey Do

Hoomins habba place inna Warren, but dey aren't Da Warren. Da Warren is Alla Us Togedder, and ebberybunny has to find dere place innit.

Now I know dat sumtimes it is berry hard for sum Species to lern to lib togedder. Our Warren is preddy much an Hextceptshun ob inner-species  co-operatib relashunships, Maman says, onna'count obba Fakt dat Belinda Bunny taught Maman alla Roolz (and not ebberybunny hassa Belinda Bunny to teach dem, Maman says.) and Maman makes whut she calls Policy around heer, lemme tell you! 

Maman says its all in ebberybunny lerning to Fit Innu da Warren, not trying to Make da Warren Fit ebberybunny. 

Bunnies axtchually know alla'bout Fittin Innu. It's Whut We Do. It's how We Make Our Warren.

"Ebberybunny hassa Place inna Warren and inna Warren dere issa Place for Ebberybunny". - Belinda Bunny (ATB)

And dere is allus room for Wun More...

-----------------------By George




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Sunday, 11 February 2007
George's Second Strand, 2007; Day Number 11
Now Playing: Bunnies-Inna-Dark!
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Yeah, we are. 

It's bin TWO WEEKS and we heer at Our Warren, STILL dunno ennyfing aboudda "baby"!

Dis is re'dicullus.

Hokay, I'll tell you Whut We Know So Far...

  1. Anastasia Elizabeth arrived TWO Saturdays ago, and LIFE around heer sure has bin bizzy!
  2. LIFE around heer has bin BIZZY, but WIFFOUT US!
  3. Bunnies hab bin kept INNA DARK!


So we don't know ennyfing aboudda "baby" but we know a whole lot aboudda Anastasia Elizabeth.

She arrived alla suddin, Maman sed, whch is s'sposed to be good fing. And she is berry small, because Maman sed dat I am axtchually BIGGER den she is! I amma 7 lb., 3 oz. "Small NZ" bunnyrabbit and she issa 5 lb., 8 oz. hoomin. So I am bigger! MissyBun, a Beautiful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rus P'porshuns issa LOT bigger den bof ob us!

Howebber, dispite her small size, she is preddy much causing as much trubble for us assa rilly BIG critter.

Maman and Dadda were outta da Houz almost alla da time da Last Week ob January anna Furst Week ob February! Dey wuld leeb inna morning and Dadda wuld say toda Dawg, "On  Guard!"

Well, you know whut dat means - Da Dawg suddinly finks he is "In Charge" ob ebberyfin inna Houz.

So since Maman and Dadda allus close da Bedroom door, he goes to sit wherebber else it is dat Maman and Dadda sit, wike onna sofa inna Sitting Room. And dis makes Cokie-da-Fat-Cat mad, onna'count obba Fakt dat he fink alla sofas ('cept da wun inna Living Room) are his.

Soda Dawg is wike, "Wookit, I'm In-Charge."

And we're wike, "Uh huh." and go back to Whut We're Doing.

Anna Two Catz are wike, "Whutebber."

Anna heater goes off and on, anna Big Clock inna Living Room ticks and makes chimes. Da sunbeams moob around da Houz anna Catz moob wif dem.

And preddy soon, Alla Us Togedder heer in Our Warren are wike, "Hey! It's geddin' DARK inna Bun Room!"

Anna Dawg is wike, "Well, I can't do ennyfing aboud'dat. I can't reach da lamp."

Anna Catz are wike, "It's not our problem."

Anna heater goes off and on, anna Big Clock inna Living Room ticks and makes chimes. Anna sumbeams go off anna Catz moob innu da Sitting Room onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman isn't dere to tell dem to ged out.

Anna Dawg goes to sit byda Frunt Door becos he is "On Guard" and finks he is "In Charge" obba Houz.

And now it is DARK.

So we're feeling around for food and hay and suchnot, and da heater goes off and on, anna Big Clock inna Living Room ticks and makes chimes.

And it's STILL DARK!

And suddinly, dere's a whole lotta noise, anna Dawg starts to whine and here comes Maman and Dadda and dey are talkin' about Sistah Beffy, Adam and Anastasia Elizabeth!

And Maman suddinly says, "Oh no! Bunnies-inna-Dark!" and turns on Our Lamp.

And den da Houz comes alive again - and we ged Salads, anna Fuss, anna Catz go Uppystairs and hab sum food, anna Dawg goes outta Back Door on Patrol, and geds his Dinner and Cookies. Den we ged our Treats and Maman and Dadda (who are *still* talkin' aboud Ananstasia Elizabeth!) go innu da Bedroom and go to sleep.

Anna nextest day, da whole Process repeats itself!

So DEN...

Maman geds *sik* wiffa floo. And she is in bed inna Bedroom and Dadda's runnin' alla 'round and we're Alla Us Togedder  still inna Bun Room, wonderin' Whuttaheck is goin' on.

Anna Dawg doesn't know ennyfing, 'cept dat he is "On Guard!" whin Dadda goes out. Anna Catz don't know ennyfing onna'count obba Fakt dat dey are Catz.

And now dere issa Pile ob Presents dat Maman says are for Anastasia Elizabeth!

So, you know, heer we are, FINALLY Uppastairs inna Study! And Maman is FINALLY geddin' around to letting us do Whut We Do.

Butta whole Fing is, we haben't herd Wun Werd aboudda "Baby" fora Long Time!

And we habn't SEEN dis "Anastasia Elizabeth" who ebberyone is runnin' all ober for!  Who is she? Where is she? WHUT is she?

And where has Sistah Beffy gone? We habbin't seed her in WEEKS!

So yeah. Da Lack ob Infortymayshun around heer sorta sucks.

Becos nuffin' ebber changes, you know?

Da heater still goes off and on, anna Big Clock inna Living Room still ticks and makes chimes. Anna sunbeams moob alla'round da Houz, wiffa Catz in dere wake, while da Dawg goes in-and-out da Back Door on Patrol.

so, well,  we'll let you know when sumfing happins...

---------------------- By George  


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Tuesday, 16 January 2007
George's Furst Strand of 2007: Day Number 16
Now Playing: An Apology, and Latin
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises

Furst ob all, I want to apologise for yestiday's Blog being slightly messed up. Maman is changing around da "Fonts" command, trying to make The Hay Diaries easier to read, and then doesn't Tripod go and scramble summa my werds when it goes to publish dem toda Werld Wide Web? It is almost too much to bare (meaning dat it wooks a wot wike I was typing stuff wiffa nekkid brain), and Maman just geds Fed Up.

Ennyways, it's no use complaining to Tripod aboudda "How Fings Don't Werk" onna'count obba Fakt dat you write to dem, but nobun is there to reply.

So, ennyways.

You know how at yestiday's Power Brekfast I sed I hadda get bedda Communication Skills onna'count obba Fakt dat I am da Junior Executive ob Lagomorphin Enterprises, and also habba seat onna Bored ob Direktors?


And bemember I mentioned that Maman hadda rant going about "The American Educational System"?

Uh huh.

Well, Maman stumbled out frumma Bedroom dis morning, fumbling for coffee, while we were habbing Our Warren's Sekond Power Brekfast. And she, me anna Hed ob HomeFruntDoor Security (that would be Da Dawg) all went Uppystairs to Maman's Study to read da Noospapers Online on her 'puter.

And Maman sed she didn't sleep berry well onna'count obba Fakt dat Sistah Beffy had called inna middle obba Night because she was in False Labour, and I sed, "Dat's right, onna'count obba Fakt dat I herd da tellyphone ring and I thumped, bemember?"

And Maman sed she bemembered, but dat she was preddy sure she hadn't been particuarly comforting because she had taken meddysin for her migraine and didn't feel at all well.

And she wondered a bit aboud wedder she should take meddysin if she felt bad, so she would sleep, or whether she should not take meddysin and stay awake all night and be grumpy all the nextest day, just in case Sistah Beffy called again.

And Maman sed, "Having babies is a pain inna butt. You nebber know when they are coming and everything lacks proper planning." 

Which I thought was preddy funny, coming frum Maman, who can't plan ennyfing frum one minit toda nextest. And she is not ebben da one having the baby!

And Auntie Grace is calling Sistah Beffy "Poppin'Fresh" onna'count obba Fakt dat Sistah Beffy is looking Very Round atta momint, and Little Anastasia is due to arrive atta End Obba Month! 


But, then, ennyways.

We ged Uppystairs and find out dat Dadda was alreddy in his Office onna'count obba Fakt dat he didn't sleep much eidder, because he was waiting alla night for Sistah Beffy to call back, saying she had gone toda Hospiddle. And Maman sed he shouldn't werry, her pains weren't reg'lar and only a half-hour apart, and were prob'ly False Labour, which is preddy normal wif Furst Babies. He shuld start geddin werried, Maman sed, when she calls and says her pains are ten minutes apart, and ebben den, dere will still be Time for a whole lotta the Ushual Family Buggering About bifore Da Main Event.

But I could tell Maman was werried. I am a Fully-growed Companion HouzRabbit and we can tell Fings.

So ennyway.

Da Dawg, Maman and I went innu her Study and began to read da Noospapers Online, particuarly Da Daily Telegraph Online, and Da Guardian Unlimited online which are da noospapers frum Inkwand that Maman allus reads Furst. And inna Guardian there wassa article about learning Latin.

Hokay, now Latin issa language that Maman learned in School a long time ago. She feels it is Very Important, onna'count obba Fakt that by learning Latin, you also learn Inkwish and how sum udder languages werk. For some rezons, it is no longer offered to be taught in schools.

And Maman geds Very Upset that it is no longer being taught in schools; in Fakt, it is no longer ebben offered, so nobun can even choose to take it in School, ebben if they want to take it! Which means dat ebben if sumbun wanted to learn it to help them learn to communicate bedder in Inkwish, or if they wanted to learn Latin to help them learn sumfing else, or to improve their skills in communication or ebben their Logic skills or sum udder skills, they couldn't take it onna'count obba Fakt nobun would teach them!

And when Maman geds upset about Latin not being offered to students to take, people called "administrators" say Fings wike, "Leaning Latin is useless." and "No one speaks it." and "There are more important fings to learn that students aren't learning." and "Learning Latin issa Show-Off thing nobunny needs."

So Maman gets mad, because she says learning Latin would help students who don't know Inkwish learn how it werks, and help students who fink dey speak Inkwish alreddy learn to commicate bedder.  

"A classical education," says Maman. "Does not imply exclusivity and/or financial privilage. An education in the classics teaches discipline, appriciation for cultural diversity and Logic."

And sumhow, her approach makes udder people get rilly mad at her.

Of course, Dadda may be right when he says dat it is not whut she is saying dat makes udder people mad, but da way she says it, wiffa sort of "What-are-you,-too-stoopit-to-lib?" kind ob expression on her face.

So ennyways, she's been hunting around for a long time to find a Really Good way to say Whut She Means inna non-threatening kind of way.

And she found it this morning inna article inna Guardian Unlimited Online noospaper, inna article by Mary Beard, entitled "Tacitus Was No Elitist":

"The good news is that, whatever its posh image, Latin is a hard subject in which the academically able thrive. It's rather like maths: money alone can't make you good at it."

And Maman sed, "That's it, exactly: money can't make ennybun good at any subject in school. Everybun has to study in order to learn, and some learn faster than others - but Every Bun needs to have the opportunity to learn as much as they are able to absorb at the rate they are able to absorb it! And then if they're too stoopit to learn, then, well, there are always jobs available that don't require *real* intellligence!"

So Maman suddenly felt that "somebun" agreed wif her about the subject of "Education" and that made her happy

It doesn't take much to make Maman happy, lemme tell you!

But I got to Finking dat mebbe I should learn Latin, since I want to learn how to Communicate bedda assa Junior Executive ob Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC. So when I got back Downnastairs toda Bun Room, I axt MissyBun what she thought about me learning Latin - like, would it help me become more 'Tellygint?  

And MissyBun sed she finks, dat: "Nebber mind Latin. Whut I fink issat all hoomins should learn to communicate in Lagomorphin."

"How do you werk dat wun out?" I axted her.

And she sed, "Inna same way dat I werked out ebberyfing else: Wogik. Hoomins should learn Lagomorphin for alla same reasons that you sed Maman sed dat they should learn to read and write in Latin, wif this additional reason thrown in: it would help students learn to care about anudder Species. Hoomins fink dey are *still* da only Species dat matters, and mebbe if dey learn to communicate inna'udder way, wike Our Way, dey will learn dat dey are not." 

And I sed dat this idea had merit, onna'count obba Fakt dat Hoomins (who seem overly concerned wif each udders various "Cultures") shuld pay more 'Tension to alla udder Species wif whom they hab to share This Planet, mainly because they have to Share This Planet!

And MissyBun sed, "Dat's right." and she sniffed. "Hoomins fortyged dat dey are Stewards, not Owners ob dis place."

So I guess MissyBun is preddy right, ebben if her position is a liddle bit more extreme than Maman's: Students need to be offered the Hard Fings as well assa easy fings to learn. Ebberybun needs to become as 'Tellygint as they can - and nebber deny sumbun da chance to learn to communicate bedda!

And dere is nuffing wrong wif being a 'Tellygint Bunny

------------------------ By George 


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Sunday, 14 January 2007
George's Furst Strand ob 2007; Day Number 14
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Noo Comp'ny, Noo Office, Noo Werk for Alla Us Togedder
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises
Our Dadda has a Noo Comp'ny and he sed that Alla Us Togedder heer at Our Warren are Da Bored ob Directors.This is mainly onna'count obba Fakt that the name obba Comp'ny is Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC and We are the Family Lagomorphs

Belinda Bunny and Hawthorn would be proud. Hawthorn allus sed datta bestest way for Bunnies to being taken Serriusly inna Werld was for Alla Bunnies Ebberywheres to Achieve Economic Innypendance Through Manipulayshun obba Financial Systems (or sumfing like dat). Ennyways, he would approve ob us having This Comp'ny wif Our Name Onnit.

So Maman has a Noo Office for Us to share wif her. And Ebberybun In Our Warren hassa Job inna Comp'ny!


Maman issa 'Fisshul Sekretary obba Comp'ny, which means dat she hasta type a lotta stuff innu her 'puter, answer da phones and just, in gen'ral, know Whut Is Going On. Alla Us Togedder are sus'posed to help her wif dat.

Da Dawg is sus'posed to "Guard". He wants to be Hed ob HomeFruntDoor Sekurity, so Dadda sed dat while he is not heer, da Dawg can go ahead and BE Hed ob HomeFruntDoor Sekurity. Dis means datta Dawg, who is still all shiney wif Collie-slick frum being atta Spa, Perminit Job which will be to Be "On Guard" att Frunt Door alla time, watching out for Maman and Us, letting her know Who Is Atta Door and Warning Off Strangers. Because he issa Border Collie, he says he has this covered. He has also inklooded Barking At Squirrels inna Back Gardin atta Back Door to his resume, for free. He sed dis issa'nudder Border Collie Fing.

Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says dat his Job inna Comp'ny is to Look Good, and be da Cover Cat. He says dat since he has been toda Spa, (and is still Fat) he can do this better than enny other Cat. Assa Cover Cat, he will sit on Dadda's briefcase and cover up ennyfing Dadda might be looking for. He also says that Catz, in gen'ral, don't hab to hab "jobs" onna'count obba Fakt dat they are Not Dawgs. Only Dawgs hab to hab jobs to justify their exisitences. Catz simply "are", and Cokie says dat at just  "being" , he's allus had dat covered. He also says dat "covering" comes nat'chural to catz who use litter-boxes and are neat.

Yeah. Whutebber.

And Beep-the-Udder-Cat says her Job inna Comp'ny will be to sit inna winder to look out for fings forda Dawg to bark at. Since she sits inna winder ennyways, dis issa berry good job for her. So you can say datta job ob Display Cat is filled: she will be filling dat winder like a Thanksgibbin' Day Balloon on Display at all times.

Which brings me to Us. Dadda says dat da Bunnies heer at Our Warren are da heart and soul ob Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC. And dis is onna'count obba Fakt dat We stand for :

  • Speed - rabbits are known for getting around inna hurry
  • Friendly, Personal service - there is nobun friendlier den Us
  • Reliable - bunnies are dependable. It's a survival fing.
  • Integrity - bunnies are Honest. There can be only Troof inna Warren.

And, let's face it, a comp'ny run by Lagomorphs is gonna hab certain traits: we werk well togedder onna'count obba Fakt dat we are social creatures who hab to learn to lib togdder. And We come fumma MultiSpecies Home, where we hab to learn to Get Along. Plus We habba firm belief in nebber lebbin' ennybunny OnAlone, so whin sumbun needs anudderbunny, we're *there* to help each udder. 

It all goes wiffout saying heer at Our Warren, you know?

So, starting tomorrow, dis is how Lagoorphin Enterprises, LLC is going to werk: Dadda will go off inna mornings to visit clients and keep appointmints inna Speshul Bloo Van, and Maman will stay heer and run da Office wif Alla Us Togedder to help her.

Dadda sed dat Mr Mouse will prob'ly become da SpokesBun, onna'count obba Fakt dat he likes to ride on Dadda's shoulder so much, and since he won't be able to do dat, he'll be able to appear in pikchurs and stuff, insted. Mr Mouse sed he finks dat will be all-rite, depending onna diggity obba advertizing.

Maman sed MissyBun and I can be free-range inna office most days, so dat means dat you can go to Dadda's 'Fishul Web-site, and get the contact info, call and axt for me, George! I prob'ly won't say much, onna'count obba Fakt dat I let Maman talk for me onna tellyphone, but I like to hear my name! Yeah! I wave my ears alla'round and wook atta tellyphone and do Bees-inna-hed binkies! 

And Maman sed dat ebben Beebe and Stuffie can come up inna Office sumtimes if they want to. She's not shure how much Beebe will unnerstand or want to help out, since he's very much innu Treats and Sustainable Farming just now, and there will not be much ob dat going on inna Office. He may just want to stay Downnastairs inna Bun Room and watch ober da White Box Wiffa Treats In. Just to make shure datta Dawg doesn't ged alla'em, you know? But if he wants to come up inna Office, Maman sed she will find a way to bring him up, and she will nebber leeb him Downnastairs inna Bun Room all OnAlone, eidder.

So dis is gonna be Our Ownliest Comp'ny, Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC. ob our very Own!

Like I sed, Belinda Bunny (who stood up for HouseRabbit Rights) and Hawthorn (HouseRabbit Economist), who was Belinda's HusBun, would be very proud.

--------------- By George 

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