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Sunday, 14 January 2007
George's Furst Strand ob 2007; Day Number 14
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Noo Comp'ny, Noo Office, Noo Werk for Alla Us Togedder
Topic: Lagomorphin Enterprises
Our Dadda has a Noo Comp'ny and he sed that Alla Us Togedder heer at Our Warren are Da Bored ob Directors.This is mainly onna'count obba Fakt that the name obba Comp'ny is Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC and We are the Family Lagomorphs

Belinda Bunny and Hawthorn would be proud. Hawthorn allus sed datta bestest way for Bunnies to being taken Serriusly inna Werld was for Alla Bunnies Ebberywheres to Achieve Economic Innypendance Through Manipulayshun obba Financial Systems (or sumfing like dat). Ennyways, he would approve ob us having This Comp'ny wif Our Name Onnit.

So Maman has a Noo Office for Us to share wif her. And Ebberybun In Our Warren hassa Job inna Comp'ny!


Maman issa 'Fisshul Sekretary obba Comp'ny, which means dat she hasta type a lotta stuff innu her 'puter, answer da phones and just, in gen'ral, know Whut Is Going On. Alla Us Togedder are sus'posed to help her wif dat.

Da Dawg is sus'posed to "Guard". He wants to be Hed ob HomeFruntDoor Sekurity, so Dadda sed dat while he is not heer, da Dawg can go ahead and BE Hed ob HomeFruntDoor Sekurity. Dis means datta Dawg, who is still all shiney wif Collie-slick frum being atta Spa, Perminit Job which will be to Be "On Guard" att Frunt Door alla time, watching out for Maman and Us, letting her know Who Is Atta Door and Warning Off Strangers. Because he issa Border Collie, he says he has this covered. He has also inklooded Barking At Squirrels inna Back Gardin atta Back Door to his resume, for free. He sed dis issa'nudder Border Collie Fing.

Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says dat his Job inna Comp'ny is to Look Good, and be da Cover Cat. He says dat since he has been toda Spa, (and is still Fat) he can do this better than enny other Cat. Assa Cover Cat, he will sit on Dadda's briefcase and cover up ennyfing Dadda might be looking for. He also says that Catz, in gen'ral, don't hab to hab "jobs" onna'count obba Fakt dat they are Not Dawgs. Only Dawgs hab to hab jobs to justify their exisitences. Catz simply "are", and Cokie says dat at just  "being" , he's allus had dat covered. He also says dat "covering" comes nat'chural to catz who use litter-boxes and are neat.

Yeah. Whutebber.

And Beep-the-Udder-Cat says her Job inna Comp'ny will be to sit inna winder to look out for fings forda Dawg to bark at. Since she sits inna winder ennyways, dis issa berry good job for her. So you can say datta job ob Display Cat is filled: she will be filling dat winder like a Thanksgibbin' Day Balloon on Display at all times.

Which brings me to Us. Dadda says dat da Bunnies heer at Our Warren are da heart and soul ob Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC. And dis is onna'count obba Fakt dat We stand for :

  • Speed - rabbits are known for getting around inna hurry
  • Friendly, Personal service - there is nobun friendlier den Us
  • Reliable - bunnies are dependable. It's a survival fing.
  • Integrity - bunnies are Honest. There can be only Troof inna Warren.

And, let's face it, a comp'ny run by Lagomorphs is gonna hab certain traits: we werk well togedder onna'count obba Fakt dat we are social creatures who hab to learn to lib togdder. And We come fumma MultiSpecies Home, where we hab to learn to Get Along. Plus We habba firm belief in nebber lebbin' ennybunny OnAlone, so whin sumbun needs anudderbunny, we're *there* to help each udder. 

It all goes wiffout saying heer at Our Warren, you know?

So, starting tomorrow, dis is how Lagoorphin Enterprises, LLC is going to werk: Dadda will go off inna mornings to visit clients and keep appointmints inna Speshul Bloo Van, and Maman will stay heer and run da Office wif Alla Us Togedder to help her.

Dadda sed dat Mr Mouse will prob'ly become da SpokesBun, onna'count obba Fakt dat he likes to ride on Dadda's shoulder so much, and since he won't be able to do dat, he'll be able to appear in pikchurs and stuff, insted. Mr Mouse sed he finks dat will be all-rite, depending onna diggity obba advertizing.

Maman sed MissyBun and I can be free-range inna office most days, so dat means dat you can go to Dadda's 'Fishul Web-site, and get the contact info, call and axt for me, George! I prob'ly won't say much, onna'count obba Fakt dat I let Maman talk for me onna tellyphone, but I like to hear my name! Yeah! I wave my ears alla'round and wook atta tellyphone and do Bees-inna-hed binkies! 

And Maman sed dat ebben Beebe and Stuffie can come up inna Office sumtimes if they want to. She's not shure how much Beebe will unnerstand or want to help out, since he's very much innu Treats and Sustainable Farming just now, and there will not be much ob dat going on inna Office. He may just want to stay Downnastairs inna Bun Room and watch ober da White Box Wiffa Treats In. Just to make shure datta Dawg doesn't ged alla'em, you know? But if he wants to come up inna Office, Maman sed she will find a way to bring him up, and she will nebber leeb him Downnastairs inna Bun Room all OnAlone, eidder.

So dis is gonna be Our Ownliest Comp'ny, Lagomorphin Enterprises, LLC. ob our very Own!

Like I sed, Belinda Bunny (who stood up for HouseRabbit Rights) and Hawthorn (HouseRabbit Economist), who was Belinda's HusBun, would be very proud.

--------------- By George 

Posted by Our Warren at 9:28 AM EST
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Wednesday, 3 January 2007
George's Furst Strand ob 2007; Day Number 3
Now Playing: Guest Blogger: Beebe-Bunny!! Yo! Where's My Food?

Note Frum George: In keepin' wif Tradishun, I was gonna habba Guest Blogger yestiday, and it was gonna be Beebe-Bunny!! who has sumfing impawtant to say - BUT - wuldn't you know datta whole HAY DIARIES web-site was down and onna'count ob dat I couldn't publish Beebe's artykul? I mean, rilly! Anna web-site won't let me put enny pikchurs inna HAY DIARIES, eidder and it's beginnin' to rilly ged on my wast nerb...

So, ennyways, heer is Beebe's Guest-Blog dat was typed Yestiday, but is appearin' Tiday onna'count obba Fakt datta stoopit web-site is messin' up, wif my apologies toda Beeb, who is, afta all a Senior Bun and ebberyfing heer at Our Warren...



Beebe-Bunny!! heer.

George sed I could be a Guest-Blogger tiday.

So, Lookit...

It has comed to my attenshun datta ConTammyNayShun Obba NaShunal Food Supply has reached EppyDemmik P'porshuns.

Uh huh... I hab heard abouddit frum Maman and George who read stuff inna Noospapers. 

Dere has been outbreaks ob illness associated wif all kinds ob CommerShilly-produced Greens (da biggest being an outbreak ob E-coli bacteria contamination ob iceberg lettuce atta Taco Bell eating places inna Norf'east) and for a commershilly-produced greens-eating consumer (namely HouseRabbits) dis issa calamity!

I'm tellin' ya, da salads served to us Bunnies may not be safe

And I hab seen dis wif my own eyes heer at Our Warren!

'Cos I amma Senior Bun and I was around whin Maman was serving bagged salads. Bemember those? Handy bags fulla great-looking greens, already labelled as "Pre-Washed" and "Ready-to-Serve" - dey were eberything a HouseRabbit could want, all in wun bag, washed, mixed and ready to be heaped up high on a 100% made-frum-recycled-paper paper-plate and served to hungree bunnies!

And dat's whut it sed onna label: Pre-washed and Pre-mixed! Bagged Salads wassa boon to the busy Mother of HouzRabbits, ebberywheres - but especially to Maman who had 10 HouzBunnies, inklooding one seriously sik bunny who was inhaling 3 salads a day, ebbery day.

So Maman served up two salads dat nite - from Bagged Salad called "Sring Mix" - salad dat she had washed herself, ebben though the bag sed "Pre-Washed".

By da nextest morning, LuckieBunny (who ate one salad) was critically ill and da udder, Belinda Bunny, was showing symptoms. Bof were rushed toda V-e-t's. LuckieBun, who was so sweet and silly and wuld nebber hab burt ennybun, died ob mycotoxin poisoning associated wiffa bagged salad. Dis is scientific Fakt (yeah, Maman and Dadda went toda trubble to hab it verified). Belinda recobbered.

Now Maman nebber, ebber buys Enny bagged or boxed salad! And she nebber, ebber buys enny salad product marketed unner da name ob Dole.

And dat's A Fakt.

Onna'count obba fakt dat Belinda was so critically ill, and she taked so much intensive nursing, and just da way udder hoomins nebber seem to unnerstan aboud HouzRabbits, in General, and LuckieBun's leaving forced Maman right through Anger, and Out Da Udder Side, to Resignashun. So she nebber "Made An Issue Ob Contammynated Salad" inna court, ebben though she hadda Proof Obba Troof. Where issa point, Maman axted us, in doing ennyfing bar warning udders ob danger? No munny can ebber bring LuckieBun back...

So Maman gotta Stone Rabbit for LuckieBun to put in Hunny's Our Warren Memorial Rose & Herb Gardin... 

But Our Warren doesn't fortyged. A Senior Bun Bemembers and adds Warnings innu Da Lore: Nebber Eat Bagged Salad! 

Now, lemme tell you sumfing aboudda E-coli bacteria. It issa a natchurally occuring bacteria. It comes frum cows and pigs, mainly da wuns dat are let innu fields ob greens, or near to fields ob greens. It also gets innus greens when manure frum cows-fed-on-grain (not grass) is used on fields ob greens. It also can come frumma unclean hands ob hoomins who picks and processes greens

In udder werds, E-coli can come frum all-ober.

It is also a "sticky" bacteria, so it is almost impossible to ged it ALL washed off ob greens. Eating as liddle as 10 orgaisims ob some strains can make a hoomin sik (cit.: Noo Yawk Times 1/2/07 artykul), so you can imagine whut a few obb'em do to a bunny!

I'm telling you dat Our Supply ob Fresh Greens is Not Safe!  

So Whut Can A Bunny Do?

Well, yo! Ged your hed outta your butt and listen up! 

Furst, your hoomin has gotta Make A Decision - shop for greens atta giant SupaMawkit or spend a widdle more and Buy Local?  

Buying Local means your hoomin has gotta find a Farmer's Mawkit and find a Farmer, a person who ackchually digs inna dirt and raises food. Den your hoomin has got to tawk to dis Farmer person aboud how dey Farm Da Land: do they use pesticides? Whut kind? Do they use fertlizer? Whut sort?

Da werd "Organic" on greens is no Gar-an-tee ob ennyfing these days! Just cos your hoomin goes to "Whole Foods" or buys  Wal*Mart "Organics" doesn't mean da food is safe for a bunny to eat - it is still mass-produced, and much ob it is growed far, far away in places where using chemmykals and stuff is *okay* or da greens hab to be shipped long distances or processed a lot before they gets it to your habbytat!

Now da BESTEST idea dat I hab heared aboud for Knowing Your Food has come frum Auntie Laura Hardy who libs heer in Noo Joisey - and dat is POTS.


She plants Herbs-In-POTS on her Frunt Steps, and she has these Big-Liddle Gardens, right outside her door that grow fresh for the cutting for her Bunny Salads!

Now the thing about POTS issat they can come *INDOORS* when da wedder turns cold, and they will keep Growing Herbs!


We're talkin' your very OWN

  • Mint,
  • Dill,
  • Cilantro,
  • Dandelion,
  • Flat Parsley,
  • Curley Parsley,
  • Basil,
  • Wheat-grass,
  • Lettuces,
  • Right on up to your own Carrots and Radishes!

You just get dirt, sum seeds and wadder and you are On Your Way

Cheap, Easy and SAFE!

But I gotta tell you dat supporting your Local Farmer is also a Great Idea, too, onna'count obba Fakt dat if you don't support your Local Farmers, preddy soon all you are gonna hab are Far-Away Food Sources - food dat hasta come frum places you nebber heard ob, food dat hasta be preserved in order to reach where-you-lib! And dat means chemmykals dipped and sprayed onna stuff dat goes in your mouf!

You want dat?


Not me.

But I DO want fresh salads - ebbery nite! - and I DO want good hay frumma local source dat I know alla'bout, inna bale, not in sum plastik bag.

And da way to ged dis stuff is to tell your hoomin:

"YO! YOU! Ged off your butt! Start a Gardin, or gedda pot! Ged sumfing goin' around heer so I kin EAT!"

You gotta put your paw down. Dere are Times Whin Bunnies Know Best - afta all, we hab bin eating salads a wot wonger wif bedder results den most hoomins.

So it is Time we Bunnies made Our Voice Herd:

  • No More Bagged Salad! 
  • No More Salad-Inna-Box!

So, wike, YO! Whut's in your 'frigerator?

------------------ By BeeBe-Bunny!! 

Posted by Our Warren at 9:14 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 3 January 2007 10:09 AM EST
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Monday, 1 January 2007
George's FURST Strand ob 2007; Day Number 1
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Hoppy Birfday to THE HAY DIARIES!
Topic: The Next Generation

It was Three years ago tiday dat Belinda Bunny sat down atta 'puter and began to type her thoughts aboud libbin' assa urban houseRabbit heer inna HAY DIARIES.

So far as I know, she wassa FURST bunny to ebber hab her berry own blog, where she could put her ideas out onna Werld Wide Web.

Dis wassa milestone for alla HouseBunnies, ebberywheres!


Onna'count obba Fakt dat nebber bifore had Bunnies had a Voice ob Their Own inna Werld ob Hoomins! We had menny hoomins who were brave enough to speak for us, but we had nowheres to speak for ourselbs.

Den Wun Rabbit made a dif'frence, and dat Wun Rabbit was Belinda Bunny, Proud Inkwish Spot.  

And ober da years THE HAY DIARIES hab talked aboudda wotta Fings, and dere hab been menny bunnies who hab writed aboud whut was imporant to dem

Onna personal note, I hab tried berry hard to Grow 'Tellygint while I hab been heer. I came toda HAY DIARIES as Wun Small Bunny libbin' in Our Warren. An Easter Dump, I wassa'fraid ob "Romaine Lettuce" and had nebber eben seen a Salad bifore coming heer - I was dat much obba Baby Bunny! I ebben thought dat Belinda Bunny mite hab been my mawmie. I was so confoozled, so berry confoozled.

Yeah - you see, dis is whut happins to small bunnies who are picked up as Easter toys and den discarded whin dey are no longer "cute", and no longer fit into sum hoomin's werld. Dey are "dumped" - inna park, or onna road, or inna woods, where dey lib out da few days dey hab left in sadness and fear and hunger and want, because dey don't know how to survive inna outside, and dey are prey. Da lucky ones, if you can call us dat, are put innu boxes and left sumplace, like a shelter or a V-e-t's office, and meebe sumone kind comes to get us.

Or meebe not.

And it's frum bunnies wike Belinda (who came to Our Warren frumma shelter) and frum me,Hunny (who was rescued frum horrible people who almost killed him) and frum LuckieBun (who a man wif tears in his eyes was forced to gib up to Our Warren) and frum Willow (who wassa Easter Bunny inna pet-shop dat No One Would Buy) and frum Maggie (who was bought on impulse by stoopit drunk people) and frum Poet (who libbed in a tiny cage for 7 years bifore she came to Maman) and frum Heatherington (a Pet-Shop Rescue) and Beebe-Bunny (a poor, trapped School Bunny) and frum Ms Clover (who was found inna dumpster, rescued by Auntie Grace and came alla way frum Bis-con-sin to Our Warren!) and frum Mr Mouse (who was surrendered by a man who loved him dearly) and frum sweet, deaf widdle Hawthorn (who mean children poked and teased bifore Maman took him into Our Warren) and my wunnerful Bunny-Gurl ob Gen'rous P'porshuns, MissyBun (who was rescued by Uncle Michael and came alla way frum Noo Yawk to lib in Our Warren)...

It is frum alla dees menny bunnies dat I hab learned dat we are Da Few Who Make It, Da Blessed, Da Lucky Wuns, when dere are still so meeny bunnies who Hab no Voice, who are sitting OnAlone rite at dis berry momint in shelters and unnerneaf ob bushes and by demselbs in bad places - who all need homes, to come Frum OnAlone into Alla Us Togedder.

But One Fing dat I hab also learned frum typing inna HAY DIARIES issat dere are awotta Kind People, too, who hab Bunnies libbin' in dere houses. Dere are Kind People who lib All Ober Da Werld, and I hear frum dem, AND frum dere bunnies almost ebbery day!

I know bunnies in Noo Yawk and in Callyfornia who lib in castles, who own real estate, who run companies, who hab salads and raisins ebbery day, and who hab access to computers, and who ged to pee on beds whin dey get 'noyed wif dere people! I know bunnies who hab passed dere Salad Bar, who fly hareplanes, appear on totebags and teeshirts and who are Nashunal Spokesbuns, and publish calendars and greeting cards, and who appear in videos taking da lids offa dere berry own treat jars!


I know bunnies who hab birdies to sing to dem, and who hab patios, and who are in charge ob Rescues, and who do 'mazin' tricks and wear costumes! I know bunnies who hab organised dere berry own Organnyzashun and Website, wif dere own Roolz, and who gib tee-shirts to V-e-t's! I know a bunny who had his pikchur inna Navy! I know bunnies who are so talented dat you wuldn't beeleeb it if I told you! And dey are not OnAlone, and dey are not skeert, and dey hab Homes Ob Dere Own.

Bunnies are a Society ob Our Own and I feel berry blessed dat Belinda thought I culd type dis HAY DIARIES blog. How culd she hab known datta widdle white bunny who arrived inna box was gonna be able to carry on dis afta she had 'stablished it? But she did. Sum how, she did.

Hunny teached me Da Lore.

Belinda showed me Da Futchur.

Maman says dat Rabbits teach Hope.

And I am gonna continue Onna Way, wiffa HAY DIARIES.

----------------- By George 


Posted by Our Warren at 11:25 AM EST
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Sunday, 31 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 31
Now Playing: Hoo Boy! Hoppy Noo Yeer's Eve!

You know, it is berry wunnerful to fink datta Hay Diaries Blog was started onna Noo Yeer's Day in 2004 by Belinda Bunny. So Tomorrow will be a Birfday ob sorts for The Hay Diaries Bunny Blog!

 And when you fink dat The Hay Diaries Bunny Blog wassa Furst Blog ob it's kind - For Bunnies, By A Bunny - well, it makes you FINK, you know? Aboudda Fakt dat we hab commed DIS far and hab DIS much Furdder We Can Go...

Becos Noo Yeer's issn't aboud looking BACK ober your shoulder and gibbin' da RBB (or "Royal Bunny-butt") to Whut Has Gone Bifore, and it issn't a Time to be Sad Aboudda Fings Dat Hab Happined (becos Fings allus happinin, no madder whut-we-do) - Da Noo Year Sellybrayshuns are a Time to Figger Out Whut We Can Do Bedda.

Like Belinda sed when she started The Hay Diaries... "Dere is no cause to be stoopit aboud dis."

And she is rite.

Dere doesn't hab to be a wotta inward-navel-gazing aboud "Whut We Shuld Hab Done" or "Opps, We Hab Screwed Dat Up" onna'count obba Fakt dat whutebber it is, It's Done, and It's Ober, So eidder Don't Do It Again, Stoopit, or Plan How ToDo Bedda Da Nextest Time! 

Maman wikes to say dat "Da Past is gone, da Futchoor may nebber come, so All we hab is Dis Momint in which to lib and make a Dif'runce."

Now Maman is no Poster-Child for Making Up Her Mind. In Fakt, she is a Champion-Flutterer (in udder werds, ged her atta wrong momint and she's gonna FLAP ebbery which way like a pennant inna high wind trying to "make up her mind" whut-to-do. And sumtimes, Dadda hasta jump in dere and make-up-her-mind for her, becos udderwise we'd be hanging dere Forebber!) But da Fing is, she means well. She knows dat Whut She Does Means Sumfing, so she is careful to make dat momint she spends Flapping and Fluttering is spent looking out for ebberybun's welfare. It's becos she issa Maman, and Looking Out for Ebberybun's Welfare is Whut She Does.

But no Momint will last Forebber. So wike Belinda Bunny spent most ob her life trying to tell Maman: "Wookit Wady, Sumtimes you just gotta Do Sumfing!"

Wike make a Rezzy-loo-shun - a Promise to yourself dat you will do Sumfing. Tiday wuld be a good time. How aboud Now?

Sumfing Possytib, becos dere are Enuf Negative Fings inna Werld. 

Make sure datta Sumfing is Do-able ("Saving da Werld" is Not Do-able!). 

Try Out whutebber is your "Rezolve to Do" for Wun Hour and see if you can do it - becos ennybunny can do ennyfing for just Wun Hour!

And Don't Hexpect Mirakuls! Mirakuls only come aboud Oncest Inna While At Great Need, Hunny told me. In Fakt, he sed, don't Ebber Wish To See Enny Mirakuls! Cos if you do, Fings are prob'ly gonna ged rilly complicated, rilly fast - an'dat's da wast fing a bunny needs! Routine and boredome hab dere Attractions - wike Reg'lar Meals anna Normal Sunbeams to take Naps in.

I wanna leeb you wif dis Thought Frum Belinda's Furst Blog back on Noo Year's Day in 2004:

"Real Life isn't tidy. Real Life is untidy, like hay. Real Life is messy, and it can be hard, like a whole bunch ob hay wiffa few carrots innit, but it's LIFE, so dig through it and GED ON WIFFIT!" 

So dat's Whut We're Doin' T'night Heer at Our Warren. We're Geddin' On Wiffit in Honour ob Belinda Bunny.

  • Furst, we gonna habba meeting and make sum Possytib Rezzy-loo-shuns.
  • Den we're gonna Try dem Out for Wun Hour.
  • Den we're gonna see Where We Are.

So far, MissyBun is Preddy Possytib she's gonna axt for more treats when Dadda goes by to ged sum more ob dat Crismuss! Cake, and Mr Mouse is Preddy Possytib he's gonna pee onna Dawg iffa Dawg keeps banging his tail against Mr Mouse's Habbytat on his way out toda Back Gardin, and ebberybun agrees dat nedder Cokie-da-Fat-Cat nor Da Dawg smells rite since dey camed back frumma SPA and so we gotta do sumfing aboud dat, onna'count obba Fakt datta Warren Dat Smells Togedder, STAYS Togedder (but you just can't seem to convince Maman ob sum fings.)...

So it's preddy much "Biznezz as Ushual Around Heer"!

See Ya Nextest Yeer! Habba Safe and Hoppy Noo Yeer's Eve!

----------------------- By George 


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Tuesday, 26 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 26
Now Playing: Uh Oh! Happy Crissmus! SPA!

It's Crissmus! Happy Crissmus! to ebberybunny, ebberywheres!


Maman says it's a good fing dat dere are 12 Days ob Crissmus! onna'count obba Fakt dat she is gonna need alla dem in order just to ged Fru da Hollyday.


Cokie-da-Fat-Cat says dat if dere are gonna be 12 Days ob Crissmus!, he's gonna gib up Cellybratin' all-Togedder onna'count obba Fakt dat if he geds One More Pressent wike dis wun, he's gonna gib up on geddin' pressents for his Whole Life! 

And da Dawg is just too Stoopit to figger it all out. So he's preddy happy wif his pressent onna'count obba Fakt dat he just finks it's a Job and he's happy wif dat.

You see, tiday, Roberta frum Robert's Pet Shop (frum whence commeth all Hay) called to say datta SPA hassa 'Pointmint Opin for bof Cokie and Marc and it's gonna be on Tomorry!

Yeah! I heard Maman onna Tellyphone dis morning! 

Maman sed, "They'll be there." and ebben "Fanked" Roberta "Berry much for callin'."!


So I told MissyBun, and she told Marc-da-Border-Collie when he comed in frumma Patrol inna Back Gardin, anna Dawg, being Da Dawg and in charg ob alla Informashun Hextchange around heer, immedyately wint Uppystairs and tolda Catz da Noos.

So, right-away, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat comed trundling Dwonnastairs innu Da BunRoom to complain aboud Fings...

And MissyBun sed to Cokie, "Dis is your own fault for smellin' so bad. And for walkin' around adbertizin' da Fakt dat you smell bad. Da least you culd do is to sit still so nobun wuld notis."

And Cokie sed to MissyBun dat so far as he was concerned, he didn't smell bad at all, onna'count obba Fakt dat he didn't smell ob ennyfing 'cept Cat. Whereas he culd see a problem wiffa Dawg needing a trip toda SPA, onna'count obba Fakt datta Dawg had lately been smelling berry strongly ob Dawg and stinkin' uppa whole houz.

And Mr Mouse sed dat wif Maman, Sistah Beffy and 'Lanna baking cookies, pies and Crissmus cakes, and cookin' squash and beans and tatties and stuff, and handing out mints, and lighting candles, and buying treats and making cranberry jam drinks, da whole Houz smelled pretty weird wif or wiffoud dawgs, catz or bunnies.

And Beebe-Bunny!! sed bunnies nebber hab to go toda SPA, which was Beebe's way ob saying dat he was glad to be a HouzBunny.

So Cokie went innus da Sitting Room where Dadda was reading and complained to Dadda aboudda whole SPA Fing I had herd onna tellyphone wif Maman and Roberta frumma Robert's Pet Shop, and Dadda sed to Cokie, 

"Son, dis is your own fault for smellin' wike an Old Privy Rug."

And Cokie menshuned dat Auntie Grace had just gibbin' him ('ginst all odds) a (shhhh, don't say it out loud!) Baf, which was bad enuf, and now heer it was Crissmus! and he was habbin' to go toda SPA!

Which was all Berry Unfair to his way ob Wooking at Fings, On Top Obba Fakt dat he didn't ebbin' get to hab enny obba ham dat was goin' for Crissmus! dinner.

And as MissyBUn sed, "Ewwwww! Who wants dat awful junk whin you can hab Salad? Dere were Beautiful Salads for Crissmus! dinner! Wif raisins, and dill, and TWO kinds ob parsley and romaine and appuls, and cilantro and mint, wif baby organic carrots. I had bof mine and summa George's and dey was GREAT!"

And I sed I knew alla'bout dat and dat is why I spent pawt ob Last Nite sittin' on pawt ob My Salad while I ate pawt ob Missy's so I could keep at least pawt ob mine to myself. Dere is sumfing just Not-Right aboud eating a stem ob parsley and finding an'udder bunny, chewing her way towards you atta rapid rate ob knots frumma udder end - 'specially whin you are not onna 'leafy end to begin wif.

So da Cokie-Cat wint off, all upset onna'count obba Fakt dat Nobun was as upsed as he was aboudda SPA fing.

Anna Dawg is racing fru da Houz going, "Gotta job! Go toda SPA! Gotta job! Go toda SPA! Go toda SPA! Gotta job!" in great woofing barks and 'noying da pooties outta Maman who isn't feeling s'speshully good frum alla werk she has bin doing onna'count ob it being Crissmus!

Anna Cokie-Cat sed,

"You know, dere is no point in complaining to Marc-Da-Dawg aboud dis SPA Biznizz, onna'count obba Fakt dat Next fing, he's gonna be yellin' dat he's happy to be 'Riding inna car! Riding inna car!'. And Den da car will pull up in frunt obba SPA, and DEN he'll figger it out, panic, and DEN it will be TOO LATE! - Dadda will alreddy be hauling us inside.  

"And it's no good complaining to Beep-da-Udder-Cat, onna'count obba Fakt dat she nebber goes to da SPA no madder whut she smells wike - Maman says dat Beep grows extry arms, wegs, claws and teefs whin inna presence ob wadder, and dat no SPA will hab her."

"And." Added MissyBun, wooking down her nose atta Cokie, "Maman also says dat 'Onna udder paw, Cokie just sits dere, geds wet, wails, and wooks Pafetik.' - which is why you is allowed to go toda SPA."

Which, ob course, is preddy much Da Troof. 

Da Fing aboudda Dawg issa he just goes, because it's Whut Dawgs Do - A Job! You know how con-she-en-shish Border Collies are aboud Jobs.

But Alla Us Togedder are Clean pets. Dadda compliments me alla time on how clean I keep MissyBun and how white and shining my fur wooks. And he is allus telling Mr Mouse how neat and tidy he is. And while Beebe is habbin' trubble inna Grooming Departmint since Ms. Clover left for da Rainbow Bridge (Stuffies don't groom), Maman and Dadda help him out frum Time-to-Time, which is 'noying, but it has-to-be-done-for-Beeb's-Own-Good.

In short,  nobunny sends Alla Us Togedder heer at Our Warren off toda SPA. Ebber.

Which is Good Noos, All-In-All.

Which is why Alla Us Togedder are still happily cellybrating Day Two obba  12 Days ob Crissmus! and are...

Wishing alla YOU, Joy, Peace and a Berry Happy Crissmus!

And Cokie-da-Fat-Cat isn't. But don't werry. He'll ged ober it.

Atta SPA, he'll gedda rilly nice *bandana* to wear and dey will make a Big Fuss ober him and he'll come home all Happy and Purring becos he issa Biggest Cat Ennybunny Has Ebber Seen! And He's Such A Sweetie!

And alla dat stuff.

Anna Dawg will be just fine, too. 


So, you know, it's not so bad afta all.

And dey won't smell. Much.

-------------- By George. 


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Thursday, 21 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 21
Now Playing: The Mirakul Obba Animals

One obba advantages to Maman habbing her own Study issat I ged to use it on my ownliest.

Not dat I didn't ged to use her 'puter bifore. I did. But it wassn't the same as dis. Dis hassa nice Lounger fing innit and seeing as how Maman hassa Flu atta momint, she has taken to habbing a Lie-Down, just wike MissyBun-inna-pootie-box, and going to sleep, which leebs me to use da 'puter all on my onliest.

Anna bunny needs his Privacy, sumtimes. Time on my onliest. I love being wif my Maman, but sumtimes, I need to 'spress myself on my ownliest.

It is rapidly approaching Crissmus!, as I menshuned bifore, and dis is Important, onna'count obba Fakt dat dere issa Miakul associated wif Crissmus! dat is a Basic Pawt obba Lore Obba Bunnies, as it was taught to me by me,Hunny bifore he left forda Rainbow Bridge.

So Now I will teach it to Alla YoungBuns, as it was taught to me:

 Oncet Upon A Time...

Dere were sheep, and sum donkeys and cows and sum Bunnies and udder Critters who libbed long, long ago. And it wassa berry cold nite where dey libbed (dis is how da Story was told to me, so you must listen) so dey all crowded togedder inside obba barn - which issa preddy big building where alla critters libbed togedder wifout hoomins. Ebben da bunnies becos dere were no houzbunnies yet.

And in dat Barn, dere were also horses, anna bunnies frumma fields came inside, too, onna'count obba Fakt dat it was berry cold outside.

And preddy soon, sum hoomins came in, too, and becos obba Fakt dat dere was gonna be a Kit borned and dere was no place 'cept dis Barn for dem to go. And Alla da critters inna Barn all made room forda Hoomins near toda Manger, becos it is Whut We Do. Ebberybunny is welcome inna Warren whin it is cold and cruel outside and dark unner da sky!

So da Kit was gonna be born, anna parents wassa 'fraid becos dey were youngbuns and it wassa First Birf, so alla does, anna mares anna cows anna ewes wanted to help out - becos it is Whut We Do. We help each udder becos we are all One Warren, sumfing datta hoomins haven't yet learned. 

But it wassa Berry Dark and Cold Nite, and dere were no udder Hoomins around to help da Mawmie hab her Kit. Soda Mares, anna Cows, anna Does - in Fakt alla mawmie critters gathered Togedder around da Noo Mawmie and tried to help her, but they couldn't Tawk to her, becos dey didn't know how to speak Hoomin!

Den, just as it was geddin on to Midnite, and atta berry Minit datta Kit was arriving, da Whole Sky suddinly hextploded innu Fire! It was 'Mazin!  Like Da Creator Obba Werld had touched alla stars at oncet and made dem to burn wike huge candles! Anna dark ob Nite was suddinly as Bright As Day anna stars shone wiffa silver light wike ten-thousand moons inna sky!

And A Great and Beautiful Creatchur came innu da Barn, and in dat Creatchur, each wunna da Critters saw demselbs, so dat nobun wassa 'fraid. Da Cows saw a Beautiful Cow, anna Donkeys saw a Beautiful Donkey, anna Sheep saw a Beautiful Sheep, anna Bunnies saw A Great and Beautiful Lord obba Bunnies such as we hab only ebber seed a few times inna Lore!

Anna Great and Beautiful Creatchur stood gazing at Alla Us Togedder dere inna Barn, and he seed how skert da poor hoomins was, and how dere Kit was coming and how Alla Us Togedder wanted to help, but culdn't becos none ob us culd talk in Hoomin Language. Anna Great and Beautiful Creatchur sed,

"I bring you great tidings of great joy! Today will be born in this Barn the Brother and Saviour of Hoomins and the Brother and Friend to all Critters Created, Ebberywheres. Because Alla You Togedder are gathered Here this Night of All Nights, wanting nothing more than to help, to you will be granted this Favour - that you and your kind shall forever at This Hour speak plainly in the Language of Heaven, that is intelligable to all. And within This One Hour of This One Night of Every Year there will be No Misunderstandings amongst you. The Lion shall lay down with the Lamb, and the Wolf shall not hunt the Deer, nor shall the Owl slay the Rabbit. But All will This Night be at Peace with one another, in recognition of the Peace that This Kit will extend to the Earth. Becos of Him, you will be able to Sing This Nite and Forever at This Time. "

And suddinly, the flaming skies burst innu a kind ob musiks dat none ob da Critters had ebber heared bifore. It was terryfying in dat it was so much greater den had ebber been heared bifore, yet it wassa sound dat ebbery critter dere rekonized as dere own voice, singing wif happiness.

And den da cows dat was inna barn, anna ewes, anna jennies, anna mares anna Does, dey culd all speak toda Hoomin who was habbin' da Kit and dey culd help her gib birf.

And it wassa Mirakul.

Anna Baby was born and He was hokay. And He grew up and was always a Friend and a Protecktor to all a Critters, anna Donkey carried Him innus a big city sumwheres and was allowed to habba speshul marking onna'count obbit. But dat issa'nudder part obba Lore for an'udder time.

And Hoomins call dis Nite when dis Kit was born Crissmus! 

But whut is Troo, issa on This Nite Alla Critters can speak, Alla Us Togedder, as One Great Warren, On Crissmus Eve, just as da Hoomin Clocks chime Midnight. And dis happins just assa Great and Beautiful Creatchur said dat it would on That Furst Nite so long ago, as it is told inna Lore, as me,Hunny told it to me and I am telling you. It issa Mirakul Obba Animals and it is just for us assa Gift gibben just to us who were dere just to Help Out (which is Whut WE Do).

Dis Mirakul is not for Hoomins. Dey hab udder mirakuls dat were shown to dem. Dis issa Mirakul obba Animals dat we were gibbin on Crissmus Eve, and it does not happin to Hoomins. It is not for dem to see, or to hear, so we do not do it when dey are around. It is for Critters. Sumfing Just For Us From God's Great and Beautiful Creatchur, gibbin to us on a Speshul Nite in God's Creation, becos we Helped. It's Whut We do.  

So if we culd just hab a widdle Privacy, you see. Just at Midnite. On Crissmus Eve. Please. Den we can see Our Mirakul Obba Animals, just for Alla Us Togedder - da doggies, anna kitties, anna bunnies and ebberybun, ebberywheres - It's Whut We Do.


-------- by George 



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Tuesday, 19 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 19
Now Playing: Sittin' and Finkin' Aboud Fings


Maman says it's "Whut I Do Bestest" so I have been doing lots obbit: sitting heer in my habbytat, watching whut has been going on and habbin' a Fink.

And dis is Whut I Hab Been Finking: 

  1. Dat I was wrong an all Stuff  dat has been going on around da Houz has not been justa'boudda HousGuests.

You see, alla dis Fuss And Bother dat has been happining heer wiff'alla Noo Furitchur and alla BookCases anna Shopping anna Delievery Peoples atta door, and alla Maman's Furious Cleaning was not, as it turns out, justa'boutta HousGuests coming to visit wif us, but it seems to be continuing onna'count obba Fakt dat Crissmus! is hedded dis way again!

Well, how was I sus'posed to know?

And you wuldn't beeleeb how big a Deel Maman is making outta dis year's Crissmus!, eidder. It's almost wike dere hab bin no Crissmusses! bifore or sumfing and dere will nebber be anudder wun.

Or mebbe it is becos it has sumfing to do wiffa Fakt dat dere rilly hasn't bin enny Crissmus! in dis Houz bifore fora Long Time.

I dunno, but Maman is driving herself crazy ober This Wun Crissmus!, lemme tell you!

And she is busy takin' ebberybunny wif her onna trip. 

So now dis morning Cokie-da-Fat-Cat has commed Downnastairs to Complain (which issa Indoor Sport for Catz around heer) datta Liberry is fulla stuff dat is Not His, and dat alla Sleeping and Napping Akommydayshuns are taken ober by Boxes and Bags in which he is not allowed!

So I went and hadda wook and I am not allowed eidder!

We got yelled at.

Just for wooking

So you know dat Fings are Not Right around heer at All. And dat BunPen dat Maman put up, well, lemme tell you, it wasn't just for Sheeba, onna'count obba Fakt dat I wound up in it.


And it smelled wike Gurls, so I hadda do sum Hextploratory Chinning to make it smell wike Boys had bin dere, and den Sistah Beffy took me Downnastairs again. 

And wif Maman and Dadda and Sistah Beffy and alla da Delivery Peoples and Auntie Irene anna HousGuests, Auntie Grace and Unkul Peter, all coming and going so much, and bringing alla Stuff anna Bags anna Boxes innu da Houz, Da Dawg is going ebben More Nuts den ushual. Dadda keeps telling him to "Guard" so much datta poor Dawg can't figger out if he is "On Guard" or "Off" obbit. So he preddy much is sleepin' nextest toda Frunt Door, just to Make Shure nobunny comes or goes dat he doesn't know abouddit. 

So we're inna middle ob alla dis, wiffa Catz complaining aboud alla Boxes and Bags, anna Dawg trying to keep track ob Who Is Where, and alla Smells, and den dere is Beebe-Bunny and he is just sitting.

Not sitting and Mugging For Treats (which issa Indoor Sport for bunnies) ebbery time Maman come innu da Bun Room wike Mr Mouse, and not sitting and Finkinkin' which is whut I do, or sitting and telling off Maman wif his ears standing out frum his hed in Raging Disapproval wike MissyBun - but just, you know, sitting and sort of wike, well, waiting.

So I axt him, "Beebe, whut'cha doing?"

And Beebe was wike, "Waiting."

And I'm wike, "Waiting for whut?"

And Beebe says, "Clover."

And I didn't axt him ennyfing else, onna'count obba Fakt dat I know Clover as gone toda Rainbow Bridge and isn't coming back. Becose, you see, I was heer when she Left, and I know where she went, and why she went, and alla dat onna'count obba Fakt dat she 'splained alla it to us bifore she went.

And she 'splained it to Beebe, too.

And now he's Sitting wif Stuffie and Waiting For Clover.

And as Unkul Peter sed, it is sad to see liddle Beebe sitting dere, just waiting

So dat's where we are - wiffa Houz fulla Bags and Boxes, anna Dawg going Nutz, anna bunch ob Complainin' Catz, and Sistah Beffy coming and going, and Maman and Dadda inna rush alla time, and Maman growing more and more frustrated becos she can't do alla fings she wants to ged done in One Day - And Crissmus! Day coming on wike a funderstorm wif food to be cooked, and Stuff to be wrapped up in paper anna Delivery Peoples atta door, ringingg da bell - and den dere is Beebe and Stuffie sitting inna Habbytat, Waiting for Clover. 

It makes you Fink... aboudda Fings...

--------------- By George 

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Thursday, 14 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 14
Now Playing: House Guests

Well, I didn't unnerstand at Furst - whutsa "HouseGuest"? But it was too late to axt Maman onna'count obba Fakt dat she and Dadda were alreddy losin' dere minds and running around wike idiots - more den ushual.

So it was wike I sed to Missy: "We just godda wait and see whut dis "HouseGuest" fing is alla'bout, and den we can werk out howta deal wiffit."

And Missy sed, "It's probab'ly wike ennyfing else around heer: you hab no idea whut's going on, so you just hang on forda ride." 

So, Wow! You bet'cha! We hadda HouseRabbit HouseGuest!

And it was Sheeba

Sheeba came to see us heer at Our Warren! Yeah, and she broughted along Unkul Peter and Auntie Grace - not togedder (which is whut Sistah Beffy thought, and that wassn't right, so she got all confoozled!) but atta same time, frum dif'frunt airplanes atta same airport.

Got dat?


So Maman set uppa BunPen Uppystairs for Sheeba, wiffa pootiebox and ebberyfing, so dat Sheeba wuld feel dat she was "at home".

And she did. At furst she wassa widdle bit Be Wildered, as in, "Whodaheck are you buggers?" but den we gotta D-Mail going and we all hextchanged infortymayshun and got to know each udder and ebberyfing was hokay. Speshully wif Beebe, onna'count obba Fakt dat he thought mebbe Sheeba (who issa Beautyful Bunny Gurl Ob Almost Gen'rus Pro'porshuns) might be bringing him back his Ms Clover, who originally came from Auntie Grace. Beebe doesn't quite unnerstand da concept ob his dear bunwife going toda Rainbow Bridge and is allus hopeful dat she is coming Back.

At least, dat is whut he is allus telling his Stuffie, but Stuffie (who is just a stuffie, afta all) doesn't say a werd. It is kinda sad, how we can't hextplain to Beeb and how he is ebber-hopeful.

But Sheeba managed to gedda D-Mail going right away, which wassa Good Fing, onna'count obba Fakt dat dere wassa whole wotta stuff going on Uppystairs where Maman had set up stuff forda House Guests.

Soda Dawg is sorta wike "Free Range" in dat he is ebberywheres, alla time, wookin' for "jobs" which is whut Border Collies "do". 

Da Dawg commed Downnastairs to tell Alla Us Togedder alla'boudda "House Guest" fing. He sed dat Furst ob all, dere wassa Noo Sofa inna Liberry, anna Noo Sofa in Maman's Noo Study and rite away, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat got told he culdn't draw his claws, so dat Upsed him At Furst.  And, since nobun was listening to him (as ushual), Cokie-da-Fat-Cat went and he complained to Auntie Grace dat he had no place to draw his claws.

Well, Auntie Grace does not take Complaining Catz well.

Furst ob all, take a pikchur wif your mind:

  • Auntie Grace is tall, whereas Maman is short.
  • Auntie Grace has short, red hair, whereas Maman has long, fair hair.
  • Auntie Grace mooves rilly quick an' fast, and has no problem just scoopin' uppa bunny or a kitty whinebber she comes up behind you, whereas Maman mooves rilly, rilly slow so you can avoid her rilly easily;  - PLUS -
  • It doesn't take much to out-fink Maman, but Auntie Grace will get your brains werkin' ober-time.

So All-in-all, Alla Us Togedder heer at Our Warren were *not* prepared for Auntie Grace At All!  

Which is how Cokie-da-Fat-Cat came to find himself inna Bafroom, inna BafTub, TRAPPED!, wif no way out, geddin' a BAF!

It was no Day Atta Spa, lemme tell you! 

Howebber, as Sheeba pointed out (By D-Mail) Cokie did smell a whole-wot bedda byda time Auntie Grace and Sistah Beffy had got through wif him.

Now Sheeba brought Unkul Peter wif her. She says she allus travels wif him onna'count obba Fakt dat she cannot travel onna airplane by herself. As she pointed out, airplanes are Speciest! Dey do not allow bunnies to travel on dere berry own, and do not hab good akommydayshuns for bunnies ennyhow.

So Sheeba takes Unkul Peter ebberywhere wif her, and allows him to read buks, and to visit wif udder hoomins. She had nebber seen D-Mail bifore she came to Our Warren, but wikes da concept, if only Da Dawg wassa wittle smarter. But don't we all say dat?

D-Mail when it werks, werks sumfing wike dis: Sheeba tells Da Dawg sumfing while she is Uppystairs inna BunPen. Den Da Dawg hurries Downnastairs, fru da Lounge, anna Dining Room, fru da Kitchin and out innu Da BunRoom to tell Alla Us Togedder. Now da only hang-up wif D-Mail comes if Onna Way, Da Dawg geds side-tracked by a Cat or sumfing, wike iffa DoorBell rings, but gen'rally, he can be counted upon to make it toda BunRoom and to tell Alla Us Togedder whut Sheeba sed, and  We say sumfing,  and den Da Dawg takes Our Message back Uppystairs to Sheeba.

If ebberyfing is werkin' right, dis is D-Mail and it werks. Da onliest time it doesn't werk is if sumbun side-tracks Marc-da-Border-Collie. Un-fortune-etly, dis is preddy easy to do onna'count obba Fakt dat Border Collies aren't da brightest dawgs onna planet, and Marc rents out his brain cell toda Cokie-Cat (you guess which day).

Now, Da RILLY good fing aboud Unkul Peter is dat he does hextackly whut he is told. You wanna treat? Axt Sheeba to axt him. Werks ebbery time. Unwike Maman, Unkul Peter nebber fortygets why he arribed inna BunRoom - it's to gib us sumfing. And, Unwike Maman, Unkul Peter will pik us up fora cuddle.

Sadly, wike Auntie Grace, Maman and Dadda, he seems to hab Hoomin Cooties, but dis issa small price to pay for lub. As Sheeba pointed out, you just hafta wash thoroughly aftawards anna Hoomin Cooties come right off.

HOWEBBER, Unkul Peter is also way too "Suggestable", as I just menshuned, onna'count obba Fakt dat Auntie Grace "suggested" to him dat Alla Us Togedder needed our toe-nails clipped! And he LISTENED TO HER!

Now it is well-known dat Maman nebber listens - and we are used todat, and repeat ourselves ober and ober sumtimes. As Mouse says, dere are times around heer whin you hab to be a brokin rekord in order to ged whut you want, onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman can hang on to a Thought for aboud one sekond longer denna Border Collie - but Unkul Peter LISTENS to Auntie Grace!

And dat's how Alla Us Togedder got our toe-nails clipped!

As MissyBun sed: "Whaaaaaaaaa! Indiggity!"

But her toe-nails was clipped, too. 

So now Sheeba has had to go back onna airplane, and she took Unkul Peter wif her, ob course, to carry her Furrari for her her and feed her raisins, peaches, nanners, and salad. And we will miss her sending us D-Mail

Ob course we can't wait to hab more "House Guests" now dat we hab figgered out whut dat means! 

I will type more aboud Sheeba's visit, too, onna'count obba Fakt dat she had Cokie-da-Fat-Cat skeered outta his tiny mind, and she told Beep-da-Udder-Cat to go lib unner'neaf obba Sofa - and she did! Anna Dawg didn't put his noze inna BunPen, eidder! And Maman and Auntie Grace played "Buyin' Shooos" wif Sistah Beffy, and dere are pikchurs, and den dere wassa Big Dinner Pawty, anna story ob How Dadda Gotta Unushual Hat and More Ob Ebberyfing!


So dere issa wot more to tell and dis is only da Tip Obba IceBerks (onna'count obba Fakt Dadda sed sumfing aboud "berks" dat made ebberybun crease up laffin'). Lemme tell you!  

So HouseGuests are inner'restin' Fings - and I can't wait until we hab sum more!

----------------- By George 

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Thursday, 7 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 7
Now Playing: A War Story


Sumtimes, when Maman is folding laundry inna Bun Room, she tells us whut she calls "War Stories". Sumhow, dey are allus aboudda time when she was werkin' assa p'fesshunal musician. Cos dat's whut she was bifore she wassa bunny-parent. Dere are ebben pikchurs ob her frum dat time, called "hed shots" which, when you come to fink abouddit, are a preddy skerry fing.

 So she was telling us a speshul War Story, aboud her friend, whose name was Lloyd. He was also a friend ob Bim's. Lloyd went toda Rainbow Bridge not long ago, so Maman's talking aboud him was preddy unhexpekted; Maman hassa wotta trubble menshuning udder hoomins who go to da Rainbow Bridge (although wotsa hoomins don't unnerstand dis, cos dey only fink dat dey know Maman. Dey fink she is simple and easy to unnerstand - she is lazy and ungrateful is whut dey fink. Dey are wrong, but you can't tell "sum peeple" Dadda says. He doesn't fink too highly ob "sum peeple" for sum rezon.). 

Ennyways, I wanna tell you aboud Maman's friend, Lloyd. He wassa'nudder musician, and a berry good wun. Maman says he was wun obba furst hoomins who ebber helped her in her p'fesshun, which is rilly saying sumfing, lemme tell you!

Well, when Lloyd was just starting out, Maman says datta whole werld was being taken ober by sum guy named "Hitler" who libbed ober in Europe, and sum udder guys who libbed ober in Japan. Maman says dat "Hitler" guy was a bad man, and datta Japanese was being misled. She says da whole fing was preddy p'litical, and dat it doesn't madder. It is His'try and you can read abouddit inna buk.

She says whut does madder issat one time she anna whole bunch ob her friends were sitting inna Hersal Hall, doing a rehearsal wif Lloyd for a show called Oklahoma!. And sumone came outta Lloyd's office inna theatre, carrying a brown paper sak. And inside ob dis sak, dere wassa musical instrumint called a "French Horn" (which, Maman say is neither French nor a horn, but dere you are), and da instrumint was all battered, and bent up, and discoloured, and it culdn't ebben be played. It was dat messed up!

Anna person said to Lloyd, "Hey Lloyd, whuttaheck happined to dis French Horn?"

And Maman sed Lloyd stopped da rehearsal, and he just kind sat rilly still on his conductor's stool and den he smiled, and he sed, "Funny fing aboud dat."

And den he began to tell dem aboudda French Horn.

He sed dat when he was eighteen years old, he knew he wanted to play da French Horn, but he didn't hab enough munnies to go to a fing called a "Conservatory", so he signed up wiffa United States Navy, cos dey wuld send him to skool to lern how to play da French Horn bedder, and maybe he culd  be inna Navy Band dat played forda Pressydent obba United States. And he sed dis wuld be a great fing fora "kid frumma Midwest".

Yeah! He was dat good at playing da French Horn!

So since he was just starting out, and only eighteen years old, da Navy put him inna sailor suit and put him inna band onna Navy ship called da USS West Virginia, and sent dat ship to a place called Hawaii.

And he thought dis was all berry inner'restin' onna'count obba Fakt dat he was frum dat place called da Midwest, and had nebber seed an ocean, and had nebber lerned how to swim and had nebber bifore been onna ship, and had nebber heard obba place called "Pearl Harbour" bifore in his whole life!

And so it wassa Sunday morning and Lloyd wassn't ebben finking aboudda guy named "Hitler" or Japanese or ennyfing. In Fakt, he was standing in his underwears byda widdle sink, starin' innu a mirror and shabin' and wondering whut "Hawaii" was gonna be wike when he got offa ship and went on toda shore.

And alla sudden, he heard airplanes, and ebberyfing started hextploding alla'round him! And he was scared, and he started running to a fing called "Battle Stations", only when he got dere, it was all on fire. So he ran to anudder place, and he den dere wassa huge hextplosion, anna West Virginia sorta jumped up innu da air. And he wondered why dere were no guns shooting back atta airplanes dat were dropping bombs onna ships lined up inna harbour - specifically why da West Virginia wasn't shooting enny guns -  and it was because da person wiffa key to alla bullets had alreaddy gone ashore!

So Lloyd was standing dere, wif ebberyfing all on fire around him, anna "officer" came by and sed to him,

"Whut are you doing, sailor?"

And Lloyd sed, "Standing by to abandon ship, Sir."

Anna officer sed, "Well do it, Sailor!"

And pushed him ober da railing.

And dere was Lloyd, who culdn't swim, inna wadder!

And he bemembers finking dat he hadda gedda'way frumma ship, because it was sinking and he didn't wanta get caught up innit, but dere was all kinds of *stuff* inna wadder, wike barrels, and wood, and more barrels, and den Lloyd saw a widdle boat drifitn' by. 

So he grabbed on toda boat, and berry carefuuly taked off his shooes and put dem inna boat! He sed he bemembers finking dat dose were his best shooes and he hadda take care ob dem. He sed dat when you are skerred outta your mind, da strangest fings occur to you - Wike saving your shooes inna middle ob Pearl Harbour.

And den he bemembers wooking around forda West Virginia, and she was gone.

Just gone. 

Anna whole sea all around him was on fire, and he was all OnAlone.

And nextest, he bemembered dat he was stumbling onna beach, and dere wassa house, anna door was open, so he knocked but no one answered. So onna'count obba Fakt datta door was open, he went inside, and he went innu da bedroom and found sum shirts inna closet, and he put wun on, because he didn't fink he shuld be runnin' around all wet, wif no shirt and only his Navy unnerpants and socks on. 

And den sum guy came in and axted him whut he was doin' and called him "sir", and dat puzzled Lloyd, but dat was hokay, cos he was beginning to find ebberyfing preddy puzzling now. And he left a note saying he had borrowed da shirt and wuld return it as soon as he culd, and went off wiffa guy who called him "sir". And he noticed datta shirt had dees, wike, leafs onna collar, but Lloyd sed he didn't rilly getta point obba oak leafs onna shirt atta time, onna'count obba Fakt dat he had just more or less been blown off his ship.

And dat guy he was wif gabe Lloyd a gun and told him to go "on guard dooty".

Well, da only fing was, Lloyd had nebber been taught ennyfing aboud guns onna'count obba Fakt dat he had been in Navy Musician Skool. So he went wandering around onna beach, wiffa gun, inna borrowed shirt wif leafs onna shoulders and unnerpants, on guard against whutebber - until sum udder Navy people found him, and took him to a place where he could lie down and sleep, and get sum food and figger out whut had just happined to him.

Whut had happined to him was "Pearl Harbour". Da West Virginia had been sunk in her berth, going straight to the bottom, taking Lloyd's French Horn wif her.

Well, wiffoud his French Horn, Lloyd wasn't much use to the Navy band and cossa Hitler in Europe dere wasn't enough special metal (called "brass") to make anudder French Horn for him to play, so he taught himself to play da guitar rilly, rily well (Maman sed he wassa fantastic musician!) and da Navy decided dey did need him inna band afta all! They put him innu da Jazz Band atta Officers' Club atta Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and he spent da rest obba Werld War Two playing inna jazz band for sailors on "R & R" at nite,  and making up beds during da day. And dat's whut he did from 1942 until 1945.

And afta da War was finally ober, da Navy raised da West Virginia frumma bottom ob Pearl Harbour, and dey found Lloyd's French Horn unnerneaf ob his bunk! So dey put it inna paper sak, and sent it to Lloyd, and he put it in his office, which is where Maman and her friends found it. And Lloyd took dat whole rehearsal forda show Oklahoma! to tell dem aboud Pearl Harbour and his French Horn.

So why am I telling you dis War Story? Becos Maman sed dat we Shuld Allus Bemember whut sum Young Hoomins are doing for us, datta Navy, anna Army, anna Air Force, anna Marines anna Coast Guard are all made up ob young - berry young - hoomins, wike Lloyd  and Bim, and wike our Phil-da-Lad, and Auntie Grace's Matt, who are
all in skerry situations ebbery day, all ob dem doing dere best to keep alla us safe.

And tiday is Pearl Harbour Day.

So if you sumone inna uniform tiday, please go shake their hand and say, "Fank you for serving."

And if you have a spare momint, please senda prayer or a vibe for alla brave young hoomins who went toda Rainbow Bridge on dat Sunday in Hawaii.

--------------------- By George 

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Tuesday, 5 December 2006
George's 12th Strand: Day Number 5
Now Playing: My Bibliography


Guess whut?

It says dis morning, inna Noo Yawk Times' "Buk Sekshun" dat, "the bibliography has lately been creeping into novels, rankling critics who call it a pretentious extension of the acknowledgments page, which began appearing more than a decade ago and was roundly derided as the tacky literary equivalent of the Oscar speech."

"'Pretentious extensions'! Whoa! Dat sounded ommynimmynuss, so I axted Maman whut it meant.

And she sed it wassa "soshul disease ob writers", so I was werried in case I might hab caught it (you know, sort ob wike bunny-clap, which you can't help if you geddit  onna'count obba Fakt dat it is a disease dat is spread by nasty Br**d*rs who hab no moral consciouses ennyways) but Maman just rolled her eyes and sed,

"No, George, you're not infected by any 'pretentious extensions', or even by 'Bibliographies', either, for that matter."

But I still wassn't sure. I mean, I DO digest buks. It makes Maman short-tempered sumtimes, 'specially when she hasta replace a partik'ilar buk or sumfing dat I hab Totally digested, and not just tore into. Wike da time I found dat rilly tasty buk on World War I flying aces by Arch Whitehouse; I mean, I just ate dat buk up. Unfortchuneately, Maman wasn't too happy aboud'dat at all, onna'count obba Fakt dat she wiked dat buk, too - so much so dat she had taken great pains to steal it frum her Dadda, who had stealed it back frum her, and den she stealed it away frum him...

You see, Maman and her Dadda hadda "Stealing Liberry". Sum hoomins habba "Lending Liberry" where dey borrow buks frum each udder, but Maman and her Dadda had a Staling Liberry where dey wuld steal buks back and forf. Dere issa dif'frunce.

It usually began wif Maman's Dadda (who was called Bim, which anudder whole story dat I hab told in anudder blog sumwhere's else) wooking ober Maman's collection ob buks and suddinly pulling wun offa shelf, saying, 

"So That's where that went!"

And Maman would hurry up behind him, trying to peer ober his shoulder and be wike, "Whut? Dat's mine!"

And Bim wuld say, "No, I clearly remember I bought this in..." and he would start reciting a wong, wong his'try ob where da buk was found and purchased, and usually da werd "Christmas" or "Birfday" would be inna story sumwheres.

And Maman wuld be wike, "Oh no you don't. Dat is my copy ob dat buk. I got it..." And Maman wuld tell anudder, equally wong story aboud how dat buk was found and who purchased it, and how da buk def'nitly belonged to her.

And da buk, itself, wuld, by now, be sitting onna table insted ob being onna bukshelf where it belonged.

And den, afta Bim had had coffee, and stayed for awhile in Maman's kitchen and talked and alla dat, he wuld get up and say he hadda go, and he wuld get half-way toda door and den stop, and say to Maman, "Oh, I fortygot dat buk!"

And Maman, who wasn't finking aboudda buk at all and was finking aboud his going sumwhere's else, wuld go getta buk frum offa table and gib it to him.

Den sumtime later, she wuld be ober at Bim's houz and she wuld see da buk on Bim's liberry shelf, and she wuld say, "Hey. I usta habba copy ob dis buk! In fact, it was hextactly wike dis buk! In Fakt it was dis buk!"

And den she wuld carry it outta Bim's houz and back to her liberry.

Well, now Bim has gone on ahead toda Rainbow Bridge and is probably stealing buks wif Belinda Bunny who hadda reel fondness for digesting buks, too. And Maman hassa berry 'pressive Liberry ob her own wif Dadda, dat has managed to spread innu two rooms, sodat dere is now a Liberry anna Reading Room heer where dere usta be only a Study anna Guest Room.  Anna Reading Room is where Maman and I come to read da Noospapers OnLine inna Morning.

And it's where I saw dis artykul inna Noo Yawk Times about novelists who are listing pages and pages ob "Bibliographies" atta end ob dere fikshunal werks assa kind ob "literary affecktayshun" (as Maman calls it).

So I axted her, "Shuld I list my Bibliography so I can habba Fashionable Literary Affektayshun, too, like Martin Amis and Ian McEwan?"

And Maman wooked at me sideways and axted, "Why do you mention those two writers?"

And I sed, "Onna'count obba Fakt dat nobunny is more Fashionable or Affekted den Martin Amis or Ian McEwan." I told her. "Dey ged menshuned alla time inna Guardian OnLine and inna Noo Yawk Daily Noos. Ebben Michael Crichton hassa Bibliography atta back ob his noo novel and it takes up Seven Whole Pages! Now dat is Affekted and Fashionable for you!"

And Maman sat berry quiet at her 'puter fora sekond and she axted me, "George, why do you fink you wuld put a Bibliography in a buk? I mean, aside from being 'Fashionable and Affekted'?"

And MissyBun wooked up frum nosing around inna pellet crock and offered, "How about cos he is braggin'?"

And Mouse called ober frum his habbytat, "I digested a 'Yellow Pages" in two days. Buk one day, confetti two days later."

And I sed, "Well, how about if sumbunny read sumfing I typed and wanted to know more abouddit? Dey culd read my 'Bibliography' and see where to read more infortymayshun. Hoz'zat?"

And Maman nodded.

"Probably the least selfish excuse I've heard so far." She sed. 

 And den Maman sort ob frowned innu her coffee cup (it was geddin' empty) and she axted me, "And if you were suddenly 'Fashionable', George, just which buks would you list in your Bibliography, anyway?"

And I sat down in her Big Chair Atta 'Puter and hadda Fink For A Few Minutes and dis issa list ob Buks dat I Fink I wuld put innu my Bibliography:

  • The House Rabbit Hand Book: Living With An Urban Rabbat (Available at
  •  When A Man Loves A Rabbit by Bruce Atchison. (Available at
  • Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis (Available at
  • The Book of Common Prayer (Available as a download at

And that wuld preddy much be my Generalised Bibilography, onna'count obba Fakt dat I digest special Buks for special Blogs, wike enny udder writer. I mean, I do do my research! I am not a writer wike dat James Frey, who writed a "fictionalized memoir". I mean, whutdaheck issa "fictionalized memoir"? How can sumbun bemember whut hasn't happined to dem? If sumbunny is gonna write Fiction den da least dey can do is say, "Hey, guess whut? Dis didn't ackchually happin to me, but iffit did, dis is how I fink it wuld hab happined, if it happined." 

Dere is no sense in going on Oprah! and pretending to be sumbun you aren't just to be "Fashionable and Affeckted" - not whin so menny udder writers are doing da same fing in udder places and getting paid for it, too.

I mean, Rilly!

So I axted Maman if my Bibliography List was hokay, and she sed:

"Yes, George. It's very 'hokay'. Probably not very Fashionable - because admitting to reading Lewis isn't going to win anybun any friends or influence any people in the normal sense of the term - and I know because it's yours, it's not "Affekted" at all."

And I sort ob put my ears down, becos my Biliography didn't seem wike it wuld be 'zactly whut was needed inna Publishing Werld. I mean, it is berry hard to be a Small Noo Zealand Rabbit Wiffa Small Blog he has taken ober frumma'Complished and Popular Inkwish Spot Bunny.Belinda Bunny wassa Reel Pioneer when she started The Hay Diaries Blog back on January 1, 2004. Almost nobunny knew about "blogs" den, and dere were certainly no Houserabbits who were typing them! I am berry aware dat I hab big feets in which to follow!
And whin Belinda left forda Rainbow Bridge, I was only a Youngbun, just starting to Grow 'Telligint. I certainly didn't know ennyfing aboud being "Fashionable and Affekted" yet.
And I'm not too sure dat I know much aboud being "Fashionable and Affekted" now, just wike I'm not too sure dat I am a whole lot more 'Telligint now den I was den - but Me,Hunny <Senior Bun> told me dat "Bunnies nebber grow old; dey just grow more 'Telligint" and ebber since he told me dat, I hab bin werkin' hard on dat 'Telligent fing, trying to grow more and more 'Telligent so I can become wike him - a Wise and Ancient Elder-Bun. 
But I don't fink I wuld mind if "Fashionable", just happined to get inklooed in dere, too... 
-----------------------------------By George 

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Sunday, 3 December 2006
George's 12th Strand; Day Number 3
Now Playing: Away On Biznez Part II


 (Dis is Part II. Go Down to read Part I, den come back to heer, hokay?)

"The fact is," continued Maman, smoothing out the towels, more gently now, and laying them in three, neat, orderly piles on top ob our habbytats.

"The fact is that John Spong's A Call for a New Reformation should have been published, but it should have never been permitted to cause the stir that it did. It was not anything "new" or "original" - the arguments for and against Science as the antidote for Religion have been around forever. Denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ is defined as Heresy in Anglicanism, as is denying the validity of the Scriptures. His writing comes under the heading of Not Good in that it causes people to lose their Faith, and to feel that there is no point in following Jesus' brilliant summation of the Jewish Law and Prophetical Writings: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all our mind." and "Love your neighbour as yourself." (Matt. 22; 37 - 39)

"If you believe Spong, it does no good to be an observant Anglican, or to be an observant Roman Catholic, or to be an observant Jew or to be anything that is so blindingly of One colour – one must believe in a murky, ill-defined *Everything is All and All is Everything* kind of grey.

"Yet the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopalian Church in America has enthusiastically embraced John Spong – yes, physically wrapped her arms around and embraced the author of the flawed A call for a New Reformation! This man, who was consecrated as a bishop in the Anglican faith, whose sworn duty it was to be a shepherd to his flock and to lead them safely along their pathways to God (and he drew a salary to do this! One would think that he would have felt a moral obligation to refuse to accept such Judas-silver...), when he was, in fact, actively engaged in leading them off a philosophical cliff - but the new Presiding Bishop has embraced such a man, and with him, embraced his false teachings."

Maman leaned down to look directly at me as I munched on sum hay, and she sed, "So if I see before me a gathering darkness, George, is it not my duty to sound a little alarum bell? And if in so doing, I manage to make myself unpopular..." 

She sat down, very carefully, onna floor nextest to me and I stepped close toda side obba habbytat, and put my paws togedder and got innu a loaf so I could listen to her.

"The fing," she said. "The fing is that I believe the Church is headed in the wrong direction. When I say 'The Church', I mean the Church where we go, the Anglican Church. I see bad fings when there is no definition between what is good and what is not good. Suddenly, in the words of C.S. Lewis, we become confused into thinking that "everything is good and everywhere is Heaven" when the real truth is that "good is everything and Heaven everywhere".

"So where can I go to Church if I no longer believe in my Church, George? Where do I go to put in my Pledge envelop when I know that the money is going to fund something in which I have no faith? How can I worship God in a place where I feel He is welcome in Name, only? And to whom do I look for leadership when the leaders challenge me to prove one of their own number is faithless?

"Spong writes in A Call for a New Reformation: '10. Prayer cannot be a request made to a theistic deity to act in human history in a particular way.' Well, isn't that encouraging to those who seek God's assistance in times of trouble? 'We're sorry but the number you have reached has been disconnected or is not assigned. Please check the number and dial again.' But you'll notice, George that Spong leaves us with no other solution. It's all just, 'You're on your own! Tough luck!'."

 "His must be a very barren universe: just endless chaos or an endless void, leading to what? There is no consolation, no Rainbow Bridge, no point to being alive, nothing to be learned, nothing of intrinsic value - only darkness at the end of the grave. Yet thousands of years of human belief says that this one man tells lies! When for two thousand years we have believed in the Son of God who described how Death is but a doorway. And the look that I have seen in the eyes more bunnies than I can count concludes that Saint Paul was right and that These Three Remain - Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love'."

"Because, George," she said, leaning close to me. "How can it be otherwise? But I don't have the 'correct' alpha-bet soup after my name to challenge people like Spong. I can be nothing other than I am - a plain Anglican who reads the Book of Common Prayer and goes to Church and says the Daily Office to herself. So why did the man in Canterbury tell me to write what I considered to be a very superficial refutation of a heresy?

"Because nothing makes sense, George. The politics of the Episcopal Church in America don't make sense (and it is internal politics that elected the Presiding Bishop - it surely wasn't her scholarship, nor her experience, nor her leadership, so what is left?) unless one believes that there is a move on the part of the Americans to arrogantly assume that money equals power. And it doesn't make sense that I should be writing what I am, nor does it seem possible that I could miss someone as much as I miss your Dadda - my whole world seems so terribly dark when he isn't here!"

And Maman sighed, and rested her hed against Missy's and my habbytat. So I groomed a liddle bit ob her hair, but she's got sumfing onnit, sum stuff dat tastes funny, wike Froot, kind ob, so I grabbed hold ob summ'obb'it wif my lips and pulled it out. 'Parently her hair is a'tached to her hed preddy tight - ennyways, it didn't tasted right at all

And Maman pulled herself up byda sides obba habbytat. Den she went toda 'Fridge and pulled outta package ob dose "Baby Peeled Organic Carrots" and gabe wun to Mouse, and wun to Beebe-Bunny!! and wun to MissyBun and wun to me!

And den, while she was petting me, she sed, "And you know whut else doesn't seem to make much sense, George? That I am having an intense theological discussion with a house-rabbit."

And I wooked up at her wif my mouf full ob "Baby Peeled Organic Carrot" and sed, "You nebber know, Maman. You just nebber know..."

--------------------------- By George

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George's 12th Strand, Day Number 3
Now Playing: Away On Biznez Part I



Well, Dadda has been Away On Biznez for awhile now. He's comin' back tiday, which issa berry good fing.

Becos while Dadda has been Away On Biznez, Sistah Beffy (wif Anastasia - you do know dat Anastasia is gonna arrive inna beginning ob February, right? Well, dat's whutta doctors say, but Maman says dat hoomin babies arrive when dey feel wike it, just wike bunny-kits. And Maman shuld know - she has had two hoomin babies: Sistah Beffy and Phil-da-Lad.) So ennyways, Sistah Beffy (wif Anastasia) and Adam hab been sort ob libbin' heer to "take care ob Maman" as Dadda said.

 He axted them to lib heer while he was Away On Biznez onna'count obba Fakt dat he is afraid dat Maman might get dizzy and fall down and get hurt anna Dawg wuldn't know how to dial da tellyphone to get help.

But even though Sistah Beffy (wif Anastasia) has been heer, Maman still has hadda lotta time to Fink while she has been doing da washing up, anna laundry, and takin' showers and stuff. Maman says dat she allus finks bedda when she is around wadder.

So dis morning, Maman decided to do summa da laundry dat's been followin' her around, and she discubbered dat dere were towels inna dryer, so while she was folding dem, she started talking to Alla Us Togedder. And she sed:

"Going to a Church with whom I have developed fundamental disagreements about doctrine is a difficult business." 

And she set a striped towel on top ob MissyBun's and my habbytat. So I hadda wook at it, to see if it seemed warm and tasty. Sum towels do, you know. 

And Maman pulled anudder towel frumma dryer-fing and went on: "...the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Rowan Williams wrote in reply to John Spong's "12 Points", while Williams was Bishop of Monmouth: "[...] I cannot in any way see Bishop Spong's theses as representing a defensible or even an interesting Christian future. And I want to know whether the Christian past scripture and tradition, really appears to him as empty and sterile as this text suggests." [] - yet we, here in the United States, are presented with the public acceptance - make that "adoration" - of Spong by our new Presiding Bishop! Spong is, quite simply, a heretic who denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and the validity of the Scriptures.

(See: for the document A Call for a New Reformation by John Shelby Spong). 

"When I wrote to Canterbury, I asked how an Anglican living in the States was supposed to worship in the Episcopalian Church in America (which is the representative branch of the Anglican Communion in the United States), that I believed was embracing at least one heresy by embracing Spong and by extension, his writings. I was told (by return email) that it was my duty as an Anglican to present what I believed was conclusive evidence of Spong's heresy.

"Well then." Sed Maman. "Here goes. I presented the URL to John Spong’s A Call for a New Reformation - which he compares with no sense of shame to the Ninety-five Theses of Martin Luther! – and my reasons for believing that it is a heretical document. So far as I know, he has not repudiated this document, and therefore, remains a heretic. Just why I was asked to do this, George, I have no clue. I am not a theologian nor an apologist. I have never graduated from seminary. I’m a music historian, but someone asks and I’ll do my best to reply.

"I am all for Anglicanism continuing to express the Media Via in Christianity - I believe and will continue to believe that there are as many ways to God as there are people created - but that does not mean that there are no moral absolutes.

"Some things are indeed good and some things are not good; one must seek always to do that which is defined by Our Lord as good and fight very hard against that which is not good. As C.S. Lewis reminds us in The Great Divorce, “Evil can be undone but it cannot ‘develop’ into good.” There are decisions to be made. Black and white do not end somewhere in pure, blinding white, but in a kind of murky grey colour.

"But back to Spong's A Call for a New Reformation. The document is illogical from it's opening claim that, 'The institution that called itself the body of Christ ... produced the Hundred Years War and the conflict between England and Spain that came to a climax in the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588.'

"The Hundred Years' War, like all wars, was a result of many pressures: religious, economic, as well as nationalistic. One cannot stuff a century of on-again, off-again raid and counter-raid that historians have in retrospect labelled "The Hundred Years' War" into one, spare paragraph and blame it all on a conflict between "Protestant" and "Roman Catholic" belief systems. War between nations is not simple, and it is not clean and easily defined as one thing or another, not even with the 20/20 hind-sight of historical research.  

"Since the author wishes us to take his paper seriously, he should take pains to be certain that it's foundations are not laid upon risible historical generalisations." Said Maman, in her best Instructor’s Voice.

And she flapped a towel rilly, rilly Rilly hard, so that it made a loud *bang*, and then she folded it in brisk, tight motions, like she was getting it innu line, instead ob just folding it to be put away inna cupboard. Belinda oncet told me dat Maman was considered a berry “tough” teacher when she lectured in music history. And Maman can be whut’chu call “strict” when she is "’Nnoyed" aboud fings.

So she went on: "And then I challenge this next assertion: 'The need for a new theological reformation began when Copernicus and Galileo removed this planet from its previous supposed location at the centre of the universe, where human life was thought to bask under the constant attention of a humanly defined parental deity.' Reform? No. Adjustment? Perhaps. None of the Science discovered so far negates the existence of God.  In fact, Science, as we understand it only re-enforces the argument that there must be a Supreme Being.

"Think of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, for example. There are any number of people who believe that if one believes in the Theory of Evolution, one cannot believe in God, and furthermore, one cannot possibly be a Christian. In fact, the whole hierarchy of modern education has it's knickers in a knot over this very controversy! And it is so, so silly because it is all so, so gratuitous.

"So I will ask you, George Bunny Rabbit, A Great Question (mainly because I believe a bunny rabbit's answer is worth one hundred times that of an Education Departmental Chair's): Is it possible to agree with me that at one critical point, a certain gene, or set of genes mutated in such a way that a tree-dwelling proto-human became, in fact, human?”

And I wooked at Maman and thought for a second and then sed, “You nebber know, Maman. You just nebber know…”

And rite away, she clapped her hands and cried out, “You are correct, George Bunny Rabbit! You do not "ebber" know because you were not there at that one critical point! You were never inside of that one critical proto-human's head - so how could you possibly know, with utter certainty, the exact moment and by what specific means that one critical proto-human evolved into a modern human being? You nebber know. And you probably nebber will know. But that is not to say that it Never Happened, either, as some of the Creationalists and Intelligent Designers would have it. Some specific things are perhaps Unknowable by mere human means!  

"So, why then is there such a problem in believing in Evolution? Why must we have the Creationists and Intelligent Designers lined up against the Darwinians and Atheists like ducks in a shooting gallery? It’s asinine. Does belief in Evolution automatically remove God from the chain of Human development? Not at all! Does belief in God preclude any belief in the Darwinian Theory? Never! The two are not mutually exclusive unless someone’s mind is slammed shut more tightly than a space shuttle’s airlock. Because at some critical point - a point that science can neither define nor even propose to locate - something caused something to happen, that made human beings become 'human'. And that something, I define as God.

"And why not define that something as God? Defining that something that changed human beings from whatever they were into the human beings they currently are, will not curtail the investigation into discovering more about that Something. It is within the nature of human beings to ask questions and discover answers. It is how we are made - how God made us, if you will (because we did acquire this trait somehow, you must admit!) – but it is how we are made, perhaps, so that we could find our way to Him.

"As I said, my dearest George, there are as many paths to God as there are people to tread them. Science is only another path. It is all right to believe in the Theory of Evolution, because the Theory of Evolution does not call for any 'theological reformation', nor does the 'Big Bang Theory' of the creation of the Universe call for any great 'theological reformation'. God remains as a 'First Cause' for all things, and the more we discover about the origins of our species, and the origins of our Universe, the more we are moved to wonder at the unique and shining genius of the Supreme Architect of the Universe who has been there before us. 

"Spong insists that we all must dismiss belief in Jesus' miracles, belief in any and every miracle in light of the discoveries of Science. This argument is not original, and has been carried on before by better minds than either his or mine. In fact, I recommend that he have a look at Lewis’ The Great Divorce as starter material. He will probably dismiss it as not being scholarly, but this dismissal only begs the real question, which is this: How can Spong know all about what happened during the occurrence of one of Jesus’ – or anyone’s – miracles?

"I don't believe that John Spong was a witness at any of the miracles that are related either the Old or New Testaments of the Bible, so how does he know what *really* went on? He is relying upon the information he has gathered about these miracles from reading about them in the Bible. This is not the same thing as actually witnessing a miracle, not what a historian would consider “primary source” material, as he contends.

"He mentions that Science has proven that miracles, as they are reported in the Scriptures, just *can’t* happen. He is therefore perfectly willing to accept evidence of one sort, which will prove his contentions that what occurred couldn't possibly be a miracle while rejecting any conclusions reached by contemporary witnesses about what they actually observed.

"The fact is that Spong can't have it both ways. Either the reportage in the Bible is all fiction or it is what it is: published oral histories of eye-witnesses. He was not there. He did not see for himself, so he can render no judgement about what other people said that they saw. And he cannot impose the rigorous conditions of Scientific Theory upon what was or was not reported by people who lived centuries before he did – and if he can, I would really like to see him re-create ALL of the variables (of say, Velikovsky’s explanation for the Parting of the Red Sea) in the laboratory!

 (Part II is coming up inna nextest postie!)

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Friday, 24 November 2006
George's Eleventh Strand; Day Number 24
Now Playing: Pie! It's Whut's For Brekfast!


 I had no clue, eidder, but when Maman came innu da Bun Room dis morning she sed, "Good Morning, Bunnies!" to us, and started taking stock ob whut was inna 'Frigerator.

And she sed: "Guess whut's for lunch?"

And Dadda, who had followed her along and was waiting for his kettle to boil, sed, "Wooks wike turkey."

And Maman sed, "You got dat rite."

And den she sed, "Guess whut's for tea?"

And Dadda sed, "Lemme see... Turkey?"

And Maman sed, "Go toda hed obba class!"

And den she sed, "And guess whut's for brekfast?"

And Dadda sed, "It had bedder not be turkey, onna'count obba Fakt dat no madder how good da turkey is, it is not brekfast food!"

And Maman sed, "Fank you for playing. Da ansur is not 'turkey'. Da correct ansur is 'Pie'."

And Dadda was wike, "Pie? For brekfast?"

And Maman is wike, "It's annA'Murrican Tradishun! Onna Day Afta Fanksgibbin' you hab Pie For Brekfast!"

And she wooks at Alla Us Togedder and adds, "Rite, Bunnies?"

And Beebe, Mouse, Missy and I preddy much agree, becos we can preddy much see dat dere mite be sumfing in dis for us if we agree wif her. Dere ushally is.

Den Da Dawg, who preddy much has figgered out whut we alreddy know, chimes in dat he agrees wif Maman, too.

Pie. It's whut's for Brekfast. 

So Dadda's wike, "I dunno. I don't fink I want Pie for Brekfast."

Anna Dawg says quickly, "So I'll hab Dadda's share."

And Dadda says, "You know, I fink I'll extend my Fankgibbin' Hollyday to tiday, too, wike ebberybunny else inna'Murrica. I'm habbin' a hard time werkin' up enny 'thusyasm for ennyfing tiday." 

And by dis time, Maman's bringin' outta Pies.

Dere is pun'kin, peekcan and a fing dat is not hextactly a pie, but sort ob is wike one, called Appul Crumble.

Now we bunnies had alreddy tried sum ob dat pun'kin stuff yestidday.

Maman had come innu da Bun Room wiffa big spoonfull ob orange stuff and sed to Beebe, "Dis is FRESH Pun'kin. Our Friend in SoCal, Beezer, lubs it! Our Friend Wally (ATB), ob HAREWEAR, recommends it. Whut'chu fink Mr Mouse?"

And Mouse had taken a wook attit and sed, "I fink you're trying to poison me! Ged dat spoon away frum me!" and ran toda back ob his habbytat.

So Maman was wike, "Hokay for you." And moobed ober to Beebe's habbytat.

Well, Beebe lunged atta spoon (it was invadin' his habbytat and he allus lunges at ebberyfing dat invades his space, frum habbin' been a Skool Bunny and abused and all) and he accidentally bit da spoon, whch got him a'accidental mouf-full ob pun'kin. And he stood dere wif orange pun'kin all ober his face for a minute, and den stawted munchin'. And preddy soon he licked his bunny-lips and munched summore, and den went back and had sekonds. Den he had thirds, and forfs, and den Maman sed he had "Enuf."

And she went to ged anudder spoon.

Den she came ober to us.

But her hand was preddy shakey and she sorta mashed sum obba punk'kin on Missy's nose wiffout meanin' to.

And Missy was wike, "EWWWWW! I've got punk'in on my face! EWWWW! Help! Cooties! EWWWWW!"

And she ran innu da corner obba habbytat. Den da spoon, wif Maman not too stable onna end obbit, wabed in my direkshun, and I was wike, "EWWW! Cooties! EWWWWW! Poison! EWWWW!" (cos dat's whut I'd herd!)

And I ran forda corner, too, and buried my nose in Missy's fur.  

And Maman was wike, "Well! All rite for you two!"

And off she went, all 'fended-wike.

So dis morning, she's gotta finished pun'kin pie, and she pours herself summa dat "coffee" in her cup and cuts sum pie outta da dish onna counter. And she offers a fork-full, dis time, to Mouse, and says, "Habba bite. Dis is dif'frunt frum whut you had yestidday."

And Mouse hassa snif and says, "Y'know, dis wuld be so much easier if you culd just do raisins!" and turns his back on her.

And Maman says to Dadda, "He is def'nit'ly your bunny! Becos he won't eat Pie for brekfast eidder."

And Dadda wooks atta Dawg and says, "Come on, Mister. Go patrol your Gardin."

Anna Dawg (who is not over-endowed wif brains) says, "And you'll sabe me sum pie?"

And Dadda (who speaks "Dawg" preddy well) says, "Do you want a cookie?"

Which makes da Dawg completely fortyged aboudda pie, and makes him start bouncin' around atta door barkin', "Cookie! Cookie! Gimmie! Cookie!"

So Dadda gibs him a Milk-Bone Dawg Biscuit anna Dawg goes out da Back Door, waggin' his tail growling, "I gotta cookie! I gotta cookie - hang on! Whutta aboudda pie? Pie?"

And just den, Dadda says, "Go count your squirrels."

Anna stoopit Dawg goes rocketting off, barking, "Squirrell! Squirrell!" completely fortygedding aboudda pie again.

So Dadda shuts da Back Door. 

So while Dadda has bin doing alla dis wiffa Dawg, Maman cut offa bite ob pun'kin pie and put it in Beebe's treat baskit. And ob course Beebe is all hexcited, onna'count obba Fakt dat he likes pun'kin ennyways. So as soon as he sees da bite ob Pie comin', Beebe yells out:

"YO! Incoming!" and dashes off to his treat baskit to start munching.

So we're nextest on Maman's Brekfast Handout List.

And heer it comes, smelling ob dis Cinnymin and sugar and above all, Pun'kin, and heer it is in our Treats Baskit, two rabbit-sized bites ob Pie sitting nextest to each udder. So Missy sort ob waddles ober to one and sniffs it and and gibs it an exploratory lick.

 And I'm standing back, onna'count obba Fakt dat since Maman smooshed da spon-full ob pun'kin innu Missys face, I amma berry cautious bunnyrabbit!

And den suddinly, Missy is takin' bites ob pun'kin pie! And I don't mean dainty, widdle bunny-bites, I mean she is takin' warge, healfy gob-stoppin' mouf-fulls heer, wif her teefs and ebberyfing!

And Missy's out-right munchin! And den she turns around to me, (becos I'm waiting for her to fall ober or sumfing, becos she and Mouse did say datta stuff was fulla cooties and poison da wast time!) and she's standin' dere ober da Treat Baskit wif her mouf all full ob dis pun'kin pie stuff, and her bunny-lips are all orangey and all,

And she says to me:

"Pie. It's whut's for brekfast." 

 ---------------------------- By George

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Wednesday, 22 November 2006
George's Eleventh Strand; Day Number 22
Now Playing: Hoppy Fanksgibbin'

Well, dere issa ded bird inna'frigerator, and ebberybunny's alreddy  feelin' conflicted about dat. Dadda is yellin' atta Catz for doing sumfing dey shuldn't hab done inna Dining Room,  Sistah Beffy is still  pregnutz (hoomins take much longer den bunnies to make, apparently) and she is inna Kitchin, makin' pies and tellin' Phil-da-Lad (who is her bruther) to stop moonin' around onna'count obba Fakt dat Alanna's in Maryland. And Da Dawg is bizzy lookin' all ober da place for Adam so he can herd him Outside to play ball wif him (but Adam is still "at werk" so Da stoopit Dawg is sittin, ebber hopeful, byda Frunt Door wif his ball in his mouf) and Maman is alreddy lyin' down wiffa migraine.

So we're off to anudder flyin' start wiffa Hollyday.

Dis wun is called "Fanksgibbin'" and as Maman sed to Alla Us Togedder yestidday as she was foldin' laundry, you shuld fortyged aboud alla dat stuff you lerned back innna warm, fuzzy days when you traced your hand out on brown con-struck-shun paper, cut out paper feathers an' stuck'em on wif da paste-you-could-eat, to hang inna school winder. Dere was no Hoppy Pil'grims and Helpful Indians. Whut dere was was Hungry, Scared Settlers ob preddy much No Eddykayshun (which is notta whole lot dif'frunt from now so far assa "Eddykayshun" part obbit goes, she sed) wif Leaky Ships, way far away frum whut dey knew (which was Inkwand), anna whole wotta Puzzled, Suspicious Native Peoples who sure didn't trust da Hungry, Scared Settlers who was actin' weirder, and weider wif ebbery passing day. So dat Byda Time ebbrywun had gotted around to "Fanksgibbin'" all ennybunny wanted was for ebberywun else (Maman says) to godahellhome - which as History teaches us - wassn't happenin' for a variety ob rezons. 

Maman says History is not tidy, and dere are ushally a whole lotta rezons why fings happins, and one size doesn't fit all, which is why she hates it when a noo history buk comes out dat says it's author 'spains "ebberyfing".

Maman says she is now dat Mate-Tree-Ark obba family, which is why she has suddenly discubbered dat she hassa Power to say whut she pleases and ebberybunny hasta at least shaddup and listen. She says dis has nebber happenined bifore, but dat as she has found out more aboud her GrandMothers, dis is how she is s'sposed to behave. She sed she usta be 'fraid to ebben tawk, but now dat she is married to Dadda (who beleebs in smashin' inna frunt doors and meta-for-acal buckets ob blud) she has lerned dat dere is troof in whut her Mentor told her yeers ago, "If you wanna run wiffa pack, you learn to fight wike a wolf." or sumfing wike dat. 

So she is now sayin' whut she finks and it is s'prising.

And Missy sed she wassa Mate-Tree-Ark onna'count obba Fakt dat she issa only GurlBunny in Our Warren and so she rearranged alla pootie-boxes so I can't get inside ob enny ob dem.  And she sed dat alla us GuyBunnies had to listen to her becos she an' Maman are Mate-Tree-Arks an' Heds ob Families. And (Missy sed) we are lucky dat we are not Pil'grims or Native 'Murricans libbin' inna Old Days, cos we wuld Regret Dat and dere wuld be NO "Fanksgibbin'."

So Maman is habbin' Sistah Beffy make pies and we are gettin' bites ob Croost Cookies. Deese are made frum Pie Croost which is trimmed offa Pies, and den baked wiffa widdle cinnymon and sugar sprinkled on top. Maman, as Mate-Tree-Ark, teached dis to Sistah Beffy when she was widdle, just as her Granny's housekeeper, Annie Hamilton, teached it to Maman. And dat's howda Mate-Tree-Ark fing goes: it's whut da Granny teaches toda widdle kid who teaches it to her kid, who teaches it to her kid when she grows up to beda Mate-Tree-Ark and can say whutebber she pleases.

Only we GuyBunnies aren't shure where Missy fits innu dis pikshure. Missy says dat she got it frum Belinda Bunny (ATB) who gotted it frum herself and passed it on to Missy who is gonna pass it on to sumbun inna fu-chur, as soon as Belinda sends sumbun heer, wike Hunny called for me (who didn't habba home) when Hunny knew dat he was gonna need me to learn to Become 'Tellygint, just wike him. Hunny called dis passing on ob Learning Da Circle ob Life, and Missy says dat pawt ob dis is being a Mate-Tree-Ark.

Maman says it is History and pawt ob History is knowing da Troof about "Fanksgibbin'", and not just da pawt dat hoomins are taught in school, aboud tracing dere hands out onna construckshun paper and pastin' on feathers and hangin' it inna winder. She says dat nobun shuld become lazy and fink dat dey can stop learnin' just onna'count obba Fakt dat dey readed wun buk where da author sed dey had discubbered da Answer To Ebberyfing. 

And Maman also sed datta Furst Rool ob geddin' along on Fanksgibbin' is to bemember to Gib Fanks. Dat ebben if your Maman says you are an iddyit, bemember dat you are heer inna werld by her lub (cos she hasn't killed you yet), eatin' food she took da time an' trubble to make for you, and you'd do well to bemember alla does who are not as blessed as you. You shuld ebben gib fanks for your sistah or budder, becos sum hoomins don't hab wun. An' be Fankful ebben for fings you diswike, becos you hab dem dere to dislike. Sum bunnies, who hab no home, and who hab been abandoned and thrown out to try and survive OnAlone hab nuffin ebben to complain aboud - so you are lucky if you can complain. 

An' in Fakt, insted ob sittin' dere bememberin' whut you don't hab, ged off your butt an' do sumfing possytib: da bestest way to not be alone or unhappy onna hollyday is to offer your hand to sumbun else.

And bemember to bemember all does who are inna shelter. 

And please bemember alla does who are still out dere, seekin' shelter.

And bemember dat you can make a dif'rence - mebbe not for for all but for wun.

------------------------- By George 

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Wednesday, 1 November 2006
George's Eleventh Strand; Day Number ONE
Now Playing: HOPPY BIRFDAY Dadda!

Hokay. Seeda header? Tiday is Our Dadda's Birfday! Yeah! Hooray! So Hoppy Birfday to Dadda!

 Yeah, and just to sellybrate, we heer at Our Warren hadda habba "Incydint" (as Maman calls it).

Sure. You know us!

So Maman and Dadda was outta milk dis morning, which was bad cos Dadda hates dat powdered stuff in his tea and Maman isn't too pleased wiffit in her coffee, eidder.

So Dadda dragged on his jeens and put on his Harewear tee-shirt ( and went toda store uppa road while Maman made tea and poured coffee.

So while she was waitin' for Dadda to ged back, Maman letta Dawg outta Back Door Innu Da Gardin and sed,

 "Morning, Bunnies!" to us.

And she gibbed ebberybun a coupla Tiny Peeled Baby Organic Carrots for brekky.

And Mr Mouse was 'nnoyed onna'count obba Fakt dat he didn't get his Tiny Peeled Baby Organic Carrots furst. Dis is cos Maman gibbed Beebe-Bunny!! da furst helping of Tiny Peeled Baby Organic Carrots onna'count obba Fakt dat he is Old anna Senior Bun, and Not Feeling Well Onna'count Obba Fakt dat he has pseudo-sumfings up his nose... 

So Mouse was alreddy inna Bad Mood and fings hadn't ebben got offa ground, yet.

And so, Maman goes on her feckless way, Uppastairs and opins da door and lets outta Catz frumma Office (which is also her Study). And Dadda comes back and Maman lets inna Dawg frumma Gardin where he's had his Morning Patrol (he says datta birdies are flocking up and mobbin' on).

And Dadda has brought doughnuts for Maman.

Now doughnuts are innerestin' inna wotta ways. Furst off, they smell good. Second off, Maman shares. Third off, she ushually doesn't share wiffa Catz onna count obba Fakt datshe says "alla dat shugar issn't good fora 40-pound Maine Coon kitty onna Diet."

And dis makes Cokie-da-Fat-Cat 'nnoyed, cos he doesn't ged enny while we ushally do.

Well, dis morning, we didn't ged enny doughnuts and nedder didda Cat. 

So bemember, Mouse is 'nnoyed and now Cokie-Cat is 'nnoyed.

And heer comes da Dawg, who is gen'rally happy. And nuffin makes a 'nnoyed critter more 'nnoyed denna gen'rally happy, bouncy, sloppy, hi-glad-to-see-you-slobber-on-your-hed kind ob udder critter.

Can you smell da disaster?

So ennyways, Maman and Dadda each habba doughnut, and Maman gibs Da Dawg a Milk-Bone Dawg Biscuit for brekky, and dey all go Uppystairs. And I heer Dadda gib kibble toda Catz...

And nobun is geddin' enny doughnuts, you'll notice... 

And den, for sum reason, Cokie anna Dawg come Downnastairs - and Da Dawg starts snarffling up alla Rabbit Chow Green Bag pellets dat MissyBun has dumped outta da habbytat obernite (Maman allus gibs us sum in case we gedda case obba munchies late inna evenin'. Udderwise, she ways, *I* wake hoomins up by *thumpin'*. But it's not *me* who *thumps*! Dat wuld be Missy, but Maman finks it's me, when it's not!  *I* only *thump* when there's sumfing dang'rus inna Gardin outside. *I* do not *thump* onna' count obba Empty Pellet Dish!)

So ennyways, Da Dawg is snuffling along da floor, and Mouse is alreddy 'nnoyed and all, so he calls ober toda Cokie-Cat,

"Hey, Cat!"

And Cokie is standing dere wike, "Whut? You call me, Bunnyrabbit?"

And Mouse is wike, "Yeah. Come on ober heer and seeda hay onna floor unner my habbytat."

So Cokie sort ob wanders ober, anna Dawg shuffles along, nose-toda-floor, and now, Mouse is reely 'nnoyed. So he lines up to pee onna Dawg, and don't you know, da Dawg moobs, anna Cokie-Cat moobs anna Cokie-Cat geds pee'd on!

Well, dat sort ob does it, so to speak.

Cokie stares at Mouse fora sekond and den he says a Rilly Bad Werd!

And den da Cat turns around, flips his tail, and goes shamblin' reely fast outta da Bun Room, fru da Kitchin anna alla way Uppastairs where I hear him start to complain loudly to Dadda!

Anna Dawg is wike, "Ooops. Well, um, see ya, Bunnies!" And off he goes Uppystairs, too. 

So I kin hear da Cokie-Cat and he's complainin' Royal, as Dadda says. And Dadda's wike,

"Wookit, Cat, I dunno whut your problem is, but you got food, so shaddup."

And Maman is wike, "Whutsamatta wiffa Cat?"

And Dadda is wike, "I dunno butif he doesn't shut up, he's going to become extremely unpopular - as unpopular assa rattlesnake inna skippin' rope faktory."

And Maman waffs. Listenin' to Dadda ushually makes Maman waff, which is good in sum ways, but it can be bad in udders onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman can sometimes getta case obba giggles atta wrong time, inna wrong place, she says. 

And dis wassa wrong time, becos Cokie kept on complainin'.

So finally I heered Maman call him ober to her, and just wike I figgered wuld happin, she suddinly squeeks,

"EWWWWW! Brian! No wonder Cokie's complaining! Sumbunny peed onna poor Cat's hed!"

And heer inna Bun Room Mr Mouse goes, "Heh!"

And den heer comes Dadda pounding Downnastairs, and he's got Cokie ober his shoulder and he's sayin' to him, "Don't be a prat all your life, Cocoa," (which is Cokie's Real Name) "We're just going to wash your hed..."

And Cokie is wailin' like, "Whaaaaaaaa! Whut did *I* do?!?!"

And, ob course, Maman is fluttering afta dem wike sum kinda bird-inna-bafrobe. 

So we got treated to watchin' Maman and Dadda wash, towel-dry and brush da Cat-hed, while da Dawg hadda ged exiled toda Back Gardin, onna'count obba Fakt Dadda sed to him, "Comon, you're goin' outside becos you're just enjoyin' dis too much."

Anna Dawg found himself out inna Gardin goin' "Whuttaheck? Why am I out heer again?" 

And as Dadda came past he stopped inna Bun Room and axt us, "And whut are You Buggers wookin' at?"

And we buggers didn't say a werd... cos it's Dadda's Birfday tiday, afta all...

---------------------- By George 


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Monday, 30 October 2006
George's Tenth Strand, Day Number 30
Now Playing: Got Sum Lub To Share? Adopt!

I can't beleeb it's Oktober!

It's cold outside when Maman opins da door toda Back Gardin to let Da Dawg inanout. I mean, you shuld just hear MissyBun complain aboudda draft! It's enuf to make you wanna leeb home, unwess Home wassn't warm, comfortyble, dry and fulla Hay. Dere are sum fings it's just Dumb to leeb and Home is wunna dem.

Which brings me toda Point ob Tiday's Blog.

Yousee, Alla Us Togedder, heer at Our Warren are house-bunnies, which means bunnies dat lib inside obba houzes just wike catz and dawgs!

Dat's rite.

We lib indoors wif our hoomins!

We do not lib outdoors!

And ebberybunny heer is adopted! And not only da Bunnies was each adopted, but also bof obba Catz, anna Dawg. Being adopted means dat none ob us had homes bifore, and dat Maman and Dadda invited us to share their home!

Now, udder hoomins can adopt Companion Animals, too!

Dat's rite!

Hoomins wif pet-less homes can now hab pets! Yes! They can axtchually share dere homes wif Companion Animals dat hab somehow managed, fru no fault ob dere own, to lose dere homes! 

Dere are Bunnies, and Kitties, and Dawgs and ebben Birdies - all waiting in Shelters ebberywheres for good hoomins to adopt dem, just wike Alla Us Togedder heer at Our Warren.

Now, a Bunny might not be da Right Companion Animal for just enny hoomin. Mebbe a Cat might be bedder for dem. Or mebbe dey are a Dawg-kinda person. But da Fakt obba madder is dis: dere are Companion Animals out dere in Shelters, right now, who are reddy and waiting to come and help share dere Life wiffa Good Hoomin who needs dem! 

Now, you kin see frumma fings dat I type heer inna Blog dat Maman needs alla help she can get. So does Dadda. Mebbe you are a widdle wike dem - a widdle bit overwhelmed by habbin to lib ebberyday inna confoozlin' werld.

Well, Companion Animals can help you wif dat!  Yes we can!

We unnerstand whut hoomins do not; we know aboud how it Takes A Warren to make a Werld, and how to Allus Okyoupye Da Highest Ground when fings get diffycult; and we know how to Hab Sum Hay and Habba Nap and how to Share dose fings we hab been gibbin.


We Companion Animals can add a wot to Life!

So if you habba place in your heart, anna home dat is empty, well, den, you shuld seriously consider adopting a Companion Animal. 

Gib a dawg or a kitty or a bunny a second chance! Visit your local shelter! Fill out anna Adoption Form - Remember to Spay or Neuter your Companion Animal!

And All Bunnies Live INDOORS!

I fink dat about cobbers it.

Becos you know, I arribed atta v-e-t's office inna cardboard box. Dat's rite, just me-inna-box. I was bought assa toy for Easter and three weeks later, da stoopit hoomins figgered out dat I wasn't a toy at all - I wassa reel, libe bunnyrabbit - and den dose hoomins didn't want me ennymore! So they put me inna box, closed uppa top and left me atta v-e-t's,  onna floor, OnAlone.

Dat shuldn't happen to ennybunny. Never.

And some poor bunnies don't ebben get DAT!

So, fink aboud it.

Gotta place in your heart dat needs to be filled wif lub? Gotta little lub to share?

Dere's a Companion Animal waiting for you, sitting inna Shelter, OnAlone but fulla Hope

-------- By George 


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Thursday, 28 September 2006
George's Eigth Strand: Day Number 28
Now Playing: Wook Out!


We're Off!

 And runnin'.

Wook out!

Hooboy. Around heer, you nebber know. You just don't.

So tidday, Maman comes Downnastairs frum reading alla Noospapers online, railin' about how she's gonna be as Un-PC as possybul frum now on until forebber, and how she is nebber, ebber gonna go back innu teaching kidlets about Musics, no how, no way, nomadder whut.

Den she gets sum more coffee and goes back Uppastairs toda Study to werk on wunna her children's Buks dat teaches dem alla'bout Musics.

If you wook rilly, rilly closely you will find sum kinda logic in dis, but I am not sure how much. Dis is onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman swears dat she issa berry Logical Person, and we hab to take her werd on dat. 

Soda Nite Bifore Wast Nite, Maman and Dadda was up Late, sittin' inna Dining Room talkin' to each udder. Anna Catz were slinking around, complaining aboudda Fakt dat dere dinner was late, anna Dawg was trailing afta them, sorta droning on about, "No Catz Inna Bun Room!" just in case they strayed our way.

And finally, aboud midnite, Dadda says, "Let's go feed da Bunnies, dear."

And they get up and make salads, and refill crocks and alla dat stuff.

And ob course, da Catz anna Dawg are unner'neaf dere feets, so Maman says to Da Dawg, "Go outside and count your squirrels."

Well, ob course alla squirrels are in dere beds asleep, but Da Dawg is stoopit dat way and he gets all jazzed up and goes flyin' outta door innu da Back Gardin, grumblin' and woofin' like he does inna morning when the squirrels rilly are awake, frowing nuts and makin' fun ob him frumma trees.

And preddy soon he comes back and says to nobun in particular, "Guess whut, BunnyRabbits? Dadda lefta Tracktor out inna Back Gardin!"

And MissyBun is wike, "So are you gonna tell him?" And goes back to munching onna salad, becos she rilly doesn't care aboudda Tractor wun way or da udder.

Butta Dawg hates da Tracktor. He can't stand being inna same yard wiffit. He feels dat he hasta lunge attit, and bark and bite da tires anna'tack it, which tends to upset Dadda who lubs dat Tracktor wike a child. He ebben bought a widdle Tracktor Houz for it to lib in, and den anudder widdle Houz for all its stuff to lib in, and he just lubs da Tracktor to bits. Butta Dawg hates it and hasta come in frumma Back Gardin whenebber Dadda takes da Tracktor outta its Tracktor Houz to do enny jobs around da Back Gardin.

And Dadda nebber leebs da Tracktor out inna Nite, da same way he wuld nebber leeb enny ob Us out inna nite.

But, dere it was, da Dawg sed, out inna Nite, only it was being Quiet About it, so it seemed wike Maman and ebben Dadda, who lubbed it, had fortygotten it.

So I sed, "Dat's a shame."

And Mr Mouse sorta chortled.

Just den Maman and Dadda came back innu da Bun Room again, and Beebe wooked up frum groomin' his Stuffie, and called out, "YO! Dadda! Your Tracktor is outside inna Nite!" 

But ob course Dadda was talkin' to Maman about going out to ged us sum hay and didn't hear Beebe.

So Dadda walks outta Back Door Innu Da Gardin and comes to a stop and Maman walks right innu him, and she goes, "Whut?"

And Dadda says, "I left da Tracktor outside."

And Maman wooks up innu da sky, notices it's mainly Dark and says to Dadda, "Well, I can help you pushit innu it's houz."

So dey go outta da door, innu da Nite.

Only, just bifore da door shuts, Maman calls da Dawg.

And Dadda says, "Whut didyadodat for?"

And Maman says, "He can help."

Well, you nebber, ebber tell a Border Collie Dawg dat he can "help". Does dawgs just lib to help. Dat's all dey want to do is help. Ebben when dey habben't da fainest idea ob How dey are gonna do it, dey just ged Right Inna Middle Ob Fings and Help dere hardest. I'm tellling you, if Disaster came along and axted for Help, Border Collies would be Right Dere, willing and able.

So dere's da Free obb'em inna Back Gardin, inna middle obba Nite, and becos Maman and Dadda are just standing ober da Tracktor, sorta staring att'it, we hear da Dawg call out, "Hey wook at dis! I found my ball!"

Just aboud den, Cokie-da-Fat-Cat comes waddlin' down frum Uppastairs, habbin just had his dinner, and he plumps himself down onna Bun Room Floor and says, "So whut kinda screw-up is happenin' now?"

So I told him and he sorta chuckled and began to clean his paws. "Oh dis is gonna be good!" He sed and he settled down to wook atta door wif inner-rest.

So frum Out-Inna-Gardin, we hear Dadda say, "Well, if we bof push it, it should go right in."

And den we hear Maman go, "Shhh! Don't talk so loud! Alla neighbours will be asleep. Whisper."

And Dadda goes, "I am whisperin!"

And Maman goes, "Well whisper quieter."

And we hear Dadda sigh, and den we hear Maman sort ob shufflin' around, and Dadda goes, "Whut's da matter now?"

And Maman kinda squeaks, "Don't start it!"

And Dadda says, rilly patiently, "I'm not startin' it! I'm only trying to see if I can turn onna lights so we can see where we're going!"

And Maman squeaks again, wike she does whin she's geddin' ready to panic, "Don't touch it!"

And Dadda's wike, "Charlotte, will you please calm down? I'm not going to start the Tracktor inna middle obba Nite!"

And Maman's voice goes back to Normal and we hear her say, "Good."

And we hear Dadda sorta mumble, "I'm not that stoopit."

And we hear Maman sorta mumble, "Just checking."

 Den dere was kinda a "oomph" sound.

And we heard Dadda say, "Whut are you trying to do?"

And Maman sed, "Push."

And den dere was quiet for a sekond and we herd Dadda say, "Um, not wike dat. Gotta take da Brake off."

And den Maman squeaks again, "Don't start it!"

And den we heard Dadda say, "I'm not startin' it!"

And dey are kinda screamin' at each udder by whisperin', which makes dem sound kinda wike dey are strangling. And Missy starts chuckling, which makes our habbytat sorta start bouncing up-and-down.

So den we hear Dadda say, "Bugger off, Dawg." and we know datta Dawg is now gettin' unner foots. Den Maman says, "Marc, go sit down!" So we know dat he's not listenin', eidder.

Anna Cokie-cat chortles and says to us: "Bedder and Bedder. Glad I came down."

And den we hear Maman say to Dadda, "So it's just push it innu it's Houz, right?"

And Dadda says, "Dat would be it, 'cept for a hump."

And Maman says, "Hump?"

And Dadda says, "Step, rilly. Door sill. Up and over."

And he adds, "Onna count ob Three...Wun...Two...Free!"

And dere issa sound ob rollin', anna Dawg barks, "Wook Out!"

And Dadda shouts, kinda muffled wike, "Shut up!"

And den we hear, also kinda muffled-wike, Maman's voice: "Do we stop pushing or does it just go through the back wall?"

At which point dere issa almighty Bang! And Dadda calls out, "Stop pushin'!" anna Dawg barks, "Wook Out!" again.

And den we hear nuffin' for aboud ten sekonds, 'cept da sound ob Maman and Dadda breathing.

Den Da Dawg pipes up, "Wanna play ball?"

And we hear Dadda say, "Bugger off, Dawg." and ob course Maman hasta 'splain to him, "You can't ebben see your ball inna Dark!" anna Dawg calls back, all sulky-wike, "Course I can! I'm a dawg."

And den we hear da Hay Bin opin and Maman and Dadda are rustlin' around innit.

And den Dadda opins da Door, and dere's Cokie-da-Fat-Cat, starin' up att'im.

And Dadda says, "Whut are you wookin' at, Cat?"

Anna Fat-Cat gets his paw unner-neaf ob him and scurries outta da way as Dadda comes stompin inna door wiffa arm-load ob hay. And Outside, Inna Back Gardin, we can hear Da Dawg scramblin' affta his ball, shoutin' joyously, "Gedda ball! Gedda ball! Gedda ball!"

And Maman says to him, "Wast time, Marc. Wast time!" inna loud whisper, and we hear da sound obba ball whoosin' fru da Nite air and thuddin' onna grass, and den da sound obba Dawg scramblin' afta it, goin', "Gedda ball! Gedda ball! Gotta gedda ball!"

And den Maman anna Dawg come innu da Houz, wiffa Dawg bringin' his ball in wif him, becos dat's his job.

Den a widdle water, whenna Catz is back Uppystairs where dey belong, anna Dawg has put his ball away in his Toy-Baskit, and we hab got our Hay and our pellets and our fresh wadder and eaten our Salads and Treats, and Maman and Dadda hab turned offa BunLight and said, "nite Bunnies!"

We hear Maman say to Dadda, "Well, dat was inner'restin'."

And we heared Dadda say to Maman frumma bedroom, "And it's ober."

And Maman sed, "Where's da Dawg? Hab you seed him?"

And Dadda sed, "He's trying to help me take off my shoes. Damnnit, Dawg, will you ged oud'd'da way!"

And frumma bedroom, heer comes da Dawg, scrurrying, calling, "Wook out!" 

----------------------- By George 

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Wednesday, 20 September 2006
George's Eigth Strand: Day Number 20

Y'know, we heer at Our Warren can ged innu more stuff by just sitting around Doing Nuffin, still den most bunnies can ged innu by moving along at High Speeds.

So Maman had given us dose phone buks dat I typed about inna last Blog, and dat wassa'nudder ob dose Unique Disasters Inna Annuals Ob Maman, Queen ob Chaos.

Dis time da Disaster was mostly Fanks to Mr Mouse. Dis is onna'count obba Fakt dat none obba rest ob us bunnies rilly cared forda phone buks or found dem at all inner-restin cept for Mouse, but he gotta whole hang outta whut Maman calls "Makin' Confetti" right off and soon was tail deep inna'stuff. I meen dat his whole Habbytat was just  cubbered  wiffa stuf - widdle, tiny bits ob Mouse-chewed phone buk. It was 'mazin' alla werk dat bunny had put innu it!

And dis wuld all hab bin cute and hokay by Maman if he had kept it in his habbytat, except dat Mouse wikes to share. And so he spent a wotta time kicking da Confetti all ober da BunRoom Floor, where it was picked up by Dawg innocently wandering feets, and no-so-innocently wandering Catz and dere tails. 

Beep-da-Udder-Cat took a reel fondness toda Confetti and dragged bits obbit wif her All Ober da Houz. 

So when it showed up inna Lounge where ebben Bunnies don't go, Maman threw a fit.

And heer she comes innu da BunRoom wiffa full hed ob steam on, and stands ober Mouse and she says,

"Wookit, Mouse. In da werds ob Belinda Bunny, "I can't be havin' wif dis" and whut I can't be havin' with is this Mess you're causing all over this houz. Dere is Confetti inna Dining Room, and inna Sitting Room, and I ebben hab bin pickin' it outta da laundry baskit. Now I don't mind you habbin' had fun wiffa phone buk, but dis Confetti ob yours has got to Go." 

So Mouse grunted at her and went to sit in his corner pootie-box to sulk. And, so, Maman went off Uppastairs to call Dadda, cos Maman isn't stoopit and she's not aboud to try and clean up da whole fing ob Mouse's Habbytat wif him innit on her own, wiffout habbin' Dadda dere who Mouse Respekts.

So just afta Maman swept out, heer comes da Dawg, followed by Beep (who owns da Dawg) wif Cokie-da-Fat-Cat stumpin' along inna aggrivated-sorta way behind.

Anna Dawg says to us, "Hey BunnyRabbits, whut's up? You got  enny food becos I am outta kibble and I am hungree."

And he begins snufflilng ober da floor, wooking for stuff.

And Beep sits down unner'neaf ob MissyBun and me, cos she knows dat dis irrytates da pooties outta Missy, who hates catz, but becos she is unnerneaf ob us, Missy can't do a  fing aboud'dit. 

Catz just lub to be irrytatin'. They don't ebben hab to fink aboud doing it; it just comes to dem to do it nat'churally, assa ebberyday fing.

Anna Dawg wooks at Beep, kinda startled, wike he has suddinly been smacked inna hed wiffa Thot, and he says to Beep, "Hey! You know da Rool! No Catz Inna Bun Room!"

And Beep wooks at him, and bwinks her eye-lids and says inna bored voice, "Whutebber."  

And meanwhile, Cokie-Cat goes to lie down by Mouse.

So Beebe-Bunny!! who libs acrosst da way frum Mouse, calls ober to Mouse and says, "YO! Mouse! You gots catz!" and he says it wike habbin' "catz" is sum kinda Social Disease or sumfing (which it is), and starts moobing his Belubbed Suffie to da back obba Habbytat, away frum any stray Cat-cooties dat might be flying fru da air.

Now ob course, since Beebe's Belubbed Stuffie rilly is a plush, stuffie toy-bunny, Beebe hasta sort ob gently nudge her wif his nose to ged her to moob ennywheres, BUT onna'count obba Fakt dat Beebe doesn't realise dat his Belubbed Stuffie rilly issa plush, stuffie toy-bunny, and finks dat it issa a reel bunnyrabbit dat has come to lib wif him since CloverBun, his wife-bun, left forda Rainbow Bridge, Beeb has kinda gone a widdle OverBoard, and finks dat he hasta talk to his Belubbed Stuffie wif widdle grunts and honks wike it is a rilly elderly, deaf bunny. 

So Beebe is dere in his habbytat, honkin' and gruntin' away to his Belubbed Stuffie and warning it aboudda Cat-cooties dat he is sure, in his addled widdle bunny-brain, are streaming offa Cokie-cat who is unnerneaf ob Mouse's Habbytat. 

Anna Dawg is by us, sorta starin' in perplexity at Beep, who is unnerneaf ob Our Habbytat, not moobin', and violatin' da No Catz Inna BunRoom! Rool.

And den, ob course, dere is Cokie (who issa 40Lb. Maine Coon which is wun Rilly Big Fat Cat) who us unnerneaf ob Mouse's habbytat, and Mouse is alreaddy inna Bad Mood onna'count obba Fakt dat Maman has just told him dat she's gonna Clean Out Alla Confetti dat he's werked so hard to make outta his phone buk.

Just so you hab a clear pikchur ob how fings are at just dat sekond.

Soda Dawg begins to frown, cos heer's Beep, violating a Rool and she doesn't care. And he's habbin' a Hard Time puzzling dis out, cos dis Dawg puzzles easy, lemme tell you.

And just aboud den, Mouse peers ober da side ob his habbytat and sees Cokie-da-Fat-Cat down below and he shouts out, "Hey Cat! Ged out!"

And Cokie wooks up, flips his tail (which is an insult in "cat") and says, "Yeah. Right."

And I'm wike, "Why are you Catz in such a bad mood?"

Anna Dawg says, "Dadda sed dere issa Werld Wide Shortage Ob Cat Kibble. And dere Bowl is empty. Dey down to habbin Wun Meal a Day at Nite frumma can!" And den he wooks around proudly and says, "But dere is Dawg Kibble - cos I hab just et it - and dere is Bunny Pellets cos I hab just eated all dem what was onna floor. Maman says I amma Reg'lar Vacuum Cleaner On Legs! But dere is NO Cat Kibble inna Whole Wide Werld becos dere issa Werld Wide Shortage ob Cat Kibble." 

And MissyBun stawts laffin'.  


Furst ob All she hates Catz, onna'count obba Fakt dat some mean catz had teased her whin she wassa widdle babby, before Unkle Michael in Noo Yawk rescued her, and

Sekond ob All becos Cokie had made fun ob her a widdle while ago by telling her dat dere wassa Werld Wide Shortage Ob Bunny Pellets and dat we would hab to eat Hay for days and days.

And just about dat sekond, Mouse got 'nnoyed becos Cokie wasn't moobing frum unnerneaf ob his Habbytat wike he'd been told.

So Mouse peed on sum ob his Confetti dat he had made frumma Phon buk and kicked it ober da side obba Habbytat and da Confetti showered down onna Cokie-Cat. 

And Cokie-Cat yells, "Ewwww! Rabbit-Cooties!" and bounces up inna air and takes off outta BunRom Door as fast as his feets can carry him.

And becos da Dawg is stoopit, he runs afta Cokie woffin, "No Catz Inna Bun Room! No Catz Inna Bun Room!" wike he'd been da one who was enforcing da Rool, and not Mr Mouse wif his smelly Confetti.

So now they are atta doorway toda BunRoom and Cokie turned himself around and is he ebber 'nnoyed. Cos now he wants innu da BunRoom to yell at Mouse and heers a Border Collie, clogging uppa doorway. So Cokie toda Dawg,

"Moob aside, Dawg! I'm comin' back in cos I wanna werd wif dat Mouse!"

Anna Dawg is standing atta BunRoom door, blockin' uppa whole fing, and he says toda Cokie-Cat, "No Catz Inna Bun Room! You know da Rool: No Catz Inna Bun Room! No Catz Inna Bun Room!"

Anna Cokie-Cat, who has bits ob wet Contetti stickin' toda top ob his hed, wooks atta Dawg and says inna rilly, lebbel, ebben voice, "Dawg. Ged. Outta. My. Way."

Anna Dawg wooks puzzled fora momint, and den alla suddin, sumfing wike a grenade goes off inside ob his Border Collie Hed, and he gibs out dis giant, fur-flattening "WOOF!", right inna Cokie-Cat's face.

Anna Cat just stands dere. And you can kinda wike see da whole  Anger fing just growing bigger and bigger behind his eyes, sorta inflatin' wike a wadder balloon fulla acid. And den it pops.

Anna Cokie-Cat does no more den reach back wif wunna his big frunt paws, balled up wif alla claws tucked up inside obbit, and WHAM! he punches da Dawg right onna nose. 

Anna Dawg, who issa rilly justa Big Baby (as Maman says) lets out dis involuntary yelp! and goes off wooking for Maman so fast dat he geds paw-spin onna Bun Room floor.

So, suddinly, BOF Catz anna Dawg are now runnin' at High Speeds outta da BunRoom, and all Three obb'em are screamin' dere heds off for Maman.

And Maman is comin' Downnastairs frumma Office, ennyways, so she gets mobbed inna Dining Room wif all Three obba two Catz anna Dawg, all yellin' datta Udder Wun started It.

So Maman finds a chair, and checks ober da Dawg to see if dere is enny damage toda Dawg-nose dat she shuld talk toda V-E-T aboud, but dere issn't, onna'count obba Fakt dat Cokie had tucked up his claws and only nailed da Dawg inna nose wif his paw. So Maman puts da Dawg Outside inna Back Gardin in order to distract his 'tenshin frum worryin' aboudda State ob His Nose (and since his batteries was kinda low ennyways afta habbin' used uppa'wotta wattage wif dat "woof", distractin' him wasn't hard. It just took a few squirrels.).

And den she checks ober da Cokie Cat and saw dat dere was nuffin da matter wif him dat she needed to talk ober wiffa V-E-T. And she piked da bits ob Confetti offa top ob his hed and told him dat he hadda "Stop 'nnoyin' Mr Mouse. It isn't nice."

And den she commed innu da BunRoom and stands ober Mouse, and she wooks down at him and says, "And as pertains to you, Mister..." 

And Mouse wooks up at her and glares, cos he was, wike, still totally 'nnoyed ober just aboud ebberyfing dat had been going on.

And Maman continued, "And as pertains to you, Mister Mouse, you are habbin' your habbytat cleaned out as soon as your Dadda comes home. Because in the immortal werds ob Belinda Bunny, I can't be habbin wif dis!"

 ---------- By George


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Saturday, 9 September 2006
George's Ninth Strand: Day Number 9
Now Playing: Phone Buks?


Maman gabe us phone buks.

I'm not sure why, but I can tell you dis: Dere is no pleasing hoomins. ou can try all you wike, but no madder how hard you try, you can't please dem. Dey will allus find sumfing to complain aboud.

And dey talk aboud bunnies being picky! Lemme tell you... 

But, ennyways, Maman gibbed us phone buks.

She gabe MissyBun and me a whole one, and then she took a second one and divided it in half and gabe half each to Beebe (and the Stuffie) and to Mouse.

So we're all looking at 'em like, "Whut's dis do?" onna'count obba Fakt that the phone buks are just sitting onna bottom ob our habbytats just doing nuffin.

And Maman says to us, "You play wiff'em."

So I nibble onna corner ob Missy's and my phone buk, and it's not especially tasty, and so I'm wike, "Hokay, so it's not rilly food. So whut does it do?"

And Maman is wike, "Alla bunnies onna PetBunny has dem. Now you do, too!"

And she is all Bright and Cheerful, wike dis is sum kinda Big Deal.

And Missy pushes our phone buk wif her nose and says, "I dunno. It takes up a whole wotta floor space!" 

And dis is troo, onna'count obba Fakt datta phone buk is Big, and cuts down onna room Missy needs to lie down in, because she issa Big Beautiful Bunny Gurl ob Gen'rous Propor'shuns.

And ober in their habbytat, Beebe anna Stuffie are just staring at their halffa-phone buk wike dey're puzzled by da whole presence obba fing, and Beebe calls out softly, "Yo! Whutdaheck is dis supposed to do?"

And ober in his habbytat, Mouse is wike, "Beats me, but I don't wike it."

And he lunges at it, and dere's dis tearing sound anna page comes loose.

And dere's Mouse, skidding around inna middle ob his habbytat, wif his butt onna piece obba page frumma phone buk. And he calls ober, "Well, dis is kinda inner'resting!"

So dis takes up, wike da whole day dat we're sitting, wooking atta phone buks taking up space in our habbytats, and wondering whuttsamatta wif Maman dat she put dem dere.

Anna Cokie Fat-Cat comes by and axts us, "Howcome you gots phone buks? Gonna hab pizza delibbered?"

And Missy charges toda side obba habbytat and shouts, "Don't you just wish You hadda phone buk, Cat! But you don't! So dere!" And she does her sassy tail-twitch and starts up her "Rabbits rool! Cats drool!" cheer dat is gonna ged us innu sum kinda trubble wun ob dees days.

But dis time, Cokie just flipped his tail at her and left, onna'count obba Fakt datta Dawg was pushing him frum behind wif his nose, chanting "No cats inna Bun Room. No cats inna Bun Room. No cats inna Bun Room" ober and ober. Border Collies is wike dat. Per-sis-tent.

So Beebe and da rest ob us hadda Nap and den Maman waked us up to gib us Organic Cherry Tomatoes. And whin we didn't seem too enthusiastic aboudda Organic Cherry Tomatoes, she handed 'round sum Baby Organic Carrots, which was worf waking up for.

And Maman axted us, "Why aren't you playing wif your phone buks?"

And Missy is wike, "Show us whut dey do!"

And so Maman opins da phone buks for us.

Well, now each phone buk is now takin' up twice as much space as it did before, and Maman hasta moob our Hay Baskits so we still hab sum space to walk around in ('specially Missy and  me, onna'count obba Fakt dat Missy issa Rilly Big, Beautiful Bunny Gurl ob Serriously Gen'rus Propor'shuns). 

And Beebe anna Stuffie just habba sniff 'round dere phone buk and go back to napping. It's not rilly in dere way (cos dey are bof onna small side), and Beebe doesn't care, just so he hassa Stuffie to groom and grumble to, just wike it's Clover. Yestidday, Maman removed da sekond pootie pan frum Beebe's habbytat, so now Beebe finks he hasta share his pootie pan wiffa Stuffie, and he's not pleased dat he hasta share. Beebe nebber has shared ennyfing well, which is why he and Clover had two pootie pans inna furst place, so he's watching his pootie box carefully, just in case da Stuffie mite use it. 

Life inna Warren is not uncomplicated.

So Maman camed back innu Da Bun Room again about tea-time and we all had a turn at Playtime inna BunPen onna Screen Porch onna'count obba Fakt dat it was nice outside in Joisey, and whin we got back to our habbytats, the phone buks was still dere.

So Mouse is wike, "Dis sucks!"

And he starts attacking.

And he's diggin' atta phone buk. And den he starts tearing atta paper pages, and crunching dem, and scrunching dem, and ripping dem up ALL OBER DA HABBYTAT! Dere are paper pages ebberywheres in Mouse's habbytat! And da whole place wooks, inna werds ob Dadda, "Wike a right rubbish tip."

Because Maman and Dadda camed in frumma Sitting Room drawn byda racket Mouse was making, to see Whutdaheck was going on inna Bun Room. 

And Missy heared dem coming furst and she sed to Mouse, "Now you're gonna ged it. Wookit dat mess in your habbytat!"

And Mouse sed, "I don't care. I'm tired ob habbin' dis stoopit phone buk takin' up half my habbytat. Why'd Maman ebben put it in heer inna furst pwace?"

 And whin Maman camed in she geds all hextcited and says, "Whut a Good Mousekiss! He's playing wif his phone buk! Isn't dat too cute?"

And we're wike, "Whutdaheck?"

And darned if she doesn't gib him a Baby Organic Carrot for making a Mess and a Racket!

So, ob course, dat only enourages him.

So now he's really goin' atta phone buk, tearing up paper pages and tossing dem alla'round da habbytat, and tossing toys, and banging innu stuff as he hauls dat fing up-an-down his habbytat. 

And Maman says to Dadda, "Remember that phone Grace lost and kept getting a bill from?"

And Dadda sed, "The one she thought she lost down an airplane toilet on her way into the Hurricane Katrina Rescue?" 

And Maman sed, "Yes. That one. She kept getting a bill from it. I'll bet she never lost it down the toilet at all. The Bunnies in The Herd stole it, and now they're having Mouse look up all the numbers they want for it."

"And by tomorrow morning, they'll be dialing furiously." 

And Maman nodded. "Yup. Wait'll Grace gets that bill."

So den Maman and Dadda gabe us our salads, wif more Organic Cherry Tomatoes, and our Pellets, and sum Raisins. And while she was waiting forda Dawg to come in frum his Last Patrol, Maman reached innu our habbytat and ran her thumb along da pages in Missy and my phone buk.

"See guys?" She says.

Well, I didn't wike da sound and charged ober and nipped dose pages, and Maman says, "Dat's my Cutie Georgie-Boy!" and I'm sitting dere, wike, *glare* 

And den she does it again!

And Missy's ears come forward, until dey almost touch togedder atta tip ob her nose.

And for sum reason, Maman and Dadda find dis hilarious, so dey do da page-wiffa-thumb-nail fing two or three MORE times, just to watch Missy ears moob forwards until dey almost touch togedder atta tip ob her nose.

And Maman says to Dadda, "Only Mouse seems to ged da hang ob playing wiffa phone buk. Da rest ob 'em don't seem to wike dem."

And Dadda sed, "Well, leeb da phone buks ober nite and see if dey are still dere inna morning."

And den dey sed, "Nite, Bunnies!" and shut offa Bun Room Light and went to bed.

And Mouse is dere, standing inna pile ob paper pages, wiffa remnants ob his salad alla'round, inna Dark, and he says, "Dey didn't ebben clean uppa mess! Well, dis sucks ebben more!"

And he starts diggin' again. And Mouse is diggin' and scrunchin' and tearing and ripping and pulling and tossing and bumping innu Hebbin only knows whut, onna'count obba Fakt dat it's preddy much wike Dark inna Bun Room, and ebberyfing is clanking togedder and rocking back-and-forf, making a Huge Racket.

And Dadda calls out frumma Bed Room downna Hallway, "Hey Mouse! Stop playing wif dat phone buk and go to bed!"

Dere is no pleasing hoomins.

----------------- By George 

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Tuesday, 29 August 2006
George's Eigth Strand: Day Number 29
Now Playing: Cooties

 So da wedder in Noo Joisey has been terrible, lemme tell you. Rain, rain rain! Our Warren's wedder-person onna tellybishion who is named Genn "Hurricane" Schwartz (No kiddin'! If you do not beeleeb me, just go to and see dat he issa reel person! And he knows wedder, lemme tell you!)

So ennyways, dis wedder-person says dat dere is ebben MORE rain comin' which means dat we bunnies cannot go out onna Screen Porch to have our Playtime inna BunPen, which MissyBun says is "No Fair!"

So she was finkin'bout habbin' a Sulk aboud dis but decided not to onna'count obba Fakt dat dere is too much Hay inna habbytat dat needs to be eaten.  

So den we hadda concentrate on sharing four Baby Organic Carrots, but Missy doesn't share well, onna'count obba Fakt dat she is a Big Gurly Bun ob Gen'rous P'porshuns. So I hadda rilly concentrate on dis or she would hab had alla Baby Organic Carrots, ebben da wun dat I was currently chewing on!

Dis was wunna those days whin if you wanted an Baby Organic Carrot, you almost hadda sit onna darned fing yourself, or she was gonna hab it out frum unner'neaf'ob you. She is my bunwife and I lub her, but dere are sum fings dat are just mine.

Which brings me toda subjeckt ob cooties.

So, onna'count obba Fakt dat it is raining, we gots Da Dawg coming fru alla time, wooking for Catz.

Now dis is not normally A Problem, onna'count obba Fakt dat Da Dawg is just doing his Job (and Jobs are berry important in Border Collie lives - just so you know.), enforcing Maman's Rool aboud No Catz Allowed Inna Bun Room, which is Fine Wif Us, 'cept forda Fakt dat it is raining,  and Nobun has been allowed out for Playtime inna BunPen onna Screen Porch, and we are habbin' to share Baby Organic Carrots, and ebberybun is getting just a Widdle Short-Tempered ober da Whole Issue.

Hang on, I'm getting toda cooties.

And den, don't you know dat Cokie-da-Fat-Cat just hasta come paddlin' innu da Bun Room!

And he's wike, "Hey, Bunnies!"

And Mouse is wike, "Whudda you want?"

And Colie says, "My breakfast. I am oncest again a Fortygotten Cat, OnAlone, Wif NO FOOD."

Anna Dawg, who has come in behinda Cat says, "Wookit Cat, I was just Uppastairs eatin' outta your bowl, and I know dere is kibble innit!"

Anna Cat sighed and sank down onna floor and sed, "Yeah and now it is cobbered in Dawg-cooties, so I am starbing agin."

And suddinly, Beebe-Bunny!! wooks ober da side ob his habbytat and notices datta Dawg is unner'neaf ob him and calls out, "YO! Da Dawg is eatin' Green Bag!"

And Missy and I habba wook, and Beebe is right: dere issa Dawg, snuffling along da floorin his absent-minded way, just sorta casually sucking up Rabbit-Chow dat's fallen outta our crocks!

And Missy is wike, "HEY!"

Becos Missy gets berry possessive where food is concerned. She has dis saying dat she says she lerned frum Dadda dat goes sumfing wike, "Whuts yours is mine and whut's mine's me own."  It means, Missy says, dat she Roolz Da Werld, but I don't beeleeb her.

Anna Dawg wooks up, sorta 'pologetic and says, "I'm only eatin' dis stuff cos my tummy has cat-cooties frumma kitty-kibble. Dis Bunny-Chow is as good as grass which I can't go out to eat inna Back Gardin onna'count obba Fakt dat it is raining."

And Mouse wooks ober da side and says, "Yeah, and suppose if dose Bunny-Chow fings hab bunny-cooties. Den whut?" And he starts to waf.

And Missy stomps and hollars, "Bunnies don't hab cooties!" 

And Cokie wooks up and says, "Sure dey do. Which is why I don't eat Bunny kibble."

And Missy glares and says, "And we don't eat kibble, you stoopit Cat. We eats Green Bag."

"And I eats Bloo Bag." Says Cokie. "So whut's your point?"

Anna Dawg says, "I eat enny-Bag-dat's-goin'. Dadda says dat dawgs is nat'chural scabbengers and will eat ennyfing." 

And Cokie says, "Which is why you are gonna be sik-onna-cawpet. Cos by eating ennyfing is how you gets cooties."

Anna Dawg says, "So? It's not wike cooties is a Social Stigma, wike horkin' uppa hairball in public. Sum fings shuld be done in private!"

And Mouse says, "Which is why Stoopit Dawgs and Cats leeb Cooties all ober da Houz and upset Maman and Dadda. Rabbits onna udder paw, do not hork or ged sik-onna-cawpet, which makes us nat'churlly superior. And it also means dat We do not hab Cooties, but we're not nat'churally prejudiced aboutit or ennyfing. Wike Catz." 

Anna Cat says, "Wookit, bunnies hab cooties. Ebberyfing inna werld has cooties ob wun sort or anudder. It's just dat Sum cooties we can cope wif, and udders, we can't. I can't cope wif dawg-cooties on my kibble. Kibble is bad enuf wiffout habbin' dawg-cooties slobbered all'ober it. "

So Mouse, who watches a whole wotta Law & Order onna tellybishion cos Maman lets him, jumps rite on dat argumint wike a reel-live District At'Turney and says, 

"So den, only certin kinds ob cooties bother you? You are nat'churally prejudiced inna matter ob cooties?"

And Missy pipes right up and says, "I know I am. I don't wike ennybunnies' cooties 'cept for my own. My own are hokay, and dat's not admitting dat I hab cooties cos HouseBunnies don't hab cooties."

And ob course Da Dawg is wooking puzzled by dis, onna'count obba Fakt dat dis whole argumint has just gone to a whole new level that has passed right ober his hed wike a cloud inna perfektly bloo sky.

Anna Cat frowns a widdle and says to Mouse, "Wookit, BunnyRabbit, I don't eat Green Bag, so I gots no quarrel wif bunny-cooties; I ebben play wif your Hay. So dis means dat I am impartial to most kinds ob cooties, 'cept dawg-cooties on my kibble, which as ebberybunny and kitty knows, are fatal to catz. Which brings me rite back toda Main Problem: I amma Starbing Cat, OnAlone Inna Midst Ob Plenty. Or sumfing wike dat onna'count obba Fakt dat my kibble is currently cubbered in dawg-cooties and un-eatable. Which is why I am heer."

Anna Dawg is beginnin' to whine to himself, "Mamannnnnn." And goes ober to sit byda Door Toda Back Gardin.

And Mouse goes, "Ah HA! So you admit that you are prejudiced agains Dawgs, then! So you are not a believer in the Equality ob Alla Us Togedder!"

Anna Cat wooks at Mouse wike he's lost a few obba crayons outta his box and says, "Whutebber made you fink I ebber did, BunnyRabbit? Habbin't you read my tee-shirt? It says, 'C-A-T' and dis is My Chowder."

And Mouse says, "And mine says 'R-A-B-B-I-T' and dis is Our Warren. And your point is?"

Anna Dawg puts his nose up and jingles da bells dat Maman has hung onna door-knob obba Door Toda Back Garden. Den he starts whining again, a widdle bit louder, "Mamaaaaaannnnnnn!"

Anna Cokie-Cat geds up and starts waving his Fat-Cat plumey tail by Mouse's habbytat, which is not a rilly smart fing to do, not whin Mouse is getting all puffed up innu dis four-pound ball ob energy motyvated by 'nnoyance

So we habba Dawg jingling da bells dat are 'tached toda doorknob obba Door Toda Back Gardin and whining for Maman, and we habba Cat 'noying an already 'noyed houzrabbit. And it is raining again outside, so Nobunny can go out onna Screen Porch for enny Playtime inna BunPen.

Dere can be no Good Ending to dis story. 


The End ob it is dat Dadda commed Downnastairs frumma Office, and discobbered datta Dawg had been Sik-Onna-Bun-Room-Floor, and datta Cokie-Cat had wabbed his tail oncest too many times by Mouse's habbytat, so Mouse had flied up-inna-air, done a one-eighty-kick-flip and sprayed da Cat wif bunny-pee, which had upset da Fat-Cat so much dat Dadda found him half-way between da Kitchin anna Bun Room habbin' a hork...

And I can't tell you da number ob cooties dat were spread alla'round da place, but Dadda hadda axt Maman forda boddle ob cleener and sum kitchin roll.

So now dere are are no more cooties-inna-Bun-Room. Dadda says it's just gonna be Us Buggers forda resta'daday...

-------------------------- by George 



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