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Sunday, 13 December 2015
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Da Lore

Dis - I mean, this - is weird: because it is Chrissymas, Maman is putting up Decky-Ray-shuns. There is no word for it in my vocabulary - it's putting special things in plces they would not usually go and moving regular stuff. She says this is all because she and Dada are "Anglican" and this is part of their Lore. 

As far as I can tell, their Lore, like our Lore, directs that you help the Warren out of Love; that there is a Supreme Being who made the Universe (including US!) and we're all pretty much equal in our design and in the Being's Love for us. It's pretty simple: no species is less, none is more than another.

But on-account-of-the-fact this is the season of Chrissymas, humans put Decky-Ray-shuns around. But you want to know the REALLY neat thing? At midnight on 24 December, all of the species can SPEAK to each other! It's a gift. But if humans are listening, we don't talk to them. That's the Catch. 24 December (in human terms) is a night of Miracles! Yeah! 

Posted by Our Warren at 12:39 PM EST
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Wednesday, 23 January 2008
George's 2008 First Strand: Day Number 23
Now Playing: Why the Catz Have a'Partmint
Topic: Da Lore

Hoo boy!

Maman and Dadda have to Reggy-ster Da Car. I dunno why this is such a Big Deal for them, but it seems like ennyfing that has to do with filling out forms, or running around, or stuff, causes a lotta Extry Trubble and Panick around here.

So, like Missy said, for a HouzBunny, my best Course of Action is to find Some Place Where They Are Not and Get On With Whut We Do - which right now, is Typing Tiday's Entry Inna Hay Diaries.

Now Dusty and Foxie are Noo Bunnies to Our Warren. They do not Know The Lore as it was told to me by me,Hunny, Senior Bun of Our Warren. As Top Bun it is part of Whut I Do to tell The Lore to them. As me,Hunny said to me when I wassa Youngbun, a big part of Preparing Forda Future is Knowing The Past. You don't know Where You're Going if you Don't Know Where You've Been. The Lore of a Warren is allus kept and passed on frum Wun Bunny toda Udders, so nobun will make the same mistakes as bifore, and the Whole Warren prospers. 


meHunny was part obba Original Our Warren. He lived to be Thirteen-Anna-Half Years Old! This is Very Old for a HouzBunny. Over this time, he learned a Lotta Lore.

Which he passed on to me, George.

So Lastest Night - afta Salad Time and Maman had turned offa BunLight and called out, "'Night Bunnies!" and she and Dadda trundled off to the Bedroom with Da Dawg to Go To Bed - when Dusty poked his nose up outta his Romaine Cup and  axted me, "Why do Da Catz hab their own 'partmint Uppystairs, George, and we only gotta BunRoom down heer?", I was reddy wiffa answer.

"Inna Beginning of Our Warren," I said, "There was just Maman, Our Phil, Heatherington and meHunny, and they lived inna 'Nudder Houz. Then came the Terrible Times and they had to move Innu the Old Houz, and they 'dopted Maggie, who became Hunny's Beloved Bondmate. And then they 'dopted Belinda Bunny because they thought she would bond to Heatherington. And then Maman discovered that Heatherington wasn't having enny of *that*, and so Belinda Bunny, since she was an Inkwish Spot, just took over the Old Houz instead. And that issa Whole'Nudder Story!


"They had Almost No Money and me,Hunny said Lots of Bad Things happened to Alla Them Togedder, and they had Lotsa 'Ventures - which inklooded Phil 'dopting KayCee Kitty frumma Shelter (and she lives with him still!).

"And Then Wun Day, when Fings were just about At Their Worstest, a bunch of roses arrived frum Dadda, anna note, that said, 'Enuf Is Enuf'. So Maman and Phil took a Ride-Inna-Car alla way toda Airport at Noo Yawk onna'count obba fakt Dadda arrived Frum Inkland To Marry Maman.

"So me,Hunny and Maggie hadda ride in their Baskets to Saint Luke's Church and be part the Wedding Service with the Rev'rind Doctor Ginny Sheay, onna'count obba Fakt that Bunnies Bond for Life, and Maman and Dadda wanted to demonstrate to everybun how faithful a commitmint they shared by having Maggie and Hunny take part in their wedding. So Hunny and Maggie said, "Hokay", they would go Saint Luke's Church, but they weren't having enny offa "Reception" stuff atta Yardley Country Club aftawards.

"And Maman and Dadda still laugh aboud Maman's Mawmie gasping atta beginning of the wedding service, "Bill! That's not what I think it is!" when she saw Maggie riding down the aisle.of Saint Luke's Church in her beribboned basket, and hearing Maman's Dadda (who was Our Bim) tell her, "Shaddup, Muriel!". It is part of Their Lore.

"The part of Our Lore is How me,Hunny and Maggie Became WeddingBunnies and witnessed Maman and Dadda get married in Saint Luke's Church.

"So, Dadda moved innu the Old Houz with Maman, and they slept inna Bedroom that was Uppystairs, Nextest Door to the BunRoom, which was where Alla Bunnies Lived in that Houz.

"So wun day, Sistah Beffy - who is Maman's Daughter - came by and brought Cokie-the-Fat-Cat with her. And Cokie wandered around with Big Eyes, looking at Ebberyfing. And when it was Time To Go, Sistah Beffy said, "Well, actually, I'm going and he's staying here. I can't afford to feed him, Mom!"

"And Maman said, 'Well, I can't let the poor kitty go homeless. We will find a way to feed Cokie.'

"So Cokie stayed. As he says, Dadda issa Good Cat-Person, and Very Kind inspite obba Fakt he says he is 'Miserable Old Bugger'. And there is Food. Lotsa Food.

"So Maman and Dadda were not paying particuar'ly close 'tention to the Catz, and let them go where they pleased, hexcept innu the BunRoom. There wassa Gate Onna BunRoom Door.

"So KayCee Kitty, who belonged to Phil, slept in Phil's Room with him. And Cokie decided that he would move innu the Bedroom with Maman and Dadda at night, and sleep on their bed.

"But Cokie is a BIG cat. And Dadda is not a small man. So there was not much room left over in Maman's bed when it came to sleeping places at night.

"So Wun Night, Cokie came wandering innu Maman and Dadda's room, and thought that he would jump up on to the comfy brass bed where Maman and Dadda happined to be sleeping. He said he thought he saw a nice spot onna matress that Dadda wasn't currently occupying.

"So Cokie scouted out the Nice Spot, then figgered outta distance frumma Floor to the Nice Spot, put out his paws and jumped.

"But he didn't quite make it.

"He had the top part of him onna bed all right, but the back half of him was still hanging off. So Cokie put out his claws and caught on to whatebber, and started to pull his butt up. When alla suddin, whutebber started screaming and jumping around - which skert the pooties outta da Cokie-Cat!

"Well, whutebber turned out to be Dadda, who had been lying on his tummy, fast asleep.

"And Cokie had hooked his claws in right behind Dadda's shoulder blade.

"So Cokie's holding on for Grim Death with his frunt claws, with his back-end off the floor and his butt swinging, and Dadda's nailed to the bed, with claws implanted deeply into the muscle tissue of his back.

"And Dadda is screaming, and Cokie's screaming. And Maman wakes up and she starts screaming, because it's dark and she doesn't know Whut's Going On.

"So over inna BunRoom, Belinda Bunny started *thumping*, and me,Hunny, who was the AlarmBunny, started *THUMPING* and everybunny panicked...

"And then Phil came running outta his room at Top Speeds, just as Dadda finally got a grip onna back of Cokie's neck, and hurled him Right Through the Air like a Furry Football - Screaming Alla Way - innu Phil.

"So a lotta lights were turned on, and Maman ran to the bafroom for gauze, and Band-Aids and stuff, and Dadda was cursing in Fluent Anglo-Saxon. And then afta Maman got them all patched up, they went looking for Cokie who was hiding unner'neaf ob sumfing alla way Downnastairs, 'fraid to come out, and Dadda said how he was sorry but Cokie *rilly* hadda learn to Stay Onna Floor!

"And to This Day, Dadda has scars on his back frum The Cokie Claws.

"And now, when it is Night, All Catz, inklooding Cokie, MUST go Uppystairs to sleep in their Own 'partmint where they each have a whole Foo-ton to themselves in their Own Rooms with their Own Litter Boxes, so that they don't have to sleep with each udder, if they don't want to. But they can never, Ever, NEVER sleep inna Bedroom bed with Dadda ever again! ('cept for one time, and that is a Whole 'Nudder Story!).

"And that is The Lore, as it was told to me, George, by me,Hunny, Senior Bun of Our Warren." I said to Dusty.

And there was Silence frum the Udder Side of the Partition between Dusty's Habbytat anna Habbytat that I share with Missy, my Beautiful BunWife ob Gen'rus Pro'porshuns. And I knew that this Silence was onna'count obba Fakt that Dusty is a Youngbun, besides being a miniLop, so he's Not Overly Bright. The Lore is Not Easy for Youngbuns to grasp, sumtimes.

And finally, frumma Udder Side of the Partition, I heard Dusty say, "Wow. Talk about exile..."

And I heard him snuggle down in his hay-pile and go to sleep.

-------------------------------------- By George.


Posted by Our Warren at 2:27 PM EST
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Thursday, 9 February 2006
George's Second Strand; Day Number Nine
Now Playing: The Great Tommy Tucker Bunderground
Topic: Da Lore

Dis is part obba Lore dat I learned frum me, Hunny, who wassa Oldest (he was thirteen anna half years old!) and Wisest ob alla Bunnies ob Our Warren before he passed away toda Rainbow Bridge a little over a year ago.

Me, Hunny told me as much obba Lore as he thought I could hold, so that I when I grew 'Tellygint, I could pass it along to alla udder bunnies I know, so dat bunnies ebberywhere could know dat we habba Past dat leads us innu da Future, (which is whut me, Hunny sed).

Now I am not Fully 'Tellygint onna'count obba fakt that I am still a Youngbun who is trying to Grow 'Tellygin (because bunnies do not grow old), but I am going to pass along This Part obba Lore, so udders can know it and pass it along, too.

So dis is The Lore: The Great Tommy Tucker Bunderground (as told to me by me, Hunny *Senior Bun* of Our Warren).

Now, Our Auntie Grace is the United States Army-Ob-One Senior Master Bunny Person.

And one day inna Summer when she was in Bis-con-Sin, wearing her Army uniform, she went into a Pet Shop.

Ordinarily, Auntie Grace doesn't go into Pet Shops, because she can't stand to see poor homeless bunnies "For Sale", OnAlone, wiffoud ennybunny to care for, or ennybunny to care for them. It breaks her heart, because she knows that even if she buys alla poor homeless bunnies inna Pet Shop and gives them a home in The Herd, the Evil Pet Shop Owners will just go to Horrible Br**d*rs and buy MORE homeless baby bunnies, taked frum their mawmies and all OnAlone, to sell inna Pet Shops, inna Never-Ending Cycle-of-Misery.

But this day, *Something* made Auntie Grace go innu the Pet Store.

And there, onna shelf, way up high, and almost out of sight, inna teeny, tiny cage, wassa scared little bunny.

And alla way there, crouched onna floor down below, was a little, small student Girl Frum Japan. And she was crying her eyes out and weeping softly, "To-ma-sai! To-ma-sai!" over and over and over into her hands.

Well, Auntie Grace doesn't speak Japanese, but she does speak "Young Girl Crying Her Eyes Out" onna'count obba fact that she has five childrens ob her own. So she grabbed da Evil Pet Store Owner and axt him "Whuttaheck is going on heer?"

And since Auntie Grace is about six foots tall and has red hair anna Army uniform, da Evil Pet Shop Owner had no problems telling her datta Student Girl Frum Japan had brought the bunny dat was inna cage onna high-up shelf in because her landlord had told her she had no choice but to "get rid of it" or else she would hab no place to live.

Well, dat made Auntie Grace mad.

So she went ober toda Student Girl Frum Japan and told her dat she, Auntie Grace, had house-bunnies dat she loved berry much, and dat she would take da Student Girl's bunny and gib him a home wif her bunnies. Sumhow.

Da Student Girl Frum Japan was still crying, but happy tears now, and she was clinging to Auntie Grace's hand and saying "To-ma-sai, To-ma-sai" over and over, and pointing toda bunny onna high-up shelf.

And den Auntie Grace figgered it out: The bunny's name was "Tommy".

The Student Girl Frum Japan finally smiled: Tommy was her First Friend in the United States and she had been crying because she was afraid for her friend.

So Auntie Grace explained as best she could about her own five kids, and about alla bunnies in The Herd and the Girl Frum Japan unnerstood that her First Friend Tommy was going to live in a good home and never be OnAlone again.

But how does sumone wif five kids and ten bunnies find room for anudder bunny inna'partment?

Da Evil Pet Shop Owner didn't ebben let Auntie Grace have the Evil Little Cage dat poor Tommy was inhabiting onna high-up shelf inna Pet Shop.

So wiffa bunny under her arm, Auntie Grace set off in her Army uniform to get stuff to make Tommy a habbytat.

But when she got home there was no room for an extry habbytat! So Auntie Grace, bemembering her promise toda Student Girl Frum Japan, hopped onto the 'puter, on to PetBunny and told Tommy's Story to EbberyBunny there.

And Auntie Laura Tucker said, "I have room for Tommy wiffa BunTuckers!"

And Auntie Grace knew Auntie Laura frum more than just PetBunny, so she said, "Hokay, Laura, let's go!"

But The BunTuckers were in Noo Yawk State, and The Herd was in Bis-Con-Sin - a berry loooooong way and menny, menny miles apart!

So Whut-to-do wif Tommy?

Organise a Bunderground!

Now a Bunderground issa way ob moving bunnies frum one home to anudder. But bunnies don't travel well, and when dey do, most obba time they aren't allowed on airplanes, and even if they are, they have to ride OnAlone which is just too frightening! A bunny can die while travelling.

So Bundergrounds are like a chain of bunny-friendly hoomins who organise and move a bunny from place to place, frum hand to hand, taking care obba bunny like their very own bunny onna bunny's way frum Here to There. It takes time, coordination, munny, anna lotta effort to get it right. And there is no room for errors, because there is only One Chance onna Bunderground to get it right!

So Auntie Grace knew she hadda trip forda United States Army to fly frum Bis-Con-Sin to Washington-DC.

Well, dat would get Tommy fromma MidWest toda East Coast.

And that would be da Furst Part obba Bunderground.

The Second Part would be Auntie Grace getting a car frum sumplace and driving Tommy uppa InnerState to Virginia.

Now Auntie Grace was aware that she was rilly s'sposed to be travelling forda United States Army and dat they might not like alla this flying and driving around forda sake obba bunny, but Auntie Grace has her pri-or-it-tees: life comes furst, and Tommy wassa Life. Her motto is: NoBun Left Behind. So she was just gonna fly and drive Tommy onna Bunderground and den tell abouddit aftawards. (Maman calls dis "fate-akomplee".)

We at Our Warren just call it "smart".

Ennyways, Auntie Jane and Uncle Tom sed they could drive down to Virginia and pick up Tommy frum Auntie Grace and he could stay ober nite at their house, atta JT Warren. Then they would drive Tommy uppa Turnpike.

But sumbun hadda get Tommy atta Harrisburg End Obba Pennsylvania Turnpike.

So Phil-da-Lad frum Our Warren sed he would.

Which was innerestin', Maman sed, onna'count obba fakt that Phil-da-Lad had only just got his license to drive a car and had never driven onna "Northeast Extension" obba "Pennsylvania Turnpike" in his whole life before. And as Maman sed, that wasn't a drive for beginners, not to mention da fakt dat Phil has no "Sense ob Direction" and can't find his backside with both hands and a road-map.

On top ob that, he didn't habba car ob his own.
And he wasn't exactly a member ob PetBunny ennyhows, but was just reading Maman's account and commenting, as ushual.

So, ob course, Maman found out abouddit, and ob course, she said she and Phil-the-Lad would go along onna Bunderground, and they would meet Auntie Jane and Uncle Tom at Harrisburg and drive Tommy up the "Northeast Extension" to meet Auntie Laurie Garner and her husbun atta National Train Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania, so that Auntie Laurie and her husbun could take Tommy on his way to Auntie Laura anna BunTuckers in Noo Yawk State.

And that is whut happined.

And afta Auntie Laurie Garner and her husbun taked Tommy, they drove him to Auntie Laura Tucker, who drove him BACK to The BunTuckers, which was his Noo Home.

But there was *sumfing* aboudda Great Tommy Tucker Bunderground dat made it dif'frunt frum alla udder Bundergrounds that have ebber taken place or ebber will take place:

Onna day dat Auntie Grace handed Tommy ober to Auntie Jane and Uncle Tom, she dribed backfru Virginia and fru Maryland to Washington-DC. And Auntie Jane and Uncle Tom drove Tommy fru Virginia, and back to Pennsylvania to the JT Warren.

And dat nite, they all went to bed.

And the nextest day was s'sposed to be a REST DAY for Tommy, and for Auntie Grace, and for Auntie Jane and Uncle Tom, and Maman and Phil-the-Lad, and Auntie Laurie Garner and her husbun, and Auntie Laura Tucker and alla The BunTuckers.

And when ebberybun awoke that day, September 11, 2001.

And nothing was ebber da same for ennybunny ebber again again.

And that's Da Lore concerning The Great Tommy Tucker Bunderground.

-------- By George

Posted by Our Warren at 2:31 PM EST
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Friday, 16 December 2005
George's 12th Strand, Day Numbur 16
Now Playing: George's Christmas Story - Part III (Conclusion)
Topic: Da Lore
“Dis way!” Belinda called out across the Great Divide. “Come on, Hunny! Dis Way!”

The other Bridge Bunnies bolted to join her, all eyes peering hard into the misty centre of the Rainbow Bridge where the clouds gathered, so thin, yet so impenetrable, that separated worlds.

“Dis way!” They murmured amongst themselves, softly at first, and then louder. “Come dis way!”

“Come on, Hunny!” Cried Belinda, shifting her feet impatiently and waggling her ears. “Run dis way! I knows you sees me, you daft owd bugger! Now run dis way! Dat cloud behind you can’t ged ober Da Bridge!”

And Hunny, the eldest and wisest bunny of Our Warren, on the other side of the Great Divide, lifted up his heavy loppy ears and ran as he hadn’t run in recent memory.

Behind him rolled the great cloud, black as ink and menacing as a thunderhead. Inside it was contained five years of misery, particularly the memory of an August day before he’d come to Our Warren. Hunny remembered the heat of the sun bearing down on him that day, the fear, and the sadness of being OnAlone, a rabbit unloved and unwanted, in a cage with a sign on the front that said: “FOR SALE – RABBIT & CAGE - $25.00”

Inside of the cage there was no shade. There was no food. There was no water. And there was no Hope.

He was in that last stage of awful life for An Unwanted Easter Bunny, OnAlone: beloved by nobun and with nobunny there for him to love. His heart, like that of so many unwanted bunnies, was about to break - and there was none to care.

So the sun beat down on Hunny as he lay there amongst the other cast-offs of a sad, barren household, while all around him, the people came and went. And no one stopped, and no one looked, and no one noticed as they went about picking through the pieces of other peoples’ lives being sold at cut-rate prices, that a small life among them was about to give up on living in their egocentric world.

Now the memory of all that human uncaring and disinterested cruelty reared up behind Hunny, a vast cloud filled with the heartbreak of millions of other lost and abandoned Easter bunnies – and Hunny ran, leading other bunnies – bunnies who had also made the decision to leave the World Below to begin the mysterious journey to The Rainbow Bridge.

But Hunny had not made his final decision to leave on that hot August day that was pursuing him now – he had made his decision eight years later under entirely different circumstances. Because Maman had rescued him from the hot August sun, from the cage where the sign said “FOR SALE – RABBIT & CAGE - $25.00 – REDUCED…” to “$15.00… then “$10.00”… and finally, “$5.00.” And Maman had thrown the green paper “munny” at man who had left Hunny in that cage OnAlone, and had grabbed up Hunny and rushed him to safety at Our Warren.

So Hunny had lived eight years at Our Warren and he was happy there, first with his ideal bondmate, Maggie, and later, with Poet. He had gone to a place named “St. Luke's,” riding in his basket decorated with a big blue bow and silver streamers. He had taken part in Maman and Dadda’s wedding and gotten to sit on their wedding rings during the ceremony. He had watched Phil-the-Lad go off to the Navy and return all grown up in a handsome blue uniform.

And Hunny had been there to greet all the new bunnies who had arrived at Our Warren, like Belinda, and a little bunny who settled on the name of "George" (because he didn't have any other name). And Hunny stayed at Our Warren to grow old – older than most bunnies ever do.

But finally, the lure of The Rainbow Bridge became stronger, and it was time for me, Hunny to follow where so many of his Warren-mates had gone before. He was an old rabbit, An Honoured Elder Of His Tribe (as a very wise hoomin called him), and he knew it was time for him to leave Maman and Dadda behind and begin his journey to The Meadow. Hunny wasn’t sure what he would find there, but he had seen The Rainbow Bridge in Old Rabbit Dreams, and knew it was, above all, a safe place to be.

So with grace and dignity, he took his leave of Maman and Dadda and good Doctor Sharin. He had wished that they wouldn’t have cried as they did, but there was nothing he could do to change them. They would learn – eventually – as hoomins always learned – so slowly for a “smart” species. They would learn when they met up with him - and Maggie and Poet, and Hawthorn and Belinda and all of the other Bridge Bunnies who were waiting for them in The Meadow - when they, too, crossed The Rainbow Bridge. So Hunny left Maman and Dadda behind very quietly, very gently.

And just as he crossed over, he suddenly found other bunnies who had also left that day, and the great, black cloud of memory that was rushing down upon them all.

“Dis way!” He shouted to all the bunnies gathered with him and instinctively bounded off towards the spark he glimpsed in the distance.

“Dis way, bunnies!”

His back legs, which lately hadn’t responded to a thing his brain had told them, now suddenly worked perfectly, gathering under him and pushing, sending him flying as he hadn’t flown in years. The faint glow of the Rainbow Bridge was growing brighter. He lifted his large, heavy head and shouted over his shoulder to the crowd of bunnies following after him:

“Dis way, bunnies! Dis way!”

And the bunnies, some old, many young, heard his voice and followed behind in a great, fleeting group.

Out of the corners of his eyes, Hunny caught the sight of other shapes, fleeing as he was. It was only a glimpse, but he was certain he was seeing dwaggies and kitties and other animal shapes, all running free, all in the same direction towards lights that glittered, somehow, almost as brightly as the one for which he instinctively steered.

The black cloud of memory began to fall away behind them as the light before them grew.

“Dis way!” Called Hunny, encouraging all those who were running with him. “Dis way, bunnies!”

Now they were at the Bridge, passing under the great arch that suspended the glittering span across the Great Divide.

“Dis Way!” Shouted Belinda from her end.

Paws thundered and ears streamed in the wind. The roiling black cloud of memory reared up before the bridge, growing great like a wave against the shore, and then crashed into foam, defeated, to flow back into the World Below.

The bunnies crowded over the Rainbow Bridge and piled to a disorganised halt. They looked around in wonder.

A new world.

They stared.

And then –

“Hokay, ebberybunny, wookit ober heer…”

And there she was, an English Spot bunny with her ears pricked forward and her dark eyes bright, sitting up, paws patting, and her wiggling nose nuzzling each bunny within reach.

“I am Belinda Bunny, and dis issa Rainbow Bridge. Now come on ober to dat liddle houz an’ do whut da sign says - hab sum hay, habba nap - cos we gots sum to share.”

And over the crowd of bunnies Belinda winked at Hunny.

And that’s how it is at The End of the Rainbow Bridge, where the World Below touches the World to Come. There’s an English Spot bunny who waits in a little apple twig house beside The Rock at The End of The Rainbow Bridge, and she has maps of The Meadow that show where all the best look-out points are located, and where all the best clover patches are to be found. And she also has managed to gather together a selection of maps for other animals, so that she has a whole rack of “Maps 4 Dawgs” and “Maps 4 Catz,” so that no newcomer ever feels insecure or overcome upon arrival at The Meadow.

As this English Spot Bunny says, "Alla Us Togedder make a warren, and heer at dis Great Warren, dere is nebber NoBunny OnAlone!"

And this English Spot Bunny (whose name is Belinda Bunny) has very acute hearing, as does her placid, little blue-eyed, white Holland Lop companion (whose name is Hawthorn), and whenever either bunny detects the sound of bunny feet running in the distance from the memory of the past, they dash out of the little apple twig house, down the white pebble path and around The Rock, to The End of the Bridge. And they shout into the thin mists that separate the worlds,

“Dis way, bunnies! Come dis way!”

And when the new arrival speeds over the Bridge, and the painful parts of the past dissolve like foam and are forever left behind, Belinda Bunny gently nudges the newcomer with her anvil-shaped head, shoving him or her firmly up the white pathway where hangs the sign, “Hab sum hay – and habba nap. We gots sum to share. Alla Us Togedder - NoBunny OnAlone!”

-------- By George

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Thursday, 15 December 2005
George's 12th Strand, Day Numbur 15
Now Playing: George's Christmas Story - Part II
Topic: Da Lore

Hawthorn was eating hay beside the clear little stream that cut through the middle of The Meadow.

“Hey you. I need twigs. Appul twigs.” Said Belinda Bunny.

Hawthorn looked up at her and blinked his bright blue eyes. His little loppy ears stood out horizontally from his head. Hearing was a new experience for him, since he had been deaf in the Life Below.

“Uh huh.” He said, and chewed his mouthful of hay thoughtfully.

“Go gedd’em.” Belinda urged, pushing him gently in the shoulder with her anvil-shaped head. “Cos dere’s udder bunnies comin’ an’ I fink dere hasta be sumplace good for dem to arribe at. And dere currently issn’t.”

Hawthorn resisted her push by planting his tiny Holland-lop feet four-square on the lush grass.

“Don’t’cha fink dat if dere was s’sposed to be a place to arribe at, it wuld hab, sort ob, well, you know,” he said, continuing to chewing carefully. “Alreddy been put dere? I mean, dis IS The Rainbow Bridge and The Meadow and it’s alreddy perfckt.”

And Belinda thought for a moment, with her black ears pricked forward as they always were when she was thinking.

“Well, they let me in to make it more perfeckt.” She said at last, with a certain amount of English Spot conviction. “Cos dat’s whut I do – I make fings bedder. Now go gedda twigs, hokay?”

And Hawthorn frowned, but he toddled off towards the grove of apple trees that grows in the midst of the Meadow.

And while he was there, gathering twigs in his little mouth, he met a number of the other Bridge Bunnies who were there browsing for chew-twigs. And in his sincere, Holland Lop way, he convinced them that it would be a good idea to also bring twigs to Belinda at the Rock At the End of The Bridge. It was always easier, he said (and the other Bridge Bunnies agreed), to do what Belinda wanted, because with or without help, she was pretty much going to do whatever it was that she had in mind anyway.

“Hunny’s comin’.” Belinda said when Hawthorn returned.

Hawthorn stopped in his tracks, dropped the twigs he was carrying and stared at her in loppy perplexity.

“How’d you werk dat wun out?”

But Belinda just nodded and blinked her dark, penetrating eyes and continued: “Hunny’s comin’. And he’s runnin’. An’ alla bunnies wif him are runnin’ just wike we did.” And with English Spot directness, she added, “I gotta hurry.”

And in her energetic, focused English Spot way, Belinda began arranging apple twigs into a sharp, peaky pile.

Before long, there was a respectable-looking pile of twigs beside the Rock At the End of The Rainbow Bridge.

“Hurry.” Urged Belinda. “Cos da past is chasin’ dem and dey are runnin’, ebbery bun ob dem.”

Inside her anvil-shaped head, Belinda knew what she wanted the collection of apple twigs to look like – a little twiggy house, with a round window beside the hole-shaped front door, with a little pointed roof over all. And she also wanted a pathway of nice, white stones that led from the End of The Rainbow Bridge, around the edge of the Rock, right to the little hole-shaped front door. And she most of all wanted a sign - a big, brightly lit sign - that said something nice, like maybe “WELCOME”, but whatever it said, it had to say it in huge, brilliant letters.

With her teeth, she stripped the bark off some twigs until she had a pile of small squares. Then she then put the squares of bark out on the grass to let them get wet in one of the small, delightful passing showers that rolled across the Meadow with reassuring regularity. And then she took the wet pieces of bark, straightened them all out and carefully piled them up and sat on them until they were flat.

Then she picked up the pile of flattened squares of twig-bark in her mouth and carried them off to a section of the Meadow where her indefatigable curiosity had once led her to visit.

This part of the Meadow was humid and hot. There were huge trees and vines hanging everywhere, and the ground was covered with a deep litter of leaves and strange plants the like of which she did not recognise. The creatures who lived here were very different too, to those she had previously encountered. Some of the creatures looked very like the hoomins she had come to know and love.

She took her little collection of flattened bark and raced through the hot, dripping trees where there was little sunshine. She went quickly and surely, confident that there were no predators in the Meadows here at The Rainbow Bridge.

And she was right.

Presently, she came upon one of the human-shaped creatures and in the Common Language of those who live in the extensive Meadows at The Rainbow Bridge, she communicated what she needed the human-shaped animal to do to help her. And the human-shaped animal, who knew about the cold, precise and deadly laboratories in the Life Below and knew about the great-hearted white bunnies who were also prisoners there, helped her, with a twig held dexterously between long fingers, using some “stuff” in pots. It took a little while, but the human-shaped animal understood exactly what Belinda needed and why she was in such great haste.

When the human-shaped creature had finished brushing “stuff” on to the little flattened squares of twig-bark, Belinda thanked him and allowed him to satisfy his curiosity about bunnies by touching her forward-pricked ears, and her wiggling nose and her alert, puffy tail that were so unlike his own. Then she took up the squares of twig-bark and charged at speed for her own section of The Meadow.

“I got maps.” She told Hawthorn upon her arrival back at the Rock at the End of The End of The Rainbow Bridge..

But when she surveyed the pile of twigs beside the Rock beside the Rainbow Bridge, it was still a pile of twigs.

“I gotta pikchur in my hed,” said Belinda, “But I dunno how to ged it outta my hed an innu dis pile ob twigs. And Hunny’s comin’ and I gotta ged dis done. I can’t be habbin’ wif dis…”

“Mebbe you aren’t s’sposed to.” Replied Hawthorn. “You allus hab bin one to be doin’ fings you aren’t s’sposed to do. Bemember Maman shoutin’ ‘NO BELINDA!’ at’choo?”

Belinda thought for a moment.

“Dat was den and dis is now.” She said.

Then she sat down beside the Rock and looked out over the Rainbow Bridge.

The curtain between Life Below and Life After was at its very thinnest, a mere veil as thin as spiders’ silk and just as strong. Her dark, intense gaze could penetrate it easily, and through the mists, she could see bunnies – white bunnies, black bunnies, English Spots, miniLops; bunnies with Rexy toes and helicopter ears, and bunnies with butterflies on their noses and bands around their eyes; bunnies with blue eyes, brown eyes, and ruby eyes, all fleeing in terror driven by the dark cloud of their pasts rolling on behind them.

And her penetrating gaze hardened and her ears stood up straight.

“I can’t be habbin’ wif dis!”

And like lightning, she turned, and directed her eyes on the pile of apple twigs.

“Well, don’t just lie dere doin’ nuffin’!” She commanded the pile. “Ebberybunny hassa part to play! We will work Alla Us Togedder! - Becos Nobunny is ebber gonna fink dey is ebber gonna be OnAlone! ebber again!”

And there was a bright flash, like lightning from a clear, blue sky. It didn’t come from the pile of twigs and it didn’t come from Belinda, nor from any one thing, but it came from all around, like the very air ignited with heatless fire.

And when Belinda looked again, there was the little house of her imagination, with the little hole for a door with the round little window beside it and the peaked twig roof arching over all.

Best of all, there was a huge, rectangular sign balanced on the very tippy top of the peaked roof and supported by longer twigs at either end. And picked out in tricky, brightly glowing letters, like leftovers from the brilliant flash that had built the house, were the words, “HAB SUM HAY.”

“Dat’s whut Hunny usta say.” Belinda said to Hawthorn. “’Hab sum hay and habba nap. I gots sum to share.’” And Belinda looked around at The Meadow and at the other bunnies who were gathered there around her.

“We gots lots to share.” She said to the assembly.

Bunny murmured to bunny and soon they were off in different directions, scattered as if by the gentle breeze that blew continuously through The Meadow.

Meanwhile Belinda hopped inside the house through the hole of a door and discovered that there was a small shelf, and a little table. She laid her stack of carefully lettered maps on the desk. Hawthorn made a few trips to build a stack of selected hay and installed a fragrant pile of dill.

Then the other bunnies began to return, bringing bundles of their favourite treats. Soon the little house was almost bursting with heaps of apples, raisins, Craisins™, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi fruits, almonds, sunflower seeds, and bundles of every herb imaginable. Outside Hawthorn’s single haystack had grown into several, with the hay sorted according to kind – oaten, Lucerne, alfalfa, timothy, orchard, and mixed. Each pile was neatly labelled with a little sign staked into the ground before it.

And some bunnies with an inclination towards engineering laid a pathway of smooth, white pebbles that reached from the End of the Bridge, around the Rock and led right to the hole of a doorway.

Just as the last pebble was put into place, Belinda’s ever-alert ears detected the faint vibrations of many paws thundering over frozen ground in the distance.

And Belinda ran – a black and white streak – down the little pebbled pathway, around the Rock and came to a halt at The End of The Rainbow Bridge.

--------By George

To Be Continued

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Wednesday, 14 December 2005
George's 12th Strand, Day Numbur 14
Now Playing: George's Christmas Story - Part I
Topic: Da Lore

Oncest Upon A Time...

There was a bunny named Belinda, who went to the Rainbow Bridge.

After all the happy meetings there, Belinda Bunny tried to settle down to waiting for the other bunnies to come from Our Warren.

Certainly The Meadow Beyond the Rainbow Bridge was pleasant. The grass grew just high enough for perfect binkies, and no matter how fast a bunny ran, or how high they jumped, or how erratic their course, The Meadow was always perfect for running. And the weather was always perfect, with regular sunshine and gentle, well-planned brief showers that refreshed and revived, with occasional bouts of thunder to toss in a little excitement. And then there was, of course, at least one snow-storm every now and then, which was always fun.

And there were the friends and sorely-missed bondmates that were now restored, like, dear, sweet Hawthorn, her blue-eyed white Holland-lop. He was here to sit with her again and to nudge her with his fuzzy flat head. Belinda had been secretly afraid she’d lost him when he'd gone on before her, and was delighted to have him back. The Power that watched over this Meadow place had cured the disfiguring cancer that had misaligned his little toofies, misshapen his dear little apple-shaped skull and finally extinguished his bright little life in the World Below.

And Willow was here! Silly Willow, the not-so-bright-but-always-loving, french-fry eating bunny who Maman had saved from a pet-store snake, was right here, paddling along on her huge feets, following right behind Belinda as she always had done before head-tilt had wrung her neck in the World Below.

Belinda saw so many bunnies who had come across the Bridge from the World Below, not just the special bunnies with whom she had shared Our Warren.

But although everything was perfect, it was not so perfect that an English Spot bunny could not think of ways to improve upon perfection.

So Belinda took to sitting at the very end of the Rainbow Bridge, next to a large rock, with her black ears pricked forward and her dark, intelligent eyes intent, staring off into the misty darkness that spanned the distance between the worlds.

Now at Christmastime, this curtain that separates the worlds wears very thin. The old year is passing; and the new year is yet to be in place, so here the curtain between the World Below and the World to Come is but the thinnest tissue. Not without reason do mortal beings tell of miracles, strange beings singing amongst the clouds of heaven, and animals who speak in the languages of men and angels on Christmas Eve. Here, where world touch and one breaks through into the other, is where those things that cannot be explained by human science or logic occur. Here are miracles and the genesis of faith, where human hope is born and where bunnies see with certainty free of the Sin of Adam.

So it was in late December (for so runs out the human calendar) that Belinda saw Hunny, the Elder of Our Warren, determine that the time had come for him to begin his journey to the Bridge.

And Belinda waited for him by the Rock at the End of the Bridge, with ears pricked, and eyes intent.

Hunny, oldest and wisest of the bunnies at Our Warren, was not afraid, she knew. He had been the rabbit who had counselled her to seek help in releasing her hold on life in the World Below in order to begin her own journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He had been able to see in Old Rabbit Dreams, the pathway to the Bridge, and how she must travel by night in order to arrive in the Light. It was because of his wisdom that she had been able to seek out Maman and Dadda in their bed, say good-bye to them there, and then leave with a peaceful heart.

But as she sat gazing toward the end of the Bridge where the curtain between life and Life was thinnest, she could see other bunnies, some of whom were struggling to leave for the safety of the Bridge, and not able, as she had not been able, to see that there was a Light that shown beyond the darkness that was enveloping them.

She remembered her life before coming to Our Warren.

On the Journey to the Bridge, one remembered so much.

And some of it was so horrible, that one ran, as fast as one could, from the overwhelming fear of those memories, driven by a terror so consuming that it blocked all sound except the beating of one’s own heart in one’s throat, and the thudding of one’s paws over the frozen ground. One ran, because that’s all you could do – out-run the on-rushing black cloud of memory; run until the lungs burned and the legs were weak with effort. Run, run, continue to run towards the faint, flickering glow that was the Bridge in the Distance.

Run from the wire cages, the filth, the empty water bottles, the rain, and the fright-filled night! Run from the cold, clean laboratories of torment and death! And run from the predators: the vicious humans with their dogs and their fire and their gas and their guns. Outrun hunger so vicious that a bunny alone in a cage in a cold and cheerless barn would gnaw its own paws in desperation. Outrun the countless acts of cruelty that the stronger visit upon the weak and voiceless because they can. Outrun the horror and the sadness. Outrun the silent cry of a hopeless, broken heart.

Run, because to stand still means to be overtaken by the memory of unhappiness so profound that there can be no expression beyond the scream that goes unheard in the wilderness of despair.

And that is the wasteland of memory that lies before the Bridge.

Belinda remembered it well.

“I can’t be habbin’ wif dis.” She muttered and shook her anvil-shaped head.

And yet, she knew it was what “had to be”, because without the pursuing terror of memory, bunnies might not find their way to the Rainbow Bridge, and once finding it, might hesitate to cross the Great Divide that the shining arch spanned. There had to be some impetus that drove them across and that impulse was the memory that bunnies share, of cruelty, abuse, and fear that is known only to those who are born into life as prey.

“But still,” Said Belinda. “I can’t be habbin’ wif dis.”

Because she had come to Our Warren in her third year of Life Below, and found herself in a house with Hunny and Maggie and Heatherington, and Phil-the-Lad and, of course, Maman.

There hadn’t been much in the way of what Maman called “munny” – which was something which was apparently needed to secure large amounts of hay and pellets and those lovely green veggytables; and there hadn’t been much in the way of “creetchur comforts”, but there was a lot of love. Belinda had gotten many, many pets, and had been given all kinds of things that, while they were very perplexing, were pleasant, indeed.

And in her great rabbit heart, she had learned to give these same perplexing but very pleasing things to other rabbits. Where Hunny, who was somewhat what Belinda called, “skatty”, sat and told stories and taught bunnies The Lore (that he said every bunny should know), Belinda set about making every bunny feel as secure and happy and as “at home” as she did.

So she nursed the sick, befriended the friendless, and most of all, welcomed the newly adopted and showed them the ways to get on in Our Warren.

Of course, there had been times when she’d had to have a few pootie wars to establish just who was “in charge,” but because she was an English Spot Bunny, and quite large with exceptional powers of digestion, she had prevailed in all of them. Even at the end, when she was terribly, terribly “sik”, and her pooties weren’t at all what they should have been and she had no idea why when she was chowing down three salads a day and all the treats she could fit her teeth around, she had still proved herself to be Top Bunny to that belligerent Netherlands Dwarf bunny named “Mouse”.

Well, what Belinda had done in the Life Below, she could certainly carry on doing here in the Life After.

If Terror drove bunnies over the Bridge, she could at least do what she did best and do something reassuring about their arrival at The Meadow.

Because The Meadow was safe.

That was important to let a new bunny know.


Race for your life.
Stay out ahead of the Terror.
Get to the Bridge.
You are SAFE!


But how to tell bunnies who were new to The Meadow this wonderful news?

So she settled into loaf position there beside the Rock at The End of the Bridge, and did what any English Spot bunny would do: she had a “fink”.

This lasted quite awhile.

And when the while had ended, Belinda Bunny stood up, stretched and yawned, and pricked her pointed black ears forward and narrowed her dark, intelligent eyes.

And then she hopped off to find Hawthorn.

-----------------By George

To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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Monday, 12 December 2005
George's 12th Strand, Day Numbur 12
Now Playing: George Begins His Christmas Story
Topic: Da Lore

Hullo agin and welcome toda Hollydays!

It is Tradishunal to tell stories atta Hollydays.

In fakt, da Winter issa most tradishunal time inna year for bunnies to sit togedder, keeping warm and telling each udder stories to pass da time, and to pass on Da Lore to each and ebberybun.

You will notice dat menny hoomins hab told wunnerful stories around dis same time, too, and prob'ly forda same reasons! But if you fink aboudd'it, hoomin writers wike Hans Christian Anderson and Charles Dickens hab left us stories to read during da Hollydays, and dere are lots of Myfs and Legends, stories aboudda udder Lore, dat are told during da Hollydays, dat we all, ebbery hoomin and ebberybun, bemembers well.

Ebben da werd "hollydays" hassa widdle story to tell aboud how it came to be a werd tied up to dees speshul days obba year.


Originally, da werd used to describe dis time ob year was Holy Days, only what wif a wotta use, and hoomins mis-hearing it and and saying it fast and all, it got shortened and slurred togedder so dat it comes out to be Hollydays which is preddy much hokay, becos a wong time ago in Inkwand (where Our Warren's Dadda was borned and where Our Maman usta lib) da hoomins dere usta fink dat da Holly Tree wassa berry speshul tree onna'count obba fakt dat it stays green inna Winter and doesn't drop its leaves like a reg'lar tree.

So "Hollydays" preddy much can cobber alla days around dis time, when sunshine is in short supply, anna nights are long and cold, and dere is wots ob time to sit close togedder to tell stories.

Becos dees days are Holy to menny hoomins, and dere issa wotta Holly around to dekorate and adda touch ob happy green stuff to please da eye and comfort da heart, ebben if you can't eat it - cos it beminds you dat Spring will come agin shortly and bring more green stuff which is tasty.

So I ahb been finking aboud stories, and abbouda Tradishuns ob Our Warren. And I realised dat we habbn't been habbing enny stories just now, mainly becos we don't hab Hunny heer wif us dis year.

Now Hunny wassa Elder Rabbit ob Our Warren.

And he left forda Rainbow Bridge on 5 January 2005, which is almost a year ago. And he was Not Afraid.

But he was heer to tell us stories at dis time wast year, and he was heer to tell me aboudda Lore bifore he left. Cos he sed, "Rabbits do not Grow Old, Babby George, we Grow 'Tellygint. And You, Babby George, are a Youngbun and you must grow 'Tellygint becos I amma Elder Bun and can't stay heer forebber. Sumbun is gonna hab to lern Da Lore and pass it on, and dat sumbun is gonna be you. Now hab sum hay anna nap, and den wisten."

And wun obba udder fings Hunny told me, was: "Knowing issa gift you share wif udders. You become 'Tellygint by sharing."

And Hunny wassa berry 'Tellygint bunny, cos he shared a lot wif me.

And becos ob Hunny, I am still trying to become 'Tellygint. So I will share whut I know, and mebbe, dat way, I will find out more. Cos Hunny sed, "You gib, you get."

And I, George, am going to try and carry onna Tradishun, just wike Hunny axted me to do.


It is cold outside, and dere is only a widdle bit ob sunshine and most ob it is filtered thru clouds and widdle bits ob snow, so we can all get close, Alla Us Togedder.

And heer is hay to hab (and dere is wots to share, just wike Hunny sed), so we can be comfortyable while I will tell you A Hollyday Story dat I hab been finking aboud alla da last few nights, dat I hab been putting togedder heer, inside ob my hed.

Anna story begins wike dis...

Oncest Upon A Time...

--------- By George

To Be Continued tomorrow...

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Monday, 17 October 2005
George's 10th Strand, Day Numbur 17
Now Playing: Da Rainbow Bridge
Topic: Da Lore

Tiday issa sad day at Our Warren. Our friend, Angel-Pug, is lebbin' heer to go an' join Belinda, an' Hunny an' Hawthorn anna Ancient Dawg, an' Phil's Bim, an' alla udder Kitties, an' Dawggies, an' Bunnies an' dere Hoomins, atta Rainbow Bridge.

Angel-Pug issa Dawg, anna berry good Dawg. She libbs wif Phil-anna-'Lanna in Marywand. She issa berry owd Dawg, too, an' she is sik an' can't ged bedder. Dere issa wotta pain in her back, an' ebben wiffa bestest V-E-Ts inna werld, her back can't be made to ged enny bedder. She is owd an' tired an' wantsta leeb now forda Meadow onna udder side obba Bridge.

Ob course, Phil-anna-'Lanna wuld likit if Angel culd stay heer an' lib forebber, but dat's not how itis wif annymuls. We don' lib as wong as hoomins assa Gen'ral Rool.

Which is why dere issa Rainbow Bridge.

Dis issa Bridge dat we cross whin we leeb heer. It goes toda Meadows where we kin wait for our Hoomins to come to ged us, so we can make Da Wast Great Journey to God's Great Warren, Alla Us Togedder.

An' as we cross Da Rainbow Bridge, whutebber wassamatta wif us in dis werld is made bedda. If we are sik, we are made well. If we are owd, we are made young. If we hab bin hurted, we are healed ob our hurts. It don't madder whut is wrong wif us, but once we cross da Bridge, we are all rite agin.

An' dere issa Rezon for dis, an' it is cossa dis Rezon dat we annymuls are notta'fraid obba Bridge at all.

An' I know alla'bouddit cos ob Hunny.

Gib me a sekond, an' I'll 'splain it to you, too. Cos, pawt ob bein' a bunny is to hab Hope.


You see, a wong time ago, a wotta hoomins gotted togedder an' dey sed, "Hoomins are da highest form ob Creeashun. Dey are da Top."

An' den sum udder Hoomins sed, "Hoomins are da most 'pawtant fing inna Creeashun cos dey hab 'souls' an' annymuls gots no 'souls'."

An' den udder Hoomins added, "So Hoomins can lib forebber inna pwace called 'Hebbin' an' annymuls can't."

An' dat was preddy much Whut Hoomins Fought Fora Berry Wong Time. Sum Hoomins STILL fink dat.

An' dey are wrong.

Da Troof, axtchually, is whut Hunny sed...

He sed datta wong time ago, dere wassa pwace where annymuls an' hoomins shared a Gardin, an' inna Gardin dere were Two Trees. An' nobun was s'sposed to eet ennyfing frum wunna da Trees.

Den Wun Day da Man Hoomin anna Female Hoomin were tawkin' toda Snake. Anna Snake sed,

"Wookit, da onwiest rezon you can't eet frum dat Wun Tree is cos you was told not to. An' you know why you was told not to? Cos if you do, you're gonna be more 'Tellygint denna Creeator dat made you. It's dat simpul. So you wanna be as gweat assa Creeator? Den hab summa dat froot frum dat Wun Tree."

Anna hoomins had summa dat froot frum dat Wun Tree, cos dey beleebed da Snake an' dey wanted to be gweat (whutebber dat was, cos enneb dey didn't know whut dat was).

Well, da hoomins didn't stop to fink it fru - cos you'll notise datta Snake didn't hab enny obba froot. Nope. He was too skeert ob doin' whut he was told not to do. But he wassa bully an' he just urged da hoomins on to do whut was wrong so dey wuld ged in trubble an' he culd laff abouddit aftawards. Bullys is wike dat.

But da hoomins had done it, dey eated da froot dey was told notta eet an' dat made da Creeator mad, cos wike he sed,

"Whutsamatta wif you? You gotta whole Gardin heer an' you can't ebben wisten to one widdle fing, can you?"

So he frowed dem outta da Gardin an' told dem dat frum den on, dey wuld hab to werk to ged dere food, an' dat dey wuld NOT hab an easy time obbit, cos dey wuld be all OnAlone.

An' he sed, "I'm sowwy I ebben Creeated you, cos you issa wotta trubble. So you are cut off frumma Gardin forebber!"

Butta hoomins cried an' were sad, an' soda Creeator felt bad, cos he lubbed dem cos he had creeated dem, an' dere was pawt ob him inside ob each ob whut he had creeated, no madder how small or how large. So da Creeator had sum Speshul Beings go to help da hoomins lib onna Earf.

Onwy, bein' hoomins, dey hadda preddy short mem'ry an' didn' 'prishyate da Speshul Beings who were sint to help dem - which issa whole Udder Stowy, endin' inna Rilly Big Stowy dat is still goin' on, dat you kin reed aboud inna Buk called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by sum guy named C.S. Lewis.

But, hang onna'sekond an' you'll notice sumfing heer...

Onwy da hoomins eeted Froot frumma Wun Tree an' got frown outta da Gardin nebber to return.

Nobun ebber axts aboud howda rest ob us gotted heer.

Well, dis is whut Hunny told me... which is howda rest ob us annymuls gotted heer an' it isn' told in enny buks or ennyfing! Dis is Da Lore dat I must nebber fortyged an' allus bemember to pass on.

Da Creeator knew datta hoomins culdn't surbibe inna werld all OnAlone. He had creeated da Gardin as One Great Warren, where it was Alla Us Togedder, an' now, da hoomins were outside da Great Warren. Soda Creeator axted if enny obba annymuls wuld go an help da hoomins who were OnAlone.

Anna annymuls, incloodin' da bunnies - who, up till dat time knew only lub frumma Creeator - sed, "Shure."

Anna Creeator sed, "Cos you hab done ebberyfing axt ob you an' more, you will nebber be cut off frum me wike da hoomins. You can come back heer whin you are tired an' wait for enny speshul hoomins you come to lub. Bud da hoomins, I fear, are forebber changed an' not wike dey were whin dey libbed heer inna Gardin, becos dey hab eeted dat froot I told dem not to eet. But if you lub dem, den dere will be Hope for dem, dat dey mite see in your eyes."

So we annymuls were nebber in need obba soul to be sabbed cos we nebber did whut we was told not to do inna furst pwace.

Hunny called it Bein' Free Obba Sin Ob Adam, an' said since we didn't do whut dis Adam-guy did, we bunnies an' kitties an' dawgs an' udder annymuls aren't punished as dat Adam-guy was. Maman calls it nebber habbin been out ob Communion wif God an' she writes aboud dat wif udder hoomins.

So annymuls, axtchually, Hunny sed, habba bedder rewayshunship goin' wiffa Creeator den most hoomins. An' da onwy rezon dat hoomins fink dey are atta Top ob fings is cos dey are da onwy wuns dey fink can communnykate wif each udder 'bout 'pawtant stuff wike souls or creeashun or immortality. Whut dey hab fortygotten issat dey are not da onwyiest fing inna Unnyberse. Dey mite beda Stewards, but dey still hab to Ansur toa Higher Authority. Cos no madder how far you go bak, dere is allus sumfing dere Furst.

An' Hunny told me alla dis cos he seed it in Owd Rabbit Dreems, whin he was berry owd, afta Belinda weft forda Bridge. He sed dat he culd see fings dat he'd nebber seed bifore, dat he fought were 'pawtant dat I shuld know aboud so I culd tell udders.

Hunny sed, "George, dis is 'Da Lore', an' you must nebber fortyged, an' always bemember to pass it on. Dis is Who We Are an' Why We Are an' why we must allus, no madder whut happins, remain Alla Us Togedder, NoBunny OnAlone. Cos we will all cross Da Rainbow Bridge, George, an' we will all be togedder again! An' knowin' dis will gib bunnies Hope whin da hoomins hab none. Dat is our gift to gib to whom we choose; we will allus hab Hope whin all Hope is gone, becos we know whut lies ahead whin udders can't see."

And so, dis is whut I am doin' tiday: bemindin' ebberybun:

Alla Us Togedder, Nobunny OnAlone!

Wook innu a bunny's eyes an' if you are bwessed you will see it - Hope.

----- By George

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Friday, 17 June 2005
Da Return ob Belinda Bunny
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: HareWare
Topic: Da Lore
You godda heer dis, cos it happined!


You know dat it has bin rilly hot all week. I'm tawkin so hot dat nobunny was rilly bein' outsides, 'cept forda Dawg, who hasta use da Outsides assa pootie-box, cos dat's whut Dawg do.

But wast nite, it wassa widdle bit cooler, so Maman an' Dadda wheeled alla habbytats frumma Bun Room out on toda Screen-Porch so we culd catch summa da breezes dat was suddenly stawtin' to blow.


Last evenin' on yestidday, while we was Alla Us Togedder sittin' in our habbytats onna Screen-Porch wif Maman an Dadda, it got rilly dark an' dere were a lotta cwouds inna sky anna wind got up rite afta dinnertime!

An' Maman an' Dadda an' Alla Us Togedder were sittin' dere onna Screen-porch, when Maman jumped up wif her eyes rilly big an' called to Dadda, "Come on! Da Fwag is still up!"

An' dey skurried out toda fwagpole dat is inna frunt gardin - well, Dadda did. Maman anna Dawg stayed just inside obba frunt door, watchin, cos Dadda figgers dat da two ob dem is wess trubble watchin' den if dey is helpin'.

So, Dadda is out dere wiffa ropes an' stuff, an' alla wind is blowin', anna fwag is fallin' downna fwagpole, an' he's catchin' it, an alla'sudden, it's wike sumbun opined uppa sky an' dumped out alla rain at one time!


An' Dadda's got his arms fulla Fwag, an ropes, an' he's twyin' to tie uppa ropes inna wind anna rain, an just as he geds ebberyfing tied up - sumbun turns offa fawcett inna sky - an ~Whoops~ da rain moobs on anna sun pops out.

An den Maman geds all hextcited an' stawts pointin' atta sky an' 's'klaims, "Wook! Wook ober dere! It'ssa rainbow! Da Rainbow Bridge!"

So, ob course, we all wooked, cossa Rainbow Bridge is pawt obba Lore. It is where ebberybunny goes wiffa Black Rabbit, da Gateway toda Meadows where we can wait for our Hoomins so we can begin Da Great Journey to God's One Warren, Alla Us Togedder. It's where Belinda went, an' where Poet is, anna pwace dat Hunny saw in his Ancient Rabbits Dreams. An ebbery fur, fin an feather child dat has ebber libbed is dere, waitin' for dere Person to begin da Journey toda Forebber Home. It's da Rainbow Bridge an' you only get to see it sumtimes, on speshul days whenna sun, anna wind, anna sky is just perfekt.

An' dat issa Lore, an' dat is Troo.

An' so, we Alla Us Togedder, wooked up to where Maman was pointin', an dere it was! A piece obba rainbow was inna sky, shinin' against da dark, dark cwouds!

It was justa Gateway toda Rainbow Bridge!

An' Dadda wooked up, all dwippy-wet an' hollars, "Oi! Belinda! Quit'cher buggerin' about, ya miserable camel-faced auld cow!"

An' Maman's wike, "Whuttahecksgodinnuyou?"

An' Dadda, all drippy-wet wooks at her, berry reasonable-wike, an' says,

"Well, can't you just see her? She's done it again - peed all ober ebberybun an' now she's laffin' aboud it! Rite frumma Rainbow Bridge!"

So I guess, wike Maman an' Dadda keeps sayin': Belinda nebber quite leebs us. She's allus just dere, just outta site, an' as close assa nextest thought.

Bud, you see, I alreddy knowed dis cos she told me dis is whut wuld happin.

So yeah, she wuld rilly approob ob my friend, Mr Wally LaserLips, Mr Joon, who libs in Callyfornia, an' issa Chef anna Food Reviewer an' writer, an ebberyfing, an' he has his pikchur on tee-shirts an totebags, an' hassa compiny ob his berry own! He's a berry faymus bunny, an' he ebben has his Mawmie werkin' for him! An' he issa Inspirryashun to bunnies wike me who are still growin' to be 'Tellygint!

An' you know whut? You can visit his web-site, too! An' you can habba Chef Wally shirt, an' see alla wunnerful pottery dat his Mawmie creates!

So click onna noo HareWare! link onna left-hand side obba dis page, unner da heading "Bunny Blogs", or cut-and-paste dis URL to your browser window and click "go":
An' come an see dis berry speshul bunny site!

Cos Belinda wuld want you to. An' you know whut she does when she doesn't ged her own way...

--------- By George

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Monday, 4 April 2005
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: DikShunAiry (Continued)
Topic: Da Lore
Well, I hadda take a widdle break so I culd habba tawk wiffa udder bunnies inna Warren. I wanted to collect more werds an to make shure dat I habben't missed out on enny werds frumma beginin. Dis makin a DikShunAiry issa LOT harder den I thought it wuld be! Who knew dat we bunnies had so menny werds dat are unique toda Inkwish Language?

So ennyways, heer we go wif more werds...

identeefykayshun = recognizin who you are
impawtant = speshul, signiffygant, notable
inbenchon = a great idea sumbun thought up an made real.
indiggity = Belinda Bunny coined dis werd a long time ago. It means wiffoud dignity, not dignified.
Inkwish = comin frum Inkwand, which is pawt obba United Kingdom.
Inkwish Spot = a beyootiful kind of bunny, white wif black spots (or sumtimes, all black!) dat hassa LOT ob personality! Belinda Bunny wassa Inkwish Spot bunny an she hadda lotta 'pinions an commints to make aboud life an libbin assa Urban Rabbit.
inna = dis issa hard werd to describe, so I will use it inna sentance. Hey! Wook at dat! I just did!
innerestin = holds your 'tenshun
innu = opposit ob "out frum"
innypendant -ce = freedom
ishoo = topics ob discusshion.
issa = dis issa'nudder werd wike "inna". Try readin' da sentance out loud an you'll prob'ly geddit.
JUST-IN-CAD = Our Dadda's consultancy biznezz
justyfikayshun = habbin rite on your side
kitchin = berry impawtant room inna houz cos it's where da Big White Box wiffa food in is kept.
Lagomorph = correct genus for rabbits. We are NOT rodents! We are Lagomorphs!
leckted = when ebberybunny votes for you, you get 'leckted to a position.
lecktrick = power inna wall
lektrickal = sumfing dat werks by lektricks
liddle = small
lop = ears dat hang down
loppy = habbin lop or hangy-downy ears
lub -bly -bable/ -ing = care for da most inna whole werld an beyond.
luminiuminuminum = tin foil onna roll
Mawmie = sumbun who takes care ob you and teaches you to grow up an be 'Tellygint. I nebber hadda mawmie. I culdn't find her, ebben though I tried an tried. But I had Belinda Bunny who teached me, an Maman takes care ob me, an Missy-Bun is my lubly wife-bun.
mebbe = well, it could happin
menny = lots
mergency = urgent, inna hurry
miniLop = medium-size bunny wif short hangy-downy ears. "mini" doesn't mean datta bunny is small, just dat dey hab smaller ears.
missul = somefing you can fire off
mite = den again, it culd not happin, eidder
moor = not less
munny = papers dat hoomins exchange wif each udder to get fings we need. Hoomins fink it is berry impawtant. We don't.
nanners = long, yellow froot, berry tasty insides, wiffa nasty peel outsides.
nebber = not in dis lifetime.
nebbermind = don't werry abouddit.
nodis = seen sumfing forda furst time
nudder = not dis one but one ober dere
nummy = good to eat
ob = a partysipple meaning "frum" or "related to"
obba = ushually found wiffa werd "onna" (see below)
ober = go on top of, point in anudder direkshun; not heer, but ober dere.
odder = used in place ob udder
onna = ushually goes in frunt ob odder werds wike "account" so we can hab werds wike "onna'count obba fackt dat..."
OnAlone = Dis issa werd made up by Hunny. Bein' OnAlone issa werst fing dat can happin to a bunny. It means dat you are not pawt obba warren. Dere is nobunny whom you love, an nobunny to lub you; nobunny to care for you, an you don't care about ennybunny. Nobunny ebber wants to be OnAlone, not ebber. Dis is why ebberybunny who comes to Our Warren is nebber again OnAlone, but becomes pawt ob Our Warren.
onliest = all by itself, OnAlone; can also mean "unique" and/or special, too.
paw = your foot
pawtee = a sellybrashun wif good food, dancin', games an more good food
pinions = your own ideas
possytib = absolutly 100% shure
pra'ps = mebbe
pubwick = in society, not private
puter = machine that runs on lecktricks that we type on to communnykate wif each udder. Dis inbenchon has rebelooshunized rabbit society by gibbin us, who prebiously had no voice, a means ob beng heard around da werld.
pwoud = takin pride in sumfing, not ashamed
questshun = sumfing you axt (can also be spelled "qwestshun", dependin onna bunny).
questriann = hoomins ridin on horses
questin = searchin' journey

And dat's alla werds I can type for tiday. I will add da rest obb'em tomorry.

--------By George

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Tuesday, 29 March 2005
Mood:  d'oh
Now Playing: Lagomorphin to Inkwish an Back Again
Topic: Da Lore

I hab noticed that ebberyfing seems to come down to sumfing I learned frum Belinda Bunny: ComunnyKayShun.

Alla problems in Our Warren are problems in ComunnyKayShun:
1. The Collie-Dawg don't speak Cat.
2. The Catz don't speak Dawg.
3. The Catz don't speak Lagomorphin.
4. The Collie-Dawg don't speak Lagomorphin.
5. Niedder Maman or Dadda speaks Dawg, Cat or Lagomorphin, but they're tryin'.
6. The bunnies sorta speaks ebberyfing, incloodin Lagomorphin but we're not perfeckt yet.

Conseequently, nobun hassa cloo whut's bein' sed by ennybunny else around heer.

Now, Belinda stawted us all onna road to InnerSpecies ComunnyKayShun when she furst began dis Blog. It wassa Pioneerin' Effort on her pawt, because, as far as I know, she wass furst rabbit ennywheres to hab a Blog Ob Her Berry Own.

Axtchally, I fink it was Hunny who began dis effort to ComunnyKate wif udder species, an' he began it wif Our Warren, Alla Us Togedder.

Yeah, cos when Hunny wassa Young Bun, he was dribben byda need to help udders.

When Maman anna Reverend Doktor V'Ginny Sheay wanted to send a plush bunny to some sik children, Hunny hopped up onna 'puter, an figgered out howta press da keys an howta moob da mouse, an wif Maggie an Belinda, howta use da letters onna keyboard to make Inkwish werds dat sounded wike da werds hoomins use.

These bunnies developed da furst Translations frum Lagomorphin to Inkwish. An inna process, dey made a whole noo Language wif its own werds.

So I bin finkin dat dere shuld be a DikShunAiry ob Terms frum Lagomorphin to Inkwish an Back Again so dat we can all bedder unnerstand each udder.

Dis inbolbed sum research, cos I don't fink ennybunny has ebber created an OnWine DikShunAry ob Terms, aldoh I known ob anudder DikShunAry dat Exists (it issa Memebers Onwy kinda fing, an you hab to be pawta da Rebolooshunary Rabbit-friendly Gwoop, PetBunny, to hab akcess to it.), dis mite be da furst freely available DikShunAiry ob It's Kind.

So if we mess dis up, you're gonna hab to hab patience while we get it fixed up.

So Heer Goes:

Lagomorphin ... Inkwish ...
aboud = around, sort ob atta same time.
adbice = good werds frum old bunnies dat young buns need to hear.
afta = behind da furst one
aircondishywasher = fing dat goes inna winders to cool da air dat is comin' in inna hot Summertime.
Akrobatical = berry athletic an skillful
aktib = a bunny takin akshun
akshun = doin' stuff
Aktybist = an Aktib or outspoken bunny; most Inkwish Spot bunnies like Belinda.
alla = ebberybun
alotta = whole bunches ob/many
anudder = not dis one but one ober dere.
appuls = large, round, sweet, juicy treats. The dried twigs are good to chew on, too!
artykul = a partikular fing
atta = right den, dat time.
axt/-ed -ing = ask -ed -ing/as in "questshun"
becos = because
bedda = used wif "den" to compare fings.
bedded = used wif "em" to put innu bed wif sumfing else, wike a "bedded repawter" inna war.
behabe = not bein' bad; bein' good.
Bemember /-ing /-ed = callin' to mind.
berry = 1. Round, tasty froots. 2. dis exact one. 3. used as an intensyfyer to make anudder werd stronger.
bifore = not afta
binky = specialized akrobatik leap dat bunnies do.
birf = gettin' borned, comin' alibe.
buk = papers put togedder between cobbers wif typin in. You can learn frum'em or digest dem.
BUNNY = Lagomorphs (US!)
butta = slimy good stuff spread on bread.
Catz = furry four-foots obba Feline species. Can be danger'rus!, but mostly dey are stoopit an selfish. Dey come in Chowdas.
confoozled = not at all shure whut's goin' on.
cos = onna'kount ob
culd = past tense ob "can" (nodda tin type).
cubbers = fings to put ober yourself
( In Lagnomorphin, da ledder "c" makes a sound wike da ledder "k" in Inkwish. Just so you know why dere aren't more werds beginnin' wif "c".)
da = Definnytib Artykul meaning dis berry wun.
Dadda Our Hoomin buck, sorta. Finks he'ssa Top Bun, but he's rilly a fooder.
dat = not dis fing, but da udder one.
Dawg = furry four-foots obba Kaynine species dat tawk in "woofs" an "snuffles". Can be danger'rus to bunnies. Do Not Ebber be OnAlone wif dem!
deddykayshun = stayin da course wif courage.
dem = not us.
den = not now; whut happins nextest.
dere = dat way/not heer.
DikShunAiry = buk wiffa list ob werds an whut dey mean innit.
dis = da fing dat is in frunt ob you/not dat wun.
discrimmynashun = favourin' one ober anudder. You shuldn't do dis. It's not nice.
dissypline = doin fings ober an ober till you ged it rite.
dopted = happiest day ob your life, when you are no longer OnAlone, but taken innu a Warren.
downnastairs = floor below da one you are libbin' on.
enuf = whut you need ob stuff.
eny = not a specifik bunny, just enybunny.
ennyways = linking werd inna sentence.
ebbry = alla us togedder.
ebberybun = alla bunnies togedder.
feets = whut you hop on.
fing = one ob sum udders
fink /-ed /-ing = whut you do in your hed.
firteen = whut comes afta twelbe.
foots = more den one feets.
fortyget/-got/-getted = not bememberin'
free = whut comes afta two.
froot = tasty fings wif seeds; good pawt obba good diet; can be treats wike appuls, raisins or gwapes; mite hab too much shuga, but good for you ennyways.
frum = udder side ob "to"
frunt = not da back
fud = dis issa Feline werd for "food"; stuff dat catz eat. Bunnies don't use dis werd normally.
furst = at da hed obba line
gardin = 1. Where fings to eat grow 2. Makin shure nobun inbades da Warren; keepin' watch. 3. Protecktin.
ged/-got /-gotted = to hab it an hang on to it.
gonna = whut's comin'
Got'cha Day = da day when you was 'dopted.
gwapes = small, round, juicy tweats. When dees are dried, dey become raisins an still are berry good.
hab /-bin /bent = 1. holdin on to sumfing. 2. When Belinda used it in "Can't be habbin wif dis" she meant, "You bedder stop dis or you're gonna be in trubble."
haddit = can't take no more.
Hagonnasekund = waid-a-minit
happinin' = goin' on
Hay = 1. An impawtant pawt obba good diet. Bunnies shuld eat alotta hay alla time.
hed = da fing dat is holdin' up your ears.
Hey! = Oftin confoozled wif "hay"; werd yelled to ged 'tenshun.
Hokay = all rite.
Holdit! = Stop-dat-rite-now!
Howcome? = means da same as "Why?"

An dat's preddy much alla werds dat I can put inna dikshunary today.

Dis is much harder werk den I thought it wuld be. A wot longer, too.
Hokay. So. Ennyways...

I fink I'm gonna take Hunny's adbice: "Hab sum hay, an habba nap." Yeah. Good adbice cos I am one tiredly bunny!

-------- By George

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Saturday, 26 March 2005
The Easter Bunny NoBunny Wanted
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Da Hist'ry ob Our Warren - Willow, Part II
Topic: Da Lore

So heer issa rest obba story ob Willow, Da Easter Bunny NoBunny Wanted...

Wike I telled you yestidday, nobunny buyed Willow cos she was inna pet store, an she was sik, an she was kinda "strange" in dat she had dis, wike, blank wook aboud her, wike da lights were on, bud nobun was at home.

An she didn't know howta use da pootie-box, eidder.

It wasn't wike she wasn't cute. She was berry cute an' she was sweet-natchured an cuddly, wif her liddle grey face wiffa liddle white blaze onna nose, an her wide, sort ob vacant eyes. She ebben swayed a liddle when she sat still.

But none ob dat mattered to Maman or Phil-da-Lad, cos they just wanted to make sure dat she didn't become dinner for some snake or lizzerd atta Pet Shop.

Dat was rilly whut bothered Maman, datta Pet Shops who don't sell alla baby bunnies at Easter, feed da ones dat are left ober to snakes.

Ob course, if pet shops were to find out dat hoomins wouldn't gib dem munny for baby bunnies at Easter, den da stores wouldn't sell dem, an breeders wouldn't breed dem, an no baby bunnies would hab to die as snake food.

Imagine whut it is wike - your baby given away for snake food... put inna glass tank for a snake to notice, to chase, to kill and to eat.

Yeah. An dat is whut happens to baby bunnies dat are left ober afta Easter.

Nebber fortyged dat.

So Willow got taken home to Our Warren.

An Maman noticed dat her nose was stuffy. So she taked liddle Willow toda V-E-T's.

It is hard to find a good bunny V-E-T. Most v-e-t's know alla 'boud dogs an cats, bud know berry liddle aboud bunnies. Maman went to one v-e-t who said, "Whoo boy, I'm gonna habba ged out my textbuks for dis one! I habbin't seed a rabbit since Vet School!"

Well, Maman was outta dere wiffa bunny in one big hurry.

So she had found whut she called a "Reasonable" v-e-t who wasn't werld's greatest, but he was hokay, an dat's where she taked Willow.

So da V-E-T looked Willow ober and gabe her sum Baytril an Willow's snuffly nose cleared up.

Just long enuf for Maman to inny'duce her to Belinda.

An afta that, the sniffles came back.

So Willow was sort obba weird rabbit, berry calm an complaysint (means "gentle") but berry hungree (she eated ebberyfing dere wasta eat) an she did rilly big pooties all ober ebberywheres, axtcept inna pootie-box.

An Belinda didn't care.

But Maman did.

So Maman buyed a Pootie-sucker.

Now a Pootie-Sucker issa "masheen". It's big, has wheels, anna hose-nose (kinda wike a collie-dawg nose, but longer an more mobile) dat can suck up pooties faster den ennybunny can fire dem out. It also makes a wotta noise!

So Maman an Phil-da-Lad buyed one ob des Fings an bringed it home to Our Warren.

Hunny sed it was just aboud da werst fing he'd ebber seed. It was terribly, terriby noisy! Anna hose wuld chase you around, trying to suck pooties right outta your butt! You no sooner did one, den heer comed dat Pootie-Sucker in behind you an gobbled dem up. It was an awful fing to hab inna Warren, an ebberybun was skert obbit.

'Cept Willow.

As Belinda sed, Willow was too dumb to be skert ob ennyfing.

So one day, Phil-da-Lad was onna udder end obba Pootie-Sucker, an he was cleanin outta habbytats.

Well, Hunny, egged on by Maggie (as was ushually da case), lunged atta hose-nose onna Pootie-Sucker, an Heatherington, who wassa Dutch (an dey don't take no crap frum ennywun), boxed it an growled.

But Phil-da-Lad was preddy determined, speshully cos Maman had sed dat he was not goin ennywhere's until alla pooties was sucked, an dat wassa bottom-line.

So he moobed up to Belinda an Willow's habbytat an stawted to run da Pootie-Sucker aroun' in dere.

Well, Belinda was smawt enuf to moob right to da back ob her habbytat as soon as she seed it comin', but Willow just stood dere, watchin'.

An Belinda shouted out, "MOOB WILLOW!"

But Willow just blinked an sorta swayed back an forth on her feets.

So Belinda hollared again, "WILLOW! MOOB!"

An Willow just sat dere.

An Phil-da-Lad, who was oppyratin da Pootie-Sucker, said, "Willow, moob it!"

So Willow sat down, blinked an stretched out her neck towards Phil-da-Lad, wif her widdle nose goin' wike she wanted a pet, an bifore he knew whut was happinin, Willow....sniffed....da.....end....obbba... Pootie-Sucker!


You hab nebber seen ennyfing wike it!

Phil rite away starts screamin for Maman, cossa Pootie-Sucker is makin a whole new noise now that it's nose is clogged up wif Willow's nose stuck inside it. An Willow's eyes are buggin' out, an Phil's hollarin for Maman cos he can't get Willow unstuck an she's startin to deflate wike a shaggy balloon inna high-pressure chamber.

An doesn't Belinda just come boundin' up, all hextcited, cos dis is her bondmate that's doin da hextplodin, just as Maman comes flyin innu da kitchin where da buns had dere habbytats. An den it was preddy much a freeway struggle, wif Maman yellin an Phil yellin an Willow's eye gettin buggier and buggier an her geddin thinner an thinner while da Pootie-Sucker is whinin high.

So Maman finally hits da "Off" switch, anna Pootie-Sucker winds down.

An dere is silence.

Willow's nose falls outta da end obba Pootie-Sucker's hose an her eyes go back innu dere sockets.

An she takes a deep breath.

Suddenly her eyes get wide again.

It's a miracle! Forda furst time in her widdle life, Willow can breathe!

Belinda comes ober to Willow to see if she's allrite, an Willow snuffles her. An Belinda is, like, "Whutssamatta wif you?"

An Willow is wike, "I can smell you."

An Belinda is wike, "No joke. I been smellin you."

Den Willow lifts her nose innu da air an says, "I can smell Maman, an I can smell Phil-da-Lad! I can smell Maggie! An Hunny!"

An Belinda says, "Dat's nuffin, we can ALL smell Hunny. Frumma'boutta mile off."

An Hunny checks his butt an says, "Can not!"

But Willow goes on wike nobunny sed ennyfing, an s'claims, "An I can smell Heatherington, too!"

An Belinda snorts an says, "Anudder no-brainer."

Well, by dis time, Phil-da-Lad has taken da Pootie-Sucker apart, an sure enuf, rite inside da bag dere issa great, big, long string ob snot. An he shows it to Maman (it's a berry Phil-thing to do).

An Maman wooks at da snot-ball, an den wooks at Willow an shudders.

"No wonder she's snuffling ebberyfing," Says Maman. "Probably smelling things for the first time in her life!"

An so Willow wandered around forda rest obba day, snufflin ebberyfing an hextclaimin' ober all obbit, cos she had nebber smelled smells, an nebber realised datta werld hadda whole udder dimenshion.

An Maman stopped usin' da Pootie-Sucker so much afta dat, an went back to Mr Broom an Ms Mop. Cos sumtimes "Progress" issn't all it's cracked up to be, she says.

An Willow, who wassa Easter Bunny NoBunny Wanted, turned out to be very wanted at Our Warren, an libbed inna Warren for wong time, wif Belinda.

Which, as Hunny says, is rilly sumfing, when you consider to whom she was bonded.

An dat's summa da story ob Willow of Our Warren.

---------By George

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Friday, 25 March 2005
The Easter Bunny NoBunny Wanted
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Topic: Da Lore

When I furst came to Our Warren, I was small. I didn't know berry much (mainly onna'count ob arrivin' inna box frumma v-e-t's). An I hadda lotta energy, so I didn't wanna sleep much.

An Hunny was old, an he didn't sleep much, eidder.

So he wuld talk to me, an tell me whut he called "Da Lore".

"Da Lore" issa story aboud the Beginnings ob Our Warren. It issa His'try.

So I'm gonna tell summa it to you.

Back inna Beginnin', at Easter-time, dere was just Hunny an his bondmate Maggie, Heather an Belinda inna Warren. In fackt, Belinda had just come to Our Warren frum Ms Laura Warner's South Jersey Rabbit Rescue. Maman an Phil-da-Lad had gone down to ged Belinda to be a bondmate for Heather, 'cept dat when dey got back to da house, Heather decided dat he didn't need to be bossed around by an Inkwish Spot, an so Belinda was libbin by herself.

So dere was Hunny, a miniLop, who was bonded to Maggie who wassa Standard Rex. An den dere was Heatherington Rabbitm who wassa Dutchie boy, an Belinda who wassa Inkwish Spot who was each in dere own habbytat. An dere was Maman an Phil-da-Lad

An dat was Our Warren.


Maman an Phil hadda Pellet 'Mergency (which means they were outta pellets). So they stopped by a pet store where they didn't ushally go, anna store had baby bunnies for sale.

There were four widdle bunnies, alla dem liddle loppy bunnies. But dere was one, dat wassa widdle bigger den da udders, one sittin' a liddle ways off by itself.

So Maman knew right off dat it was dif'frunt. An Maman allus is sort ob drawn to dose bunnies dat are dif'frunt.

So da liddle grey an white loppy-eared bunny was dere inna cage by herelf. An she sat berry quiet an still.

Bud Maman an Phil-the-Lad alreddy had four bunnies an didn't know how dey culd afford to feed an extry mouf.

But wike Maman says, "If God sends us an extry mouf, He will send us a way to feed it."

An Maman sed to the owner obba store, "Let me know if dat grey an' white bunny gets sold." An she gibbed him some brooshures frumma House Rabbit Society to gib to ennyone who buyed a bunny, so at least dey would know a widdle bit aboud habbin' an Indoor Urban Rabbit.

So Easter came an went, an da udder bunnies found homes wif udder hoomins, an alla brooshures were handed out, but no hoomins wanted to take da widdle grey and white loppy bunny home wif dem.

Maman an Phil-da-Lad camed innu da pet store ebbery week, an still da grey an' white loppy bunny was dere. So Maman went innu where da bunny was an piked da bunny up an cuddled her. Anna widdle bunny was so sad, dat she cuddled up to Maman an sighed.

So da store manager came up to Maman an sed,

"No one seems to want this rabbit. There's something the matter with her. I don't think she's quite all right."

An Maman looked at him, an arched one eyebrow at him wike she does when she's aboud to get 'noyed, an sed,

"I beg your pardon?"

Anna Manager sed, "Well, I think she's dumb or something. She won't use a litterbox, she won't even pick one corner of her cage to go in. She just goes anywhere."

An Maman sed, "It because she's not in a home setting."

Den da Manager sed, "I can't keep her."

An Maman anna Manager stared at each udder. An finally Maman sed,

"How much?"

Anna Manager began wif whut Maman calls "A Story". He started at some figger Maman wassn't gonna accept an went down till he arrived atta figger dey bof could "Lib Wif".

So Maman an Phil-da-Lad brought da liddle grey an shite loppy girl home to Our Warren.

An dey named her "Willow", onna'count ob she was so gentle an sweet.

An Maman taked da widdle bunny toda V-E-T for a well-bunny check-up, anna widdle bunny was sik. She hadda pneumonia an hadda take two weeks ob Baytril.

So when dat was ober, Maman decided dat mebber Willow would like to lib wif Belinda.

So Maman, who didn't know a fing aboud bonding bunnies, (cos Maggie an Hunny had bonded demselbes) just decided she wuld leeb da doors to their habbytats opin an she an Phil-da-Lad wuld stand by in case ob 'Mergencies.

So Maman opined da doors. Phil-da-Lad hadda dust-pan anna wisk-broom an oven mitts. Maman piked uppa towel.

Belinda came snufflin' forward an den stopped just bifore she crossed innu Willow's habbytat. She wooked at Willow an Willow wooked at her. Den Belinda came innu Willow's habbytat an wooked at alla Willow's stuff, an ate summa Willow's food. An Willow just wooked. So Belinda walked up to Willow an licked her nose.

Willow blinked, an shifted back an forth on her feets, an then sat down.

Den Belinda wooked at Maman standin' dere wiffa towel, an at Phil-da-Lad wif his oven-mits an dust-pan an wisk-broom, an she shook her hed.

An she moobed innu Willow's habbytat an dat was preddy much dat.

Willow was a member ob Our Warren.

An den came Phil-da-Lad anna pootie-sucker, an Willow got her nose caught an all da drama - but dat's for tomorrow...

-------By George

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