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Friday, 18 December 2015
Mood:  chatty
Topic: Libbin Assa Urban Rabbit

Well, yesterday Maman got busy and I didn't get access to the 'puter! Talk about what Belinda called "Indiggity"! Sure, I got hay, salads, a clean pootie-box and pets, but I didn't get my time on the 'puter! So what's up with that?  I mean, I get that Maman is bizzy with all the Decky-ray-shuns and stuff, but HEY! I'm ME!

We haven't heard anything about the litte lost Ferret. I had it wrong and it's a Girl named Bella. Ewing's Lisa Tusay, a talented animal advocate (among other talents), has motivated her people to look. A picture of Bella would be helpful! It's cold and rainy here, so PLEASE look around your property! This is a baby ferret who needs YOUR help!

Maman took pictures of the Chrissymas Tree and Decky-ray-shuns. Now she has to figure out how to post them. She is NOT Tech-savvy and only has Dada to help her. Some company called CustomByGeek that I don't know used to help her, and they promised to always help her, but you can figure how that went. Maman is very depressed and sad over it. I don't see how a person can "choose" between a mother and wife; that's two kinds of love and one shouldn't be jealous of the other. But Humans are not like House-rabbits. Bunnies all work together to make a Warren; even Urban House-Rabbits who are neutered form Warrens!

GOOD NEWS! There is a large cotton-tail back in our yard. Bad news is that someone again let their catz be outside. They aren't doing their catz any favors and they are endangering the lone cotton-tail bunny! 

Posted by Our Warren at 10:27 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 18 December 2015 11:03 AM EST
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015
SOS - Little Lost Ferret!
Mood:  loud
Topic: Libbin Assa Urban Rabbit

Listen up! A lady came to our door last night looking for a 2 month-old ferret that had raced outta her door two houses kitty-corner from ours. It was pretty warm, but it was starting to rain. She had the ferret's squeeky toy with her! Dada got a torch, Maman got an unbrella and Dada went over the compost heap, and the garden sheds, and the lady squeaked the toy, hoping the ferret would come out, or at least make a noise. He didn't!

Now if you're near to us, please look over your property! If you're not near, then please pray for this little guy! It's still warm out (61 degrees) and he's got a chance if we all ~vibe~ together! He's prob'ly skert, alone and feeling sorry for himself. He's got to follow his trail back to his house! Come on, peeps, shout the house down with ~Support vibes~ for this little guy! 

Posted by Our Warren at 10:14 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 15 December 2015 10:27 AM EST
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Monday, 14 December 2015
Mood:  down
Topic: Libbin Assa Urban Rabbit

<sigh> There will be no Hay Diaries today. The power company is screwing up BIG TIME and Maman is frustrated. She just told the computer what it could go do with itself after the 3rd restart and she was inna-middle of editing pictures (which she doesn't do very well!). She is kinda upset, so I'm not going to bother her... okay, she is VERY upset, so I am also upset because she is upset.

I wonder if I can get some Sympathy Raisins out of this?  

Posted by Our Warren at 9:41 AM EST
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Sunday, 13 December 2015
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Da Lore

Dis - I mean, this - is weird: because it is Chrissymas, Maman is putting up Decky-Ray-shuns. There is no word for it in my vocabulary - it's putting special things in plces they would not usually go and moving regular stuff. She says this is all because she and Dada are "Anglican" and this is part of their Lore. 

As far as I can tell, their Lore, like our Lore, directs that you help the Warren out of Love; that there is a Supreme Being who made the Universe (including US!) and we're all pretty much equal in our design and in the Being's Love for us. It's pretty simple: no species is less, none is more than another.

But on-account-of-the-fact this is the season of Chrissymas, humans put Decky-Ray-shuns around. But you want to know the REALLY neat thing? At midnight on 24 December, all of the species can SPEAK to each other! It's a gift. But if humans are listening, we don't talk to them. That's the Catch. 24 December (in human terms) is a night of Miracles! Yeah! 

Posted by Our Warren at 12:39 PM EST
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Saturday, 12 December 2015
Dis Sucks
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Libbin Assa Urban Rabbit

Okay, we pay the same price for this blog that we always have. I checked with Dada. The only thing is that there is a LOT less bandwidth! What's up with that? I can't type as much as I want? WHY?

This is discrimination against Rabbit bloggers. I don't care if it discriminates against Humans - they don't have much to say anyways - but against rabbits? That's Speciest! We'd even pay more, Dada says, but it's not on offer.

MORE specieism! This ain't Twitter or any of the other attenuated communication programs. Those are for small thoughts. I have BIG thoughts and I NEED to express them! And I'm NOT deleting this blog to create a New One. So get that out of your head. Belinda wouldn't stand for this and I won't either! 

Posted by Our Warren at 9:23 AM EST
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Friday, 11 December 2015
Mood:  happy
Topic: Libbin Assa Urban Rabbit

Amazing what you can find on the Innernet! Like this morning, I found this: []. It's a link to the National Weather Service in Philadelphia/Mt Holly that lists all the Christmas snow-fall frum 1958 till now. 

Not that I go out in it, I don't, but it's neat to know. Most of the years, there has been NO SNOW on the ground at Christmas around here. So the snow on the ground in 2009 was pretty mythic! And climatic conditions indicate that could happen again this year!

But I think its neat. Any day that you learn something new is a good day! 

Posted by Our Warren at 8:04 AM EST
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Thursday, 10 December 2015
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Movin' On!

Maman wants me to come read something called "The Noos" with her. Seems that George did it, and he made comments and stuff and now she wants me to do it, too. 

Thing is, her Study is upstairs. She offered to pick me up. Literally, Pick. Me. Up. As in "up in the air". Um, NO! So she had the idea of stuffing me in a carrier, but I'm too heavy for her in a carrier. Besides, I smell Catz up there. She says she has a Door, but I am NOT going anywhere I don't want to go and that means where there might be Catz. Heck, I'm not even ready to come out of the BunRoom and Maman wants me to go upstairs to her Study?

What is she, nuts? Why doesn't she take Franzi or Foxie? Why ME? Okay, Franzi probably doesn't have any opinions about this "Noos" stuff, and Foxie is just going to Disapprove. She wants to ride around inside Dada's sweater, not go on some Expedition with Maman.

Don't get me wrong - this is a nice bunny-home! There are salads, fresh hay, your own litter-box, food and water crocks and very own room. But the humans are crazy! Maman sits in the BunRoom and tells stories about bunnies who have lived here. She has momentos on the walls that she takes down and shows us. She says she wants us to learn The Lore. Well, yeah, that's nice, but I'm still exploring! I'm busy!

Oh, and she butt-plucks. Yeah. If she sees any loose fur you're shedding, she gets out this comb. She doesn't hold you or anything; she's more of a drive-by comber. You cruise past and she combs your butt. Then she lures you in with head pets. See how that works? Pet the head, comb the butt. Oh, and if you let her get away with this, she gives you a raisin. I'm torn between wanting the pets and raisins and NOT having my butt combed! Foxie says its my fault for shedding. She can say that because she's done shedding. Franzi says the key is to stay tidy. Easy to say when your butt isn't a long way away from your head!

This whole "house-bunny" thing is perplexing. Every house seems to be different, but one thing is the same: all the humans are nuts!  

Posted by Our Warren at 9:39 AM EST
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: Movin' On!

Well, I have my own habitat. It's roomy. In fact, I have access to the whole BunRoom. I'm not sure I like the whole BunRoom. It's too big. I like having my own habitat, my own litterbox, my own food-dish and water-crock - but I am not positive about this whole BunRoom thing.

Mostly, I go sit under Franzi. I don't look at him, mind you, I just sit under his habitat. Maman is talking about something called "bonding" me to that flop-earred nut-bag. I don't know what she means. I've never been "bonded" and I'm not sure I want to be. I mean, he's a BOY! I don't want to be "bonded" to Foxie, either because she's tiny and a totally Disapproving Rabbit. Besides, she likes Dada better than anybun!

Frankly, I want MORE salads! Pellets are nice, and so is hay, but one salad, even a big one, just isn't cutting it. Maman tried giving me part of something she called a "grape". Epic fail! And one raisin as a treat in the middle of the day? Epic Fail! I'm 12 lbs.! I should get more. Like a handfull, every time!

Dada got the rubbish out, just in time. This place NEEDS a Managing Rabbit. That would be me. I'm just the size to do it! Franzi is too mild and Foxie just disapproves. And I THINK I can smell Catz somewhere. More than one. They will have to be Impressed Upon! This is a Warren, not a Chowder, and the Head of a Warren is a BUNNY! One smells like an Old Cat, tho, so I will be kind to him even tho I haven't seen him... yet.

But to visit Catz means I have to leave this BunRoom and I'm not ready to do that. For right now, I'll go sit under Franzi's habitat and bother him. Bawhahahahahaha! 

Posted by Our Warren at 1:20 PM EST
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015
Some Observations
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: Takin' Stock
Topic: The Next Generation

Hokay. Dada gets up inna Dark to wander around and look for food. Maman always shares, but he pretty much keeps snacks to himself which is NOT helpful at least to a 12 lb. bunny like me! Yesterday, Maman gave me a bit of something called a "grape". Didn't like it. She says I'm fussy. I say she's not offering the Right Stuff.

Franzi got a New Big Litter Box for his corner. He's thrilled. Simple things for Simple Bunnies, that's all I'm saying!

Fox hadda carrot and that thrilled her. She's a sugar-junkie!

Maman and Dada managed to get the rubbish together but it's not at the kerb yet. Hope they get it there before the truck rolls up! It's recycling day. Always recycle, even if holding that back door open lets in the COLD!

I got as far as the Big White Salad Bank and had a look inside. WOW, do Humans keep a lotta stuff in there! And Maman puts it all in bags, too. I wouldn't keep it; I'd eat it!

And that's the Report from Our Warren today, frum me, Mollie :)  

Posted by Our Warren at 8:12 AM EST
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Monday, 7 December 2015
New Bunny Blogger
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: I'm Mollie!
Topic: The Next Generation

Okay. It's now 12/07/2015 and I've got a LOT to say!

First of all, I'm a BWB - that is to say, I am a Red-eyed White New Zealand. I'm six years old and Our Warren is my new Furever Home!  I'm cheeky, demanding and I have the whole BunRoom to explore. I've never had my own blog before, I never met Dusty (the poor guy Crossed the Bridge before I arrived), and never met George or Belinda, but I know The Lore! I have ideas and opinions of my own, too. I'll type them here as we go along. I don't "do" rabbit-speak because I have a pretty good grasp of how Humans talk and I can type with the best of them.

Maman is an idiot, but I'm sure you're already noticed that. She treats bunnies like babies. I keep an eye on her while she's making Salads in case she does it wrong. Can't be too careful, you know!

I live here with Franzi, who was pretty beat up all his life by his energetic son, Hanzi. Franzi lives in a habitat and has all the food he can eat! He's growing pretty fast! Sad story about him and Hanzi: some moron threw them over a fence at a pit-bull rescue and then moved away. Only the very careful pit-bull Mawmie and her wonderful Son saved them! So you see, there ARE good people in the Rescue World!

Hanzi (who has helicopter ears!) was adopted by our Dr Sharin (whom I've yet to meet!) and he is already bonded to Betty. Hanzi is a flirt and thinks he owns everything! They are apparently high-energy bunnies!

Franzi is quiet and gentle, but REALLY determined about his food. No matter how much Maman gives him, he eats it ALL.

I was fostered in Wilmington, Delaware and found my way here through a nice rescue in Radnor, PA. There's good food here, but I'm really impatient, love my kale, love raisins, don't like carrots much, love my blankie, like having the whole BunRoom in which to roam, but I'm still not sure about roaming further. I drag my blankie wherever I go. Dr Sharin says that confidence will come in time.

And then there is Foxie. She's a Dwarf Disapproving Rabbit. Whatever is going on, she Disapproves. She has a big habitat but she's bonded to Dada and that's that. She is 10 or 11 years old and VERY set in her ways. She insists Dada give her 1/2 of a Baby Organic Carrot every night or she gets REALLY grumpy. She is not a fan of Maman's, but Maman is too dim to realize it.

I think Franzi wants to date me. He keeps making noise to attract my attention. I pretend not to notice. I sit under his habitat. He's a cute grey Holland Lop with tattered ears (from his son!), but I'm a BWB-REW and I don't bond with just "anybunny".  

Well, more to come, later!

Posted by Our Warren at 9:27 AM EST
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Monday, 17 September 2012
Seventh Strand; Day number 17
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Needful Fings
Topic: The Third Gennyrayshun

So, like George told me, I taked the weekend off to play onna ScreenPorch and 'noy the Catz.

It akchually does help ennertain you to bother Catz! All you gotta do is to lift your tail, pull up your ears and stick out your nose inna threatenin' manner and Wow! They walk around you, lookin' outta the corners of their eyes like you wuzza Ghost ob Gonna-Bite-Your-Butt-Now! <bunny chuckle>

The onliest fing wrong wif being onna ScreenPorch is that I seemed to either be IN a pen, or the Container Garden was in a pen.

Whut's up wiffat? Why putta Garden inna pen? Issa garden gonna make a break for it? Issit gonna take off and fly away through the screens? There isn't enny door or ennyfing toda Outside, so it's not like the Garden could hextkape, even if it wanted to - but Maman hadda x-pen around it like it hadda be jailed or sumfing!

Whut did it do to deserve bein' penned?

I mean, I NEEDED to get innu that Garden! I NEEDED to see those micro-greens, basil, and both kinds of parsley growing there! And I would not have minded having a look innu whut's being billed as "lettuce" but that right now looks like dirt. There are also some RILLY yummy-looking baskits in there that are calling my name - but I couldn't get innu 'em.

Whut's up wiff'at?

And there is this big, huge, beyond ginormous plant with white flag things coming outta it that Maman calls "Auntie Laura's Plant" (cos 'parently, she bringed it!). That's penned up in there, too. Dadda said it hasta be divided this year, cos it has got too big. Maman care barely drag it around.

Fing is, I wanna look att'it! Whut iz it? Issit toothsome? Is it nice? Is it bunny-licious? Is Maman holdin' out on me? BUNNIES NEED TO KNOW!

Now George didn't have much inna way ob Curyosity going on. He was preddy content to sit onna sofa and sleep, or sit inna sunbeam and sleep - or do whuteva and sleep.

But I am ME, and I amma Lop, and I have Energee wiffa lotta emphasis onna "gee" part. I'm like "Gee, I should habba look at this!" or "Gee, how come I haven't had a taste of that?" or "Gee, whut would happin if I..." You know? Maman sed she hasn't hadda Youngbun around, "Large and in-Charge", in awhile - but that's an hextcuse. Fact is, George was easy-peasy and she got used to it.

So now I gotta wait for NEXTEST weekend to hextplore the ScreenPorch wiffout being watched all through "Playtime". During the week, I get watched onna'count obba Fakt Dadda is werkin' and Maman has nuthin' bedda to do or sumfing. But she does Laundry onna weekend and comes and goes and bunnies can get sum werk done of their own, if they pre-plan and get organized. Yeah, I'm innu that! Fox sed I'm gonna get my butt hauled back innu habbytat-jail, but mostly on weekends is when my habbytat is gettin' cleaned, so not much werry there.

I fink I'm going to give the whole "Bunny Mind Control" fing a shot. George sed Hunny told him abouddit. "Bunny Mind Control" is when da bunny convinces the hoomin that the hare-brained idea that just bloomed in their own hed is their own idea! Mebbe I can figger out how to convince Maman and Dadda not to pen inna Garden dis time. All I gotta do is make them fink it's THEIR idea! I fink I can do it - if I start now - cos I NEED to see Fings in that Garden!

Frum your friend at Our Warren - Dusty =:3 <paw-waves to Auntie Carla!>

Posted by Our Warren at 11:19 AM EDT
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Friday, 14 September 2012
Seventh Strand; Day Number 14
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: Not Yer Basic Bunny
Topic: The Third Gennyrayshun

So, like, here's da fing: George always sat on Maman's lap and read the morning Noos wif her.

Seems great, huh? Yeah. Well, let me let'cha in onna liddle sekret: she petted his ears and he went to sleep!

Because basically, The Noos isn't that inner-restin'. It is preddy much All-Hoomin, alla-time (and I'm even talkin' aboutta "Daily Mail Online" which is about as hextcitin' as it gets, whut wif stories just tossed up there, the-more-the-merrier style). Ya got'cher murder, yer mayham, yer basic inhoomanity; wars breakin' out here, sum nut-job passin' out rocket-launchers there and pictures of breasts. (I thought all humans had breasts, sum werkin', sum inoperative and sum used to almost hold up "dresses", so whut's up wif that?) It's all the same tired old stuff with dif'frunt headlines on top.

So ennyways, Maman thought I was gonna be a lap-bunny like George, but wow, you know, I am waaaaaaay too bizzy for that!

For one fing, she has pockits in her bafrobe! And there's stuff inn'em! Well, the onliest way to discover stuff is to go lookin' for it. If you don't look, you won't find - and if you don't find, well, you could end up missing a meal. (I am NOT stoopit!)

So I taked the Smart Opshun and began lookin' in her pockits. I could only get my hed in, which was kind of a disappointment, because it meant I could get my hed in, but backing out required a LOT of scrabblin' around, which apparently was "disruptive". Whuteva!

So I got told to "Sit still".

That's not in my hextensive vocabulary of "Unner'stood Werds". It's onna nudder list, right there next to "Begud" and "Stopdat" unner the headin', "Werds Wifout Meanings".

So I sitted on her lap and tried lookin' atta Noos again. But, like I said, it's so hoomin-centric! Like I care! No wonder George went to sleep - now there was wun smart bunny! He lifted an ear when Maman sed sumfing and was quick enough to pick up on her tone, so of course she thought he was agreeing wif her!

He also told me she shared sumfing called "breakfast" that was sort of treat-like, but she hadda liddle accident lastest week in alla rain and damaged a rib or sumfing and so she doesn't "feel like eatin'" - which sucks frum my point-ob-view. I mean, I'm still hungry even if she isn't, ya know? But that's Maman all over - other hoomins "comfort eat" when they are upset. She does the opposit! Figgers!

So ennyways, I got bored and tried to have a look inna udder pocket. Yeah and I almost got stuck in there, too. Seems my butt might be bigger than I thought. Then I tried lookin' atta Noos again, but - What A BORE!

Haven't hoomins noticed yet whut bunnies have allus known? DON'T ACT STOOPIT! If sumfing looks like it's gonna get dangerous - RUN AWAY! Running away has saved more lives than fighting! In fact, the faster you can run away, usually the safer you are, so practice running away.

Do not mess wif GUNS. They want to be shot. That's why they exist. Unless you unner'stand 'em, leave them alone cos they are not for YOU!

And teach dis rilly basic stuff to kits because they are not born 'Tellygint. They only get 'Tellygint frum watchin' you and if you are NOT actin' 'Tellygint to begin wif... guess whut?

So I looked in Maman's cup, but it only had coffee (yuck). Then I was gonna hextplore her desk, but she called me a "wiggle-worm" and carried me back out to my habbytat. (sulk)

But she did put in a nice salad: sum microgreens, sum basil, two bits of carrot anna slice of appul.

Then she looked at me, sighed and said, "So I guess yer not gonna be yer 'basic bunny'."

And I looked up for a sekond (cos I had my mouf full and was busy chewin') and gived her a wink.

Nope, not yer Basic Bunny at all!

Frum yer friend at Our Warren, Dusty =:3


Posted by Our Warren at 10:01 AM EDT
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Thursday, 13 September 2012
Seventh Strand; Day Number 13
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Me? George?
Topic: The Third Gennyrayshun

I can't believe George has gone an' dun it, you know? Left for da Rainbow Bridge ad left just me an' Fox here at Our Warren with Maman (weepin) and Dadda (bearin' up). I mean, George was only nine. Usually bunnies stay at Our Warren until they are like 10 or 12 years old. Hunny was 13.5 years old!

I know George was sad. I mean, afta Missy left, alla fight went outta him. So Maman and Dadda went over to Dr Sharin's where she hassa boat-load of rescued bunnies, and sure enough, she had The Duchess of Crosswicks, Comet, who was as black as George was white. And she had lost her bondamte, Brian, and was sad, too, so she and George reached an agreemint, to be each odders' Best Buddy.

And they rode out da hurrycane shoulder-to-shoulder while Dadda ran the pumps an genneryraytor all night and Maman sat and listened to the wind trying to pull down the trees outta the back Garden. And Maman axted George why Hurrycans allus seemed to come at night, but he didn't know eidder. But they sat togedder and pondered in case the roof blew off (which it didn't).

And then real sudden, Ms Comet hadda heart attck a couplea months later. She crossed heer at home. We were all very sad. But Dr Sharin said she enjoyed being "1 of 4" instead of "1 of 50", cos she got presonalized salads every evening, an' hed her had own peronsal treat-bag - fings Dr Sharin dosn't allus have time to hand out with fifty bunnies-in-need and exry carers comin' in. She said Comet was livin The Dream - her own screenPorch, local hay, delivered Greenbag, cats to 'noy anna Dawg to appeal to, and she got reg'lar well-bunny checkups at Chsterfield Veterinary Clinic on Rout 206 and 'Mergency hospial care with Doctor Doolan at NorthStarVETS just up the road.

Both Doctors saw George. And both treated him aggresively. They had known George from he was poor abandoned litttle baby-bunny in the cardboard box that no one wanted. and ome unccaring local vetwho was going to put to sleep if Maman "kept him hanging round, waitin." Maman rushed over to that place, showed her ID and scooped up George.

Poor guy, he had ever seen a letuce leaf and he hought Blinda, who was old and sick with cancer, was his mawie. He was sad little bbaby a furst who didn't knw what to make of his his noo home.

But he grew innu it.When Hunny left for the bridg in 2005 (and Maman blames bloodyminded sister for damages to a house not own in exress of $10,000, steaing documented property in excess of $34,000, defrauding a vulnerale person, assult, trespass and making her move Hunny out of his warm, secure home, thus causing his deah. That anger won't go away - EVER!)

Then while Maman wept. Gentle George took over the Hay Diaries.

He told me he Lore - the Blog was begun by Belinda as a writing Exercise that go out of had, then served as a dsicipline exerside. And then it lay "fallow: while Georg and Maman woked on a big book. The book isn't finished yet, but I axted maman if I could have time gettn' up to Geprge-speed. I need to learn his focus, unerstadnd the Lore of the Lagomorphs, and get inside of his head and the udder bunnies heads who all play big parts in the book. There are 25 major characters and at least 20 who appear more than once. I got my werk cut out fer me - and it's wrtten in mamam's "Good English", not rabbt-speak!!

So I gotta lotta catchin' up to do. I wanna make George proud of me.I got Big Feets to Fill, lemme tell you! But I'm gonna do it! I'm a lop and we take these things serriusly!

So this is the Seventh Strand and I am Dusty, grey-and -white lop, and I am the noo keeper obba blog.

Every Ending brings a noo beginning, although we mite not see it right away - our job is to keep lookin!

By Dusty Bunn

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Monday, 14 June 2010
2010 The Sixth Strand; Day Number 14
Now Playing: Growing 'Tellygint and the Freedom to be Stoopit

"Bunnies do not grow old. They grow 'tellygint." - meHunny, Senior Bun of Our Warren.

That was, like, wunna the first bits of advice Hunny told to me afta Maman rescued me frumma veterinarian's office when I wassa young-bun - like about six years ago. Since then, I have done my best to Grow 'Tellygint.

There have been some hiccups along the way. Most of them I've typed about here in The Hay Diaries - which Belinda said I should do, inna innerests of "being honest". Nobunny just becomes 'Tellygint easily. It's a Process. Stuff happins - kinda like pooties. You turn your head, look behind you and there it is - a pootie. I mean, it's not like you get tapped onna head by sum 'Telligint Fairy and all at once ~bang~ your head is suddinly stuffed full of sound judgemint, sage direction and good literature. It doesn't werk that way. 

Nope. You gotta take a few wrong paths, have a few messed up ideas, ocassionally look stoopit, make sum mistakes and just gen'rally screw up royally before you even can start guessing about which is the 'Tellygint way to go about Becoming.

Which brings me to a Noospaper article Maman and I read this morning inna New York Times. You can read the same article here. It is about a party that was held for some of the more Conservative writers and literati-types in Washington, D.C., and one of the points that the author seems to be making is that the Guest-of-Honour, seemed to be rather "inconsistent" in her religious/political views!


Like, there is something "contradictory" aboudda Fakt that when she was younger, she was a Conservative Muslim lady who wore a hijab when she studied in Kenya, then fled an arranged marriage (!), and that she supported the fatwah against another Muslim author, before she became an atheist. (Her views are her views and she is perfektly free to hold them, as am I to disagree with them. I am, after all, a small white HouseRabbit and she is an internationally-educated author. We are bound not to agree on sum points.)

But, like, well, so? She has obviously changed up her mind on sum issues.

So, is there anything so wrong with that that the author of the noospaper article has to make a point of it? It is not like the Guest-of-Honour is untalented, or has "adopted" a humanitarian crisis in order to exploit it like a pseudo-intellectual pop-video performer. The Guest-of-Honour is a serious artist, capable of growth beyond self-regard.   

It is my opinion that in order to Grow 'Tellygint we make the best choices available to us based upon the information available to us at a given time. I like to believe that this is how the Process of Growing 'Telligent, works: you know, and then you know better. We must have the freedom to be wrong once in awhile, and what we are now might not be, hextactly, what we will become.

So why does the author of the New York Times article seem to be so upset that udder hoomins can grow and change? I believe I would be MORE upset were I to find hoomins incapable of change. Because if nobunny could change, then nobunny could learn, and nobunny could Grow in enny-ways-possible at all! They would become Stuck - like the Stone Warren in Maman's Gardin, forever unable even to scratch their noses or wiggle their ears, always looking like they are about to yet never accomplishing the simplest fing.

In order to Grow 'Tellygint, there has to be Freedom - the Freedom to hextplore the intellect, the Freedom to cultivate and then to hextamin dif'frunt points of view, and along with that, there hasta be the Freedom to move about the Gardin of Thoughts inside your own head. I fink ev'rybun needs the Freedom to evaluate their past and current belief-systems in the bright light of their present hextperiences - to tend their Gardin, so to speak, to weed it, to help it Grow.

And at the same time, it is no good to just hold on to sumfing blindly, without justification, just because. "Because" is no reason for ennyfing, except the passage of that old Illusion called "Time", that hoomins mistake for "old".

The only way to Grow 'Telligint is to axtchually do it - to Move down those Intellectual pathways, and to realise, "whoa, that's the wrong road to take!" and then correct courses; the Freedom to choose, the Freedom to learn, to make mistakes and yes, to be Wrong, the Freedom to be Stoopit.

Onna'count obba Fakt, if we are never Wrong, how will we know Right when we come across it?

So it is hokay, I fink, to continue to Grow 'Telligint. In fakt, I kinda insist onnit - onna'count obba Fakt, if you don't keep moving forward atta preddy rapid rate of knots, you might nebber know whut might be catchin' up behind you!

........................ By George

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Thursday, 3 June 2010
2010 The Sixth Strand; Day Number 3
Now Playing: A Noo Laptop

Hokay. So this is like, a Hextperimint. Maman and I are trying sumfing Noo.

We are typin' to you while sittin' onna ScreenPorch!


It's aboud'da hunnert degrees in Noo Joisey (not quite, but when you're wearing a fur coat alla time, it feels like it!) so Maman, Foxie, Dusty, the Dawg anna Catz and I are all out here onna ScreenPorch where there are some breezes (and ice-bottles). And the reason we can type inna The Hay Diaries is onna'count obba Fakt that Phil brought Maman a laptop for Mother's Day!

So how cool iss'at?

So we're out here, all connected and ev'ryfing, lemme tell you!

Of course our Auntie Terry knew alla'bout the laptop and it was onna'count ob her that Phil could make it all happin and ev'ryfing, and we are all rilly thrilled and de-lighted (like the lady that backed innu the 'lektrick fan, as Our Bim usta say!) because typin' out onna ScreenPorch issa LOT COOLer than being inna Houz.

Andnot being inna Houz means that we don't have to turn onna Cental Air Conditioner, which means that we are saving Energy, and helping to save the 'Vironmint, too.

Maman wants to save the Air Conditioning for when it gets rilly hot for rilly long, like when it is axtchually Summer, which she says is "Not Yet" (although it feels like it). Just why it is "Not Yet" Summer, when it is like 90-degrees during the day and about 70-degrees at night, and the grass is green, and the roses are blooming, and we're all sittin' out here onna ScreenPorch onna'count obba Fakt it's too hot inna Houz... If that doesn't spell "Summer" to Maman, then I dunno whut does. Sumtimes hoomins are hard to convince obba Obvious.

So here we are with a Noo Laptop, inna breeze, onna ScreenPorch, pretending it's Not Summer Yet! But all the same, it's Preddy Cool...

.......................By George

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Monday, 31 May 2010
2010 The Fifth Strand; Day Number 31
Now Playing: Wimmin Obba "Certain Age"

Hooboy! Here we go again!

Maman and I still read the Noos. You wonder why sometimes. I know I do, but there's always Tradishun, as Belinda used to tell me and Tradishun is wunna those things you keep doing because you're not sure why, just that it needs doing or the sky will fall...

Or some stuff.

Ennyways, Maman I and were reading the noospapers - specifically The Times (of London - Dadda says there IS no udder Times) and we're only reading it until tomorrow, because afta that, they are going to start charging for reading their web-site and Maman says that she believes inna Freedom Obba Press - meaning, we are free to go elsewhere to read a noospaper and The Times (of London) isn't "all that anna Bag of Chips", which, if they were chips, they might be worth paying for.

So while we were reading, we found this article and you can read it here (for free only until today!). It is about hair - and how it concerns "wimmin obba certain age".

Now "Wimmin Obba Certain Age" is a nice way of mentioning wimmin who are, more or less like Maman, rapidly approaching the age they remember as being their grandmother's. Maman remembers her grandmothers being about her age. The good noos is that she admired both of her Grandmothers. She is not what you'd call "distressed" about the fact that she is getting on toward being their ages, because as Maman sees it, getting older isn't a Negative Thing.

Maman takes preddy literally whut Belinda told me: "You don't grow older, you just grow 'Tellygint."

She is still hopeful about the 'Tellygint part. So am I.

But the article inna noospaper is about hair.

Maman has very long hair. It is pretty much well on it's way to becoming the same colour as mine, which would be mostly white. At various times, she has been told that she should cut it because "Wimmin Obba Certain Age" should "not have long hair" - which is kinda puzzling onna'count obba Fakt that most obba "Wimmin Obba Certain Age" that Maman has known have had long hair that they wore twisted up in various kinds of knots on top of their heads.

Maman even has inherited whut she calls "combs" which are rilly ornaments and such that she sticks in her hair that hold up these twists, knots, braids and (yes, for some reason I don't unnerstand, they are also called) "buns" - that she is now getting to wear, having managed to get to that "Certain Age" where she can wear such things in her hair and not rilly care if they are "fashionable" or not, because they are "heirlooms" that tell a story. It's Tradishun, not Fashion or ennyfing.

And so she wears her hair "up" like her grandmothers and is "obba certain age".

And she said she won't colour her hair, either. She said Phil gave her her grey hairs so she is fond of them. I happen to believe white issa preddy good colour. It goes with most everything and reflects heat. On a 90-degree Memorial Day, I see that assa Bonus.

And speaking of Memorial Day (annuder Tradishun), be sure to Remember those who served and those who are serving in our Armed Services! Take some time out while you're having your picnic to say names in your heart, and then add a name for the Unknowns, so that nobun is ever "forgotten".

Happy Memorial Day, everybunny!

.......................... By George

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Friday, 19 March 2010
2010 The Third Strand; Day Number 19
Now Playing: Spring is Sprung

As I am sure a lotta you know, we heer at Our Warren cannot declare it is Spring until sumbunny wakes up Wun Morning and decides it is time to sing The Bim Song – which The Lore says was furst discovered by Maman’s Dadda (Phil called him “Bim” which wassa corruption of his name, which was “Bill” – onna’count obba Fakt Phil couldn’t say “m” sounds when he was liddle.) long, long ago when me,Hunny <Senior Bun> joined Our Warren.

And just lately, it seems like it has been a Very Long, Long Winter. Missy went to the Rainbow Bridge - and I can't even begin to tell you about that. No, I can't.

But has been Still Winter heer. And very cold and Dark.


Ennyways, I wassa’bout to go to sleep the udder morning when Maman came cruising past, offering Baby Organic Carrots onna’count ob Nothing.

And I’m like, “Well, hokay. I'll hab wun.”

Onna’count obba Fakt you don’t turn down enny treat no matta how sleepy you might be.

So even though standing up meant I hadda displace Foxie who has taken to sleeping curled around my head, I stood up, took my carrot and carefully sat on hers (a trick I learnt frum Missy) and started eating.

And Right About “then”, as I was eating my carrot and Foxie was sorting around, still looking for hers, Dadda came by and opened uppa ScreenPorch Door! And as soon as he Opened Uppa Door, the Usual Parade started – furst out went Dadda, closely followed by The Dawg, then Cokie skidded around the corner with Beep-the-Udder-Cat close behind.


And that's when I smelled it – that wunnerful, unique smell of rotting veggytation, lingering swamp, and rising worms.


It was Spring right out there onna ScreenPorch!

And rilly soon afta that, heer comes Maman, decked out in GardinGlubs and carrying her baskit ob kitchen tools that she uses to rake over alla those containers she uses to plant Herbs in!

And I could smell Rosemary, too, that had survived over the Winter and was still out there onna ScreenPorch, growing like mad. Not that I wanted enny, mind you, but I could smell it.

So, that wassa Coupla Days ago, and Maman has been out onna ScreenPorch, diggin’ with her kitchen tools ev’ry day. And Dadda anna Dawg have been outside ev’ry day, using big garden rakes and such and consultin’ sum buk called The Farmers’ All-Mens-Nack, which is about right onna’count obba Fakt they are both guys. So there are two raised beds outside that are ready to Grow, hexcept Maman anna All-Mens-Nack said it is too early to “set out” enny lettuce for us yet. So we will have to wait to get Fresh-Frumma-Gardin Lettuce and stuff, but I don't know how long.

Should be soonest, though!


So to get stuff to grow faster, we bunnies are ready now, to sing The Bim Song and declare that it is Spring:

 Spring is SprungThe Grass is rizWe wonder

Where da birdies iz?

 So that’s it. It is Officially Spring (see the colour change and ev'ryfing?) heer at Our Warren, and Our Gardin is unner’way. We got Herbs in containers so far, and lettuce, although it sure doesn’t look like much.

So, can dandylions be far behind? Lemme know when you see sum! Yum!

------------------- By George

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010
2010 The Second Strand; Day Number 3
Now Playing: SURPRISE!

Marc-the-Border-Collie and Cokie-da-Fat-Cat have been involved in sumfing Maman calls a "bug-tussel" over who gets to sleep nextest to Dadda's side obba bed at nite. 

This all began when Phil left before Fanksgibbin' to go live with his Aunt Terry in Callyfornia - so it's been going on for Quite Awhile Now, and as of Lastest Nite, it showed no signs of stopping - Until - ~ SURPRISE! ~ which actchually happined to occur Lastest Nite!


And I won't tell you the ~ SURPRISE ~ just yet, or you won't be Surprised when I get to that part.

You see, the whole Fing got started onna'count obba Fakt Marc, the Border Collie, believes that he is Sekond-in-Command to Dadda inna Warren. It's a Dawg-fing, because Border Collies have-to-have Rools, and these are the Rools as Marc finks they exsist: Dadda issa Alpha Male and Marc is Dadda's designated Second-in-Command, and ev'rybunny else is not-in-charge-of-ennyfing, end-of-story. 

But atta same time, Cokie finks that he issa TopCat inna Warren and this means that he Out-Ranks the Dawg on All Counts - and he, as TopCat, should get to sleep nextest to Dadda inna Most Important Sleeping Spot at nite.

About the onliest fing on which they agree is that Whomever is the Nextest Most Important Male Inna Whole Houz - Afta Dadda - gets to Occupy the Bed onna floor Nextest to Dadda inna Bedroom.

And That Bed has been Marc's bed frum, like, Forebber, but Marc is getting old, and he hadda slight "stroke" (Maman calls it) and he doesn't see as well as he did and he's having a few trubbles getting around. So Cokie-the-Fat Cat has been watching alla this and he's trying to sneak innu Maman and Dadda's bed at nite, so he can sleep Nextest to Dadda IN THE Hoomin BED! Which hasn't been going so well, since ev'ry time he jumps onna Hoomin Bed, he keeps landing on either Dadda's back or Maman's head and waking them up. Then no matter how much he purrs and turn on his Cute, he's Pretty Sure to come flying outta the Bedroom with all four paws offa ground.

And, of course, this makes Marc-the-Border-Collie Laugh.

Onna'count obba Fakt air-born cats purrin' overhead inna nite-time are actchually preddy amusing. Unless you are da Cat.

So during the day, Marc goes outta his way to play "Annoy the Cat" and udder inner'estin' Games Of Opportunity - like, "Wassat Your Tail?", "Oh! I Didn't Realise That Tidbit Was For You!" and, of course, the ever-popular, "Gee, I Didn't See You!" (better-known as "Get Up, Get Up! I Thought You Wassa Rug!").

Bunnies don't werry about this stuff. We all know this is Our Warren, and I'm TopBunny. It's been this way for awhile and as I'm only six, and not going ennywheres, that's the Way It Is. I mean, who gets fed furst? Bunnies get Salads before ennybunny. Who has fluffy towels changed ev'ry day? Bunnies. Who has their ownliest habbytats in their ownliest room? Alla Us Togedder. Who has their ownliest blog onna Innernet where they type their Very Own 'Pinions and Observations? 'Nuff said. 

So Lastest Nite the Dawg was out inna Living Room, On Guard, anna Cokie-Cat was unner the table glaring inna Dining Room, and Maman was inna 'puter room, talking to Aunt Terry in California, when the Frunt Door opins and in walks Dadda and PHIL!

Phil came home to visit Maman for her Birthday!

And wow! Was Maman ~ SURPRISED ~ !

So Lastest Nite, the Cokie-cat was rilly mad. Onna'count obba Fakt that ev'ry fing has gone Back to How It Was Before Phil Left! Dadda is still the Alpha Male inna Houz, but now Phil is back and the Furstest Fing he did was he picked up Cokie and set him down on his butt so they could sing the "Kitty-Cat Song" togedder, where Phil helps Cokie to clap his paws togedder and sing, "I'mma kitty-cat! And I dance-dance-dance and I dance-dance-dance!" - which onna Cat-Diggity Scale of 1-to-10 rates in Negative Numbers.

And of course Maman is still too surprised and teary-eyed to bother defending Cokie at all, so he just slinked right UNNERNEAF the Dining Room table where he ccould sit onna paperbag, glare out atta Dawg and sulk. Anna Dawg has instantly regained his whole position assa Number Two Second-in-Command - He has alla his Legitimate Collie-Jobs back, and he's got alla his "Rools" and, best of all, he doesn't have to sit around doing Stoopit Cat-Dances.

And when ev'rybunny went to bed, the Dawg had back his automatic position onna bed onna floor right beside Dadda inna Bedroom - while Cokie had his paperbag unnerneaf the Dining Room table.

So you can see how big "that" went over! And then, just to make fings slightly worst, Phil went uppystairs to his room where his Whole Gang of Five was thundering back and forth all night so that "sleep" remained more of a concept lastest nite than enny kind of reality.

Hextcept for us bunnies. Phil gave us extry pets and we got extry treats lastest nite. And since We are atta udder end obba Houz, we got plenty of sleep, got up at our usual time and are doin' fine, fanks! As Missy said to me right as Marc was enforcing the No Cats Inna Bun Room Rool (with a liddle more enthusiasm than Cokie was prepared to accept but less than Maman was prepared to scold him for) - Missy turned to me and said, "Well, ev'ryfing is back to normal! Phil's home and it's just like he said - It's all fun-and-games 'til sumbunny gets hurt." That's when we heard the crash inna Kitchin anna Cat began swearing atta Dawg. 

And Missy chuckled. "And then, whoa! It's downright hilarious!" 

------------------ By George

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Monday, 25 January 2010
2010 The First Strand; Day Number 25
Now Playing: Help for Haiti's Warren

So The Dawg was axtin' Whut To Do aboudda' Warren in Haiti that had The Earthquake, and tiday I happined to find the answer inna Noospaper story inna New York Daily News. Click here to read the story and find out how you can help animals who are injured or who need veterinary care in Haiti.

Inna Natural Disaster everybun is affected and everybun hassa Opportunity to Help.

So tiday it is rilly rainy and windy outside anna Dawg has trubble just keeping on his paws on his Morning Patrol. So Dadda went outside with him.

I fink wunna the most Frequently-Axt Questions around heer is "Whut are you, nutz?"

That's whut Dadda axted Marc as they were coming inna Back Door, as in, "You think either wun of us is gonna lie down by the Gate in this rain and watch the road? Whut are you, nutz?"

Then Maman axted the Catz the same question as she was handing out their breakfast: "Whut, you fink kitty-food is sum kinda poison? Whut are you, nutz?"

Then it was Foxie to The Dawg as he was shaking rain off his coat just beside her habbytat: "You fink I wanted a shower? Whut are you, nutz?"

And then, of all fings, it was Maman, axting Missy and me as she was handing out Morning Salad! I mean, when you fink of it, if there is Wun Fing that we are not, it is Nutz. Bunnies live in Hope, which is Whut We Do. And onna'count obba Fakt that we live in Hope - and don't go rushing innu a pile of boring Romaine and just stand there, looking like we're hexpecting sumfing else (like Rolled Oats, mebbe) while there is still remains the slightest possibility that there might (possibly, mind you) might be Rolled Oats (maybe) inna offing - there is totally No Reason for Maman to axt us, "Whut, you actually fink you deserve to have Treats before Breakfast? Whut are you, nutz?"

Onna'count obba Fakt that, yes, we actchually Are That Special that we do deserve Treats Before Breakfast. I mean, it's not outrageous to hexpect Treats Before Breakfast. We are, afta all, bunnies. We are undoubtedly Special

You mean, like, you hafta axt? Whut are you, nutz?

------------- By George

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010
2010 The First Strand; Day Number 20
Now Playing: The Point of The Story

A very nice young lady frum Uppa-Road went to Haiti to give food and education to kids there. She had just arrived in her hotel room and called her mawmie and then the Earthquake happened. She hasn't been heard frum since. Of course, Everybunny here is very scared for her, and everybunny is saying prayers for her safe return.

But this blog Entry is not about her, hextactly. It is about the Noos and how it's reported.

Howcome noospeople just started pouring innu Haiti's earthquake disaster and started practicing all kinds of "feral journalism"? I mean, didn't ennybunny frumma noos-organization "want" to go there in order to help - or were they all there with their cameras and notebooks and film-atta-'leven teams just to rush around like a pack of starving critters, feeding offa misery?

Lemme put it to you this way: if I just happened onna Earthquake and there were burrows collapsed and Bunnies-in-Trubble, the Furst Fing I would prob'ly do would be to do my "job" and take sum Pikchurs, send them on - and then throw away my camera, send a text message to Those Who Love Me, sayin': "I'm hokay! There has been a disaster! Send Help!", and then start diggin' - even though I know that it's does that do the diggin' while bucks usually don't.

I mean, doin' your job is Wun Fing, but sumtimes you gotta Do More Than Your Job, you have to take on a job you don't usually do.  

Whut I wouldn't do is start finkin' "I gotta take pikchurs ob Bunnies-in-Trubble." or "Whoa! Lookit alla Trubble! Send more photographers!" I would fink, "I gotta get help for these Bunnies-in-Trubble, onna'count obba Fakt this is bigger than I am!"

Now, I know a pikchur can tell a story faster than a bunch of werds, so sending on a pikchur of a disaster can help bring much-needed Help. So if I was a photo-journalist, I would Do My Job. But I can also dig. I have Udder Talents. Mebbe I don't get paid for havin' them, but that doesn't mean I don't have'em or shouldn't use them.

There comes a point when even a photo-journalist should hextchange a Camera for a Shovel. There also comes a time when there are Enough Photo-journalists wandering around Unnerfoot. Not ev'ry moron with a camera anna Press Pass has an automatic reserved space onna Disaster-Response team.

I wonder how many Emergency Supplies hadda be left behind to make room onna USS Vinson when alla junk carried by CNN-Noos came on-board? Did that Dr. Sanjay-person need a camera-crew in order to do good or could he have done good all on his ownliest without being filmed?

And let's say you gotta choice of disaster pikchurs to take, sad as that is. Do you... take the pikchur of ten guys with weapons bullying udders for water or of a thousand people inna Cathedral garden self-organizing innu a line letting li'l children and old people be handed water before udders? Do you... take a pikchur of helicopters landing inna only open space that happins to be where a government building used to stand (and then be sure to mention it "looks like" an "invasion") or take a pikchur of people trying to be safe living on boats inna harbour (and then be sure to mention it "looks like" they're "fleeing")? And you gotta be sure about the choice of werds, too, so you know your bunch of pikchurs gets inna papers before someone else's!

And I want to know who reports onna reporters. The reporters who type the many stories that appear inna Guardian Online, and The Times (both New Yook and Lundun) anna lotta udder noospapers, all talk about people who have had no water or food in days. I want to know if the reporters who is type these werds shared enny of what they had to eat with the people about whom they write, the people who have none. Did the reporters use their phones to call back to the Relief People and say, "Lookit, my GPS co-ordinates are 'x' and there are 'y' number of people here. They need this-this-and-this. I'll stand-by and reassure them 'til you get here."

Or did the reporters just get their stories and then just climb back into their vehicles and drive away?

If ev'ry journalist onna-ground acted also acted assa co-ordinator and assa rallying point, assa point of light and hope instead of as a disaster tourist, well, the Relief Effort of which the noospeople are so critical might go better. Mebbe the televisions and the noospapers wouldn't have had so many stories and so menny hours of video-tape, but more lives would be saved.

The story isn't The Story. The Story is Alla Us Togedder. It's a choice.

And that's the whole point, isn't it?

------------------------By George




Posted by Our Warren at 7:54 AM EST
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