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Saturday, 14 August 2004
Hurry-Canes - by George
Mood:  not sure

Well, seems wike sumfing's goin on. I will show you inna Wist, wike Belinda taught me to make. (She an Hunny BOF sed dis Makin-a-Wist stuff will help to organy-ize my finkin. So I am doin it cos sumday, I am gonna be a 'Tellygint Rabbit!)

So. (As Belinda usta say)

George's Wist ob Whut Is Goin On:

1. Maman's rilly sik wif da stuff dat Phil-da-OOH-RAH-Lad bwinged home frumma Naby. Id is calwed "Bron-ky(achoo)-tis". She is takin meddysin an smells funny. DaddyBrian hadda same fing, bud his stuff wint away, mostwy. Maman's didn't. DaddyBrian anna Hoomin V-E-T "speeked" to Maman aboud her nod geddin rid ob dis fing an Maman pwomised she wuld stay in bed more. Wike dat will happin! Keepin Maman in bed is wike tryin to keep bunnies inna baskit, Hunny says. Id don werk.

So. (As Belinda usta say)

2. Now Maman is siddin wrapped inna blankey wookin atta puter. She is tawkin aboudda "HURRY-CANE" wiffa name ob "Charley".

3. Phil-da-Lad is up early an tawkin aboud "Pencil-colon" and "Nor-Folx" anna "HURRY-CANES". An Phil sed, "Sucks to be dem." Ob course, dat was as he was onna screen-porch turnin da piknik tabul onto it's top. He is now moobin da rubbish bins around toda back obba houz, unner da stairs. He is also pikin up tree twigs. Shawn has just arribed to help. Dey are habbin a coffee-brek. Phil is sayin "OOH-RAH" a wot, which is anudder fing he learned inna Naby.

4. Hunny sed his arthyritis is makin him stiff. Da air, whin I sniff it, smells heavy, wike I am tryin to breathe wadder thru my crock.

5. Sherwin, Jeff, Shawn an Phil hab bwought inna bale ob hay, a bag ob Green Bag pellets an gallons ob wadder an set dem all inna Bun Room.

So I fink dere is sumfing goin on. I wint to axt Missy, bud she don know. She sed she has nebber seed a HURRY-CANE. Mouse an Hunny an Beebe hab heared obb'em (Poet don know if she has or nod, bud dat bunny is woosing her mind, I fink. She twied to ged bossy wif Hunny wast nite, an he chased her aroun an sitted on her butt, an she didn wike dat, bud as he sed, "I amma Top Bun, now, an id don madder how owd I am, ebberybun is gonna wisten to me, incloodin yoo, you contrary, bossy owd missus!").

Ennyway... or I mean,

So. (As Belinda usta say)

Nobunny quite unnerstans aboud HURRY-CANES 'cept Hunny an he can't quite bemember whut he knows aboudd'em onna'count ob bein preddy young an un'Tellygint (wike me) when da wast wun commed fru here. He sed he finks da wun he recalls wuz called "Floyd" or sumfing, an dat dere wassa wotta rain happinin, wif wadder inna streets an all, an dat it god dark berry early onna'count ob dere bein no 'lektris-city. He sed we mite be inna dark an I shuldn't be skeert, cos he libbed fru it an so wuld I.

I axt him if dere was gonna be lightnin, cos I hate lightnin onna'count ob it bein so suddin, an Hunny sed, "Mebbe."

So I am nod too happy wif alla dis. Da hoomins heer are all charged up, an Maman is tellin Phil he hasta go stay wif Sistah Beffy cos Maman sed, "She won't be able to cope on her own if dis geds to be a worst-case seen-ary-o." An DaddyBrian has nebber seed a 'Murrican HURRY-CANE bifore, so he hassn godda cloo.

An Phil's jus goin aroun whistlin a song an talkin allaboud whin he was in "Pencil-colon" anna "base" dere sumwheres. Dunno whut he's so happy aboud.

He jus now sticked his hed inna Bun Room door.

An he sed,

"OOH-RAH, Bunnies! OOH-RAH!"

Now whuttdaheck is dat aboud?

Posted by Our Warren at 11:45 AM EDT
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Friday, 13 August 2004
Uh Oh - by George
Mood:  accident prone

(creaking sounds)

Missy: Clover? Dat you, gurl? (clambers one fut atta time innu da pootie box) Hey Clover! Dat yoo?

(wall of habitat shakes)

Missy: Uh oh. (periscopes) Clover? Dat bedder be yoo.

(scratching noises)

Missy: Dis iss'nod gud. ( goes innu loaf position inna pootie box)

George: (Bright Look)Whut'sup Sweet'ums?

Missy: Der issa omninyous scratchin' noise comin frumma shakin wall obba habbytat.

George: (Strikin' a pose) Bwing id on! I'll defend yoo, my Sweet'ums!

Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: YO! Berry Boy! I'll bite'cher butt. Get'cher paws off my wommin!

George: Umm...

Missy: 'Zact'ly. An Clover issa'sleep.

George: Umm...

Missy: An you're gonna ged your butt bit.

George: (Strikin a smaller figger) Mawmie?

Missy: Maman is downnastairs.

(Habitat wall shakes until opening appears by door-frame. Very small, indignant white nose is thrust through.)

Missy: Dis is nod wookin gud. (calling a little louder) Clover? Kin you heer me, Clover? Your man dere seems to hab designs on comin heer.

George: ( craning to see over Missy) At weast he can't fit fru dat widdle opinin. Ebben if he is onwy four pounds, four pounds ob bunny will nod go fru a half inch ob space.

Missy: He's jus geddin' stawted.

George: (Sitting down in a picturesque kinda way) Oh. So, umm, wike, he's dun dis bifore? (scratches ear wif hind fut)

Missy: ( settling her nether regions against the crack in the door-frame) Quite a bit, ackchually. Gotten preddy gud at'tit.

George: Oh... (examins fut carefully)

Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: Jus slide rite on in heer wike dis (grunt) wiggle a widdle (gasp) gib'er a shub heer (grunt) anna shub on dis side (grunt) Twist a widdle (grunt) Dang! Dat hurted! (gasp) Persistance pays off, I allus say...

George: (abandoning fut-examination for the moment) Missy, I bin meanin to axt you...

Missy: Yes?

George: Well, as I amma smaller, younger, and (louder)as Belinda sed NOT-INTELLYGINT, MUCH YOUNGER bunny...

Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: (GRUNT)

George: Do I ged enny ad-bantanges in dis sitcheyashun?

Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: (GRUNT)

Missy: (listens attentively, then looks at George) Nope.

Mouse: Hold yer ground, Kiddo! Remember she's your womin!

George: Whut?

Hunny: Keep your tail inna corner, Berry Boy! Beebe, you do dis fair, you heer me? I don wanna habba be comin outta heer t'nite an habbin to...

Poet: Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh, OHMIGOSH! CLOVER! WAKE UP! IT'S YOUR MAN!

Nudder Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: ( Snuffle... slubble... sonk... snort...) Beebe? Beebe! Beebe-Bunny, you ged bak heer you stoopit, mono-tracked-brain, Marywand rednek wabbit!

(Furry streak flies through breech in the wall, straight at George. There is a *THUMP*; hay flies, fur fills the air; Clover peers through the crack in the door-post, Missy shifts some in the pootie box to improve her view.)

George: MaaawwwWWWWAAAAaaammmmeeeeeee!

(There is the sound of feets on the stairs)

Hunny: Oh bugger.

Mouse: Kid was doing preddy gud, too.

Clover: (still peering through the crack in the door post) Guess you godda do sumfing, Miss. I mean, can't hab dem seen fightin'.

Missy: Nod wike id's ebben a fite. Just a wotta cirklin' cos George had no cloo, bud you're rite, Maman will come outta hur fur. ( Heaves self off litter box. Interposes self between halves of furry ball on habitat floor.) Bweak id up, you two. Heer comes Maman an DaddyBrian.

(Hoomins burst into the room to find three bunnies lying all inna row...)

DaddyBrian: Good God. Char, look at this.

Maman: What's going on here? Beebe! George! Is anybunny hurt?

DaddyBrian: Dosen't appear so.

Maman: George, what a silly thing to do!

DaddyBrian: Come here Beebe, you little sod. There, go back to your own wife. Now let me fix this door...

Maman: You know, Brian, they were sitting there so nicely with Missy in the middle. Three pretty black and white bunnies and Clover there at the door wanting to join in. They were being so good! Maybe they want to make a fouresome...

Voice Frumma Udder Side Obba Wall: Waid till nexest time, you widdle...

George: ( Strikin' a Low Profile ) Mawmie?

Posted by Our Warren at 3:55 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 13 August 2004 4:13 PM EDT
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Friday, 6 August 2004
Free Range George - Pawt Wun - By George!
Mood:  don't ask

Maman an Dadda just commed home wiffa Lad!

Well axtchually, dey gotted home wast nite, berry wate at nite, budda gud noos issatta Lad is all outta Naby.

Yup. No more yooneeforms, no more obba big jetplanes, no more obba Bloo Angels or dat stuff. He issa Vet-ran. Whutebber dat is.

To be honest wif you, whin Maman an Dadda weft, I didn know whut was goin on. Da houz god rilly, rilly quiet. Dere was no noise attall, just us uppinna Bun Room bein quiet-wike.

An den, I heereda lock downnastairs, an I finked it wuz Maman, bud it wassn'. It wuz Jeff and Sherwin! So I wuz happy to see dem, cos dey gib us tweats!

So dey comes innu da Bun Room an gibs us wadder, an turns onna air condishywasher an gibs us food, an talks to us an gibs us hay.

An Hunny sed, "Watch dis. Dey won't gib me meddysin."

An he wuz rite. Dey didn.

So dey hanged aroun, and den dey wuz gone. Den Jeff comed back an turned offa air condishywasher an id god rilly quiet inna houz agin.

An I wuz sittin dere in my habbytat by myself.

You see, I hadda hole, bud Maman an Dadda sed dat I can't lib wif Missy alla time while dey wuz gone to NOR-FOLKS to gedda Lad, cos Maman wassa 'fraid dat sumfing MITE HAPPIN while she wuz gone.

Maman is allus fraid ob MITE HAPPIN, Bewinda sed. Id's wun offa fings dat skeers her, so Maman's allus takin steps to make shure dat MITE HAPPIN, don't. So dis time, wun obba fings Maman did to make shure dat MITE HAPPIN didn't happin was to pudda piece ob lattice where I had made da hole so I culd ged innu Missy's habbytat so I culdn't ged innu dere.

So I was stuck in my habbytat by myself.

An I was wonewy.

An id takes a wong time to make a hole.

So I called ober to Missy an I sed, "You wanna make anudder hole?"

An she sed, "No."

An I sed, "Howcome?"

"An she sed, "Cos you pootied on my hay."

An I told her dat's whut you're sposed to do, dat after you eet alla hay you want, you pootie onna rest ob it, bud she sed, no, you're sposed to eet alla it an pootie inna pootie-box.

An I sed, well, if you pootie inna pootie box, den you hab no pwace to sleep.

An besides, if you onwy pootie inna pootie-box, den nobunny knows dat you is okkypyin where you are - dey will fink you are onwy okkypyin' da pooty-box if you keep alla pooties inna pooty-box.

An Missy sed dat I amma stoopit BOY . An she *fumped*.

Yeah, well, I know I amma boy. Whut's hur point? An fuddermore, whut's bein a boy godda do wif where you pudda pooties? So I *fumped* back add'er.

So da nextest nite, Jeff an Sherwin comed agin. Anna same stuff happined. An I axted Missy agin if she wanned to make a hole an she sed, "No."

So I sed I didn care, bud rilly, I did. I culd heer dat dere was funder off'inna distance an I don wike funder much. Id shakes da houz an dere is nowhere to hide.

Well, da funder marched ober da sky an id wuz marchin cwoser. An Mouse wuz geddin nerbus. An dere was wisghtnin fwashin inna windoz ebben doh alla bwinds were down.

Now, normally, Maman comes an turns on our wight so dat da wightnin issn so bwight, or Dadda comes an tawks to us or most oftin, dey bof comes innu da Bun Room an we're no By Our Selbes, bud dis time, da houz was tot'wy quiet an we wuz on Our Own.

An unwike da wast Big Funderstorm, dere wuz no Bewinda inna Bun Room.

Anna funder is marchin aroun da sky ober'hed by now.

An I'm in my habbytat geddin bounced aroun byda funder. Id goes *BANG* an I go uppinna air. Den it goes an I go upinna air agin.

An each time I go upinna air, I'm hollerin "Maman!" an my feets is goin, bud Maman's nod comin!

Den dere is ebben more wightning, comin in sheets fru da bwinds an alla'round da winders!

An Mouse hollars oud, "Sid tite!"

An dere issa'nudder fwash ob wightnin an Clober yells oud, "Hang on!"

An Beebe yells, "YO!"

Just assa funder crashes down on us.

An I'm twyin to hang on, onwy dere's nuffin to hang on to an I go bouncin uppina air, an dere's anudder fwash ob wightnin, anna'nudder crash.

So id's wike, bounce-scrabble-bounce anna nextest fing I know, I'm oud inna middle obba Bun Room!

So I don know whut to do.

So I runned ober to where Hunny wuz an squeezed byda hay-bin, bud dere was wightnin back dere. So I dashed off an runned toward Mouse. Jus as I god near him, dere wassa'nudder crash ob funder an I bounced uppina air an wanded nextest to him onna Cedar Chest.

Dat seemed to uppysed a two obba shubbel pans Maman had up dere cos dey wint onna floor wiffa crash, an dere wuz more wighnin.

I'd aboud haddit by dat point, so I pootied - jus wet go rite dere in frunt ob Mouse's pwace, all ober da pwace.

An Mouse yells, "HEY!"

So I god down offa dere rite quick an Missy yells,

"In heer!"

So I taked anudder bounce an wanded in hur habbytat.

An preddy soon, da storm wint aways.

An den Jeff an Sherwin comed back.

An Jeff sed, "Whudda'ell happined in heer? Dis pwace is wrecked!"

An Sherwin sed, "Wook ober heer! Da widdle guy is in wiffa big gurl. Hey, way to go, widdle dude! Wookit ma man dere!"

An I'm finkin, "Maman? Where?"

An den Jeff piked me up.

An he sed, "Wookit, I don fink you're sposed to be in dere, George. You're sposed to be in heer."

An he pud me down in my habbytat!

I'll tell you da west obba stowy tomorry... cos dere is more toit den jus dis...

Yeah, fings ged worser...

Posted by Our Warren at 12:10 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 6 August 2004 12:15 PM EDT
Friday, 30 July 2004
Noo Hole - by George
Mood:  incredulous
So. (As Bewinda wuld say)

I was uppystairs werkin onna hole an singin my song, when I hear Maman onna stairs.

Now she had bin downnastairs inna kitchin doin sumfing else an den suddinwy, she was comin uppastairs, an she's yellin,


So I stopped makin da hole an comed obber to da side obba habbytat to see whut wuz up wif hur.

So she comes innu da Bun Room an she's standin ober da habbytat an she weans down an says to me, reel stern-wike,

"Whut'chu doin, Bunny?"

So I sed, "Makin a hole. Wanna heer da song?"

Bud she piked me up an stawts Forced Pettin. You know whut dat is. Ids when dey hab hold ob you an is pettin your eers, makin dem wie down flat so you can't hear berry gud da way dat you kin when your eers is up an ready to reeceeb.

So I'm sorda hearin impaiwed, an Maman stawts tawkin to me.

An I'm hearin aboud ebbery fird werd, cos she's pettin my ears, an hur hand is cwosin oud most ob whut she's sayin, so I'm hearin, wike dis:

"Doonot" "can't" "whut'chu" anna whole wotta ubber stuff dat don make much more sense den dat. An hur hand is goin And I'm hearing,"doonot", and hur hand goes An den I hear anudder werd, "ebberagin". An hur hand, anna'nudder werd,"orelse". Den back comes da hand an, anna'nudder werd, "Daddased"; and den, "whut'chugonnadoo" "Datsamamasgudboy".

An I'm finkin, "Whutdaheck?"

So I stawt singin my song to myself to pass da time.

Den I ged put down agin on my feets an Maman goes back outta Bun Room door an goes downnastairs.

So I go back to makin da hole.

Den jus as I'm singin atta top ob my boice an werkin rilly hard onna hole, suddinwy, dere's Maman atta Bun Room door agin an she's yellin,


Well, I musta jumped 'bout tin feets inna air.

An Missy snickered.

An I wooked up at Maman wike, "Howdaheck do I know? You had your hand ober my eers most obba time."

So Maman piked me up again. Dis time we goes nose-to-nose.

An Maman says, "Wookit George. I can't be habbin wif dis."

An I'm finkin, "Dat's Bewinda's werds."

An Maman says, "Missy don fink you're bein berry clebber. She doesn't want you to be chewin holes inna..." an dat's when we herd it.

Dat same sound dat I make when I'm makin da hole. Onwy, I'm up inna air, nose-to-nose wif Maman, wif alla my feets offa gwound.

So it can't be me.

An Maman wooks.

An she tucks me unner her arm an she calls Dadda.

An Dadda comes uppastairs.

An Dadda wooks.

An Dadda says, "Bluddy'ell."

An Maman puds me down on my feets inna habbytat an jus turns an stawts walkin away, sayin, "I don beleeb dis. I jus don beleebit! Don wanna beleebit, don tawk to me aboud'dit, I didn see id!"

So I watched dem goin downnastairs fora minit, an den I went ober toda hole an wooked...

An dere's Missy, wif her nose pwessed innu da hole an she's chewin onna lattice, an she's singin,

Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
I'm makin a hole to see Georg-gee!
Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
I'm makin a hole to see Georg-gee!

Posted by Our Warren at 4:01 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 30 July 2004 4:08 PM EDT
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Thursday, 29 July 2004
It Don't Come Easy - By George
Mood:  energetic
Maman is god dis stuf onna 'puter called "musik". Songs onna 'puter. She cliks onna widdle boxes an out comes a song!

Berry nice.

So I twied it, an oud commed a song for me!

"It Don't Come Easy" by some guy called George who is nod me. He hassa sekond name which is "Harrison" which issa berry gud name for sumbun who doesn't sound much wike a bunny onna 'puter.

Whoebber he is, he is rite, id don't come easy at all.

Cos sumtimes, whutebber *it* is, id jus don't go rite frumma get-go, bud dat don't meen dat you gib up onnit.

Or sumtimes whut you're doin bwows up in your face. Or id falls apart. Or you stawt downna wrong paf. Or you ged turned around inna dawk an eet oudda da wrong bowl. Or you ged hextcited an hug da wrong end ob sumbun. Or you ebben hug da wrong sumbun. Or sum bugger fixes uppa hole you were makin.

Stuff happins. Bud id don't meen dat you gib up.

Bewinda sed dat dis is how to ged 'Tellygint: make da mistake once, den wearn frummit. As wong as you don't wake up ded, den you're good to go.

She also sed if I make da same mistake twice, den I'm in danger ob fallin innu da Realm Obba Stoopid Frum Which Dere Is No Hextskape. She sed dat is where Da Terminally Stoopit go to die. She also sed dat, frum whut she culd figger, id is preddy full up wif a wotta hoomins, so bunnies wanna steer cwear obbit.

Bewinda sed dat I hadda wearn Da Roolz in order to become 'Tellygint, too. She sed datta Roolz aren't anywhere dat I kin read dem, or dat dey can be told to me, or dat enny single bun made dem up. Dey are Da Rools ob Nice Behabiour dat make geddin awong easy. She sed I hadda wearn dem, an wearn dem gud.

Dey are nod easy rools.

Da Furst wun seems to be: Do Nod Embarass Udders.

An I fink dat I bwoke dat wun yestidday when I twied moobin in wif Missy.

You see, I sort ob got off onna wrong end ob fings.

Bud I was so hextcited dat I fit fru da hole! Id was my hole! Da wun dat I had made while I was singin my widdle "Makin A Hole" song!

I squeezed fru da hole! I Fitted!

So da furst fing I did was gwab Missy by da hed...

Yeah. An embarassed hur.

Dadda came an pikt me up an pud me back in my own habbytat an cwosed up my hole.

So, I felt a widdle bad aboud dat. An I sulked fora widdle.

An den I finked to myself, "George, dat is preddy stoopit. You made a mistake. Dis is whut Bewinda was tawkin aboud. Makin mistakes an owinin up an geddin 'Tellygint."

So I sed to Missy dat I was sorry for habbin 'barassed hur.

An she sed, "Hope you wearned your wesson."

An I sed, "I did."

So den I herd dis song dis mawnin on Maman's 'puter, an I realise dat, yeah, fings do happin, bud it's nodda end obba werld. Missy is worf keepin on werkin for.

So I'm back to makin a noo hole.

An Maman is readin a wotta stuff onna puter, too. She's bin berry sad watewy, an quiet, bud she's godda BIG PROJEK Bewinda's gibbin hur. An you know howit is wif fings Bewinda gibs you - can't ignore dem.

An Maman issn leebin PetBunny, eidder. Bud she won't be typin much, just quietly sendin bibes, an prayers, an widdle notes now an den.

Bud I godda ged to werk onna Hole.

I know id's gonna be a wong job. Bud dis time I'm gonna do it rite when I ged it done. I will nod get ober-hextcited an fortyged Da Roolz ob Gud Behabiour. I will be a Mannerwy Bunny-Boy.

Wike dat GeorgeHarrison guy sed,

Id Don't Come Easy...
You know id just ain't easy!

(Sing id wif me now!)

Hafta pay your dues
If you wanna sing da bloos
An you know id don't come easy
You don habba shout
Or leap aboud
An you know id jus ain't easy...

Posted by Our Warren at 11:44 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 28 July 2004
mmmmMMMOOOOOooommmm!!!! - By Missy
Mood:  rushed

Missy Heer... *pant-pant-pant* Wookit, I can't pause budda minit cos.... oh drat...


You see, dis pesky Babby George frum nextest store... *pant-pant-pant* You know dat song he maked up?

Makin a hole
Makin a hole
Makin a hole to see Miss - ee...

Yeah. Dat wun. Well, *pant-pant* he done it - made a hole an he done it. He's here, seein me an I don't wike it!

Aw geez!

**Skitter - Slide - Skitter**
**Muffled yell: Gerroffa me, you stoopit bunny-boy or I'm gonna pop you innu a middle ob nextest week!

Beebe-Bunny: (Pop-thump-Pop-thump) YO! Maman! (Pop-thump-Pop-thump) YO! Dadda! Da Kid's in wif wunna my wimmins!! (Pop-Thump-Pop-Thump)


Id's nod dat I don wike da Babby. If I didn't wike him, I culd hurt him if I wanted to. I mean wookit, I'mma big bunny girl - an you shaddup, Beebe-Bunny! - by ennybunny's estymashun, bud I pwomised Belinda dat I wuld help take care obba kid an ebberyfing, so I will. Bud dis beats ebberyfing.

Now I don't blame da kid for bein skeert. We had bad Funderstorms alla wast nite. Just sheets ob wightnin twyin to ged innu da winders. Ebben Hunny nodised an dat's preddy rare, cos he don see gud ad all. Maman an Dadda wuz up-al-nite, wanderin aroun, so who wuldn't be skeert?

Dis sekond-floor biznezz is gweat onna nise day wiffa breezes bwowin fru an all, bud id sux inna Funderstorm whenna wightnin is twin to ged inna winders, anna Funder is shakin da floors. No pwace feels safer den unnergwound, ebben doh we know dat dis issas safe as unnergwound ebben doh id's uppinda air. Sumtimes knowin is as bad as bein.

So I didn't mind lyin next toda kid inna habbytat. I lied nextest to him an poked my nose in fru da hole he made an jus gen'rally wet him know dat he wassn't OnAlone. Jus wike Belinda usta do wif me.

Bud I didn't tell him id was hokay to moob in wif me!

Whutda....oh pooties! **Skitter** Yikes!! **Skitter**


****** THUMP ******




I hab SO haddit. Dis widdle idji-it has godda noo song an I'm nod ebben gonna 'barrass myself by singin id to you. He finks he'ssa 'mazin Widdle George - He sings! He gwooms! He's god berries! Hhe'ssa Wun-an-Onwy-Orig'nal-Gurl-Bun-Candy!


Oh good - Dadda feets onna stairs... I am SABBED!!!

Now, you, George... Ged out! Ged out, gedout, gedoutgedoutgedout - an GED OUT!!!






Fanks, Dadda.


***Small voice heard from next-door***
Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
Makin a hole to see Miss-ee!
Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
I'm makin a hole to see Miss-ee!


Belinda, I know you allus knowed best - cos you telled me dat oftin enuf - bud I godda axt you wun fing... where onna Earf did you ged dis kid frum?!?!

Posted by Our Warren at 8:57 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 July 2004 9:00 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 27 July 2004
A Blog Frumma Furst Spot! - Miss Nikita Bunn Kennedy!
Frum George: We gotted Anudder guest! Dis is impawtant, cos id issa guest blog frumma Furst Spot, Miss Nikita Bunn Kennedy! An she issa Inkwish Spot Rabbit, jus wike Bewinda! I am berry honoured. So heer id is, jus wike she typed id, in hur berry own werds:
When a rabbit is hurting, dey do stuff dat's not berry pretty.
Sometimes dey make messes. Sometimes dey ebben bite da people an'
rabbits dey wike, just becuz dey are upset and confoozled.

I fink dere's been some ob dat goin' round da Inner-Net recently.

Wookit, we are all well-ackwainted wif da reallity dat life iz not
fair. Dere's a whole heapin' wot about it dat izzen't fair. It
izzen't fair wot happens to rabbits in dis country, and it ain't rite
eidder. All rabbits deserb humane treatment, decent libbin'
condishuns, and a chance atta Good Life. An' dere's so many dat
don't get it.

*heavy sigh*

And da numbers are not in our fabor atta moment, neither. Rabbits
hab an uphill struggle aginst people who fink ob us as 'stuff'. What
are we useful for? How can dey use us for dere own bennyfit?!?

Sum fink dat dere God made them so great and speshul, dat dey are
better den us, and dere-fore get to 'use us'. To put it mildly,

Tankfully, dey are not da only ones out dere. Sum are good people -
dey tink dat dere God made dem smart enough to respekt us. Dey tink
dat dey hab been giben da grace to be gentle, and da power, ebben if
it is limited, to help us.

Dey are dat ones dat we all should be grateful for. If da last of
dere kind is ebber seen to depart from dis earth, we can all kiss our
tails goodbye - cause when dey have exploited all dere is to exploit
on paws and hooves an' feathers an' fins, dey'll go after all dey hab
left - da hoomins unhappy enuf to remain in dere comp'ny.

Savin' da world izzent easy and no one can do it alone. It's wike
Bewinda usta tell me, "NoBunny OnAwone."

You gotta hab some faith in odder people. Don't you fink dat dey
want to help? Don't you imagine dat dey mite feel bad about what dey
can't do? It's easy to be happy about baby bunnies, for example, and
dat news is easy to share. It's nebber easy to be happy about one's
own limitations, and it's not easy at all to share dat kinda stuff.
If you fink odder people aren't doing sumfing rite, or aren't doing
sumfing dey should, fink about dis before you decide what you wanna
say to dem - scolding dem obber sumfing dey just cannot do is wike
rubbing their nose in dere plight. Dey are aware of what dey can't
do. Perhaps dey were hoping not to pubwicize da matter 'cuz dey
don't wike to adbertise dere troubles, but den you go making a Big
Deal obber it...

I fink dere are sum people who hab no faith in anyone else. Dey fink
dat Dey Must Sabe Da World, All-OnAlone.

'Scuse me for bein' da worm inna apple here, but dat's a bit ego- tistikal.

Wookit, sum obba Bestest Minds around da PLANET spend ebbery day
trying to do dis, and dey hab been trying for years. If dey can't do
it wif wike a hundred thousand hours spent onnit already, you're not
gonna get it done obbernite, neither.

Da animal holocaust dat goes on day by day is wike a forest fire,
see - no one person is gonna stop da whole fire. Not ebben a big
strong person wif a great big helly-chopter an' a billion dollars can
do it on dere own.

It takes a team ob people. And ebben den, some trees still burn.

Da way I see it, a wotta people ain't gotta helly-chopter. Dey
*KNOW* dat if dey did dey could save a whole lot more trees, and dat
would be sucha great thing! But all dey hab is a little shovel. And
da biggest injustice ob all is, sumtimes da person wif da helly- chopter doesn't wanna help. So, sooo many trees dat oughta get
saved, don't... and da trees dat are burnt can't ebber be brought
back. ==:(

Da fing is, you can't just sit down and stare at da empty forest and
cry obber da ashes forebber. (I mean, you gotta do dat sumtimes - if
you don't do dat at weast some ob da time, you'll end up doing
sumting else in its place dat might be worse.) But you HAFTA PICK
after yoo get dat one tree saved today, you could start diggin' a
trench in front ob a second one so dat it hassa chance too. Or you
can save da one tree, an' den go out to da village an' try to find
sumbody to help ya dig ebben more trenches tomorrow.

Don't ebber, ebber throw alla shovels in da fire because dey aren't
helly-chopters. Da handles will all burn off, and den when you need
dem da most so you can save ebben one tree, dey won't be dere to help
as ebben a little shovel always can.

Ebben if a person's only got da little shovel, dey can still help.
Sometimes dey can make phone calls for dere local rescue
organizashun, or dey can show up atta rescue one day a month and
clean cages. Sometimes an hour spent wiffa diggy-tal camera can be
da thing dat gets a rabbit's life saved, because somebody might see
da picture online and realized dat is DERE bunny dat dey NEED at dere
home. Most people can give a little time to give sumbunny a wot
*more* time. When dey do stuff wike dis, it's wike replanting da
forest one seed atta time.

It would be very expensive to replant a forest wif full-grown oaks
and maples. Not a whole lotta trees would get planted. So dey plant
little trees, sometimes ebben *seeds* dat are so small no one know if
dey will ebben grow.

Issit worf it? Well, what kinda future can you expect if dey don't
ebben TRY?

Please, find a little time dis month to plant a seed and use a
shovel. Ebben if you can't do ennyfing big, its gonna hafta be a
team effort for dis.

NoBunny OnAlone. Rite? Rite.

Posted by Our Warren at 7:01 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 27 July 2004 7:12 AM EDT
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Monday, 26 July 2004
Nobunny Wants Anudder Bunny - By George
Mood:  quizzical
Maman an Dadda wet me bisit Missy wast nite!

Yes dey did!

An I poked my hed innu Missy's habbytat an she wooked at me an sed, "Hey, whut'chu doin in heer?"

An Beebe poked his nose innu Missy's habbytat an sed, "YeeOOOO! KID! WHUT'CHU DOIN IN DERE?!?"

An I sed, "Wookin."

An Missy sed, "I am Nod a mawmie, George." An she pud her tail rite up. "Wet's ged wun fing straight rite offa bat: I am NOD a mawmie."

An I stwetched oud my nose towards hur.

So Missy bopped my nose.

"I'm warnin you, George." She sed. "You come in dis habbytat an you is gonna gwoom me. If we is gonna do dis bondin fing, it's gonna beda twadishunal rabbit rewashunship: meanin you is gonna gwoom me. God it?"

An I sed, "Tradishunal. Rite. Shure. Hokay." Cos Missy issa big rabbit, bud a berry preddy rabbit. Berry round.

So I hopped toda back ob her habbytat to see whut my habbytat wooked wike frum dis angle an she jumped on my butt an stawted, well... you know

I was so embarassed.

So I hopped forward a widdle an she wet me go.

"I'm nod kiddin, George." Missy sed. "I'm nodda mawmie."

Den Maman sed to Dadda, "Mebbe we shuld hab wet George in wif Belinda. I fought she was too sik an too fragile. He's too widdle for Missy. She's an adult. Mebbe she doesn't wanna kid wif her. Mebbe Mouse."

An Mouse grumbled, "Nod on your wife, wady!" an stawted to munch hay rilly loud an toss id aroun.

An Dadda sed, "Wet her ged to know George." Bewinda sed Dadda issa "dippy'mattic" wun obb'em.

An Missy bopped me onna hed agin, bud nod hard an she didn grunt or ennyfing.

An I'm finkin, dis is nod goin da way I fought it wuld.

An Hunny calls oud, "Hey, kid, it nebber does! Wimmins issa pain inna butt!" an dat wuz jus as Poet falled ober him agin, wookin to see if he had enny nanner left in his mouf.

An Hunny grunted, "Gerrof me, Poet! I alreddy et it!" cos Poet issa'boud four leebs short obba bale sumtimes, 'speshully when it comes to nanner.

An den, suddinly, Maman had wadder comin outta her eyes agin an she sed to Dadda,

"Nobun ebber knows, do dey? Ebberybunny hassa potenshul Belinda ora George when dey go to 'dopt. Dey nebber know. Da bunny dey pass up culd be annudder Belinda. It culd be anudder 'heart bunny', bud becos dey say 'We don hab room' dey nebber ged to know dat bunny. It's onwy when dey getta bunny home dat ennywun can know a bunny. Wook at George - he wooked wike enny udder bunny atta V-E-Ts - Bunny-Inna-Box - justa-nudder-bunny, bud now dat he's heer, he's Goerge. Our George!

"An wook at Belinda. I'm shure when Laura god hur she was justa-nudder-bunny. An den she became Belinda - bud onwy afta she was dere an was able to become Belinda.

"We hab sebben bunnies. How many Belinda's or George's are we missin? Bud we can't afford anudder bunny jus now, nod widda noo compiny, an alla bills frum Belinda an takin care of Hunny an alla stuff going on wif Mu'ver an alla dat. I jus can't do it, bud whut if we're condemmin annudder Belinda or annudder George? Brian, whut shuld we do?"

An Dadda pud his arms aroun Maman an Maman was makin berry sad noises an I came an snuffled her feets, jus wike Bewinda told me to do when Maman is wike dis.

Anna Warren god berry, berry quiet until alla noises dat dere were was comin frum Maman.

An den Dadda sed, "Belinda knows we're doin da bestest we kin."

An she does, ob course. Bewinda knows ebberyfing. She wassa smawtest bunny I ebber knowed. She sed dat Maman had dees fits now anna'gin an dat onwy Dadda culd handle dem. She sed it is onna'count ob Maman bein Maman. Bewinda sed my job ista snuffle, so I had bedder ged good at'tit. So I twied.

Waiter on Hunny sed dat Maman is rite: nobun knows a bunny till dey libs wif dem. He says datta same fing is troo aboudda bunny pawents.

"Da fing is," Hunny sed, "Dere is nebber room inna warren until da udder bunny is alreddy heer. Nobunny ebber wants unnudder bunny until dey alreddy gots him. Den dey will nebber wet you go."

"You meen nobunny wanted me?" I axt. An I felt sad. Nobunny wanted me.

An Hunny sed, "No. Ob course nod. Dere was no room. Bewinda was sik. I am sik. Maman was sik. Dadda was habbin pwobwems holdin fings togedder. Where wass'er room fora'nudder bunny? Dere wassn! Den you god abandoned atta V-E-Ts an Maman went an god you. You were da wast fing ennybunny needed! Bud now dat you're heer, you're stayin. Cos you is yoo-neek. Jus wike alla udder bunnies heer."

An I sed, "Oh."

An Hunny turned aroun suddenwy, an wooked at me, berry serwious.

"Stop feelin sorry fur yourself, George. Dat is no way to feel. You is heer now an you is stayin. Wookit, inna beginnin, nobun wanted me, eidder. An dat's why I was OnAlone. Den Maman taked me cos I was inna horryble pwace. Dat's how id is. We are finded an we are sint. I fink sumbun called you, George, an I fink you was sint. We allus hab wun more bunny den we hab room for bifor da Bwack Rabbit comes. You was called, Babby George, an you was sint. Nebber fortyged dat: you was sint to Our Warren. An Maman nebber knowed."

"Issa nudder bunny gonna be sint?" I axted.

An Hunny god quiet. Fora wong time he didn say say ennyfing, an den he sed, "I dunno. Mebbe nod rite now. Maman mite break, or sumfing mite go wrong. Dere issa wotta changes inna air an I can't tell whut alla fings meen. Go to sweep, Babby George. Mebbe Bewinda will come an tell you fings inna nite."

So dis mawnin, I feel a widdle dif'frunt. I am still makin a hole nextest to Missy's hed, bud she's not warnin me aboud nod bein a mawmie. Dat's hokay. I'm nod makin a hole to ged to a mawmie. I'm makin a hole so I kin be bonded. Wimmins issa pain inna butt, but I fink I wanna be wif wun.

Posted by Our Warren at 9:16 AM EDT
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Sunday, 25 July 2004
Makin a Hole - By George
Mood:  hug me
I'm makin a hole.

Yes I am.

Rite heer. Kin you see it?

I fink it's a preddy gud wun. I kin ged my whole hed in. Watch.

Didya see dat? Got my whole hed fru dat hole.

I bin makin it most obba nite.

At furst, when I furst godda ideea, Maman hollared in, "George, stop dat!"

But Maman didn't know da 'portance ob me makin a hole inna habbytat. Bewinda sed Maman wuld be stoopit sumtimes, bud dat it's just silly ol' Maman. She twies, you know, she rilly does twy, bud she sumtimes geds it wrong, so you gotta just 'nore her an ged on wif bein' a bunny.

Dat's whut Belinda sed.

So ebben doh Maman hollered, I god on wiffa hole.

So preddy soon, Maman showed up atta Bun Rum door an she sed, "George, stop dat."

An I herd Dadda say frumm bedrum, "Whut's he doin?"

An Maman sed, "Makin a hole."

So Dadda, who issa reel Engin-Near, comed toda door inna Bun Rum an always innersted in buildin stuff, commed toda Bun Rum door to habba wook ad whut I was doin.

An Dadda sed, "He's twyin to ged in whif Missy."

An I'm finkin, "Dat's rite, Dadda. Dis libbin on my own is nod fun."

An Missy's in her pooty-box.

Den Maman goes *thump* and says, "George! Stop dat!"

Bewinda hadda "theory" aboud Maman. She sed dat Maman finks dat bunnies can onwy unnerstan a few werds, wike dawgs, an dat all pet-Momma's hab to be what's called "consistant" when tawkin to dem. Dis means she hasta say da same werds constantly ober and ober agin or else we bunnies won't unnerstand whut id is dats wanted ob us. Apparentwy dis onwy applies to "no" werds, cos udderwise, Maman finks we habba HUGE vocaboolaries ob werds about musick an history an she tawks to us aboud fings wike da "Malthusian Cattyclysm" an udder stuff aboud which I god no clue. Bud when she's twyin to tell us nod to do sumfing, Maman uses da same widdle werds, ober an ober cos she finks dat'ssa onwy werds we kin unnerstand.

So she says, "George, stop dat." an dere's no way I kin tell her dat it's impawtant for me to continue to make dis hole.

So she turns to Dadda an says, "He dunno whut I'm tawkin aboud."

Well, I do, and I ebben unnerstan da bunny-thump dat she stuck in dere for empyfis (I am nod entirwy stoopit) bud she jus don unnerstand dat I do unnerstan bud I'm choosin nod to.

So I'm makin a hole.

Id's goin innu Missy's pwace. She's gonna be so susprised! Cos I will gwoom her an den she will be so happy!

Makin a hole...makin a hole...I'm makin a hole innu Miss-ee's... Makin a hole...makin a hole... I'm makin a hole innu Miss-ee's...

(dat'ssa widdle song I made up'aboud id to sing while I'm werkin...)

Makin a hole....
Makin a hole....
I'm makin a hole innu Miss-ee's
Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
I'm makin a hole innu Miss-ee's

(You kin sing it wif me...)

Makin a hole...
Makin a hole...
I'm makin a hole innu Miss-ee's

Posted by Our Warren at 8:13 AM EDT
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Saturday, 24 July 2004
Moobed - By George
Mood:  bright
Well, dis is innerestin.

I am moobed.

Dadda commed in earwy dis mawnin armed wiffa skrewdriber an began unskrewin fings.

So I am moobed.

Wast nite, I hadda preddy gud hole goin inna door to my habbytat. Maman herd me an comed in, so I showed it to hur. I twied rilly hard, bud I culd onwy ged most ob me fru da hole. My butt an my feets were still onna wrong side.

Bud I was twyin rilly hard! Bewinda told me to allus gib one hunnert per-scent. So I pushed wif my feets an pulled wif my nosey, bud my butt was still kinda stuck inna hole.

An Maman sed, "George! Whuttayadoin?!?"

Jus wike dat. An Dadda comed in frumma bedrum wearin his unnerwear to habba wook.

So I didn wanna dissypoint him, so I showed himma hole an twied rilly hard to ged alla me fru again, jus so dey wuldn't fink I wasn't twyin hard enuf. Bewinda sed Dadda 'sespecks ebberybun to pudda same effert innu fings he wuld. So I made shure I did.

Bud I still culdn't ged my butt fru da hole ebben doh I had my feets goin.

An Mouse sed'dat my engin-nearing skills sucks. An Hunny told him to shaddup an Poet binkied innu Hunny, so he grunted add'er an denna wight snapped on an Dadda commed innu da Bun Rum.

An Missy sed, "Now you didit."

An Beebe sed, "YO! Dere is bunnies twyin to sweep ober heer. An besides, I was twyin (umph) to ged dees (omph) Craisins oud frum (esh) unner Clober (puff) wifoud her (erump) seein me an - ouch! Dang it, Clober! Weeb my butt awone!"

An Missy sed, "You go, gurlfrien."

An den dere was Dadda an I pulled back outta da hole sed to him, "See whut I done? Itssa gud hole, issn id?"

An Dadda sed, "Wookit, Sun. You can't be doin dis." An he wooked aroun da Bun Rum an wint an godda pootybox. An he pudda big, red pooty-box dat usta be Bewinda's uppa'ginst da hole I made!

I guess he don wan me to hurd myselfs by squeezin fru too small obba hole. Bewinda sed dat Dadda is berry "pro-tek-tib" ob us, which meens dat he don't nebber wan ennyfing bad to happin to us. An I guess geddin my butt stuck onna inside obba habbytat while I is twyin to ged onna outside obbit inna middul obba nite mite be bad.

So. (As Bewinda usta type.)

I herd Dadda say to Maman, "Da poor widdle guy is wonewy. Tomorry I will moob him nextest to Missy an gib him sumfing more to fink aboud."

An Maman sed. "Gib Missy a wot to fink aboud."

An Missy's hed came up alla sudden frum hur habbytat, an she sed, "Whut?"

An denna wight snapped off.

Den dis mawnin, Maman god up an wint downnastairs an den cammed bak up an wint bak to bed. I don fink she feels gud. Den a widdle wadder, Dadda god up, wint downnastairs an commed bak wearin his genes, wiffa skrewdribber anna cuppa-tea.

He told me I don needa soopervise. I wassn offerin, bud I guess he finked I was. Den Mouse called ober an sed he needsta sooperbise. Hunny sed nobun bedder sooperbise 'cept him, onna'kount ob him bein da Senior Bun inna Warren. Den Beebe sed he'ssa bestest, biggest Engin-near inna Warren an if he culd ged outta his habbytat, he wuld sooperbise. Missy sed she's as gooda Engin-Near as ennybunny else an she kin out-sooperbise da sooperbisers.

I don fink Dadda herd enny ob dis, or if he did, he didn say ennyfing. He jus stawted unskrewin fings.

An now I am moobed. I am nextest toda door an dere's Missy-inna-Middle, den Clober an Beebe byda Winder.

Hunny an Poet is where dey wuz bifore an Mouse hassn moobed, eider.

So as soon assa habbytat stopped moobin, I stiked my nose fru da lattice-werk an gwoomed Missy's nose. Den she stiked hur nose fru da lattice-werk, so I gwoomed hur nose agin. Whinebber I see da Missy nose, I am gwoomin id.

Bewinda sed I shuld allus be friendwy. NoBunny OnAlone.

I axt Missy aboudda mawmie fing. She sed she issn a mawmie, bud dat I kin sweep nextest to hur till I finda mawmie. So dat's gud.

Fur now.

Posted by Our Warren at 1:54 PM EDT
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Friday, 23 July 2004
Wookin inna blog fora mawmie - by George
I am wookin fur a mawmie inna blog. I hab wooked inna Warren an dere are no mawmies heer, an Bewinda is nod heer for me to axt.

I axt Hunny aboudda mawmie, an Hunny sed for me to bemember an so I am twyin.

Hunny sed dat I am berry twyin.

Well, I allus does my cheerful best to pwease. *binky*

So I am wookin fora mawmie in Bewinda's blog, since I an't seem to finda mawmie ennywhere's an I fink I need wun.

Whut I hab bemembered so far, issat whin I commed heer, I seem to hab bin a berry widdle bunny. I fink I still mite be a berry widdle bunny.

Says heer dat I am not 'Tellygint an dat id is hokay.

So far, so gud.

Bud whut issa "mawmie"? An why am I wookin for her?

I *fink* datta mawmie is sumbun to wie down wif. I also fink datta mawmie is sumbun to tawk to. An sumbun who tells you dat fings is gonna be hokay when you are 'fraid dat dey won't be.

Mawmies keep you warm.

Rite now, id issa widdle bit too warm in heer an Maman commed in an turned onna Air Condishywasher so it wuld ged kool. Hunny, Poet, Clober, Beebe an Missy all habba butts turned toda cool breeze frumma Air Condishywasher. Mouse is gibbin me da RBB an still won't tawk to me, bud I'm sure dat dis is cos he issa bun-ob-few-werds.

I had my butt turned innu da kool air, too, for a widdle while, bud dat god borin. So I moobed. Now I'm ober heer. *binky*

Maman sed I'm gonna moob nextest store to Missy an Missy sed, "Ohmigosh" an wint to wie down nextest to Clober an dey bin whisperin fru da lattice-werk to each udder. Beebe sed for me to "shaddup" agin, bud he is also a bun-ob-few-werds an most obb'em hab to do wif shaddin'up. I guess he dunno menny odder werds or sumfing.

Mebbe small bunnies don kno menny werds an dat is why he an Mouse are bunnies-ob-few-werds.

Ob korse dere issa pwobwem heer in dat BOF Beebe an Mouse say dat dey are BERRY BIG bunnies. I am nod sure how dey werked dat wun oud. I hab to wook down to seed dem. I fink dat makes me taller den dem. Nod sure aboud dat, bud I fink dat makes me sorta bigger den dem, too, bud dey say dat's onwy a "per-sep-shun" anna "loo-shun" I hab goin on.

Dis issa'nudder rezon why I miss Bewinda. She wuld hab told me if dey is bigger den me or nod.

She sed to me, "George, you issa mass ob potenshul. You jus don god alla bits switched on yet."

She also sed dat I hadda berry gud bwain cos id is low-milage an hardly-used.

She also told me to shut my mouf an gib my butt a chance.

Sumday I'll figger alla dis stuff oud, I hope.

Bewinda didn't stay wif me wong enough so dat I god 'Tellygint. Now I habba do it all by myself. rite bifore she weft, She told me dat Hunny wuld help me, bud whut kind of help is "Bemember"?

I wish I hadda mawmie. I'm preddy shure dat Bewinda knew whut wassa mawmie, aldoh she sed she was too owd to akchully be wun. I axt her where I culd gedda mawmie an she sed dat wun wuld come 'long an I wuld find wun.

Maybe she weft me wun inna blog.

I will keep wookin.

Posted by Our Warren at 11:41 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 21 July 2004
Bememberin' - By George
I am George.

I amma small bunny just now. Kin you see me? Ober heer. Inna korner obba habbytat.

I twied to ged oud wast nite.

I'm wookin for Bewinda. I fink she is my mawmie.

Hab you seed hur?

Hunny is ober dere. He sed dat I needa bemember fings. He sed dat I need to bemember ebberyfing I ebber knowed. He issa berry owd rabbit so I wisten to him. Bewinda sed dat if I wisten to older bunnies I wuld be Intellygint, so I am wistenin to Hunny becos Bewinda issn heer no more.

So heer is whut I bemember...

1. I wuz borned.
2. I wuz warm.
3. I wzznt.
4. I wuz at sum peebles.
5. I wuz pud inna box.
6. I wint sumwherez inna box.
7. Peebles opined da box. Dey were noo peebles.
8. I wint inna cold metal cage an dere were dawgs barkin an catz talkin an I wuz skeert.
9. Maman piked me up (I didn know dis wuz Maman den).
10. Bewinda Bunny sed "Hellow widdle bunny-boy. You is Babby George." An so I hadda Name.
11. Bewinda chinned me. I hadda Scent.
12. Bewinda lied nextest to me. I wuz warm.
13. I tawked to Bewinda.
14. Bewinda wus cold so I wie down nextest to hur.
15. I reached out an Bewinda chinned me.
16. Bewinda wint away.
17. I amma'wone.
18. I am nod warm ennymore.
19. I dunno whut to do.
20. I am skeert.

Dere is onwy da habbytat nextest door to mine now wiffoud Bewinda innit. Id is emptee an wooks too big.

Mouse is berry mad an won't tawk to ennybun. He jus gwares an turns his bak on me. Beebe don call oud "YO!". Cwober is nerbous. I heer hur toenails. Poet don tawk. Missy is standin on her pootybox, wookin. She *thumps*, hard, at ebbery noise comin in fru da winder.

I amma fraid. Hunny says "Bemember, Babby bunny."

An Maman hassa wadder onn'er face. She sed I am missin my mawmie.

Bud how kin I miss whut I don know aboud? I nebber hadda mawmie bifore. So I axted Hunny, bud all he sed is, "Bemember."

So I am bememberin, bud I don bemember a mawmie ennywheres.

I jus bemember Bewinda.

Hab you seed hur?

Posted by Our Warren at 2:26 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 20 July 2004
Dance Belinda - Guest Blog from Hazel Best
Miss Hazel here - Wif ears hangin' at half mast and a very heavy heart we wish Bawenda, founder of RIFRAF, a tearful farewell. At least for now. Bawenda's work is done on this earth and now she is needed at the Bridge. She wanted to go - I heard it onna Hazel Channel - she tuned into me wast night and tode me she wanted to go - she needed to go and could not find out how to get dere. She needed help - but alas, she is now where she belongs - atta Bridge wif all the udder bunnies that hab gone before her.

What she tode me onna Hazel Channel wast night while she was wookin' for da paf to da bridge is dat she needed to go to da bwidge - not because dere was trubble atta bwidge, but she `splained she wanted too dance again.

Da bunnies know when dey hab to go to da bwidge when dey get real sad hewe on earf and cannot get happy again. You see, when da bunnies can't binky, we are sad. When we can't do uppys for snacks, we are sad. When we can't dance around when we see da hoomins we are sad. We are purty smart you know for dumb bunnies. We can beweve in the unseen. We don't have to see da sawads to know dat dey are comin'. We know when da nanners are comin', we don't hab to see dem to know. Dat's how we know dat da hoomins will always wuv us because we know - we hab faith. And we take dere wuv wif us.

You see atta bwidge, da bunnies are not sick anymore, dey are happy and hoppin' frew acres and acres of meadows and flowers. Dere are plenty of dandewions and herbs; the sawads are yummy and awways fwesh. Dere are no tummy aches, no absesses and everyone can hop about just fine. Eben dough they have pwenty of birfdays, dey never get owder, dey just get bedder.

You see, Bewinda wanted me to wet alla you know dat you need to beweve inna unseen too. You need to hab fafe dat eben dough da bunnies are gone to da bwidge dat dey will always be dere wif dere wuv and devotion. So eben dough da hoomins cannot see us enne longer, da hoomins know dat dey are dancin' for da sawads, doin' da binkies, wunnin da bunny 500 and ebbefing that we wike to do for you!. We still do it for da hoomins, only dey can't see us. Dey hab to know dat we are hewe; still wuvin' dem and still dancin' for dem.

But you see, dere are weasons that dey bunnies cannot wive foreber. You see dere are far more bunnies dat need homes. It's a funny fing dat when a heart full of wuv is divided, dere is still more to wuv. You see it's wike dis. If you take a page outta phone book - it has four corners. Wet's say dat the four corners are wuv pockets dat da hoomins hab for da bunnies. I'm gonna bite off a corner of paper and take one of doze corners of love for myself. Den you know what happens? You are right now dere are FIVE pockets of wuv. Wet's bite off anudder one and den dere are SIX; bite off anudder one and dere are SEVEN; the more wuv dat goes to a bunny de more dere is to go around.

Such is da case wif da bunnies. Dere are four bunnies; den dere is enough love for five, den six, den seven. You see ebery time da hoomin wuvs a bunny it makes room for two more luv bunnies.

So my dear fwend Bewinda wants ebbewon to know dat she went to da pwace where she can dance for ebbewon again and she wants Maman and Daddy Bri to know dat she dances today for the hoomins dat gabe her de best wife possible.

Now about dat udder bunny fing - she's gonna keep a wookout for just the wite bunny to send to Maman and Daddy Bri to take dat new corner of wuv. Dere issa bunny dat needs a home weally weally badwy and might not udderwize know how happy it is to be wuved. And she tode me dat when da noo bunny comes, she will be teachin and guidin it all da way.

Bawenda - we will always hold you close in our hearts -
When the night falls and renders moonbeams and twinkling stars you are wif us. When the sun rises and greets each day, you are wif us And we know dat when da bwack wabbit comes for one ob our precious fur babies, dat anudder corner of love is being made for anudder bunny.

Hazel Best

Posted by Our Warren at 7:46 AM EDT
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Monday, 19 July 2004
Belinda found da way. Maman an Dadda taked her to see Dokter Sharin an dey helped her finda way toda Bridge.

I wabed good-bye to her as she weft an told her to tell Maggie dat I will be awong...

Frum me, Hunny

Posted by Our Warren at 5:30 PM EDT
The Bridge In the Distance
I just eated my salad.

I hab free ob dem ebbery day, bud somehow, dey aren't as sustainin' as salads usta be.

I god up wast nite to hab wun an my wegs aren't werkin wike dey shuld. I am nod compwainin, bud I can't be habbin wif dis.

You know whut? Wast nite, I seed sumfing I habbin't seed bifore. Dere issa Bridge ober dere an I can see Hawthorn rite inna middle obbit. Hawthorn! I habbin's seed Hawthorn in forebber! He wooks gud, too, wif his widdle puzzle-face an bwight bloo eyes, widdle ears fwappin. An he's doin binkies! Rite dere inna middle obba Bridge!

Know whut else? I seed Willow, too. She still issn 'zactwy whut you'd call da bwightest crayon inna box, bud she's still my Willow, my bestest friend. An she don't hab Hed-Tilt ennymore! An she's onna Bridge, too, standin dere, shiftin frum paw to paw, eetin ob course, an she don gotta snotty nose, eidder, sort ob wike afta she god her nose stuck inna bak-yoom cweaner dat Phil-da-Lad was usin an god alla snot sucked outta her, an skeert Maman an Phil to deaf.

An dere was Hunny's Maggie dere and she don hate me ennymore, eidder, which has gotta be da mirakul obba centchury, cos I bited her a gud'un on her wip when she told Hunny to 'tack Willow dat time when we was all young. She ebben called oud to me wif her pointed Rexy ears, "I lub you, Belinda!" An dat's gotta be a furst...

An big old Smokey is onna Bridge, too, wif his air-planey, heelykopter ears an wide Flemmie face. He weft da Warren just afta DaddyBrian came to lib wif us. Smokey was sik, an I twied to call Maman an DaddyBrian an dey didn' heer me...

So dat's where dey all went! An I kin see it! Well issn dat sumfing! Id's rite ober dere... kin you see it? Onwy... I can't figger oud how to get dere... it's sort ob near, bud it's kinda far, too. I mean, I kin see ebberyfing berry kleer, bud id seems wike id's a wong ways away, too... I wonder how to ged dere?

I amma berry owd bunny now. Nod as owd as Hunny, ob course. NObunny is as owd as Hunny onna'kount ob Hunny bein owder den most rocks (Doktor Doolen sed dat he has nebber seed a bunny as owd as Hunny an dat V-E-T has seed a WOTTA bunnies cos Doktor D issa most 'portant bunny V-E-T inna whole werld!). Budda fack is, I am now 10 yeers owd an dis is BERRY OWD fora bunny.

An I ged tired a wot. Id is hard for me to stand up for sum reason.

Wast nite, I axt Maman an Dadda for help. I pulled on Dadda's trouser-weg, an didn want to eet my salad in my habbytat. I stwuggled outta da habbytat an wuldn't go back in when Dadda sed, "Home, Belinda!" I stood dere, wookin up at him, axtin him to pik me up.

So Maman godda towel an sum blankies anna pillo an Dadda wrapped me up an taked me innu dere Bedrum. An I lied down wif Maman. Den I lied down onna pillo inna middle obba bed between Maman an Dadda. Dey cobbered me up cos Maman feeled my ears ged cold. Den preddy soon, Dadda bringed me my salad, so I eated it inna bed.

An alla nite, I kept axtin Maman,

"How do I ged toda Bridge?"

An wadder was runnin down Maman's face. So I wicked her an gwoomed her cos I can't be habbin wif dat. So I axted Dadda,

"How do I ged toda Bridge?"

An Dadda poked his nose against mine an sed, "Hullo, Preddy Gurl." Which issn'zacktly helpful.

So I shouted ober to Hawthorn onna Bridge, "Whut do I hafta do?"

An he shouted back, "Hang on, dey'll get id ebenchually. We'll send help!"

An I sed, "Hokay! Cos it's a wong way to go an I'm tired! Dees salads aren't whut dey usta be!"

An Hawthorn sed, "You don't habba shout, Belinda. I'm as cwose as your nextest thought!"

An I'm wike, "Oh."

An Hawthorn sed, "Yeah."

Den Hunny calls ober to me, "Wookit, hab sum hay an habba nap. Fings will wook bedder when you wake up."

So I telled him to shuddup wike I ushally do.

An when it wass'boud dawn, Dadda piked me up an taked me bak innu my habbytat an gibbed me sum appul.

An Babby George was all upsed, runnin bak an forf, wif his widdle face up-turned, an his eyes all bwinky, an he's axtin, "Whattsamatta? Whattsamatta wiffa Maman? Whattsamatta wiffa Dadda? Where you bin, BelindaBunny? Whossat BlackBunny inna corner? Why you godda appul? Do I gedda appul? Whattsamatta? Whattsamatta?"

So I telled him to siddown. Dat boy is jus too much bunny-boy atta momint. He needs to calm down!

An Mouse is hunched down byda door ob his habbytat, his eyes all angry an distrustful. "You hab seeda Bridge." he sed to me. "I can feel da Bwack Rabbit heer an I don wike him. Don't leeb wif him, Belinda. I'll fight him for you."

An I sed to Mouse, "Id's hokay. Hawthorn is onna Bridge. He won't wet ennyfing happin bad to me. You don habba fite ennybunny, Mouse. Jus tell me if you see da pafway toda Bridge so I kin ged to Hawthorn."

An Mouse sed, "I don see ennyfing cept da Bwack Rabbit I don wike. Don't leeb, Belinda."

An I sed, "Bud it's Hawthorn an Willow. Id's hokay, Mouse. Honest." An I wooked again, an I added, "An ebben Luckie is dere, too."

An Mouse rewaxed a bit an sed to me, "Is she allrite?"

An I seed her wabe her eers ad me. An I told Mouse, "She's standin wif Willow. An I'm tellin you, dey is wike two peas inna pod - berry sweet, nod too bwight. If you wisten, mebbe you kin heer her."

An Mouse cocked his hed an his pointed ears was up berry sharp fora minit. Den he nodded, bud he sed to me, "I still don wike it."

An Hunny calls oud frum his Habbytat, "Is Heatherington dere, too? He ushally is. Rite inna middul."

So I wooked, an sure enuf, dere wassa widdle bwack an white Dutch face, wookin berry calm, nextest to Hawthorn anna widdle behind. An SnoBall Ex-foster was dere, too, an ebberybunny I hab ebber knowed bifore dat has weft Our Warren! Id wassa'mazin. Dat Bridge was loaded wif happy bunnies!

An I sed to Hunny, "You seed dat Bridge bifore?"

An Hunny sed, "Yes. Alla time. I tawk to ebberybun."

An I sed, "So how do I ged dere?"

An Hunny sed, "I don know."

An I sed to Hunny, "Fat lotta help you are."

An Hunny sed to me, "Wookit, you ged all hextcited boud ebberyfing an dere is no need. When id is time, when da Cirkul comes aroun, you'll know how to go. Sumbun will be sent to Show You Da Way, an you will go an you'll find da Pafway. Do you hafta know Ebberyfing ahead ob time?"

An I sed, "I'mma Top Bun. Id's my job to know ebberyfing."

An Hunny sed, "Dere comes a time when you don gotta be Top Bun alla time. Dere comes a time when it's just Alla Us Togedder - when we aren't da Top Bun, when we can lay dat title onna gwass an wet anudder, gweater Bunny take id up. Den we kin jus be Us, Alla Us Togedder, as we are. No need to know 'Ebberyfing', no need to werry boud bein 'In Charge' or 'Finkin' alla time. Jus time to be a bunny, doin bunny fings, fillin uppa days habbin salad, pwayin, doin binkies..."

An I sed, "I'm too tired to do binkies, Hunny. My wegs don werk, my eyes don werk, my ears don hear gud an I'm so tired I can't stand up. My pooties aren't rite an I habbin't seed a cecal in forebber. Dere is sumfing wrong inside ob me an I habba take meddysin an my paws hurted..."

An Hunny sed, "Shaddup, Belinda! Whut I'm twyin to tell you issat id issn gonna always be dat way. Fings is gonna ged bedder. You is gonna ged bedder. An you'll go toda Bridge dere wif Hawthorn, an alla odders, an ober dat Bridge issa Meadow - I know cos I hab seed it in Ancient Bunny Dweams - an dat's where you an ebberybunny else is gonna waid for Maman an Dadda to come to begin Da Journey - Alla Us Togedder. An id's a wunnerful Journey toda One Big Warren, where ebberybunny is well, an happy an nobun ebber OnAlone ebber agin. Alla Us Togedder, in God's One Great Warren. Dat's whut dis is alla'boud."

So by dis time, I wanted to just bop Hunny a gud wun, cos I hab seed da same Bridge an alla bunnies, an I'm tired ob bein sik! I lub Maman an Dadda, an I know dat dey lub me, bud howcome dey can't help me find da way toda Bridge? Why does Maman jus hab wadder on her face an howcome Dadda, who is da smawt wun inna fambly, jus say stoopid stuff wike, "Hullo, Gorgeous"? I mean, dat's nice, bud why can't sumbun help me?

Id's just ober dere. I kin see id. An dere is Hawthorn an I've missed him an Willow SO much!

Bud I'm too tired to go just now. I'm tired ob wookin an I'm tired ob tawkin. I know dere issa stwanger heer an I am nod afwaid, bud won't sumbun pwease help me find da way?

I lub you, Maman. I lub you, Dadda. I lub you, Phil. I lub you, Beffy. I lub you all who hab lubbed me so berry much. I amma berry blessed bunny. I habba habbytat, an fings udder bunnies onwy dream ob. Bud id is time an I'm tired an I don't know da way...

I'm comin, Hawthorn! Just as soon as I figger dis oud...

Posted by Our Warren at 1:29 PM EDT
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Sunday, 4 July 2004
Day One / Seventh Strand
Mood:  party time!
Hoppy Birfday to Us!

Beebe-Bunny heer. Is dis ting on? Yeah, well Whooo-Hooooo! It's Birfday Day at Our Warren!

Now heer's Mouse to tell ya aboudda Birfday Day:

Mouse: *ahem* Thank you, Beeb for that...errrr... amazing introduction.

It is, indeed, Birfday Day at Our Warren. Perhaps you are wondering how this can be, that eight bunnies, two cats and one dawg can share the same Birthday. Is it co-incidence? Actually, it is not.

Everybun in Our Warren is a rescue. We all come from different backgrounds and situations. Each of us came to Our Warren at a different time in our lives. Babby George here has arrived as a youngbun; I came as a six-year-old adult. None of us really knows our actual date of birth.

So I've asked Hunny, the oldest bunny in the Warren, to explain how Our Warren's dating system works.

Hunny: Fank yoo, Mouse.
When I furst arribed atta Warren, dere was onwy Heatherington heer, anna berry wong dawg, named Tristan. Tristan wassa Basset Hound obba Gen'rous Nat'chur, whom Maman hadda 'dopted frumma shelter when he was One Year Old. Da papers frumma shelter sed dat he had been borned on 4 Jooly.

So when it wassa 4 Jooly da furst year Heatherington an I were inna Warren, Maman made Tristan a doggie cake outta 'Milk Bone' brand dawg biscuits. An Tristan sed to us, "Wanna hab sum?" An we sed, "Id's nod our birfday." an we was sad, cos we didn't know whutta birfday wus, bud it wooked wike fun.

An Tris sed, "So when is id your Birfday?" an Heatherington, who wassa Black-an-white Dutch wooked downatta floor an sed, "We dunno. We don't habba birfday."

An Tristan flopped down onna floor wif us, wif his big ol' nose on his big paws an wooked at'tus wif his Basset eyes an sed, "Dat's nod rite, not to habba birfday. Maman allus tweats me 'peshul onna birfday." Den he put his hed up an kinda snuffled an sed, "Wook, I know, I'mma big dawg, so id preddy much stands to rezon dat I habba big birfday. Must be pwenty ob room innit for widdle bunnies. So I kin share. You kin habba birfday onna same day wif me. Howzzat?"

An so Heatherington and I sed dat was gweat and fanked him for bein' such a gen'rous dawg anna good friend. An Tristan sneezed an sed it's whut "Fambly" does.

So Tristan told Maman aboud sharin da birfday, an Maman made 'peshul salads for us an handed oud extry tweats to ebberybun in honour obba day. An Tristan god extry pats for bein sucha 'peshully good and gen'rous dawg.

So ebenchually, Tristan had more an more birfdays, an god older an older. Finally, when he was eighteen yeers old, he weft us forda Rainbow Bridge.

So now alla us togedder hab our birfdays onna 4th ob Jooly cos Tristan shared his 'peshul day wif us.

So now, I'm gonna wet Babby George announce alla birfdays.

Babby George:
Tidday, we are sellybratin da birfdays ob:
Hunny who is 13 yeers old tidday
Poet who is 12 yeers old tidday
Belinda who is 10 yeers old tidday
Mouse who is 7 yeers old tidday
Beebe-Bunny who is 7 yeers old tidday
Clover who is 4 yeers old tidday
Missy-Bun who is 3 yeers old tidday
Babby George who is 1 year old tidday (dis is me!)
Anna Catz:
KayCee-Kitty who is 7 yeers old tidday
Cokie-da-Fat-Cat who is 6 yeers old tidday
An Zachary-Marcus, Border Collie dawg, who is 9 yeers old tidday.
An dat is Our Warren.

Belinda: Dat was berry gud, Babby. You hab done berry well fora widdle bunny-boy. Maman will be bwingin up my salad soon, so I'll share a weaf wif you for bein such a gud bunny-childer.

Da fing is, dat wife issa Cirkul. You kin see da Cirkul ebberywhere, inna cirkul obba yeer, where da monfs follow each udder wike beads onna stwing, anna Seasons follow each udder wun afta anudder. Da yeers spin past, sum bedder, sum worse, bud all-in-all, each wun preddy much wike da wuns bifore an wike da wuns afta. Bunnies are borned an udder bunnies go toda Rainbow Bridge. Dis is how id is, how id is 'posed to be.

We wearn frum each odder, teach each udder an share wif each udder, allus growin, allus geddin bedder an doin id togedder. Dis issa Warren, alla us Togedder, Nobunny OnAlone.


An Fanks, Tristan...

Posted by Our Warren at 9:41 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 4 July 2004 9:44 AM EDT
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Monday, 28 June 2004
Day Twelbe / Sixth Strand
You know whut? Hoomins are weird.

I am nod typin dis to be specieist, I'm jus typin id cos id is troo.

Frumma Bunny Perspektib, Hoomins don mak a whole lotta sense.

Wet me run dis hextample past you an see whut you fink.

Wet's say dat you are Nod Intellygent, wike Babby George heer, an you need to wearn sumfing.

Now dere is nuffink wronk wif bein Nod Intellygent. Ebberybun stawts oud dis way. Nobun is borned knowin ebberyfing dat I know, or dat Hunny knows. We hab libbed a wong time an wearned a wotta fings. Our job is to pass downna stuff dat we hab wearned.

You wif me so far?


Now, dere is nuffin wronk wif bein Nod Intellygint, as I typed. Id happins. Id is pawtta Wife.

If you are a bunny, you godda wisten to bunnies wike Hunny an me.

If you are Hoomin, you kin go toa Skool where you kin wearn to become Intellygint. Dey tell you fings dere, an you ged Home-Werk where you kin praktis da stuff dey told you aboud.

So dis seems to me wike a gud deal. For bunnies, we don ged Home-Werk. We hab to 'sperience stuff da Hard Way a wotta times, speshully if a bun don wisten to me.

An if you are nod careful, 'speriencin stuff da Hard Way kin ged you killed.

I habbin't herd ob ennybun geddin killed by Home-Werk.


Dere issa guy where my Dadda werks, an he doesn't know alla stuff my Dadda knows. He is Nod Intellygint, bud dat's hokay. Intellygince can be wearned. You are 'spected to wearn.

Bud dis guy god upsed an angree abouddit.

Well, dat's stoopid, becos nobun kin know ebberyfing.

An so dis guy was berry nasty to Dadda cos Dadda knew fings dat dis guy didn't. Dadda called it "envy".

Bunnies don god dat "Envy" fing, whutebber id is. If we dunno sumfing, we axt.

So ennyways, dis guy geds himself sent toda Skool to wearn sumfing dat Dadda alreddy knows aboud. Fair enuf. Id will help dis guy to become Intellygint.

Budda guy geds Home-Werk.

An he wantsta mak Dadda DO IT FOR HIM.

Whut? Whut's da point ob dis guy goin toda Skool to wearn sumfing if da onwy way he kin wearn id ista doda HomeWerk, bud he's gonna ged sumbun else to doda Home-Werk FOR him? Dadda don nedda doda Home-Werk, cos he's alreddy done it. Dis guy NEEDS to do id, bud he wants sumbun else to doit FOR him.

He is nebber gonna ged Intellygint. Pwobably cos he don wanna. Which is Stoopid.

So now Dadda is angree. He an Maman hadda wong tawk boud "ethiks" an "honour" an "troof" an "honestee". An Dadda sed he hadda wook at his own face inna mirror when he shabbed. I guess so, cos he issn't shabbin ennybunny else's face. An he sed dat he can't pud up wif alla personal insults, lies, harrassmint, threats an disrespeck no more. Cobberin up an back-stabbin is nod his way.

An Dadda sed: You eidder say you can do sumfing or you say why you can't. You don cheat da man what hired you, or pway him fora fool. An you don tell stowies an be rood, an you can't be habbin wif dem as does.

An Dadda also sed he's tired ob dwessin up wike a rag-bag ebbery mawnin jus cos da rest obb'em inna office do. He was raised to wear a collar an tie wike da profwesshunal he is, dammnitall. Golf-shirts be-dammed! Dey bewong onna golf-course, nod inna office!

We was almost singin "Rool Britannya", wemmie tell you.

So heer we go agin aroun heer. I can't ebben be sik in peace. At weast I'm geddin my salad.

Bud hoomins are berry weird.

Posted by Our Warren at 10:44 AM EDT
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Thursday, 24 June 2004
Day Elebben / Sixth Strand
Nobunny OnAlone.

Bemember dis. I can't say it enuf so I'm gonna deboat a whole blog to it today. Nobunny OnAlone.

If dere is wum message dat I hab twied to hammer home heer wif dis blog, id is datta bunny's biggest fear is to be OnAlone.

Bein OnAlone means dat you hab no Warren. You are outside da protekshun obba Warren, on your own, wif nobunny to care for you an no bunny for you to care aboud. Id is unnatchural an id is frightenin. Bein OnAlone issa most terrible fing dat dere is. Nobunny shuld EBBER hab to be OnAlone!

Ebbery bunny, wike ebbery person, hassa speshul personality, speshul fings, gifts, dat make dat bunny who he/she is. Sum bunnies are Top Bunnies. Sum Bunnies are nach'ral nurse bunnies who welcome udder bunnies innu da Warren, an watch oud alla time to make shure dat ebberybun is all-rite. Sum bunnies are defender bunnies who proteck da Warren frum ennymees. Sum bunnies are comforter bunnies who snuggle up to a skeert or hurt bunny an bwing it a sense of companionship. Sum bunnies are alarm bunnies who wisten an watch an den *thump* like mad to warn da udders when dere is dangers. Sum bunnies are fooders who allus are onna wook-oud for good fings forda warren to eat. Sum bunnies are nat'chural diggers who know how to make a shelter outta nuffin at all.

Da point is dat nun ob us are awike. Dere are allus bunnies wif dif'frint talwents gaddered innu a Warren. Alla talwents, den, ensure dat alla bunnies inna Warren habba comfortyable wife togedder an datta kits dat come innu da Warren are well-cared-for an safe.

We all NEED each udder.

A bunny OnAlone mite habba speshul talwent, bud dat talwent will onwy go so far by itself. It can't gib dat bunny ebberyfing dat bunny needs.

Caring FOR sumbunny is as impawtant as habbin sumbunny care aboud you.

Usin your talwent to help udders is as impawtant as bein helped.

Feelin useful is sumfing ebberybunny needs to do. Ebben if da onwy useful fing you kin do is sid around watchin kits or dispensin adbice, it's all still useful. Dat's why, inna Warren, ebben da berry owd bunnies is still impawtant an cherished.

Maman sed dat Our Warren heer is a mettyfor for society. I dunno aboud dat. I jus know dat we hab eight bunnies libbin heer an dat Maman won't wet nobunny be OnAlone. She unnerstans dat Warrens exist inna wild cos dey NEED to exist. She hassa Warren heer cos we NEED wun as well as want one.

My time heer is wimited. I know dis. An I'm nod afraid to leeb. Dere is da Rainbow Bridge, an Hawthorn is waitin. I wish Maman wuldn't cry when I go, bud I know she is gonna. It's inna natchur ob Maman an Dadda to cry, just as it's inna natchur ob me not to. Where I'm goin, dey can't follow just now, just wike I couldn't follow Hawthorn when he weft. Bud he an I tawked it ober an he knew dat I wuld come awong when da time was rite. He knew he wuldn't be OnAlone where he was goin, an he knew I wuldn't be weft OnAlone heer. So it's hokay.

Nobunny OnAlone. Just bemember dat, if you nebber bemember ennyfing else dat I've told you.

An go tell udder peebles: Nobunny OnAlone.

When you smile at udder peebles, tell dem dat you're doin it cos Nobunny shuld ebber be OnAlone.

When you reskew a bunny in distwess, or a kitty or a doggie, tell dem dat id is bekaws Nobunny shuld ebber be OnAlone.

When you gibe sumfing to sumwun who needs it, do it bekaws you are makin sure dat dey are not OnAlone.

Do nice fings for udders becaws Nobunny shuld be OnAlone.

Be whatebber you are, an be da best dat you kin be so dat you're allus reddy to help sumwun not be OnAlone. Da bedder you are, da more you can help sumone nod be OnAlone.

I hab told ebberybun datta blog hasta keep runnin, ebben if I am sik, so dey know dis. Hunny has bin helpin oud wif da udders, too.

Cos we're not gonna leeb ennybunny OnAlone.

I can't be habbin wif dat.

Posted by Our Warren at 11:54 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 22 June 2004
Day Ten / Sixth Strand
Yeah, well, I'm heer. As dat guy Mark Twain sed, "Da repowts ob my def..." sumfing, sumfing. Nebber mind. I'll wook it up waiter in wun ob Maman's buks. Not wike dere aren't enuf obb'em aroun heer.

I'm fankful to Hunny for takin ober da Blog while I was bein sik. He ebben figgered oud howta do da pikchur fing, which I haddn' figgered oud howta do. He always tawks aboud how he can't unnerstan da "noo teknology" bud gib him a few minits an don distract him, an he geds dere ebenchually.

Ebbery warren needs to keep its older citizens as pawt ob its kultchur. Hunny may nod be da Top Bun heer, bud his contra-boo-shuns are still baluable. I still fink datta hoomins need to hextamin lagomorphic society interactions. We hab a co-operativb society from whose model your competitib, tribal-based society could benefit. Dere has bin berry widdle study dun in dis area, too, so I'm preddy sure dat you graduate students oud dere culd ged study-gwants, too. It's all in how you werd dat gwant applykashun...

So ennyways, I'm geddin two kinds ob meddysin an alla salad I kin eat. An I'm still woosin weight.

I can't be habbin wif dis.

Geddin old issa outwight indiggity. Nobun axted me if I wanted to ged old. I didn't axt for fings to go wrong wif me.

Poet sed I shuld gwow old "gwacefully".

An I sed, "Pooties to dat!"

I habbin't nebber bin gwaceful an I don intend to stwawt now. Why shuld I bodder?

I'm leebin da "eccentriks" to Maman, cos she does dem rilly good, an leebin bein "gwaceful" to Poet, cos she don know wut else to do, bud I god werk to do.

Furst ob all, dere is dis darned Babby. He's tawkin to me alla time. He don wanna be weft awone. He's skert. He's widdle. He's not 'Tellygint yet. An he don know appils frum his butt. Bud he finks he's cute assa button an has alla conbersayshunal skills obba half-baked housebrick.

Sekund ob all, dere is Mouse, who is habbin a Crisis ob Faith-In-Hisself. How he can pootie uppa wall almost his own height in wun aftanoon an nod belieb in hisself enuf to be Top Bun, beats me, bud heer we are. So he onwy comes up to my shoulder - dynamite comes in small packages, too. Bud I'm habbin trubble conbincin him ob dis cos he's nebber seed dynamite dat he can bemember. Needer hab I, but Maman says dis a wot, so it must be troo. Mebbe it is also inna buk sumwheres (which is where she geds 99% ob her ideas inna furst pwace).

Obviouswy, I need to go digest a buk. Mebbe it will help my tummy wif dis dia-ree-ha fing.

Hebbin knows I need sumfing to bung uppa werks, cos I can't be habbin wif dis, eidder.

Posted by Our Warren at 9:49 AM EDT
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Thursday, 17 June 2004
Day Nine / Sixth Strand

Hullo... me, Hunny heer...

Since Belinda had her picture heer, I thought I would hab mine heer, too. Afterall, I amma Senior Bun atta Warren an I wassa Top Bun before Belinda, so I will habba picture of me heer, too. It was taken inna yeer 2000 so I look a liddle bid older now, cos I amma liddle bid older.

Belinda is suddenly geddin bedder. Nobun can splain it, it is just happening by herself. Maman an Dadda are 'mazed. They keep commin to look at her an den to look at eachudder an hug each udder.

They keep saying "I can't beliebit."

Yes, buttit is rite there in her habbytat - Belinda.

She is eating a lot of salad. She told me she issn't reddy to leeb just yet. Most bunnies don habba presance ob mind to tell da Black Rabbit to come back later, bud Belinda does.

Last nite, she hadda talk wif me. We talked aboudda Top Bun. Nobun is reddy to be Top Bun. She asked me an I told her, straight up, I'm too old. I'll be firteen soon. Dat's too old. I wanna eat hay an nap, not run things an hab to be responsible. Dat's why I turned da whole mess ober to her inna furst place.

An Clover alreddy told her dat she would do it temp'rary, bud that there's too much involved for her to look after Beebe an run the place. And Clover has never been about details, ennyway. She's a very laid-back bunny. You hab to like details to be Top Bun. My Maggie liked details, so she made me go out ebbery nite an gett'em, an I did, but as soon as Belinda wanted to do it an Maggie went ober da Rainbow Bridge, I let Belinda habba job.

An Beebe doesn't wanna job unless he can habba hare-im, an in ennycase, Clover sed he can't habba job because she won't hab him habbin da job, an Missy won't eidder. An Missy sed she's too young to be Top Bun yet, and dat's dat.

Poet just wants to re-arrange our hay mound. She issa bun traumatised by the way she was raised for sebben years before she came heer, so it's okay. She's dellycate an I just like her bein able to become herself an hab her freedom to walk around wiffout being skeert alla time. It's nice she hassa hay-pile, you know?

So Belinda asked Mouse, an Mouse, well, he said he was too new atta Our Warren. He wassa Top Bun at his warren before he got heer, but it wassa smaller warren wif only him an Luckie-bun an one hoomin. Not like this one with eight bunnies an at least two hoomins, an two hoomins dat are allus habbin stoopid ideas at dat, on toppa two catz (one who is uppity an one who is just about as stoopit assa hole inna ground) dat think they hab rites an all.

So Belinda sed to me, "Well, sod dat fora game ob soljers. I can't go, can I? Da Bwack Rabbit jus hasta wate his turn cos I can't be habbin wif dis no-way, no-how. Dis is my warren an I'm nod gonna leeb it inna mess jus cossa sumfing dats decided to gwow inside ob me. I'll pud off seein Hawthorn for a widdle. He'll be dere, waidin for me, bud he knows I godda stay heer an ged dis pwace sorted oud furst. Beisdes, sumbuns godda take care obba Maman an bwing up Babby an goodness knows whut else! Hebbin kin wate."

And I can unnerstand whut she means, becos I wassa Top Bun, too, until she was readdy to take over alla 'sponsibilities ob being Top Bun.

So I told Belinda, "Hab som hay, hab your salad an habba nap. You can't walk da 'Lantic as Maman says. Just go one paw atta time an don keep looking atta horizon - just mind where your paws are going. You can't walk on wadder an you can't bring the horizon closer or whistle uppa wind; you just go one paw afta the udder."

An Belinda said, "Sounds gud to me. Now call Maman, will you? Fro your tin cup or sumfing. Cos my hay-pile is geddin all fwat and I can't be habbin wiffat..."

Posted by Our Warren at 12:15 PM EDT
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