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Sunday, 2 October 2005
The Blessing of the Animals (2 Oct. 05)
Now Playing: We Are Blessed
Topic: The Next Generation
Well, tiday mawks the biginin' obba Noo Chapta Inna Life Ob Our Warren.

Afta a wong time off, I am bak. Me, George, da widdle Noo Zeeland mixt wif Callyfornian bunny who libs heer at Our Warren wif MissyBun Hawpa, MsClover an' Beebe-Bunny!! an' Mister Mouse (anna Collie Dawg, Marc, anna Stoopit Catz, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat an' Beep-da-Goofy-Cat).

Dis is da Blog ob Ms. Belinda Bunny, nebber-to-be-fortygotted. She stawted it a wong time ago, bifore I was 'dopted, bifore I was ebben borned! An' den, just afta I was weft atta V-E-Ts assa weft-ober Easter-bunny dat nobunny wanted, an' 'dopted by Maman an' Dadda, den, Belinda, who was berry sik, she wefted me anna rest obba Warren forda Rainbow Bridge - which issa pwace where bunnies go to wait for dere friends an' rewayshuns to come to meet dem to begin dere Great Jurney to God's Great Warren.

An' Belinda wefted her Blog to me, George.

At furst, when I gotted it, I didn't know whuttaheck to do wiffit.

I meen, wookit, I'm a bunny-rabbit. Anna berry young bunny-rabbit, so I habba wot to lern bifore I become 'Tellygint. An' BOF Belinda an' Hunny (who wassa berry old an' honourable rabbit) told me dat I hadda not gwow meerly "old", but dat I hadda gwow 'Tellygint!

But gwowing 'Tellygint is hard! An' it takes a wong time. So whin I gotted dis Blog, I didn't quite know whut to do wiffit. I sorta made entries an' had idees an' writed down stuff dat I fought was impawtant, an' I tried to 'splain bunnies toda hoomins I meeted heer an' stuff, but it wassn' easy, you know?

An' sumtimes I didn' feel wike typin', an' sumtimes udder stuff gotted inna way ob typin', an' den sumtimes I didn't habba organnyzayshun rite, or I didn't hab ennyfing in my hed to type aboud. An' sumtimes it was just too much werk for wun widdle bunny to do all by his widdle self.

But tiday, well, tiday is Sunday, an' it issa Pawtant Day, cos it issa day dat we bunnies sellybrate da Speshul Day obba Paytron Saint ob Alla Annymuls, Saint Francis ob Assisi. He wassa guy who culdn't ged hoomins to wisten to him in Rome, so he wint outside an alla birds came to hear whut he hadda say.

An whut he sed was dat alla God's Creeashun is impawtant, incloodin us, dat we is alla us togedder, pawt obba genius ob God. Maman sed datta werd genius is badly unnerstood now, cos it issn' used rite ennymore. She sed whut Mister Saint Francis ment was more wike dat ebberyfing in Heaven an' on Earth contains a pawt ob da Creatib Principle obba Architect Obba Universe. She sed dat as Anglican Bunnies (which we are) we call dis Architect Obba Universe, God, dat dis is Our name for Him. Which is hokay, cos it was also da same name dat Mister Saint Francis used.

But whut Mister Saint Francis ment was dat none ob us is unimpawtant, none ob us is useless - dat whin you look atta two-foots or a four-foots nextest to you, you are seein' pawt obba genius ob God. Cos whutebber it is, iffit is in Heaven or on Earth, den it was Creeated. An' ebben if you fink dat fings "ebolbed", it don't madder, cos God culd hab made dat happin, too, you see. It don't madder, eidder way. No madder how far back you wanna go, dere wassa Beginnin an' rite dere, atta Beginnin dere was dat Architect, creeatin' fings alla'round.

So cos it is da Speshul Day for Mister Saint Francis, I'm stawtin' up Belinda's Blog agin, an' I'm gonna twy to keep attit. Mebbe ebberyfing I type won' be impawtant, or fulla 'pinions, wike her stuff was, but I'm gonna do my bestest.

Cos Maman sed I godda widdle bit ob Heaven in me, too. Issn't dat nice to fink aboud? Dat dere issa widdle bit ob Heaven in ebberybunny? In you. An' me. An' ebben inna catz. An' alla'round, an' in Our Warren, too!

By George

Posted by Our Warren at 2:50 PM EDT
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Monday, 23 May 2005
Top Bunning
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Whuttaheck Am I Doin' Heer?
Topic: The Next Generation

I am bememberin' sumfing Hunny told me.

"Da key to bein' a Top Bun is to allus okkypie da high ground. Ebben if your highest ground issa pootie-box, okkypie it."

So, I been spendin' da mornin', okkypyin' da pootie-box, which (afta Missy's last visit) issa highest point inna habbytat.

Sumhow, I don't see whut alla fuss issa'bout.

I can't see more frum up heer.

I can't 'zacktly do ennyfing speshul while I'm heer, 'cept sit.

Dere's nuffin' in par-tick-you-lar goin' on, but here I am sat, onna pootie-box, okkypyin da highest ground around, wike Hunny sed.

Now he allus managed to wook diggyfied doin' dis, but I habba sneeky feelin' dat I wook preddy silly.

Maman just came by wiffa Dawg, an' she said, "Whoa George! Back inna 'High Life' are you?" an she *waffed*.

Ebben da Dawg grinned, an' he was headed outta door for his Mornin' Bark (which issa berry serious fing for dawgs, lemme tell you.). It issa way dat dawgs communykate wif each udder. As pawt ob my learnin' to grow 'Tellygint, I axt da Dawg aboud dis, an' so I learned:

1.) Dawgs hab two times ob day when dey go outside just to bark.
2.) Dis kind ob barkin' is not meant to be annoyin' to ennywun. It is barkin' to hextchange infortymashun wif udder dawgs inna area.
3.) Furst dawgs trot around dere terrytorry an' mark it.
4.) Den dey okkypie da Highest Ground an' announce dat dey are where dey are 'sposed to be an' dat dere terrytorry is sekure.
5.) Den dey listen to udder dawgs say da same fing.
6.) Dawgs also announce if dere terrytorry has bin Invaded, or ebben just bisited by Sum Outsider. Dey also warn each udder if sumfing is New or Strange.

Dis is all becos Dawgs are Pack Annymuls. Zachary-Marcus says we are in his Pack an' he issa Beta Male who is on dooty when Dadda (who issa Alpha Male) is not. Zachary-Marcus is also da Hed Barker onna'count obba Factk dat he issa only troo dawg in his Pack. He told me dat dere are menny Packs wike dis Pack, wif Beta Males or Females taking uppa job as Hed Barkers libbin' heer. He knows becos he barks wif dem inna mornin' an' also inna late aftanoon.

So, you see, oncet again, okkypyin' da High Ground is impawtant. It is where da Hed Barker sits to announce his Noos.

So here I am onna High Ground, but bunnies don't bark to hextchange noos. I mean, iffa bunny wants to know whut's goin' on inna warren, he or she just wooks atta'nuther bunny an' whut dat bunny is doin' gibs da furst bunny alla infortymashun he or she needs to know. If one bunny is eatin', we all eat. If one bunny is sleepin', we all know it's hokay to sleep. If a bunny is starin' up innu da sky an' *thumps*, den we high-tail it outta there an' hed for da Warren, cos sumpthin' bad is comin'. Bunnies communykate mostly by seein' each udder.

So whut does seein' me on toppa da pootie-box say?

Well, Beebe is standin' on his pootie-box, an' Mr Mouse is standin' on his pootie-box, too. So dat makes free (3) ob us standin' onna pootie-boxes while da girls are eidder habbin' a wash or munchin' on hay.

So, whuttaheck am I doin' heer?

I dunno. I'm still werkin' on dis becomin' 'Tellygint fing. Hunny sed to okkypie da High Ground. Well, I've done it an' don't see dat I'm gettin' anyfing in par-tik-you-lar becos obbit.

Mebbe I'll go follow sum udder advice of Hunny's - "Hab sum hay an' habba nap."

Yeah, sounds good rite aboud now.

"Hab sum hay an' habba nap. Fings will wook much bedder when you wake up."

Now dat's advice to follow!

----------By George

Posted by Our Warren at 9:28 AM EDT
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Friday, 20 May 2005
May Showers
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: I Love A Rainey Day
Topic: The Next Generation

Oh yeah!

It's rainin' heer!

Afta 16 fresh-scrubbed days filled wif sunbeams anna bright bloo sky, it's comin' down in buckets.

An' you know whut?

It's wunnerful! Some mite ebben say luxurious. Udders wuld say it's just perfekt. An' it is. I knew it was gonna happin, too - knew wast night bifore I went to sleep.

Yeah. Wanna know how I knowed? It's pawt ob bein' 'Tellygint an' learnin' to use your nose to pwan ahead an' stuff. Hunny teached me. He sed, "When you smell dis smell at nite, it means rain bifore mornin'." So now, I allus smell da nite breeze, an' becos dere issa Roo-Teen, da nite-breeze is allus dere for me to sniff.

A Roo-Teen issa good fing to hab. It's a fing dat happins alla time, atta same time, ebbery nite, in preddy much da same way. Maman says we don't had Roo-Teens an' need to ged sum, but Dadda says we habba a Roo-Teen alreddy goin' for us, but it just don't werk so well.

Well, I dunno if da Roo-Teen we gots is enny bedder or worse den ennybunny else's Roo-Teen; each time we do it, it's a widdle bit dif'frunt fromma time we did it bifore, but it all ends up da same way - wif me geddin' to sniff da Night-breeze so I can smell whut da weather will be onna nextest mornin'.

Wike wast nite...

You see, firstest whut happined is dis: Phil called up Maman onna phone an' tawked.

An' tawked.

Which is notta bad fing. It's good dat he anna'Lanna call an' tawk wif Maman so she don't ged lonely fordem. I didn't heer much obba conbersayshun cos Maman was inna Sittin' Room an' Missy an' me was inna Bun Room, but I did heer sumfing aboudda p'rade, an' Memorial Day, an' dem dribin' up frum Mary-Land inna noo car, which was hokay wif me.

So dat's whut was goin' on inna Sittin' Room - Maman tawkin wif Phil.

An' den Dadda comed downnastairs frumma Office, an' you tawk aboudda P'rade! Dere was one rite behind ob Dadda as he comed downnastairs - an whut we're tawkin' heer is two Catz anna Dawg followin' on. Anna whole time dere comin' downnastairs, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat is compwainin' dat he is hongree.

So Dadda calls into da Sittin' Room dat he is stawtin' da Roo-Teen.

An' Maman gets offa phone-fing frum Phil an' she comes out innu da Kitchin.

So she's atta sink, washin' Kitty Dishes, anna Dawg Bowls, anna Bunny Crocks.

Anna Catz is p'radin' back an forf, tawkin.

An' Dadda says, "Wookit, you buggers, ged out frum unner my feets!"

He says dat alla time toda Catz, but da Stoopit Cat nebber listens. She just winds aroun' and aroun' Dadda's feets, tawkin'.

So Dadda falls ober her an' says a Bad Werd in Anglo-Saxon. He says I'm not 'lowed to type it, so I won't.

Den Cokie-da-Fat-Cat stawts tryin' to ged a wook innu da Dawg's bowl, butta Dawg don't wike dat, so da Dawg tries to shub Cokie outta da way. But shubbin Cokie is hard, onna'count obba fakt dat Cokie is pawt brick wall.

So Cokie shubs da Dawg back anna Dawg barks, an' Cokie says a Bad Werd in Cat an' pats da Dawg onna hed. Anna Dawg backs innu Maman who has Keepin' On Her Feets Ishoos.

So Maman yells atta Dawg, anna Dawg tries to appologise, an' hitta Cat wif his butt atta same time. So Cokie pats dat Dwag inna butt wif his claws out, an' Dadda yells at Cokie an' Cokie says he didn't mean enny harm, he was just combin' da Dawg's fur for him.

Anna Dawg barks, "No way!"

Anna Cat says, "Warowl", which is "Way!" in Cat.

So Dadda begins to opin cans ob food anna akshun heats up.

Dadda tells da Dawg to "Sit". Now dis is sumfing da Dawg lerned howta do in Skool. So da Dawg sits for aboud two sekonds an den stands upp'agin. So Dadda tells him to "Sit" an' "Stay".

Da Dawg "Sits". Which is preddy good, cos den da Stoopit Cat comes along an' rubs along unnerneaf da Dawg-head an' flicks her tail unnerneaf ob his nose. Soda Dawg whines an' sneeezes onna Stoopit Cat, anna Stoopit Cat goes ober to Cokie-da-Fat-Cat so she can rub da Dawg Snot off on him. But Cokie don't want enny Dawg Snot, so he sits up an' takes a swipe wif his big-ol'-paw atta Stoopit Cat.

Anna Stoopit Cat smacks him one upside ob Cokie's hed.

An' Dadda hollars an' tells dem dat dey are all "buggers" again.

Soda Stoopit Cat goes along an' comes innu da Bun Room. Well, da Dawg doesn't wike Catz inna Bun Room. It's wunna his "Roolz" dat dere will be No Catz Inna Bun Room. I agree: we don' wanna hab stinky catz inna Bun Room. So as soon assa Stoopit Cat sneaks innu Da Bun Room, da Dawg pops up an' starts to "stalk" da Stoopit Cat.

Now dis "stalkin'" is a fing dat Border Collies do. Dey hold dere heds down low an off toda side, an' walk quiet-footed, wif dere shoulders hunched up, ready to cut-and-run da minit da cat maks a moob. Anna catz know dis, so dey get as far unnerneaf obba bunny habbytats as dey can possibly get, where da Dawg can't fit to chase them.

So ob course, da Stoopit Cat goes unnerneaf ob Beebe an' Clover's habbytat, an' Beebe hollars out, "YO!" an' lets go wiffa 'normus *thump*. For a widdle guy, he's gotta powerful back feets, an' when he lets fly, poor ol' Clover bounces straight up-inna-air wike she's onna tramp-o-leen.

An' Dadda hollars forda Dawg to "Siddown", which da Dawg does, but he's still watchin' da Stoopit Cat wif his head down an' onna side. An' his eyebrows is goin' back an' forf an' upindown, werkin' obertime, wike mad. Den he just shifts his weight, sodat his paw is offa-ground, an' you just know whut's on his mind.

An' sure enuf, da Stoopit Cat makes a break forda Kitchin, an' wike a rockit, da Dawg is afta her. Da Stoopit Cat whips by between Dadda's legs an' skoots aroun' Maman an' ploughs bang into Cokie who is sittin' hed furst inna grocery bag an' didn't see her comin'.

Two fings I learned:
Number 1.:
Two catz cannot fit innu one grocery bag.
Number 2.:
When Dawgs don't know whut to do, they bark.

So now there issa whole lotta screemin' goin' on inna bag, anna Dawg slides to a stop an' stands ober da grocery bag, barkin' his hed off.

So Dadda hollars, "Dat's IT, damnit!" an slams downna can ob dog-food dat he was unloadin' unnu da Dawg Bowl, an' comes poundin' fru da Bun Room. An' he yanks opin da door toda back gardin an' hollars forda Dawg.

An' wookin' preddy sheepish, da Dawg comes an' paddles outta door.

Den Dadda goes back innu da Kitchin, anna grocery bag is suddenly empty anna catz are patrollin' da Kitchin wike nuffin' happined.

So Dadda gwabs dere bowls an' him anna catz all go uppa stairs togedder.

Den da door slams uppastairs an' Dadda comes back by himself.

An' dat's dat, cossa Catz are shut up inna Office where dey habba Guest Room, Office anna'nudder bafroom all to themselbes forda nite.

Den Dadda opins da door an' back in comes da Dawg, an' dis is when I discobbered dat it was gonna rain!

Becos onna night-breeze dat comes inna door wiffa Dawg, dere comes da smell ob rain!


Yeah! Real rain an' I could smeel dat it was headed our way!

So now, dis mornin', the rain is heer, an' we habba soft, gentle kinda day wif no sun, just pearl-grey skys and silver rain drops.

Kind ob makes you wanna just stretch out an' habba nice, quiet nap.

You know?

----------- By George

Posted by Our Warren at 8:51 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 18 May 2005
Big Trubble!
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Da Catz Did It!
Topic: The Next Generation

Lemme tell you, DIS WAS BAD!

Lastest nite, Maman an' Mouse was inna Sittin' Room watchin' Law-n-Order (which is Mouse's favourite program), an' Dadda was uppystairs inna Office werkin' on his 'puter, an' me an' Missy was sittin' iin our habbytat inna Bun Room ober da cool air vent - yeah.


Do you bemember dat we hadda Heat Vent inna Bun Room, an how Clover an' Beebe an' Mouse all got mad at us cos dey sed Missy an' me were hoggin' alla warm air dat was comin' up outta da speshul Hole-Inna-Floor? Well, I axt Maman abouddit, an' she sed dat Hole-Inna-Floor was sumfing called a "HOT AIR VENT".


Seems dat unner'neaf obba floors in dis Noo Houz dere are dees pafways made outta metal boxes an' dey go innu da "Bazemint" where we bunnies are notta'lowed to go.

Well, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat goed down dere, innu da "Bazemint" (ebbin doh he is tek-nik-lee not 'lowed to go dere eidder, he snuck downnastairs to habba wook, cos Catz is susposed to be sneeky, he sed.). So he wint downnastairs innu da Bazemint an' came back to tell us Bunnies dat dere issa whole other bunch ob rooms (wike 3) down dere, unner'neaf obba whole houz.


An da furst room inna Bazemint hassa big cabinet innit where Maman hassa wotta stuff dat she buys atta mawkit. Cokie says dat dis issa "Pantree" she's allus tawkin' aboud gettin' stuff outta just bifore dinner. He sed it issa rilly big closet an' dere issa wotta stuff innit wike bog roll an' kitchin roll', an stuff in cans, an' stuff in boxes, an' dog food an' cat food, an justa'boud ennyfing else dat Maman needs to run da houz. An also in dis room are alla dek-or-a-shuns for alla HollyDays, all packed in boxes, wif tag onn'em, so Maman won't gedd'em mixt up. An' dere also issa wotta stuff dat Cokie finks pwob'ly goes onna Screened-In-Room dat we habbin't seed yet cos Maman sed it's still a widdle too chilly.

An' dat's dat room.

Den next dere issa'nudder room dat is fulla tools, all lined up onna walls, an in cabinets, an stuff. Cokie sed dis room wooks wike it belongs to Dadda, cos dere are alla tools an' metal boxes ob tools, an assortmints ob nails, an' wires, an screws an' wood, an stuff to make udder stuff. An' inna corner ob dis room dere issa rilly big box dat seems to habba fire inside obbit, anna rilly big, tall round fing wiffa shiney thick blankey around it, dat hassa wotta wadder innit. Anna metal boxes dat Maman sed were "HOT AIR VENTS" come outta da box wiffa fire innit an' dees go innu alla rooms inna houz, an' bring in alla da hot air to Missy an me. Cokie sed dis big box wiffa fire inside is called da "Fur-nace".

An den dere issa Fird Room, which issa biggest room ob alla da rooms inna Bazemint. An' in dis room dere issa speshul drawin' tabul, wif berry fancy tools hung ober it, anna wotta shelbs wif a wotta buks, anna wotta speshul papers wif pikchurs ob berry complykated-wookin' ships, an' trains an' hareplanes. An' dere are bunches ob cabinets wif hareplanes innn'em all lined up, all aroundda room. An' inna'nudder speshul cabinet wif glass doors an' lights inside, dere are dees ships wif tiny ropes wike spider's webs, an' widdle tiny cannons, an' widdle brass plates dat say fings wike "Fair American", an' "Providence" an' "HMS Victory".

An' you know whut else Cokie sed was down inna Bazemint? A whole railroad dat takes up half obba whole room!. Yeah! Anna railroad has tracks an' trains, an' widdle houzes, stores, an' farms, an' ebberyfing!

Budda trains an' all is berry widdle. Cokie says nobunny can ride on'em, not ebben Beebe or Mr Mouse, or ebben a gimmie-pig, or ebben a reel mousey or rattie, onna'count ob dees trains is rilly dat small, but dat dere issa whole widdle werld dat goes wiff'em, wif widdle shops an' widdle stores, an' widdle houzes, an' widdle cowz an' horzes, anna preddy big stashun (which is wike a big houze, only not big enuf to lib in) anna tuggin' boat dat is stuck in sum kinda stuff dat wooks a wot wike wadder, bud it's not.

An' Cokie sed dere are ebben mountains down dere datta train can go fru! Alla stuff is small, wike ebberyfing is for some rilly widdle hoomins. He says it's weird, wike dere issa whole werld down dere, a whole werld almost, wif nobunny libbin' innit, just trains, trains an' more trains!

An Cokie says datta whole room smells ob Maman's Dadda who we called "Bim". It's da same Bim dat singed us da "Spring Song" dat Belinda teached me, dat we sunged as soon as Winter was ober. Da same Bim who went toda Bridge bifore Belinda or Poet or Hunny. Cokie sed datta whole big room an alla stuff innit smells ob Bim an' ob Phil-da-Lad!

Isn't dat strange?

An whut is also strange is dat our Heat Vent inna Bun Room issn't blowin' warm air frumma Fur-ness inna Bazemint ennymore, eidder!

Now it's blowin COLD air! Can you beleeb it? It's blowin' cold air just wike da Air Condishywasher inna Old Bun Room inna Old Houz where we usta lib.

An' Zachary-Marcus, da Dawg, sed dat dere issa Big Round Fing just ober da fence in his Gardin dat goes off an' on, dat makes a hummin' noise on warm days. He says dat when dat Big Round Fing is hummin', dat's whin dere is cold air blowin' fru dees vents dat usta hab hot air blowin' fru dem.

I'm tellin' you, dere issa WOT to learn aboudda Noo Houz!

But as to whut happined wast nite an' howda Catz got inna whole lotta trubble...


Wike I sed, Maman an' Mouse was inna Sittin' Room, sittin' an' watchin' "Law-N-Order", an' Dadda was werkin' uppastairs on his 'puter in his Just-in-CAD Office, an' Missy an' I were inna Bun Room sittin' ober da vent dat was blowin' COLD air...

When alla'suddin, dere wassa TERRIBUL CRASH!

An' Dadda stawted yellin', an' Maman comed scurryin' outta da Sittin' Room, an dere's Mouse, holdin onta her good shoulder for deer life, wif his widdle ears bobbin' up-an-down ober her shoulder as she's climbin' uppastairs.

Well, Mouse sed dat whin dey got uppastairs, it was RILLY BAD!

Da Dawg was grovlin' at Dadda's feets, tryin' to squirm his way up Dadda's pantsweg wiffoud usin' enny paws. (Mouse sed you hadda see dis to beleeb it.) Anna Catz were bof tryin' to fit unneaf obba settee, only Cokie's butt was too big, so dere wassa wotta him still hangin' out, while his claws were all in four-wheel ober-dribe.

An' dere onna floor, nextest to Maman's desk was wunna dose ships wike was inna speshul cabinet wiffa lights in, inna Bazemint dat smelled wike Bim an' Phil-da-Lad. An' just wike does ships inna speshul cabinet inna Bazemint, dis ship had slender sticks for masts an' widdle skinny threads wike spider webs for ropes, an' widdle cannons all tied down onna planked deck wif widdle knots tied inn'em, an' ebbery detail just perfekt - only dis poor ship was in bits!

Mouse sed dat Maman just stared atta ship, while Dadda was 'splainin' datta Dawg had chased da Stoopit Cat up onta da shelb, an' she had tried to jump ober to Maman's desk an' missed, an' dat she had knocked ober da ship an' it had falled onna floor an' braked bifore Dadda could ebben ged outta his chair to catch it or hollar atta catz an' Dawg to "Stoppit".

An' Dadda was berry sad.

He sed he culd fix mostest fings, but dat fixin' dis poor ship was "Beyond him." An' he said dat mebbe they shuld waid for Phil to come frum Mary-wand, becos mebbe Bim had teached him aboudda ships, just wike he had teached him aboudda trains anna hareplanes...

But Maman didn't say ennyfing, Mouse sed. He sed she handed him ober to Dadda an' got down on her knees an' piked uppa brokin' ship an' set it in her lap. An' den she sat dere, holdin' da ship inn'er lap, sorta pokin' atta brokin' bits.

An' she said datta ship was named "Kersage", an' she listed alla ropes wike spider's webs dat was damaged, an named alla masts an' stuff, cos she issa 'storian an' it's pawt ob her business to know alla dat stuff.

An' she told Dadda how her Dadda, Bim, wiked to build da ships, but her pwace inna werld wasta know alla'bout'em, an' dat's how she an' Bim were: he did stuff an' she knowed alla background to whut he did. He stood in frunt ob pebble an' teached an' she stayed inna background, geddin' alla infortymashin for him. He presented stuff, an' she did alla lookin' stuff up for him. He published an' she wooked up alla fakts.

Maman sed it wassa good system.

But she sed dat mebbe dey wuldn't hafta wait for Phil to come to fix da ship afta all.

Becos ob alla years dat she spent inna background, she'd learned a wotta stuff dat nobun wuld hab thought, an' mebbe it was time for her to stawt doin' fings on her own, fora change.

So Maman putta "Kersage" on her desk, wif it's brokin masts an all, an she told da Dawg it was hokay, an' got Mouse back frum Dadda so Dadda culd see whut he culd do aboud gettin' Cokie's butt unstuck frum unner'neaf obba settee - an' don't'cha know Cokie was so upset by alla comoshun dat he hadda fit obba *horks* an' Dadda hadda spend some time pettin' him, so he wuld calm down an stop *horkin'*, but Cokie wuldn't stop *horkin'*, ob course, until Dadda went an' godda kitty tweat-box, an' den Cokie quit *horkin'*.

An' dat's da Big Trubble dat happined heer wast nite.

----------- By George

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Tuesday, 17 May 2005
Sekond Post Obba Day - Important!
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Topic: The Next Generation
Hokay, dis is sumfing I gotta know aboud, cos I don' unnerstand.

I was watchin' da Noos dis mornin' wif Maman. Well, axtchually, it was onna tellybishon an' it was called "Tiday", or "Good Day" or sumfing wif "day" innit, an' da hoomins onna show was talkin' aboud GAS an' how it costses so much munny.

An' Maman is sittin' dere inna Sittin' Room wif me, an' I'm sittin' onna settee wif her, anna Fat-Cat is sittin' in Dadda's Big Readin' Chair anna Dawg is spread out onna floor onna rug.

An' onna Tellybishon, dey are tawlkin' aboud GAS.

Well, as dey are talkin', alla suddin, da Dawg gets up frum sleepin' an' hassa wook at his tail. Den he, wike, sneeks a wook at me frum unnerneaf of his eyebrows, an' den he sneaks a wook atta Fat-Cat.

Anna Fat-Cat opins one eye an' stretches outta paw wif all ob his hooks pokin' out obbit.

An' den alla suddin', while I'm wigglin' my nose, I begin to smell sumfing.

An' it is nasty!

So I wook atta Dawg, an' I axt him, "Hey, Dawg, whuttaheckissat?"

Anna Dawg says, "I had sum cat-food."

An' alla suddin', da Fat-Cat sits up an' shakes an' wooks at Maman an' says, "She betta let you outside, Dawg, cos you STINK!

An' preddy soon Maman wooks at me wookin' atta Dawg an' she says, "George, dat can't be you!"

An' I wook at her an' say, "Nope, it sure isn't me cos I dunno whuttaheck dat was!"

Anna Dawg wooks at his tail again, an' says, "I fink I'm gonna moob. It's da chikin."

So I wook atta Dawg an' axt him, "Whutsamatta wif your back end dat you keep wookin' attit?"

"I got GAS." says da Dawg.

So I'm, wike, finkin' dis issa good fing, cos dey just was sayin' onna tellybishon dat GAS is so s'pensive, an' here we gots our berry own Dawg an' he's fulla GAS an' seems to be makin' more!

But Maman gets up frumma settee an' piks me up an' says toda Dawg, "You're goin' outside, Zachary-Marcus."

Anna Dawg says, "Yes, Ma'am." an' gets up an' follows behind Maman an' me as we go downnahall an' fru da Dinin' Room anna Kitchin an' innu da Bun Room. An' while we were passin' fru da Bun Room, Maman drops me off inna habbytat wif Missy.

So den Maman opins da door an' out goes da Dawg innu da Gardin'.

Anna Fat-Cat bumbles up an' Maman says to him, "Dere. Da Dawg's outside. Wet's hope he gets alla GAS outta his system out dere."

Anna Fat-cat is purrin' wike a big mixin' machine. An just afta he goes unnerneaf ob mine an' Missy's habbytat, he lifts up his tail an' says,


Which is cat-tawk for, "Wook at me! I gots GAS, too!"

An' den da Fat-Cat says, "Burrruck." which is cat-speak for: "I hadda chikin wast nite, too."

An Maman suddenly sniffs atta air, an she wooks down atta Fat-Cat an' hollers at'him, "Good Lord, Cokie! Go on, get upstairs to your pootie-box! You're going to suffocate the bunnies!"

Anna Fat-Cat wooks at her, and says, "Airrrr!" which is his way ob sayin' bad werds aboudda Dawg, an decids frum da wook on her face dat Maman issn't kiddin' 'bout goin' uppastairs. So he beats feets outta da Bun Room an heads forda stairs an' shambles on up.

An' Maman leebs da Bun Room mutterin' aboudda "... tell Brian - No more ob dat darned canned chikin cat-food!"

Which leebs me sittin' inna habbytat wif Missy. An Missy is sittin' wif her butt wedged inna pooty-box.

So I axted her, "You got enny ob dat GAS stuff innu?"

An' Missy wooks at me an wifts up wun ear all superior-wike, an' says,

"No. I'm a wady an' wadies don't ebber hab GAS. Not ebber. It's just a nasty boy-fing!"


So now I'm puzzled.

Cos iffa Fat-Cat has GAS, anna Dawg has GAS, an' GAS is such a s'pensib an' valuable commodity wike dey say it is onna tellybishon, den why is Maman wettin' alla GAS inna Fat-Cat anna Dawg an ebberybunny go outta da dem for free?

I mean, doesn't she wanna sell it? Or could we sell it an' ged rich?

Dadda sed dat if we culd sell Missy's pooties, we culd be rich. Dat's cos she has nice, round, big pooties. Dadda says dat Missy issa most 'ficient converter ob hay innu pooties dat he has ebber seed. An' he's seen a wotta pootie-converters, he says.

But for sum rezon, when Dadda says dis, Missy gets all mad an stuff.

But enneyways, I don' unnerstand enny ob dis stuff aboudda GAS!

Why do only Boyz habbit?

An' why issit so valuable?

An' why are dey tawkin' aboud GAS onna tellybishon? Don't dey hab enuf? Maybe we shuld send dem summa dat chikin cat-food?

An' why are our best sources ob GAS (an I know dis is troo cos Maman sed so!) - Why are our best sources ob GAS: Dadda, Phil, da Dawg an Cokie-da-Fat-Cat - just wettin' all obbit it woos innu da air for free? An'WHY is Maman wettin' dem!?

An' whuttaheck has chikin gotta do wiffit ennyways?

Enny help wuld be apprishyated, cos I am wun bewildered bunny!

-------- By George

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Good Mornin'!
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Well, we gots Cat-Pwoblems again.


I'm Uppystairs again inna Office an' just-as-soon-as I gotted heer, dere wassa Cat onna desk.

An' don't'cha know it wassa Stoopit Cat, da wun dat Maman calls "Beep".

So I'm hangin' on to Maman's shoulder (da wun dat werks), an' Maman says toda Stoopit Cat, "Moob, Beep."

Anna Stoopit Cat just wooks at her.

An' I'm finkin' to myself,

"You know, George, whut's goin' on heer, issa wot wike whut was happin' wast nite."

Cos, wast nite, I was goin' innu da Sittin' Room wif Maman, anna Fat-Cat was sittin' inna Dadda's Big Readin' Chair. An' Dadda comes in an says toda Fat-Cat, "Moob Cokie", an' stawts ta siddown inna Big Readin' Chair.

Anna Fat-Cat wooks up an he sees Dadda's bottom comin down anna Fat-Cat goes, "Yrulp", which is kinda da sound he makes to show he's not moobin'.

But da Dadda-butt keeps on comin' down. So den whenna Dadda-butt comes down onna Cokie-tail, da Fat-Cat wet's outta 'Yhawl' an' den 'Whah!' an' den flips ober an' sinks his claws innu Dadda's weg.

An den Dadda goes -

Well, I'm not 'lowed to say whut Dadda sed, cos he says it's Anglo-Saxon which is notta language dat bunny-boys are susposed to type.

Butta Fat-Cat got outta da Big Readin' Chair inna hurry an' Dadda got innu it, so you can kinda fill inna bwanks for yourself.

An' dat's whut I was finkin' 'bout when Maman putted me down onna tabul dat is her desk.

Cos just when she putted me down, da Stoopit Cat goes, "Eeep", just wike dat an hops down offa tabul, onto Maman's chair.

So Maman tips da chair butta Stoopit Cat hangs on. So Maman tips da chair again, anna Stoopit Cat still hangs on - onna count obba fakt datta Dawg is sittin' rite unnerneaf obba chair wif his grin on.

So Maman tips da chair again, an' just as she does, da Stoopit Cat puts outta paw, puts da paw onna Dawg's hed, an' usin' da Dawg assa steppin' stone, walks ober da Dawg's hed, down his nek an' ober his bak to ged toda floor.

Which causes da Dawg to turn hisself innu a tight cirkul, step on his own tail an' stumble, an hit his hed onna tabul leg, while da Stoopit Cat just walks away frumma Dawg wif her tail inna air, wike she don't care.

An' I'm finkin' dat it must be hard bein' a Dawg when nobunny takes you seriously, cept assa steppin' stool to ged frumma chair toda floor or uses you assa auxtillyairy amblatory rubbish bin to putta left-obers in, as happined wast nite wiffa remains obba pizza an' dat strand ob hay.

You see, yestidday da Dawg founded a strand ob hay onna floor inna Bun Room an' he eated it an' got sik.

Well, not rite away, it was more wike dis:

He ate da strand ob hay inna Bun Room, den trabbelled alla way uppastairs toda Office bifore he started making heebin-tummy noises, which alerted Maman toda fakt datta Dawg was just about gonna become sik. Dawgs are good dat way; dey gib you warnin' dat dey are gonna be sik.

So, wiffa Dawg's sides goin' in an' oud wike anna'cordion, da Dawg an' Maman came poundin' downastairs rilly fast, made da turn atta bottom obba stairs an' charged fru da Libbin Room, made anudder turn, an' hedded on fru da Dinin' Room, wiffa Dawg's sides still heebin', an' runned fru da Kitchin, an on fru toda Bun Room, wif Maman hollerin', "Come on! Wet's go outside!" (Wike da Dawg hadda'nudder pwace to go to, you know?) while she's tryin' wike mad to gedda bak-door unwocked. So she geds da door unwocked, an' pushes him out obbit, anna Dawg bounds out innu da Gardin an' geds sik.

An bifore you know it, he's back sittin' onna steps an barkin', wantin' to come inside, cos geddin' sik is wun-obba-fings dat Dawgs wike to do!

You know, you can fink you know a Dawg an' nebber ged to da end ob dere minds. Dis is mainly cos dey don't hab minds, but dat's anudder story.


An' so ennyways, here comes da sun, an Dadda has gone off to werk. It's not his reg'lar werk. His reg'lar werk is wif 'puters for da place he usta werk where dey habba machines that cuts steel. It's da same pwace where dat good hoomin named Kutee werks who knowed Our Hunny an' called him "A respected elder ob his peeble." Which I fink wassa berry nice fing to say aboud Hunny, cos it was troo.

So Dadda's noo werk is atta same pwace, but it's runnin' da big machines werkin' along wif Kutee, helpin' out cossa Kutee's an' Dadda's friend, Peter, has re-tired an' goed home to visit his warren somewhere far away. I don't know where Peter's warren is, but I hope dat Peter hassa happy time bein' dere, cos he's a good hoomin, too.

So Dadda issa onliest person datta pwace knew to call who culd run dose machines, as well as run da 'puters, an' an alla dat udder stuff dey need him tado, cos Our Dadda issa Engine-Wif-Ears, an berry 'Tellyginet.

An' you know whut else? Our Phil-da-Lad gotted a noo car! An' dis means dat he can come an' visit at Our Warren (cos Maman an' Dadda are geddin' too owd to go an' visit him an' 'Lanna onna'count ob Maman not bein' able to sit inna car dat wong.). So now dey can come to us inna Noo Car! Maman sed dere wassa wotta "buggerin' about" geddin' dis noo car, but you know whut I fink?

I fink dat dere is nuffin' dat geds done dat doesn't take a whole lotta buggerin' about onna pawt obba hoomins.

Some day, I will hab to write a blog aboud dis "Bugger Faktor" as Dadda calls it, but for now, dere issa sunbeam comin' in heer, so I fink I will just follow Hunny's adbice an' hab dis wisp ob hay an' habba nap.

--------By George

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Monday, 16 May 2005
A Noo Day
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Topic: The Next Generation
Well, dis mornin' Maman piked me up outta my habbytat inna Bun Room an' wif her hand unner my frunt paws an' her udder hand unner'neaf my butt, she wooked me inna eye an' axt me,

"Babby George, do you hab ennyfings you wanna say inna blog tiday?"

An' I wooked at her wif my butt kinda rounded up inna air, an my nose wigglin', an my hextpression kinda dead-pan an' said,

"You gotta be kiddin' me. I habbin't hadda Blog to type in for weeks an' weeks, or habbin't you noticed?"

An' Maman sed, "I guess I habbin't bin listenin' to you, have I?"

An I ansured back, "No, you habbin't. Cos just aboudda onliest fing you bin listenin' to is when Missy an me pushed da pootie-box out inna middle obba habbytat yestidday, cos dat wun was so disgustin' we hadda hab it cleaned or else. You did hear dat, but dat's aboud all."

An don'chu'know dat just while I was sayin' dat, she was tryin' to lower me back innu da habbytat!

So I wiggled an kicked out wif my back feets, an hollarded out, "HEY! YOU AREN'T LISTENIN'!"

But she putted me down ennyways an' den turned toda Dawg dat was standin' dere, waggin' his tail an grinnin' an sed,

"You wanna go outside?"

Anna Dawg wagged his tail harder an' grinned more, an' shot a quick glance at me an sed, "Sorry, but I gotta habba morinin' bark. It'ssa Top Dawg fing. Gotta go out again, read'da Noos onna breeze, an' den bark my Noos to alla udder dawgs alla'round an den I'll be rite back in. It's Whut Dwags Do."

An I'm wike, "Yeah, whutebber.", an sat down to habba scratch at my ear.

So Maman opins da Back Door an' wets outta Dawg while I'm habbin' my scratch, an' shure enuf, da Dawg goes out onna back steps, an' stands dere fora few sekonds an' den shoots off wike a bwack-an'-white furry rokit, barkin' his stoopit hed off.

Anna breeze comes in fru da Back Door an' brings inna Smells Obba Neighbourhood to our Habbytats. I culdn't smell ennyfing speshul, just trees an' grass, anna squirr'ls dat lib inna trees an' was preddy much it. Dere is nuffin' to see outta'Back Door cos it is too high for us to see outta - we just catch a glimpse obba BlooSky an' mebbe a Cwoud now an' den, wike out our own Our Warren Memorial Winder wiff'its' Sun-Catchers-By-Shawn.

An' Maman shuts da door an' turns bak to me.

An' she says, "You wanna Blog, widdle Georgie?"

An' I'm wike, "Well, yeah. I only bin axtin' you ebbery day for wike, weeks, but you habbin't bin listenin'." while she's pikin' me uppa'gin.

So I put my paws on her shoulder (her good one, cossa udder one is no good to hang on to onna'count ob it gibs out on me when I put my paws ober it) an hang on, an' we walk fru da Dinin' Room, anna Libbin' Room, an' go Uppastairs innu da Office, which is where da 'puters are.

An' she sets me down onna green carpet an' I'm wike, "Whoa." Cossa wast time I was uphere inna Office, dere was boxes ob buks all ober da pwace, an now dere issn't. Whut dere is issa wong sofa fing dat hassa Cokie-da-Fat-Cat onnit, anna Big Desk dat smells wike Dadda, anna Tabul dat hassa'wotta Dadda's stuff onnit, anna metal tray-wike fing wif wegs Maman calls a "coffee tabul" dat has papers onnit, an' dere is Maman's big tabul wif buks an papers an anudder tabul wif her 'puter onnit. An bukshelbs! Whoa, I mean we're talkin' bukshelbes dat go alla waya'rounda room wif alla buks all lined up in rows afta rows!

An' on top ob alla dis stuff, dere issa'nudder door anna'nudder room, so I went hext'plorin' innu dere an' dere was justa'wotta furnitchur anna'nudder bafroom anna cat-pootie-box.

So I stopped an' ob course, weft a contribushun rite onna top. Belinda sed dat is only polite to leeb a contribushun rite onna top obba cat-pootie-box, an' I amma polite bunny-boy.

So I comed back innu da Office an hopped up onna chair wiffa arms dat is at Maman's 'puter tabul, an dere was her 'puter, hummin' away, an' her yucky coffee gettin' cold innit's cup, anna boddle ob wadder, anna stoopit-wookin' clay figgere'en holdin pencils anna box ob tisshoos dat hasn't bin chewed yet.

So I hopped up dere an' hadda wook, an' you know whut? Dere wassa winder! Yup. Rite dere - an it was OPIN! Justa widdle, but it was OPIN an' dere were Da Smells Obba Neighbourhood comin' in dat winder onna breeze!

So I sat down an' wooked, an' I culd see so far! I culd see da tops obba tree inna Frunt Gardin, anna mail-box atta kerb, an I culd see da dribeway where Dadda parks da Car, an I culd see da Houz Acrosst da Street! I culd see Ebberyfing frum dis winder! It was 'mazin'. Much nicer denna Back Door where da Dawg goes out ob, an' much more to see eben, den outta Our Warren Memorial Winder!

I culd ebben see da Bird Houzez inna trees inna Frunt Garden!

An' you know whut? Dere are birdies inna Bird Houzez! I seed'em flyin' in an' out! Widdle birdies flyin' in an' out wif widdle bits ob dis'n'dat inna widdle birdie-beeks. I fink datta birdies are buildin' homes inside obba widdle houzez.

Now issn't dat nice?

An' alla birdies is talkin' an chirpin' an' I culd ebben hear da Dawg barkin' inna Back Gardin, an' hear da Owd Dawg, Beau, who libs nextest door whufflin' to Our Marcus Dawg.

Anna smells comin' inna winder! I smelled da trees, anna flowers, anna street, anna garbage truck dat was crashin' arounn'a neighbourhood, anna Mail Truck wint by, stoppin' just wong enuf to put som stuff inna Mail Box atta kerb.

An' I culd see alla dis frumma winder inna Office, high inna sky.

So whutebber I was gonna blog aboud, I fink I fortygod aboud'dit onna'count ob wookin' outta winder an' seein' alla stuff dere is to see.

An' while I was watchin' alla dis goin' on, da mornin' cwouds moobed away frum each udder, anna sunbeem came out an' sailed rite fru da winder an' on to me!

So I axt you, does it ged enny bedder denna Spring Mornin, wookin outta opin winder?

I don't fink so!

Hey, Auntie Patwicia Na! Fank you for geddin' Maman to moob her butt!

---------By George

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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
Confessions of an Easter Bunny
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Topic: The Next Generation

Hullo. My name is George and I amma Easter Bunny.

That's right. I came innu this werld assa Easter Bunny - an ancient symbol of Spring, ob new life, of regeneration, of rebirth an' Hope Inna Future.

At least, that's whut Maman says. She knows aboud these things, about hist'ry an berry old stuff dat nobunny else seems to care aboud. She says Easter is alla'boud rebirth an Hope Inna Future, but that most hoomins hab fortygotten whut Easter rilly is an' make believe dat it is aboud candy an coloured eggs an buyin bunnies inna pet store.

An' den she gets sad an says, "George, you usta be an Easter Bunny."

But I rilly don't bemember much aboud being an Easter Bunny, 'cept dat it was no fun. Bein' an Easter Bunny had nuffin to do wif candy, an nuffin to do wif gettin' borned, an nuffin to do wif' habbin enny kind ob Hope at all.

Here is whut I bemeber aboud bein' da Easter Bunny:
I was berry small.
I got picked uppa'lot.
I was squeezed.
I got fed lettuce.
It made my tummy hurt.
I libbed in a small cage wif some food an wadder. An' ebberybunny seemed to wike me at furst, but preddy soon, dey fortygot aboud me. I guess da "Noo" wore off. Or mebbe I wasn't cute ennymore. Or mebbe I was just inna way.

Cos, you see, I dunno why nobunny wanted me. I wassa Easter Bunny, wasn't I? You know, da Peter Cottontail, Hoppin Down Da Bunny Trail!

Yeah, dere is ebben a song written aboud Easter Bunnies like me. You hear dat song played a lot rite around now.

And it's kinda hard to unnerstand how you can be all lubbed an' wanted one day an then shoved innu a small cage an' become a "chore" the next. I mean, I can't help bein' alive an havin to eat an habbin to go sit inna pootie-box now an' then an all. That's whut bunnies do. An' I can't help it if when all I have issa small cage, all I do is sit. There's not much room for ennyfing else, is there?

So howecome I got shoved innu a box an then left atta V-E-T's office?

Issat whut happins toda Easter Bunny?

Cos dat's whut happined to me.


Sumbun putted me innu a box an dribed me inna car toda V-E-T's office. Dey put me down an den left.

An' dere I was. All by myself.

An' I was three months old.


Now, OnAlone is the most Awfullest Thing that can happin to a bunny. Bunnies are susposed to lib in Warrens wiffa wotta udder bunnies. If you're a bunny, you get borned, an you habba Mawmie, an you learn frumma udder bunnies an get 'Tellygint, an grow up to be a Top Bun. An' den you hab kits ob your own dat you teach to be 'Tellygint along wif alla udder kits, so dat you love, an' are loved in return.

But bein' OnAlone means dat nobunny loves an cares for you an you don't love or care for nobunny. You have no Warren to be in. You are not part ob sumfing bigger, you don't belong and you are sad an sorrowful an skert.

I know, becos I was OnAlone. An I was sad, an sorrowful an skert all by myself inna box inna V-E-T's office while my furst people drived away.

An' whut were dey finkin', leebin me dere? Dat da V-E-T wanted me? He didn't. He didn't want an extry rabbit. He issa doctor to care for sik bunnies, dawgs an ebben catz an make dem well again. He doesn't need to hab an extry well-bunny to feed.

I guess does furst people wanted me dead. Cos dat happins a lot at V-E-T's. Cos dere is no room for extry bunnies. No Warrens to take us in, no places for us to sleep, no udder bunnies to teach us, no critters to welcome us.

An' so we are sent off toda Rainbow Bridge by ourselves, to find our way inna darkness. Mebbe you don't see it, but afta ebbery Easter, dere is a crowd of berry liddle bunnies, all skert an' alone, wiffoud Mawmies, all OnAlone, an dey are runnin, an hidin' an wide-eyed an' terryfied - poor widdle lost souls dashing through the cold an' nighttime, not knowing where they are fleeing to unable to turn back and afraid to go forward. Behind dem is Terror, ahead lies Fear an so dey run for dere lives.

An' ahead ob them issa Bridge an' it is high an white shining against the darkness obba sky, like a thin strand of moonlight stretched across black velvet. An skert as they are, the tiny bunnies run toward it, becos it is the onliest place to run.

You can't know whut it's like. You can't imagine it, but I can. It is the nightmare born in every liddle bunny's waking dream as soon as a breeder-person takes us frum our Mawmies. We are OnAlone just as the Werld comes innu focus, an OnAlone inna pet stores winders, an OnAlone in tiny cages, OnAlone as some starve to death, or are hurted to death, or who are let go inna wilderness obba city park wif predators wiffa nightmares obba silver moonlight Bridge stretched acrosst da Void anna cries ob tiny bunies ringing in our ears.

An' I had those nightmares, too, until I managed to get heer. When I finally got heer, I met Hunny, an Poet, an 'speshully Belinda, an they all told me dat da Bridge is notta nightmare, dat onna udderside ob it there issa Meadow wif alla bunnies who hab ebber libbed, all playin' inna sun. An' Hunny sed dat The Bridge issa place where old buns go to feel young, an' where sik buns go to get well.

But if I hadn't been rescued, you see, I nebber would have knowed dis. I nebber wuld hab had enny teachers, nebber wuld hab had friends an rewayshuns, an no Maman or Dadda. I wuld nebber hab learned dat da Bridge wassa good place, an dat it is pawt obba Cyrkil ob Life, an dat I don't hab to be afraid ebber again.

Becos I was rescued.

Maman came an took me away inna box an brought me to Our Warren, where I'm notta Easter Bunny enny more. I am George, George ob Our Warren.

So, you see, dere shuld be no more Easter Bunnies wike me. No bunnies shuld be sold as "presents". Dere are udder fings dat make presents at Easter Time, an' heer issa pickhure ob my friend, Clementine (he libs in Texas) wif some ob the GOODgifts to gib at Easter.

So, go ahead an gib candy for Easter, an gib sombun a plush, stuffed bunny toy for Easter, but please, please, please don't buy a living bunny as a toy.

We are not toys.
We are like you -
Living, breathing Memebers of God's Great Warren,
Alla Us Togedder, NoBunny OnAlone.

------ By George

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Monday, 21 March 2005
Mobile Homes
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Topic: The Next Generation

I fortygotted to tell aboudda new apawtmints we got.

Bemember dat we hadda Habbytats dat Dadda an Phil-da-Lad made for us bifore Phil-da-Lad signed up for da Naby?

Nedder do I.

When I came heer from da V-E-T's office where I was dumped afta Easter last year, da Habbytats was alreaddy inna Bun Room an Phil-da-Lad was just alreaddy finishin' up bein inna da Naby. I amma Noo Kid Onna Block as Belinda was allus tellin' me, an I didn't know ennyfing aboudda homes that weren't Habbytats.

Hokay, so lemme tell you aboudda Habbytats. Ready?

When Dadda comed frum Inkwand to marry Maman an lib wif Alla Us Togedder inna Warren, he an Phil-da-Lad hadda look atta Warren an decided that everybun needed noo places to lib. So Dadda, bein' an Engine-ear talked wif Hawthorn (who was bondmate to Belinda anna berry forward-thinking rabbit) aboud whut kinda place alla bunnies wuld like to live.

Furst they decided that there wuld be NO CAGES. Ebber.

Then they decided that whut bunnies rilly wanted wasta be pawt obba family, watch TeeBee, hab a room ob dere own, an to hab quarters dat was easy for Maman to clean where she didn't hab to bend ober alla time.

So, all werkin togedder, dey drawed plans for a noo type ob bunny home, called "Hawthorn's Homes", an put uppa web-site. Den Dadda an Phil-da-Lad got busy an built some ob dees homes for Our Warren.

Ob course Belinda an Hawthorn gotta biggest one. Dat's cos Belinda wassa Top Bun an a Inkwish Spot. You allus do whutta Inkwish Spot says. Belinda sed it's inna Roolz sumwhere but she wasn't sure where - not that it matters. Wif Belinda, it was better to just agree, wike Hawthorn did, an he was a berry forward-thinking rabbit.

So ennyway, Da Habbytats were like BIG-big pens for bunnies. They had hard floors we could walk on, an dey had white fences alla'round, wif nice pootie-boxes, toys, crocks dat screwed on through the fences for wadder an food an nice hay-bins. Maman culd stand up inn'em to sweep us out wif Mr Broom, an ebbery week, she culd wash our floors wif Mr Mop. So we stayed nice an clean an' had wots ob room for extersize an sleepin' an ebberyfing. An ebbery nite, Belinda came to tuck us all in.

An ebberyfing was fine.

'Til I came along.

Maman sed dat nobunny had chewed onna habbytats til me.

An I sed dat I only wanted to go see Missy an dat's why I was Makin' A Hole - which I thought was a preddy good idea atta time.

An' Missy thought so, too.

But Maman, didn't think so, specially when we moobed innu da Noo Houz an stawted Makin' A Hole just cos we culd.

So Maman an Dadda went toda Robert's Shop where dey buy us food an hay an dey saw these noo Rabbitats. So dey ordered 3 obb'em - one for Mr Mouse, an two bigger ones, one for Clover an Beebe-Bunny!! an' one for Missy 'n' me.

Well, the Rabbitats arrived an weren't dey just sumfing else?

In my whole life, I hab nebber bin as tall assa dawg. Nebber.
But you put me in da Noo Rabbitat Apawtmint an I'm on eye-lebbel wiffa bugger.

Yup, no more dealin' wif catz or dawgs frum "one fut offa ground" as Belinda usta say. I'm goin eye-to-eye, an toe-to-toe wiff'em now. Dat big, ol' nose come innu da apawtmint an I can snuffle it rite back. I ebben licked it!

Wanna see a s'sprised dawg? See one that's had it's nose licked by a bun.

Wanna see a ebben more s'sprised dawg? See one that's taken a direct pee frum Mouse.

Wanna see a cat make a run for it? Watch one hafta stand on it's back paws to gedda wook-in atta bun wiffa attytude on, like Beebe. Yup, I nebber seed a cat moob so fast!

Yeah, we're tuffer now dat we is taller.

An we're geddin more treats, too.

Cos wif bein' taller, we is more onna eye-to-eye lebbel wif Dadda when he's inna Big White Box wookin' for fings to eat. He bends ober an' dere we are - five pairs ob eyes wif one thought: "Feed us. We are cute."

Mind control is a great thing.

An these noo apwatmints are on wheels. Dis means dat Maman can wheel Mr Mouse into da Sittin' Room to sit an watch "Lawn Order" when he hears da song for it an stawts throwin' toys. An' habbin wheels means dat we can be moobed aroun' inna Bun Room, an ebben moobed out onto the Screen Porch on rilly nice days.

Missy an me can be rolled innu a sunbeam for a snooze wifoud moobin a paw!

Anna pootie-pans are spotless, cos Maman don't habba bend ober to pick dem up. Ob course, dey are onna small side, cos big ones won't fit through the opinin', so Missy hasta back innu'em to use 'em, but, well, as she sed, it's a small sackrifice when you fink aboud how nice an clean ebberyfing stays. We only use one, though, an keep the udder one to put hay in cos Maman can't find our haybins since we moobed frumma Old Houz. Ob course, she can't find a lotta fings since we moobed, but that's Maman for you, a genuine Looker-For-Fings if dere ebber was one.

So we're makin' out preddy good dees days. We gotta noo apartmints, an we're doin' preddy well on the treat front. We gots our own speshul room wif lots ob nice windows dat's decorated wif stained-glass pickchurs ob alla bunnies who hab ebber libbed in Our Warren, an wots ob sunshine. So I still gots Hunny an Belinda watchin ober me, an helpin me to grow 'Tellygint an all.

Course we still gotta Catz, but at least we're taller den dey are, an we're da same size assa Dawg, so dere are positive fings happinin', too.

And it seems Spring rilly is sprung.

Belinda usta say, "When you are one fut offa ground, allus look up." when I wassa youngbun, an I didn't quite know whut she meant. So I axted Hunny, "Whut's 'up', ennyways?"

An Hunny chewed on sum hay for a minit an sed, "UP is where you look. So look dere."

So dat's whut I'm doin' - lookin up and geddin dere!

------- By George

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Saturday, 19 March 2005
Just Another Day In Paradise
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Topic: The Next Generation
Well, it's still goin' on.

We moobed, but it's still not cleer 'zactly whut dis is ennymore.

You wuld fink dat afta habbin libbed through the Furst Generation ob Our Warren, da Dawg anna Catz wuld unnerstand alla'boud libbin wif House Bunnies. But no, ebberyfing is still all confusion an consternashun.

Da collie Dawg says we're pawt ob his Pack. You wanna seeda Dawg? Heer is his pickchur.

Da catz say we are pawt ob dere Chowder.

We bunnies say dey are Alla Us Togedder pawt ob Our Warren.

Anna Dawg says he issa Top Dawg inna Pack.
An Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says he issa Top Cat inna Chowder.

An I, George, amma Top Bun inna Warren, but dat is only if Mouse an Beeb bof agree, which is not alla time (onna count ob us habbin dees pee-wars now an den dat seems to bodder Maman. She says we are "Stinky Boyz" an den she geds outta mega-stinky Swiffer thingie dat Phil-da-Lad gots for her. An' she says WE stink!).

Heer issa pickchur ob me:

Bud ennyway... dere seem to be way too menny fings to belong to an too menny "Top" dis an dats.

And just to complykate fings furder, Maman an Dadda are in the whole mix, an mostly wiffoud knowin' aboud it which is Hoomins all ober. They ushally don't realise much until it hits 'em ober da hed like a tonne ob bricks.

You see, frumma Dawg's point-ob-view, Dadda is rilly the Top Dog inna Pack, which makes him whut is called, "Da Alpha Male". So, inna Dawg's view, dat makes Maman da "Alpha Female".

Conseequently, our Collie Dawg sees himself assa "Number One Sub-dominant Male", which means (Lemme see if I hab dis rite) dat he is second only to Dadda, an don't take orders frum ennybunny 'cept Daddy or Maman, and geds to eat furst afta Dadda an Maman, which is bifore enny catz, who are lower down onna scale ob Dawg HigherArchy.

Dawgs is berry organised.

Dawgs also hab "jobs" an dis is where we bunnies come in.

We are da Dawg's Primary Job. A'course, nobunny axted us, an we shure didn't axt to be pawt ob his Job, but heer we are...and dis is mainly cossa Maman. She has somehow let da Dawg know dat we hab to be protekted at all times. Dis means dat NO ONE can come innu da Bun Room wiffout da permisshun obba Dawg - and dat means dey habba axt Maman furst, or else da Dawg will chase dem out. Dis does not inclood Dadda, who, as Alpha Male, can do ennyfing he wants, except hurt Maman. If Maman geds hugged, denna Dawg hasta ged inna middle an protekt Maman. It's pawt ob his Job, too.

So Dawg society issa whole lot dif'runt an more complykated frum Rabbit Soceity.

Den dere is Cat Society which is also diffrunt frum an more complykated ebben den Dawg society.

Cossa catz fink ebberyfing inna whole werld belongs to them. If they can see it, it's their's an they can claim it. An so dey divide uppa houz between dem wiffoud conslutin da Dawg who finks da whole werld belongs to them.

Well, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says he issa Tom, which means dat he gets to select fings furst wiffa permission obba Queen who is da Stoopit Cat who Maman calls "Beep" cos she hasn't told us her name yet.

Now dis Queen cat has been libbin heer for a long time, an Cokie didn't ebben know aboud her when Maman and Dadda brought him heer. He knew aboudda Dawg, cossa Dawg had been to visit Cokie in Cokie's houz, but now Cokie was comin to lib wiffa Dawg inna Dawg's houz, so alla Roolz were dif'frunt. An den Cokie discubbered da Stoopit Cat libbin uppastairs.

Well, dey were muchually surprised to see each udder, anna Dawg was like to habba fit cos he knew he was out-numbered two to one. So he fitted "Catz" innu his werld-view unnerneaf ob "rabbits", an put dem innu his Pack wiffoud realisin' dat dey were puttin him innu dere Chowder somewhere unnderneaf "rabbits" assa point-ob-innerest.

An as far assa Catz are conserned, we rabbits are funny-wookin catz. Cokie hadda run-in wif Belinda oncet, so he knows dat you don't ged close to rabbits unless you wike bein' hed-butted acrosst da floor. I fink he told Da Stoopit Cat alla'boud it, cos she don't ged up to wook at us, but she does try to come innu da Bun Room to take our hay. Why she wants our hay issa mystery, but she does - and dis alarums da Dawg who is protektin' us as pawt ob his Job.

Budda Catz don't seem to fink we need protecktin', an nedder do we. I mean, rilly, Belinda told me whut to do aboudda catz:

Furst you *thump* to warn 'em, an if they don't listen, you *honk*. If that still don't werk, you lower you hed and charge full-speeds atta middle obba cat, an' plough rite innu 'em. Then they gedda message as they are rollin acrosst da floor: don't mess wiffa rabbits. Missy sed also datta bite-onna-nose will werk wonders at improvin' cat memories aboud why dey shuldn't mess wif rabbits. Now heer issa pickchur obba Cokie-da-Fat-Cat:

At enny rate, we don't need Dawgs, rilly, but if da Collie Dawg wants to be pawt obba Warren, well, we kin find a pwace for him assa cushion, or wind-break, or shade. We don't need protekshun an we aren't an employmint oppertunity, eidder, an we shure don't need to be barked at, snuffled or sneezed ober.

We are Our Warren, Alla Us Togedder, NoBunny OnAlone.

So which pawt ob dis can't enny obba three ob dem unnerstand?

Awww, geez... now da Dawg is barkin inna Sittin' Room! An dere goes Maman to sort him oud... an heer comes a cat, runnin'...anna Dawg, chasin', an Maman, scurryin...I fink I herd sumfing go "crash" - nope, dat wassa TeeBee turnin' on - Cokie-da-Fat-Cat has sat onna Remote again...

Anudder day in Paradise...

-------- By George

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